16 Best Activities To Do In New York City - For Locals and Tourist


16 Best Activities To Do In New York City - For Locals and Tourist
16 Best Activities To Do In New York City - For Locals and Tourist

New York is a vibrant metropolis in the United States. Tourists visit all year to get into the grand Big Apple to explore the incredible City's fantastic sights, scenes, and wonders. The City has marvelous attractions and a lot of activities to do for everyone. Some are classy and expensive, and some are free for everyone. All things can summarize according to your choices.

There are several tourist attractions in New York and many stunning Places to Visit in New York. If you're planning a tour of the great City, create a plan and list of the Best Activities To Do In New York. You can get help from a local citizen or a guide, but you may seek the perfect locations from Google Maps, and we are here to help you to find out the Best Things to Do in New York.

1. Walking Tour of the New York City

Walking Tour

Tourists may take a walking tour of the streets, public parks, shopping malls, food streets, and marvelous bridges in the city. They can explore the fantastic street art and drawings, vibrating billboards, and colorful and unique architecture of the city's tallest towers. Times Square is the best place to walk around. You can explore the vibrant colors of electronic advertisements and tall buildings with sparkling lights in Times Square.

Tourists may take a bus tour for extended views and a helicopter tour for breathtaking city views from the highest peaks in the sky.

2. Watch a Broadway Show in the Theater District NYC

Watch a Broadway Show

The most lovely live entertainment, live performances, musicals, drama, and theater shows on Broadway are the best activity for everyone. You can get a ticket for a Broadway show and enjoy the live performances from famous artists in the theater district, Broadway.

3. Exciting Cruise Tours NYC

Exciting Cruise Tours

The Best Activities To Do In New York is the Cruise tour around the City. Tourists must check-in for the cruise tours to watch the stunning sight scenes from the New York harbor, the cool sea breeze, and the grand sparkling metropolis. Tourists can get free or discounted entry to the cruises with New York Pass, New York Sightseeing Pass, and Explore Pass. The cruises available for the tour are Single Trip Cruises, Circle Line Cruises, Liberty Cruises, Landmark Cruises, Skyline Cruises, and Hornblower Cruises.

4. Speed Boating Tours NYC

Speed Boating Tours

There are Great thrilling speed boat rides to explore the grand skyline of New York City. Let's get the unique thrills, fun, and excitement with the great hits in the ocean with your friends and family in the speed boat rides. The NYC offers two-speed boat rides, "The Beast" and the "Rib New York." These boat rides don't include free tourist passes. However, the Beast ride has a 'Go City New York Explorer Pass,' and the Rib New York ride sometimes include a 'New York Sightseeing Pass.'

5. Hip-on Hip-off Ferry Tours NYC

Hip-on Hip-off Ferry Tours

The Hip-on Hip-off Ferry tours are the best option for tourists seeking informational terms of the great City. The amusing Hip-on Hip-off ferry service is like a shuttle service but moves slowly around the City, and the tourists can check every street and buildings closely with a comprehensive view. There's an info-based commentary about the City's road trips and streets, which is very helpful for tourists. They can grab the Tourists discount passes for the exciting ferry service.

6. The Five Observation Decks NYC

Five Observation Decks

The City's five amusing observation decks show New York Skyline's stunning views. The highest skyscrapers in the city provide panoramic sightseeing of the grand metropolis from its peak terrace and edges to explore the city from the top of the sky.

  1. The first observation deck is One World Observatory Tower,
  2. the second is Empire State Building,
  3. the third is the Edge observation deck,
  4. the fourth is Summit One Vanderbilt,
  5. and the fifth is the most popular Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller Center.

7. The Sports Events NYC

Sports Events

Tourists interested in sports and games can have more fun at the significant sports events in New York City. The popular sports in the city are Baseball, Basketball, Football, Ice Hockey, and Tennis. The grand sports stadiums are the Yankees and Citi Field stadiums in New York City.

The popular Baseball teams are the Mets and the Yankees. Football teams are the Jets and the New York Giants, and Hockey players are the Devils, The Rangers, and the Islanders.

8. The Staten Island Ferry Ride NYC

Staten Island Ferry Ride

The Staten Island Water Ferry Ride is free for everyone. This Ferry ride is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week from the Whitehall Terminal in Manhattan to the St. George Terminal at Staten Island. Tourists can enjoy the 25 minutes complimentary water ferry ride and visit the great Staten Island, Liberty Museum, and the Lady Liberty Statue of NYC.

9. The Grand Central Terminal NYC

Grand Central Terminal

The Grand Central Terminal is a railway station with iconic architecture, arts, and design. The central terminal has many restaurants, bars, food courts, and shops. The colossal Train terminal is always buzzing with many people waiting for their trains, shopping, or dining in fantastic restaurants or bars in this vast historical place.

10. The Bushwick Wall Art NYC

Bushwick Wall Art

Tourists must see the Bushwick wall art collection at Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York, known as Bushwick Collective. Almost 100 blocks of wall art collectives begin from Jefferson Street, and tourists can explore this stunning place's free wall art, drawings, and paintings.

