Best Brooklyn Brunch Spots with Outdoor Seating

Brooklyn brunch spots with outdoor seating
Best Brooklyn Brunch Spots with Outdoor Seating

Considering for the best brunch in Brooklyn? We got you. We may be biased, but we think that the dining scene in Brooklyn is not only some of the finest in the city, but in the country. The borough is home of the top Italian and pizza restaurants in the country and offering an array of choices for international cuisine from just about wherever world widely.

Each of the Brooklyn neighborhoods has its own flash and diversity of selections as well. Whether you are a local to Brooklyn or just visiting and looking for some of the best Brooklyn brunch spots with outdoor seating, we got you. This blog to brunch spots in Brooklyn is taste tested and approved! Keep in mind, this list is ever-changing. Our choices will alteration and evolve just as the food scene does here in Brooklyn. Be ensure to also see our blog to the best restaurants in Brooklyn too but after a prodigious brunch you’ll require dinner later on in the day and we got you covered.

The List of Best 14 Brooklyn Brunch Spots with Outdoor Seating

1. Leland Eating and Drinking House

Leland Eating and Drinking House

It is one of your superlatives go-to spots for neighborhood brunch in Brooklyn. Positioned on a corner in between apartments in the attractive neighborhood of Prospect Heights with a colorful mural you can’t forget it. It’s homely, appealingly pleasing, and one of unique things to do in NYC and spots for brunch in Prospect Heights.

As far as checking goes at this Brooklyn brunch spot with outdoor seating, do not avoid the sourdough cinnamon bun. In fact, you would definitely order one to go because you’re moving to need one later. For entrees, you categorically can’t go wrong with a diversity of choices the eggs “fra diavolo,” the breakfast sandwich, and the babka French toast is the finest.

2. Agi’s counter

Agi’s counter 

One most incredible and best Brooklyn brunch spots with outdoor seating is Agi’s counter. The minute you reach you are drawn in with a bright blue facade with florals hanging out front. The restaurant is Hungarian-inspired and takes roots from the owner’s grandmother, whose photo is conceitedly displayed in the restaurant. You can also find the best pizza in Brooklyn New York as well.

The menu changes regularly but if you’re there on Sunday, don’t leave without receiving a Hungarian donut. The Lebanese breakfast sandwich is the seamless sandwich.  Agi’s is a great spot to grab and go but since it is just as appealingly pleasing on the outside as it is on the inside, you perhaps need to sit and stay some time to enjoy your weekday breakfast. They offering both indoor and outdoor seating and take reservations.

3. Kokomo


Often times when people do a “bottomless brunch” we don’t suppose much from the food and actually just go for the inexpensive alcohol. Kokomo defies these odds and not only has one of the best bottomless brunch in Brooklyn. 

Situated in the Williamsburg neighborhood, Kokomo is an energetic Caribbean-American restaurant with a DJ on the weekends, bottomless brunch, and a prodigious outdoor patio. 

As far as food goes the replete sweet plantains and the oxtail flatbread are good as shared starters. For mains, don’t avoid out on the plantain pancakes or the egg frittata. Besides, you can also explore the best coffee shops in Brooklyn near the restruents. Kokomo takes bookings and is open on the take a break for brunch. They also have both indoor and outdoor dining. 

4. Ursula Brooklyn

Ursula Brooklyn

Although there are lots of spots in Brooklyn for breakfast burritos, no one does them like Ursula Brooklyn. Re-positioned in the neighborhood of Bed Stuy (formerly in Crown Heights), this casual spot simply tops the list for top spots for brunch in Brooklyn with outdoor seating.

Subjective by New Mexican flavors, Ursula keeps the menu simple by posing chorizo, bacon, vegan, and vegetarian breakfast burritos. All of which originate with either red or green New Mexican chile but do by hand a favor and enquire for “Christmas,” which is a mixture of both. Make sure you get here early because they will sell out and they often have a line.

If you don’t love a breakfast burrito, Ursula also offering more “lunch” style brunch items comprising a stuffed sopapilla with pork or beef or the and chili fried chicken or green chili cheeseburger. Another option, there are several vegan restaurants in Brooklyn as well where you can find your desired meals.

