30 Must See Places In New York - Best Tourism Places to Visit

30 Must See Places In New York
30 Must See Places In New York - Best Tourism Places to Visit

New York is the most magnificent City in the world. It is the global leader in financial, commercial, economic, cultural, social, and political centers.  The historical heritage of NY reveals the ancient monuments, historical artifacts, and stunning places to visit in New York.

New York City has various beautiful sight scenes to explore. However, some exciting sites are significant for tourists and visitors to know the great City in the United States. The multi-social and cultural norms portray the tremendous cultural landmarks in New York.

The great metropolis is famous for its remarkable tourist attractions in New York and nightlife. Also popular as the name of the Big Apple in the United States. Here we will explore

Must-see places in New York for tourists and travelers. Let's check New York City.

1. The Great Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

The Great Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Ellis Island and Liberty Island both have remarkable history and significance. If you plan to see the Statue of Liberty, you will learn about the tremendous historical circumstances and eminence. Visitors will go through the great war and migration history of several people worldwide and must-see places in New York. These islands have spacious spots to explore, and the Statue of Liberty holds the most prominent record of war and freedom in the United States of America.

These islands have classic museums, historical monuments, art and sculptures, fascinating sightseeing, and fantastic insights. These are top tourist destinations and New York must-visit places in the world. Explore the most outstanding attractions on Ellis Island and Liberty Island:

  • National Museum of Immigration on Ellis Island
  • Groundswell Murals on Ellis Island
  • Ferry Building on Ellis Island
  • Unframed Ellis Island- Art Gallery in an abandoned hospital complex
  • Wall of Honor on Ellis Island
  • Great Statue of Lady Liberty on Liberty Island
  • Liberty Museum on Liberty Island                                                                                                                                                                         

2. The New York Must-See Brooklyn Bridge

The New York Must-See Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is one of the New York must-go places, a national historic signature landmark, and the remarkable architecture of the suspension bridge in NYC. The bridge connects the two boroughs, Brooklyn and Manhattan while crossing the East River. It has a pedestrian and biker pathway and six lanes all over. It’s the greatest tourist attraction, and visitors walk across the bridge while getting iconic views of the city’s skyline over the East River. It’s almost thirty minutes to walk around from one to the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge, or maybe an hour if you stop to enjoy the city skyline views or get some clicks from the bridge. However, it’s hot in summer, and you need to wear hats for sunbeam protection because there are no shades for pedestrians or explorers. Various walking tours in New York City explore the Brooklyn Bridge for the best bridge views, but if you wish to experience some remarkable views, you can go on a boat tour. The speedboats pass under the Brooklyn Bridge to explore the spacious views of the city skyline while the great photo ops for the scenic landmark. You can check here for more facts about the Brooklyn Bridge.

3. The Scenic Beauty of Central Park

The Scenic Beauty of Central Park

Explore the fascinating scenery in New York Central Park on rainy days for rainfall, spring for cherry blossoms, fall for fall foliage, summer for sunny days, and winter for beautiful snowfalls. You can stay and relax in the lush green Sheep’s Meadows, enjoy boating in the lake, visit the Ramble or Strawberry Fields, visit the ancient monument, Belvedere Castle, Meet the wild species at the Central Park Zoo, Get some beautiful clicks at Bethesda Fountain, Stroll at the fascinating Conservatory Garden, enjoy boating on the lake, enjoy dining at the waterfront Loeb Boathouse Restaurant, get a thrilling ride at the great Carousel, get some photo ops at the sculptures of Alice and the Wonderland. Winter comes with chills and thrills, and you can enjoy ice skating at the park. There are two ice skating rinks: one is Wollman Rink, and the other is Lasker Rink. Locals and Visitors stroll the park in all seasons, and Central Park is an ideal must-see place in NYC.

4. The Remarkable Art Gallery Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Remarkable Art Gallery Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or MET, is on Fifth Avenue in NYC. It’s one of the most remarkable and must-visit places in New York. This museum presents art collectibles from decades, the outstanding contributions of art and sculptures, and continues the legacy of the magnificent museums of the world.

The MET Cloisters is another branch of MET in Fort Tyron Park, Manhattan. It’s one of the most iconic places in New York. It has several famous exhibitions like In Praise of Painting, The Roof Garden Commission, Tree and Serpent, Death and the Maid, Before Yesterday We Could Fly, Grounded in Clay, African Origin of Civilization, Murals, New York Album, Penta chrome, Rich Man-Poor Man, Anxiety and Hope, and Art of Native America.

