Discover the Magic - New York in February

Winter Jam
Winter Jam is a fun event organized on February 4th in NYC at Rumsey Field, Central Park, New York City.

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is the most popular event around the globe for newlywed couples and love birds.

Winter Dog Days
Winter Dog Days are celebrated every Saturday and Sunday in February on Governers Island in NYC.

National Pizza Day
The National Pizza Day celebrations occur on February 9th in NYC. Pizza is the most popular food treat in NYC

New York Rangers game
If you're a sports fan and love to watch sports leagues, it's the best time to visit New York City in February.

President's Day in February
The United States celebrates the President's Day memorial for the first president of the United States

National Margarita Day
National Margarita Day celebrates on February 22nd in the United States. It's a beautiful holiday to enjoy the best Margarita drinks in NYC.

Live Jurassic World
Live Jurassic Park World opened in February at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NYC.

February is the end of the winter season in NYC, but the chilling wind and cold weather continue till March.