30+ Cool Things to do in New York for first Timers


things to din new york for first timers
30+ Cool Things to do in New York for first Timers


New York, the most spectacular grand City in the United States, has plenty of amusements and attractions for tourists worldwide. Usually, it's a common idea that it's the most expensive City in the world and tourists need to get around with a big budget. Yes, some exotic thrills and chills are the most expensive in the City, but it may be affordable and more reasonable for new visitors to get around the City with a low budget and enjoy the best things to do in New York for first-timers.

Here we go with the best things you do in New York on an affordable budget. The grand metropolis has a wide range of interests for a new visitor to experience the joy and excitement of exploring the City on the first trip.

However, they may get around to the best things to do in the City if they carefully plan their trip to New York City.

1. The Incredible Sightseeing from the Skyhigh Decks

Incredible Sightseeing

The most exciting thrill is to get incredible sightseeing from the sky-high observation decks of the grand skyscrapers in New York City. The new visitors to the City might be surprised to get the breathtaking views of the stunning skyline upside in the sky.

The most famous skyscraper is the Empire Estate building; the 81st and 102 floors have thrilling observation decks where new visitors can get bird views of the skyline of the grand metropolis.

The Top of the Rock is another excellent observation deck on the 70th floor of the Rockefeller Center to watch the great City from the highest peaks in the sky.

The other super cool observation deck is at the One World Observatory Tower. Get exciting views of downtown Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty from this tallest skyscraper.

2. The Walk at the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

The new tourists in the City can explore more exciting tourist attractions. They can enjoy a sidewalk or a bike ride at the Brooklyn bridge while watching downtown Brooklyn through the bridge view. This bridge's stunning architecture and fabulous structure present a fantastic picture of the bridge. Tourists love to take snapshots and shoot videos for TikTok and Youtube for social media advertisements. The bridge has been filmed in famous Hollywood movies and TV shows for decades.

3. The Sparkling Towers of the Times Square

Sparkling Towers

Times Square is the most popular area in New York City. The dazzling lights, sparkling electric billboards, and electronic advertisements on the tall colorful towers of Times Square, the great nightlife in this area, and the pubs, bars, and clubs are fantastic for visitors. However, this area was dangerous for visitors in the last few years, but now it is secure and safe for travelers. Tourists can walk freely and dine in open-air restaurants in the vibrant Times square space.

Tourists have plenty of things to do and many places to visit in NYC, but exploring the whole city in a short time is impossible.

4. Chinese Cuisine in China Town

Chinese Cuisine

China Town in New York is the most prominent place for the Chinese American community in New York City. The Chinese arts, culture, and social and ethical norms display in the bright, colorful buildings of the China Town of NYC. The Chinese groceries, clothes, design and architecture, and especially Chinese food restaurants, are the famous thrills of Chinatown in New York City.

5. The Unique Ride

Unique Ride

Experience the thrill of The Unique Ride, one of the unique things to do in NYC, a custom-created roller coaster resembling a moving theater, as you embark on a journey from Times Square to Midtown Manhattan. Delight in the 75-minute adventure that combines the excitement of a live comedy performance with fascinating information about the city's history and fun facts. It's a distinctive and entertaining way to explore the streets of New York City while enjoying the lively atmosphere of Times Square.

6. The Great American Museum of National History

American Museum of National History

The Great American Museum of National History is the ancient and largest museum globally.

It has information, education, and fun for everyone and holds extensive collections of planetary, biological, geological, and anthropological artifacts and fossils in the massive 40 exhibition halls. This museum is on the west side of Central Park, New York City.

7. The Great Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) New York


The Great Museum of Modern Art-MOMA holds the art collections of modern art and media, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, illustrations, and electronic media art. The museum conducts special multimedia exhibitions for modern-age films and media art, holding over 200,000 contemporary and modern artworks.

8. The Great Metropolitan Museum of Art New York

Metropolitan Museum

The great Metropolitan Museum of Art is on the East side of Central Park, New York. Also renowned as The Met. The museum exhibits Asian, African, Indian, Egyptian, and Islamic art collections, contemporary art, and the history of art in New York.

9. The Strand Book Store New York

Strand Book Store

The Strand Book Stores are in many New York areas, but the largest store is in East Village.

The Strand Book Stores has extensive collections of old and new books that are rarely available to other bookshops. The Bookstore contains 2.5 million books and is ideal for bookworms and readers.

10. The Essex Food Market New York

Essex Food Market

The most famous and historic food market is the Essex Food Market in downtown Manhattan. It's a three-story building with great food and meals. This market has been here since 1940, a great food place to serve the City's oldest and best flavors. Tourists must visit this place to check out the old-style food hall and the unique flavors of the food at a reasonable price.

11. The Tomb of President Ulysses New York

Tomb of President

The tomb of President Ulysses S. Grant is in Riverside, New York. President Ulysses was the general and the 18th president of the United States. The president wished to be buried next to his wife, Julia, but the military cemeteries were not allowed the burial of women. So the tomb constructed for two the president and his wife is the largest tomb in North America.

