Top Winter Chills & Exciting Things to Do in New York in February


things to do in new york in february
Top Winter Chills & Exciting Things to Do in New York in February

Winter starts in New York City in December and continues till February. New York in December is cold and chilling. However, it's jam-packed during the month due to Christmas activities. It's not harsh weather in December, but New York in January is bitterly cold, and heavy snowfall and storms can occur during the month. Still, it has many attractions for everyone all the winter season in NYC.

New York in February is also cold enough to go out and move around the city. Harsh weather and snowfall can be troublesome for you to walk along the sidewalks and streets during the month. Bare trees, freezing wind, and quiet streets make you feel dizzy and want to stay indoors, on the cozy couch, with a heater or a fire pit and grab a mug of hot coffee while getting the chilling views of NYC from the windowsill. Tourists and visitors can visit the city and have various exciting things to do in New York in February. Restaurants and the best hotels in New York are not crowded and offer low charges compared to other times, so it could be a better trip to NYC in chilling cold weather if you like winter thrills and snowfall.

Weather Conditions in February in NYC

The weather in February in NYC is cold but not harsh like January. The sky is partly sunny in mid-February, and the temperature rises slightly. Snowfall occurs in a few days, likely 3-4 days, and no heavy snowfall or storm can occur during the month. So, tourists can enjoy the winter chills and fun attractions in New York City.

Pros and Cons of New York City Trip in February

Before making an itinerary for the NYC trip, we discussed some pros and cons of visiting the Big Apple in February. Consider the pros and cons before planning a trip to NYC in February.

Pros of NYC Trip in February

  • In February, cheap flight fares and cheap accommodations are available in hotels and guest houses in NYC.
  • Various discounts are available in February, like restaurant week for discounts on meals and happy hour deals, hotel week for discounts on accommodations and services at the hotels, Broadway theater week for special discounts on Broadway shows in February, and other discounts on various fun activities in NYC.
  • In February, due to the winter, travelers are free from excessive crowds on streets and sidewalks, and the city remains calm and quiet, unlike other seasons in NYC.

Cons of NYC Trip in February

  • New York City has wet, chilly weather and a cold breeze in February.
  • The city has short daylight hours, extended and freezing nights, and early sunsets in February.
  • Travelers must pack winter clothes, thermal clothes, winter boots, and a lot of winter stuff, heavy backpacks, and need to wear the clothes in layers in February in NYC.

List of Awe-Inspiring Chills and Fun Things to Do in New York in February

Tourists and visitors can have plenty of exciting activities to do in New York. February has lovely attractions, events, festivals, and amusement like all the year in NYC. Here's a list of the top exciting activities and incredible things to do in New York in February.

Winter Jam in February, New York City

Winter Jam in February

Winter Jam is a fun event organized on February 4th in NYC at Rumsey Field, Central Park, New York City. It's a great winter sports venue with free entry for everyone and the most incredible fun things to do in NYC.

You can enjoy Snowboarding free of charge. The last amazing things at the Winter Jam event that can continue this season are Sledding, Ice Bowling, Snow play, Dodgeball, Flag Football, Puppet Making, beautiful Photo Ops with the Snowcat, and a lovely winter scene in Central Park. In addition to these exciting activities, there are numerous captivating things to do in Central Park during Winter Jam. You can get delicious snacks, bites, various meals, drinks, coffee, and tea from the food stalls at the Winter Jam event. The event also features live music performances and much more fun for families and kids, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere in the heart of Central Park.

Valentine's Day in February, New York City

Valentines Day in February

Valentine's Day is the most popular event around the globe for newlywed couples and love birds. New York City has various special events for cute couples. A few are Valentine's Day Dinner Parties, Dance Parties, Musical Concerts, Valentine's Day Stand Up Comedy, and Valentine's Day Dinner Cruises. The rooftop bars, patios, and disco clubs are bursting with crowds on Valentine's Day evening, and the music, dance, and cocktails will carry on for the late night. Red and pink candles, red roses, and chocolates are the most popular things at the Valentine's Day scene in the city.

Winter Dog Days in February, New York City

Winter Dog Days

Winter Dog Days are celebrated every Saturday and Sunday in February on Governers Island in NYC. Dogs can travel on public inbound ferry service to the island until 3 p.m. in the outside space. After 3, you can take the outbound ferry to return to the city. The Governor Island is closed to the public till 6 p.m.