5. The Iconic Architecture of Grand Central Terminal

The Iconic Architecture of Grand Central Terminal

The Grand Central Terminal has the must-see architecture in New York. It's the busiest terminal and most visited landmark in NYC. Its huge and magnificent structure attracts millions of travelers and tourists. Its main admirable architecture is the ceiling, one hundred and twenty-five above the ground, portraying an iconic mural of gold leaf sparkling stars in the sky. It's a huge, enlightened tower in the city's heart, a remarkable structure, and a landmark that must-see in NYC.

6. Get a Short Walk at the High Line

Get a Short Walk at the High Line

Highline Park is the best path for a short morning walk or relaxing green space in Manhattan. It’s thirty feet high above the ground, and the former railway track transformed into a walking track, jogging track, and a public park for progress. It’s a 1.5-mile walkway with beautiful blossoms, plants, and fascinating street art on the sidewalks and walls. You can experience a unique journey walking the New York Musts public park High Line while exploring the sweeping views of the city and the Hudson River.

7. Explore the Most Renowned Location, Financial District, NYC

Explore the Most Renowned Location, Financial District, NYC

The Financial District is the busiest place where you will find various other scenic landmarks to explore for the most remarkable structures and attractions. It's one of the most popular New York tourism places where several tourists hoop around all seasons. It has a remarkable history in the U.S. government and its offices, and you can explore the government and commercial buildings, great skyscrapers, and New York Towers to visit in this area.

8. The Most Unusual Place in NYC, Greenwich Village

The Most Unusual Place in NYC, Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is a fantastic neighborhood and one of the most unusual places to see in NYC for its spacious lifestyle and culture. This place has village vibes, quirky things, and fantastic attractions like late-night eating, comedy clubs, and unique townhouses at North Washington Park. You can explore these attractions in Greenwich Village;

  • Stroll at the Washington Square Park.
  • Visit the legendary Comedy Cellar.
  • Enjoy cappuccino coffee at Caffe Reggio.
  • Enjoy the Jazz music at the Blue Note Jazz Club.
  • Watch a movie at the IFC Center cinema.
  • Enjoy the delicious food at Katz Deli, Do, and Artichoke Pizza.                                                                                                                           

9. One World Observatory, The Iconic Sky-High Tower of NYC

One World Observatory, The Iconic Sky-High Tower of NYC

One World Observatory is the highest skyscraper and the main part of Manhattan’s World Trade Center complex, previously called Freedom Tower. It’s one of the most iconic places to visit in NYC and has the highest observatory deck. The Nine-Eleven Memorial is adjacent to this tower, and it’s the tallest sky tower at the peak point in the city. Visitors can experience the real adventure at the unusual height and watch the breathtaking 360-degree NYC skyline views from this observatory deck.

10. Explore the Rockefeller's Great Entertainment Hub, Radio City Music Hall

Explore the Rockefeller's Great Entertainment Hub, Radio City Music Hall

Radio City is Rockefeller Center's most renowned entertainment hub and theater in Manhattan. It's one of the most outstanding theaters and New York must-see places.

Enjoy classic live musical performances and dances at Radio City Music Hall. The Rockettes are famous artists who perform live at Radio City, headquarters in NYC. They have ruled over the audience's hearts for almost a hundred years and perform musicals, dances, and fantastic Christmas spectaculars.

The Tony Awards are held every year at Radio City Music Hall. The Broadway crew and cast celebrate the American Theater Awards for the best performances at the Tony Awards. It's a magnificent theater award ceremony at the world's greatest auditorium to celebrate the magical performance of Broadway Theater.

11. The New York Places Must See Bryant Park

The New York Places Must See Bryant Park

Bryant Park is the favorite of locals, a lavish green oasis among the sky-high towers in NYC. It's not just a public park; there are various events and festivals organized annually for the public, and it has the best activities to do in New York, most of them are free to enjoy. Let's check out the most famous events and things to do in Bryant Park.