12. Walk around the West Village of New York

West Village

The West Village in Manhattan, New York. The gorgeous brownstone buildings and covered with green trees, the pathways of the west village are adorable. They are usually filmed in the movies and TV shows, the famous space of the West Village. You can walk around the paths exploring the beautiful scenes, cafes, shops, and much more.

13. Catch Steak Rooftop Restaurant, New York

Catch Steak

Catch Steak is a rooftop restaurant in Chelsea, New York. Enjoy the steak dinner at the open-air rooftop restaurant and watch the sparkling City.

The restaurant has four dining halls, a heated outdoor patio, a rooftop, and greenhouses. You can also enjoy steak dinners in winter here in heated dining halls.

14. Kimberly Rooftop Restaurant New York


Kimberly's rooftop restaurant is in midtown Manhattan, New York. It's the best restaurant to dine in, with an open-air rooftop area with great views of the skyline of midtown Manhattan. The restaurant serves brunch, breakfast, and dinner with signature cocktails.

15. Ampia Rooftop Italian Restaurant New York


Ampia is an Italian Rooftop restaurant trendy for its Italian servings. They specialize in Italian Gnocchi meals.

Pasta lovers can enjoy the best dinner at the rooftop restaurant with lush greenhouses and a Manhattan skyline view.

16. Leaf Bar and Lounge New York

Leaf Bar and Lounge

If you are looking for dazzling spots in NYC at night, check out the Leaf Bar and Lounge, a rooftop space in Hayat Hotel in Flushing, New York. It's the best place to dine in the east-Asian food and American bar food with classic cocktails and drinks. The lounge has East Asian style decors and seating, with an excellent environment for relaxing and enjoying Asian food.

17. Westlight Bar New York

Westlight Bar

The Westlight is an excellent rooftop bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. It serves Duck carnitas tacos, burrata crostini, and king salmon with cocktails, beers, and wines. The bar has relaxing and cozy interiors with light food and drinks to enjoy the evening with the incredible views of Manhattan from the rooftop bar.

18. Walk at the Highline New York


Highline is an old subway track reconstructed as a public park in lower west Manhattan, New York. You can walk through the green space while enjoying the City's beautiful views and the Hudson river. Tourists can walk, stay here, and relax for the cool breeze of the Hudson River and fresh air at no cost.

19. Watch Theater Shows in New York

Theater Shows

The first visit of the new tourists to the City will be more lively and fun to watch a theater show in the theater district, Broadway, New York. The famous live performances are The Hamilton, Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, the Wicked, and the book of Mormon. New visitors will have lower costs tickets, lottery, and discounts on the first entry at the broadway theater shows. Check the websites and apps for more information and lower-price tickets.

20. Williamsburg, New York


Williamsburg is in Brooklyn, New York. It's the best place to get around, with many attractions for new visitors in the City. Some of these are; The City Reliquary is a memorable museum with free entry.

Joe's Pizza serves excellent flavors of Pizza,

Quimby's Bookstore,

Artists and Fleas is a craft makers' market,

Smorgasburg is a massive open-air food festival,

Domino Park, along with the East River,

Mona Lisa of Williamsburg is a remarkable mural in this space and more street art in the Williamsburg area.

21. Lower East Side Manhattan, New York

Lower East Side Manhattan

Lower East Side, Manhattan, has the iconic sites and cultural landmarks in New York for new tourists in the City. They can enjoy the best food, arts and entertainment, and music. Some of these are;

Hester Street Fair, an open-air street market for vintage goods;

Katz Deli, a Jewish deli that serves Jewish American Food;

Bowery Ballroom has the best indie musical shows; and

Sleep No More Theater near Chelsea, which perform live plays for famous shows like Shakespeare's Macbeth and many more,

The bohemian restaurant in NoHo is at the Andy Warhol Former Studio Site. You can get into the restaurant only with some references, and the famous Django Jazz Bar in Roxy Hotel, lower Manhattan.

22. Dinner Cruises New York

Dinner Cruises

New York City has exclusive, super classy dinner cruises with live music, entertainment, superb food, and a great view of the grand City while traveling in the water, these are the best activities in New York City you can do with your family. While standing on the cruise deck after dinner, watch the Great metropolis skyline and take snapshots for the Instagram posts to share with your buddies.

23. Subway Rides New York

Subway Rides

New visitors to the grand City must take rides on the subway. It's great fun and so reasonable cost to get around the City. A person charges small fees for a ride at the subway station, but for tourists and travelers, it is better to grab a rite metro card for unlimited rides for a week to get around the City and enjoy the fun rides of the subway in New York City.

24. Superheroes Walking Tour New York

Superheroes Walking Tour

The new visitors to the New York City who love to read comics can enjoy watching their superheroes hang out in the City. Explore the famous superheroes landmarks in the City and prominent film locations, and see the actual characters and the favorite heroes from the comics in the Superheroes Walking Tour.

25. Sheep Meadows in Central Park, New York

Sheep Meadows

Sheep Meadows is a 15-acre lush green space in the central park, it was a sheep meadow, and a flock of sheep gazed here, but now it's a massive lawn for the public to enjoy the fresh air and picnic in the park. There's a restaurant called Tavern on the Green, and visitors can enjoy the best food in the meadows.