Spending time with your pups outside the city's noisy streets on a lush green island with water waves, calm wind, and fresh air is fantastic. Get some iconic skyline views from the island, and your furry friends may enjoy the evening too. Dog owners must fulfill some rules for the dogs on the island.

The owners must keep their dogs in the lead and take control even during the ferry rides on the island, and the dogs need to stay away from the flowers, plants, and trees. Release the dogs' chains at the particular dog space at the Governor's Island at the backside of the Liggett Terrace.

The Golden Girls' Kitchen in February, New York City

The Golden Girls

The Golden Girl's Kitchen is a fabulous show with seven great seasons and won three Emmy awards for the best TV series. You can get the chance to enjoy a pop-up experience at the TV show from Wednesdays to Sundays in February. The pop-up experience allows you to watch things in front of the camera, have great photo ops at the location and live performances, taste the delicious meals and yummy dishes tried in the kitchen, and meet the great winners and perfect cooks at the show.

National Pizza Day in February, New York City

National Pizza Day

The National Pizza Day celebrations occur on February 9th in NYC. Pizza is the most popular food treat in NYC, and various street corners, markets, and public parks have famous Pizzeria spots for pizza lovers. Pizza is the favorite Italian menu worldwide, but Pizzerias in NYC has a more specific flavor of woodfired pizzas in the city.

It's the best time to enjoy the woodfired pizzas of NYC. Whether it's a one-dollar slice or a delicious cheesy pizza treat at the superb pizza restaurant, you can give a pizza treat to your buddies or enjoy the best pizzas of NYC to celebrate National Pizza Day. Check out Little Italy for the best Italian Pizzas or Joe's Pizza at Greenwich Village, Patsy's Pizzeria at Turtle Bay, Song E Napule at Soho, Johns of Bleecker St at West Village, and the best pizza in Brooklyn, New York City.

Brews at Brookfield Place in February, New York City

Brews at Brookfield Place

Brookfield Place is a fabulous shopping mall with amazing palm trees and a tremendously enlightened space full of stylish boutiques, shops, and stores.

Brews at Brookfield Place is an exciting brewery event in February. All the local breweries offer drinks for a small amount for some charity purpose to a specific project. Snacks and tasty bites are also available, and lovely live music creates a splendid Winter beer garden in Brookfield Place. You must be 21 to attend the brewery event and enjoy the fascinating evening in February's cold weather in NYC.

Brookfield Place has the best ice-skating rink, so get ready with your skates and enjoy the lovely rink with speedy rush skates in the winter season.

Street Fighters Match in February, New York City

Street Fighters Match

The Street Fighters are in full swing in February. It's the world's most popular Wrestling show, Monday Night Raw, at the Barclays Center, NYC. Watch the crazy street fighters and famous wrestlers beat up rounds at the wrestling game show. All the legit rules take off; the only rule is to Win, Win and Win. Some famous wrestlers who appeared on TV series will participate in the Monday Night Raw match. If you're a fan of street fighters, grab a ticket and get ready for a fearsome fight with horrible wrestlers!

New York Rangers game in February, New York City

New York Rangers game

If you're a sports fan and love to watch sports leagues, it's the best time to visit New York City in February. Watch the great hockey teams mash up at Madison Square Garden.

The New York Rangers are the best of the original teams of the National hockey league. They all come up in full swing in February at Madison Square Garden, so get ready for the battleground and grab the tickets for the New York Rangers game in February in New York City.

President's Day in February, New York City

Presidents Day

The United States celebrates the President's Day memorial for the first president of the United States, George Washington, on the third Monday in February. The glorious grand New York City was the first capital of the United States, where the president visited several memorable spots and made a remarkable history.

You can celebrate President's Day in various cruise dinners, brunch cafes, and family bowls at the restaurants and take part in the President's Day race. You can choose your running track, distance, and duration, and there's no need to follow famous athletes on President's Day. You can run to participate in the festivities of the memorable Day in NYC.

National Margarita Day in February, New York City

National Margarita Day

National Margarita Day celebrates on February 22nd in the United States. It's a beautiful holiday to enjoy the best Margarita drinks in NYC. Check out the best Margarita bars in NYC to celebrate the event, like the Black Ant-East Village, Casa Enrique-Long Island City, Empellón Taqueria-Greenwich Village, Reyna-Union Square, Sofia's Taqueria-Staten Island, Kokomo-Williamsburg and Margarita Ville-Times Square.