5. Claro


It is another one of those places that not only has some of the most striking interiors but it also has some dynamite dishes, making it an simple standout as one of the best brunch spots in Brooklyn.

Not only is the inner of Claro implausible but they also have favorite patios in all of Brooklyn and we distinguish how much New Yorkers love a good patio. Enclosed in string lights, blue chairs and tables and surrounded by trees. This is the perfect place to have Mexican brunch food and things to do in nyc at night. For the best seat and view, ensure you appeal a table by the kitchen so you can watch homemade tortillas being made.

The tortillas are all homespun and something about viewing them made makes them all the desirable. The brunch contains of a three-course menu with different choices from each course to pick from.

6. Oxalis


Oxalis is unquestionably one of the best distinctive spots for brunch in Brooklyn. It also only offering brunch on Sunday mornings, making it one you’ll need to plan your visit around. The interior and aesthetic are wonderful with plants all over, white walls and wooden tables, minimalistic design, and a striking patio and long bar out back. 

The brunch menu alterations each week but always contains of an egg dish, a starch, a vegetable or a salad, and some sort of dessert item/sweet item. Each week the menu comprises of diverse constituents from different local cuisines and is served family style. They also have sides that can be added, frequently sides of thick-cut bacon or extra meat that might not be incorporated in your meal.

7. Winner


One more brunch spot in Brooklyn that tops all the rest is Winner in Park Slope. You can walk by Winner at least two times a day on the way to the train and it accurately takes a lot of willpower to not stop twice a day for their appealing baked goods, sandwiches, or the best thing of all: melted chocolate chip cookies.

The lines for Winner catch very long on the weekends but the best update is they serve brunch daily! They open at 7 AM and most of the good stuff is gone early. The menu alters recurrently but ensure you order several pastries and the breakfast sandwich on a croissant.

Winner does not take bookings but has outdoor seating. They also still have window ordering if you have your fuzzy friend with you. Furthermore, Winner is open for dinner a few nights a week and in recent times earned a Michelin star for said dinner at Runner Up.

8. Five Leaves

Five Leaves

It was owned by the late and great Heath Ledger. After visiting this, you must say how unbelievable the pancakes are. Neither dissatisfied, in fact, these are some of the best pancakes in Brooklyn.  This Aussie-inspired restaurant itself has a maritime theme and is in the form of a boat mass. The inside is rustic and the outside is lined with wrought iron and flower boxes. The menu is diverse with plenty of choices for everyone, including all of your basic brunch items but you come for the ricotta pancakes. With the danger of sounding like a broken record, they are unquestionably some of the best Brooklyn brunch spots with outdoor seating.

9. Sunday in Brooklyn

Sunday in Brooklyn

Conflicting to what the name statuses, Sunday in Brooklyn is open 7 days a week for breakfast and brunch. The Instagram famed pancakes are value every bite (and penny) and alone make this one of the top spots for brunch in Brooklyn. If you don’t want any sweet item in the mornings don’t worry they have salty items e.g., maple cheddar biscuits, shakshuka, scrambles, and more.

Come any time of year and you’re going to mechanically feel the cozy feelings of Sunday in Brooklyn. During the winter they have a heroic NYC holiday pop-up bar and theme “Snow day in Brooklyn” and have joyful drinks and all the ease food to warm you on a winters. During the summer time, ensure you check out their third-story rooftop garden.

Sunday in Brooklyn receives bookings and offering both indoor and outdoor dining. It is a great spot for weekday breakfast or the seamless spot for weekend brunch with family.

10. Celestine


It is a Mediterranean restaurant that finishes like the water in Greece. The most exciting about that it is on the waterfront here (just a little different). It has one of the best views in Brooklyn and you can find the Best things to do in New York. With perfect views of the Manhattan Bridge and definitely some of the best brunch in Brooklyn.

Just like with every good Mediterranean restaurant, there is no lack of good mezze choices. At Celestine, you’re certainly going to need one of each but if you can only get a few don’t frisk out on the whipped labneh, muhammara, and the hummus. For entrees, the doughnuts and the chicken schnitzel sandwich are tasty.