26. Belvedere Castle, New York

Belvedere Castle

Belvedere Castle Conservatory is a historical structure in Central Park, New York City. The most iconic place is the ancient castle in the central park; the historical Belvedere castle is at the top of Vista Rock with a great view of the turtle water pond, conservatory water, greenery, and lush green space of the park. It's the stunning vintage site in the City, built-in 1872. The old castle has no windows and doorways, only the entrance passages to view the area from the top of the rock.

27. Delacorte Theater New York

Delacorte Theater

Delacorte Theater is in Central Park, New York, one of the significant donations of great philanthropist George Delacorte to the nation. This open-air theater is the home of Great Shakespeare plays in the park near the Turle water ponds and the Central Park green spaces. The theater offers free public productions and plays for live entertainment.

28. Delacorte Clock New York

Delacorte Clock

The Delacorte Clock is also a gift from philanthropist George Delacorte. The great striking giant bronze clock stands along the center of the path from the Central Park Zoo and the Tisch Children's Zoo. This clock has animated musical animals chirping and singing the children's rhymes and the time every half an hour from 8 a.m to 6 p.m.

29. Hallet Nature Sanctuary New York

Hallet Nature Sanctuary

The Hallet Nature Sanctuary is a 4-acre small bird sanctuary surrounded by the turtle pond in the central park. The natural green woods with wooden benches and the pond view are more pleasant for meditation and relaxing place. The new visitors to the City may enjoy the beautiful location for exploring the natural beauty and wildlife.

30. The Gapstow Bridge, New York

Gapstow Bridge

The Gapstow Bridge is a small rustic stone bridge crossing the turtle pond waters in the southeast corner of Central Park. The visitors can stand on the bridge, taking photographs and getting beautiful views of the lush green spaces, flower blooms, and water ponds around the bridge.

31. The Victorian Gardens Amusement Park, New York

Victorian Gardens Amusement Park

The Victorian Gardens Amusement Park is on the east side of Central Park, New York. The park is crowded with kids and adults in the summer, playing around for fun with carousel rides, carnival attractions, games, food, live entertainment and shows, live music performances, and roller coasters in the park.


The new tourists and visitors planning a trip to New York can consider the above things to do in the grand City of the United States. There are many exclusive and expensive attractions in the City. Still, so many low-cost and free options are available for new visitors to enjoy the grand tour of New York City at a low budget and affordable price. Good luck, and enjoy the incredible wonder of New York City in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which airline flies to New York City from the United Kingdom?

Many airlines fly to New York City from the United Kingdom. British Airways Air India American Airlines Delta Airlines Virgin Airlines United Airlines and Norwegian Airlines fly directly to New York City from the United Kingdom. These airline flights depart from the cities of the UK are London Birmingham Manchester New Castle Edinburgh Leeds Belfast and Glasgow.

Which is the best airport to fly from, New York?

New York City has the three best airports John F Kennedy Intl airport Newark Liberty Intl Airport and La Guardia airport.

How to Get around New York City?

There are various ways to get around New York City; 1. Buses 2. Yellow cabs 3. Uber cabs 4. Hip-on Hip-off Ferry services 5. Subway stations 6. Water Ferries, Boats, and cruises Buses, Boats, Water ferries, hip-on hip-off ferries, and subways are low-cost and affordable for traveling around the City. Uber and yellow cab are expensive options for those traveling to private locations. Cruises are not a low-cost option, and it's quite a luxurious drive, but they may have discounted costs with tourist passes.

What are the family entertainment activities in Times Square New York City?

For new visitors the most family entertainments are Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Dave and Busters Hershey's Times Square M&M's World Ripley's Odditorium National Geographic Bowl mor Hard Rock Cafe and Broadway Shows at the Times Square vibrant streets in the New York City.

What are the best hotels in New York City?

Some of the best but most expensive little hotels in New York City are Henry Norman Hotel in Brooklyn Green point, NYC Box House hotel The William Vale Hotel displays the iconic views of Manhattan. One Hotel Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn Heights Hilton Brooklyn has a Greek revival borough hall and The Mark Hotel Penthouse is the most expensive hotel in New York City.

How much does it cost a trip to New York City?

New York City is the most extravagant and expensive City in the world. First time visitors must make a plan for the trip and calculate each and everything including the traveling cost also. New travelers need almost 150 Dollars to 250 Dollars a day spent on the journey.

How can tourists avail of the discounts on a trip to New York City?

Tourists and travelers can grab traveler passes for free entry and discounts on various attractions and spots in New York City. These are The Sightseeing Pass of New York City New York Pass New York Turbo Pass Sightseeing Flex Pass and The Go City New York Explorer Pass. These passes are not free of cost. Tourists need to buy the tokens according to their requirements but it will allow free entries and significant discounts on various attractions. Each pass has different packages for major attractions and multiple timings and tourists carefully choose what to visit when and where to get around the City.
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