11. The Live Broadcast Tapings NYC

Live Broadcast Tapings

One of the great free entertainment is the live broadcast and TV shows tapings for free in NYC. You can enjoy free entry into the late-night TV shows, Talk Shows, Comedy Shows, and News Shows, join the excellent TV shows, and watch live performances of your favorite celebrities in New York City.

12. The Thrilling Rides Roosevelt Island Tram NYC

Rides Rosevelt Island Tram

Another thrilling adventure and exciting ride for the tourists is Roosevelt Island Tram, or Cable Cars ride up high in the sky. You can travel via these trams to the highest peaks in the sky while getting a breathtaking view of the city. The Tram travels across the East River about 250 feet above the water. But it's not free, charges a small cost, and it's reliable and completely secure.

13. The Amazing Ice Skating at the Winter Village NYC

Ice Skating at the Winter Village

The winter season has many more activities to do in New York. Skating is the most famous sport in the city. Winter Village at Bryant Park has a wide ice-skating rink to play around, and it's completely free. But you can rent a pair of skates to play around with if you don't have your own.

14. The New York Botanical Blooming Garden NYC

New York Botanical Blooming Garden

The lush green New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx, NYC, is a 50-acre green garden with one million plant species and beautiful flowers. Tourists will enjoy this garden's unique plants, species, buds, greenery, blooming flowers, and fresh air. It is a research center and New York City's oldest plant and herb conservatory.

15. The Ukrainian Museum NYC

Ukrainian Museum

The Ukrainian Museum is in the East Village, New York City. This museum displays Ukrainian art collectibles, sculptures, drawings, and paintings that portray the Ukrainian culture and community in New York City.

16. The Great Views in Dumbo NYC

Great Views in Dumbo

The Dumbo stands for the District Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. It's a waterfront space between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge on the north side of Brooklyn Heights. It's famous for its iconic New York City views from the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.

This area has many shops, restaurants, buildings, and lush greenery with a great view of downtown Manhattan.


New York has tremendous hype in the world as the world's renowned leader for the spectacular entertainment, science and economics, social, arts and cultural centers, and many cultural landmarks in NYC to explore the most fantastic City of the world.

New York is a grand city of excitement and fun with its ancient historical heritage and dynamic cultural values. Tourists and travelers will find so many site scenes to explore the history of NYC.

Tourists and visitors may find lower costs, free activities, and fun in New York City. They need to jot down the activities they will do in their city tour according to the budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of tourist passes are available for traveling into New York City?

Various passes are available for tourists and travelers for traveling into New York City with many discounts and free entry to several places in the City. Sightseeing Pass of New York City; it's a credit card type Pass for over 100 attractions, walking, tours, free ferry and bus rides, subway tickets, cruises, and much more. New York Pass; also provides over 100 attractions and free entry, free ferry rides, discounts on bus tours, free subway traveling, deals on cruises, and much more. New York Turbo Pass; It's almost the same as other all-inclusive passes for tourists, but it has free airport transit to the three airports in New York City. Sightseeing Flex Pass; It's an all-inclusive pass, but you don't need to buy entry tickets at the various exclusive places. It will give 50%off on entry tickets. The Go City New Explorer Pass; is like an entry ticket for various attractions, and you need to choose the number of places and interests to visit on this Pass. It has over 90 attractions to see in the City. All the Tourist passes are similar, but the attractions offered are different. Please check which places are available with access before grabbing the traveling pass.

How to Buy Broadway Show Tickets in New York City?

It is effortless you can buy Broadway tickets from the Broadway website online from the ticket booths at the entry and from ticket apps and websites. You can get the ticket lottery to grab the lower cost tickets for the Broadway shows at the theater.

How many Boat tours are available in New York City?

There are four boat tours available in the City City for free. Tourists can travel on these boat tours without any costs around the City City. 1. Staten Island Ferry 2. East River Ferry 3. IKEA Shuttle Ferry 4. Kayaking and Row Boats

How to get TV Shows Tapings and free tickets in New York City?

You can send email requests for a specific show check out the official website and send the request to attend the TV show tapings with your correct address phone and other details. If they select you for the free entry tickets you will get two tickets for the show entry and enjoy the evening with renowned celebrities in New York City. You need to get the original Ids and passes for access.

Where is the Heliport in New York City?

The Heliport for helicopter rides in New York City is in Downtown Manhattan. The Heliport is between the south street seaport and the Staten Island Ferry Terminal NYC in lower Manhattan.

What are New York City helicopter ride companies and their costs?

There are four Helicopter Rides Companies in New York. 1. Liberty Helicopter Tours costs approximately 249$ to 329$. 2. Manhattan Helicopters costs 229$ to 369$, approx. 3. New York Helicopters costs 190$ to 309$, approx. 4. Heli NY Helicopter Tours cost 229$ to 369$, approx.

How much does traveling by Roosevelt Tram cost in New York?

The Roosevelt Trams or cable cars cost almost the same as subway trains. Its costs 2.75 Dollars per person on the Tram rides. The most affordable and exciting ride to sightseeing in New York City over East Rivers hustle and bustle waters.
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