  • Free Summer Movie Theater, an open-air cinema in Bryant Park for everyone.
  • Winter Village Holiday Market in Bryant Park. Grab a snack bite and cappuccino and shop the fantastic souvenirs from the holiday market.
  • The Ice-Skating Rink at Bryant Park, enjoy free ice skating in the winter season.
  • The Josephine Shaw Lowell Memorial Fountain in Bryant Park.
  • The William Cullen Bryant Memorial is at the back terrace of the New York Library in Bryant Park.
  • The Bronze Sculpture of the renowned German Poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is on the park's south side.
  • Play and enjoy Chess and Board games in Bryant Park.
  • Join Yoga Classes in Bryant Park.
  • Broadway in Bryant Park. Enjoy free Broadway shows at the park.
  • Kids can enjoy the great Carousel ride in Bryant Park.
  • Enjoy the delicious bites and drinks at the Bryant Park Grill, Refinery Rooftop Bar, and Lodge by Urban Space.           

12. Enjoy the Free Boat Tour at Staten Island Ferry

Enjoy the Free Boat Tour at Staten Island Ferry

Take a free boat ride at Staten Island Ferry and enjoy the iconic city's sightseeing and great iconic skyline views while riding on the ferry. It's one of the best things to do in New York for first-timers.

The Staten Island ferry operates 24/7 every day. It's a great free transit to Staten Island but a fun free ride and boat tour across the New York Harbor. The Staten Island Ferry runs from Whitehall Ferry Terminal, Manhattan, to St. George Ferry Terminal on Staten Island. Explore the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Manhattan Bridge, and the great city skyscrapers on this fantastic ferry ride.

13. New York Public Library the Most Iconic Places to Visit NYC

New York Public Library the Most Iconic Places to Visit NYC

The New York Public Library has a hundred branches, and the most famous building is on Fifth Avenue, NYC. Its iconic architecture and design are a great splendor, as its inside library halls hold a vast array of books, journals, art collectibles, inspired collections, history and geography, science, and technology on every topic, and millions of students, researchers, and visitors visit the library all the time.

  • Its most famous branch on Fifth Avenue holds the treasure of knowledge, Let's explore what's inside the library;
  • Astor Hall on the First Floor.
  • Dewwit Wallace's Periodical Room is a remarkable decorated piece of luxury.
  • Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal's map division has ancient maps, books, and Atlases.
  • The Bartos Education Center has a visitor theater with a video collection and historical footage. It has manuscripts, novels, maps, and more.
  • Jill Kupin Rose Art Gallery.
  • McGraw Rotunda Murals.
  • Rose Main Reading Room is a peaceful environment for study and research work.

The most admirable Children's Center has a range of kid's story books, comics, and colorful stuff. Kids can enjoy the world's famous Winnie the Pooh exhibition that features real stuffed animals inspired by the original story, but remember, these cute little things always stay behind the glass, so watch and enjoy.

14. The Most Prehistoric Landmark of NYC, St. Patrick's Cathedral

The Most Prehistoric Landmark of NYC, St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral is America's Parish Church and one of the most prehistoric structures and places to visit in New York. Moreover, five million visitors visit this historical monument and the oldest and largest church in NYC. Its glorious medieval architecture, giant bronze door, Gothic art and murals, several stained-glass windows, chandeliers, and gorgeous high altar are remarkable attractions for everyone. However, its outstanding history has great significance in U.S. culture.

15. Brooklyn Botanic Garden is one of the Most Visited Tourism Places in New York

Brooklyn Botanic Garden is one of the Most Visited Tourism Places in New York

Explore the dancing tall trees, green plant species with flourishing colors, floral blossoms, and refreshing air with cool vibes in the most fabulous Brooklyn Botanical Garden, NYC. It's a fifty-two-acre botanical garden with fourteen thousand plant species and flower collections worldwide. Let's see what the main attractions in the botanical garden are;