11. French Louie

French Louie

French Louie transports you directly to Paris but right here in Boerum Hill. Comprehensive with cafe vibes, low lighting, and wood tables indoors and a garden patio out back. It also occurs to be one of the best Things to do in New York for first-timers.

Coming from the similar chef as the delightful (and best spot for pancakes) Buttermilk Channel, this French-American cuisine is not only delightful, but both restaurants are praiseworthy of being comprised on this list.

Make sure to twitch with a croissant and end with the creme brulee pancakes. The burger is also one of the preeminent in the borough indeed.

12. Peaches Hot House

Peaches Hot House

It is a classic Bed Stuy establishment that has been around long enough to have one of the best standings for southern comfort food in the city. The excellence has stayed reliable as well as the no-thrills vibes that makes it even better.

The fried chicken is the must-order at Peaches. You can catch it regular, hot or additional hot. The hot is hot but it’s worth the heat if you’re a spicy lover. They also have a prodigious wedge salad, catfish sandwich, and classic shrimp and grits. Pair that with a bunch of flanks and you will have one of the finest brunches in Brooklyn. Other than restruents, you can also explore the best thrift stores in Brooklyn.

13. Sisters


Positioned in Clinton Hill, another overwhelming place for brunch in Brooklyn is Sisters. The atmosphere here is incredible, from the skylights offering ample natural light, live plants, and gorgeous bar. Even the front of the construction has had me stopping to take photos of the frontage because it’s just that striking.

The fried chicken sandwich is the best on the menu but the egg sandwich is extra solid choice if you’re feeling bunchier. Other standout articles include the burger, fried pickles and kale cesar salad. They also have delicious cocktails and great coffee.

Bookings can be made for indoor and outdoor seating (sit inside) through Resy. It is open for brunch on the weekends but you can also stopover in for a weekday lunch.

14. Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds

It is a great Brooklyn brunch spot. If you are saying honestly that would be not wrong this is absolutely one of the best spots for brunch in NYC too. Comprehensive with a huge glass canister of sake in the restaurant middle, counter seating where you can lookout the chefs go to work, and considered it as one of the top outdoor spaces in New York with the best things to do in Brooklyn. There is no query as to what you would order for brunch and that is the Japanese soufflé pancake. It is melt-in-your-mouth incredible and value a visit alone to Rule of Thirds. Their delicious items are the Karaage (fried chicken), smashed potato, and rice with a poached egg.

It is open for brunch on the weekends and offering both indoor and outdoor dining. They admit reservations through Resy and is simply one of the top brunch spots in Brooklyn.


Brunch is not considered only dining’s greatest portmanteau, it’s also its most outstanding meal, tied with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snackie hour, of course. It’s also the weekend’s premier public event, way better than date night. Brunch is all about conversation, yolk-based sauces and drinking before noon, and NYC does it better than wherever else in the globe. Hopefully, after reading this blog, you will come to know about the best Brooklyn brunch spots with outdoor seating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Sundays in Brooklyn take walk-ins?

With wonderful service and a fun environment Sunday in Brooklyn is value visiting, they do have tables for walk-ins but your finest bet is to reserve for dinner.

Is outdoor dining permanent in NYC?

Yes: On February 2, 2024, the Transportation Department released the closing rules for the permanent outdoor dining program, “Dining out NYC.” Over the new program, outdoor dining will be prolonged citywide on sidewalks year-round and in roadways seasonally from April over and done with November.

Who is the mayor of NYC outdoor dining?

Mayor Eric Adams is the mayor of NYC outdoor dining. He unveiled new rules for outdoor dining in an attempt to appease New Yorkers who've protested about the now-ubiquitous bulky sheds on city streets. The city launched a platform to apply for Dining out NYC as well.

What is the future of outdoor dining NYC?

As an outcome, Mayor Adams signed a bill in August 2023 to generate the Dining out NYC program that will “enduringly expand outdoor dining to all 5 boroughs.” Until the program is completely up and running (estimated early 2024), cafes will still be capable to run under the temporary program.

What is dining out Brooklyn?

Dining out Brooklyn is City's permanent outdoor dining program. The necessities for how sidewalk and roadway cafes are considered, built, and run are accessible on Brooklyn's official rules website. Apply now for roadway and sidewalk cafes in Brooklyn.
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