Live Jurassic World in February, New York City

Live Jurassic World

Live Jurassic Park World opened in February at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NYC. More than 24 giant Dinosaurs walk live through the electronic mechanism, and Jurassic World, like the real dino world in the movie, is a fascinating wild scene in NYC for everyone, especially kids. The visitors will experience the giant creatures running around through great sound and audio effects and stunts, and they will perceive a genuine escape and adventure in the dinosaur world.

Live Sesame Street in February, New York City

Live Sesame Street

Kids can watch the Live characters of the remarkable TV show The Sesame Street. The Live Sesame Street Show is at Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NYC. The kids can enjoy the live performance of their favorite characters and get the pre-show tickets to meet and greet with Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Count von Count at the show, take autographs and photo ops, and share the event with their friends and buddies.

Polar Lounge in February, New York City

Polar Lounge

The Polar Lounge is the most stunning and fascinating rooftop bar made of ice. The chilling icy bar is on the rooftop of Harriet Hotel, NYC. Everything at the bar is ice-creation. The furniture, chairs, tables, wine glasses, and other decor are made of ice! The ice chronicles are available at the end of February. You can try a sip of cocktail or wine in an icy glass on this chilling rooftop while getting breathtaking views of NYC's skyline.

So, get ready to freeze in the February winter chills at the Polar Lounge, Harriet Hotel's rooftop bar in NYC.

Sonic Sanctuary Experience in New York City

Sonic Sanctuary

Experience ancient healing techniques via nature sounds, music, and meditation at Sonic Sanctuary on Sundays in February in New York City. The fantastic immersive musical experience brings you to the world of relaxation, a soothing environment via meditation. The ancient musical instrumental concert in the Himalayan Salt Cave will give you a perfect vibe for healing and grounding. The expert techniques of grounding and relaxing connect you with nature via sweet melodic sounds and a special Cacao ceremony.

Winter Hikes in New York City

Winter Hikes

Winter chills bring a calm and quiet atmosphere around the city. White snowflakes covered everything, but it has various amusement for everyone in NYC. The fascinating winter hikes in New York City are the best outdoor activity in February. Winter Hikes in NYC are accessible for everyone and track to simple pathways. The five boroughs of NYC have great hikes;

Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Queens, Green Belt Nature Center in Staten Island, Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx, Central Park in Midtown, Prospect Park in Brooklyn, and Inwood Hill Park in Inwood, Manhattan.

Sky Skating in New York City

Sky Skating

Hudson Yards has NYC's most famous observation deck, the Edge, and the world's most incredible sky skating rink, a 1024 square-foot high glide rink inside the Edge. The glide rink is indoors on the Edge and has expansive glass windows from where you can get iconic views of the city's skyline while skating at the synthetic glide rink. Undoubtedly, experiencing the breathtaking views and enjoying the synthetic glide rink at the Edge is one of the best things to do in New York, especially during the winter season.

Chinese Lunar New Year Parade in New York City

Chinese Lunar New Year Parade

The Lunar New Year Parade is celebrated on February 12th in Chinatown in NYC. The Chinese American community celebrates the Chinese festival parade with vibrant, colorful floats, traditional music bands, drums, fantastic costumes, giant dancing dragons with fireballs, and traditional Chinese dances. It's a fascinating Chinese cultural event that presents the dynamic social, cultural, and communal spirit of New York City.

Orchid Show in New York City

Orchid Show

The fascinating orchid show runs from February 18th to May 1st in New York Botanical Garden, NYC. The beautiful orchid floral exhibition is a priceless thing to do in NYC. The fascinating natural scene and beauty of nature are unforgettable, and if you love to explore the real natural beauty and its precious gifts, visit the Orchid Show. It's one of the must-see places in New York City in February. It runs from mid-February till May, the start of spring.


February is the end of the winter season in NYC, but the chilling wind and cold weather continue till March. February does not the extreme cold weather like January, but if you need to be well aware of the harsh cold atmosphere, it's not wise to travel in January or February to New York City.

Tourists or visitors planning a trip in February must consider the weather conditions, what to wear in New York, and where to stay in the city according to the seasons to prevent troubles that may spoil your fun on the trip.

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