  • Visit the Discovery Garden to learn about the garden's wildlife and habitats.
  • Wonderful Children's Garden.
  • The Water Garden, previously known as Terminal Pond, is a beautiful water body surrounded by flora and fauna.
  • Herb Garden is a little orchard for rare medicinal plants and herbs, cooking herbs, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Rock Garden is the first American Rock Garden on a hill near Herb Garden. Explore the rare plants and trees collected from alpine and montane climates that grow in rocky beds, mountains, and rocky environments.
  • The Aquatic House and Orchid Collection has over six thousand orchids and one thousand species on display.
  • Dessert Pavilion is a dessert plant conservatory featuring rare plant species that grow in specific desert climates.
  • Tropical Pavilion is a conservatory with beautiful waterfalls, freshwater streams, and plant species from tropical climates and rainforests.
  • Warm Temperate Pavilion has plant species from the wet climate conditions, cool winters, and hot summers like the Mediterranean region.
  • Bonsai Museum has a rare collection and wonders of bonsai trees and plant species over a hundred years old.
  • Lilly Pool Terrace is the most fascinating scene in the Botanical Garden. It has two big water pools with a hundred lilies and lotus flowers.
  • Mongolia Plaza has rare collections of Magnolia floral blooms.
  • Fragrance Garden is a unique place to touch and experience the sweet fragrances of various beautiful floral blooms and plant species. These flowers and plants are nontoxic and have specific fragrances suitable for humans.
  • Shakespeare Garden has the plant species mentioned in Shakespeare's poems and plays. 
  • Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden is best for sightseeing and Japanese plant species.
  • Blue Bell Wood has more than forty-five thousand blue bell floral blossoms.
  • The Tree Peony Collection has almost three hundred fabulous tree peonies.
  • Cherry Esplanade has more than two hundred cherry trees and beautiful cherry blossoms from various species. It has two annual cherry blossom festivals in the spring; one is Hanami, and the other is Sakura Matsuri.
  • Rose Garden has over five thousand rose bushes, and almost fourteen thousand rose species, hybrids, wild rose plants, and garden rose species.
  • Native Flora Garden, Woodland Garden, and Osborne Garden are beautiful parts of Brooklyn Botanical Garden.                                                  

16. Liberty Museum NYC

Liberty Museum

The Liberty Museum is a tremendous historical heritage in New York City. It holds ancient history and monuments like the great Statue of Liberty in New York. It's on a small island called Ellis Island in the New York harbor. The 27 acres island is the historical monument of the City. In the past decades, the island was a gateway to immigrants during world war I in the United States. The National Immigration Museum, the American Immigrant Wall of Honor, and the Family History Center are Ellis Island’s most fascinating cultural and historical spots.

17. Manhattan Bridge NYC

Manhattan Bridge

The Huge Manhattan Bridge in New York City is an incredible landmark displayed in Hollywood movies and the best tourist attraction. This unique and most significant bridge's grand structure and design portray the significance of the nation of this great City. Tourists and visitors like to click pictures for social media coverage and video shoot for public influencers. This bridge gives the beautiful downtown Manhattan, East River, and Brooklyn scene. It's the historical monument of New York City.

18. The Skyscraper Rockefeller NYC

Skyscraper Rockefeller

New York City has the tallest towers and most prominent buildings, famous worldwide for its grand architecture and design. The Rockefeller Center is one of the skyscrapers well known in NYC.

The Rockefeller is a colossal complex of great skyscrapers with fantastic structure and technique and are the national landmarks. The complex has various attractions, including a skating rink, art and culture centers, shopping malls, food streets, and restaurants.

19. The Citi Field Stadium NYC

Citi Field Stadium

The Citi Field is the sports stadium famous for Baseball leagues in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens, New York. The stadium has 42,000 seatings and an excellent playground for the champion sports leagues.

Several concerts and events also organize at the stadium ground, and it's the home of Mets baseball players. The stadium has a food arena, a hall of fame museum, and a conference room.

20. The Vessel Skyscraper NYC

Vessel Skyscraper

The Vessel is the tallest building spiral, and vertically shaped staircases portray a honeycomb image. The building has 154 staircases interlinked with each other, and the top peak point gives a panoramic view of the Hudson River and the City.

21. Museum of Dogs NYC

Museum of Dogs

New York has several arts and cultural museums to display its ancient ages, but this Museum is unique and exciting for dog lovers. The Museum of Dogs shows several dog breeds and their kinds in the art collection and sculptures. The dog museum has a comprehensive library of archives, books, and information about unique dog breeds, habits, food, and other precautions. Now the tourists can see how New Yorkers love and care for their pets and furballs.

22. New York Science Museum

New York Science Museum

The New York Hall of Science Museum is the best place to visit for science students. Tourists have many attractions in this hall of science. The magnificent site of the Museum portrays chronicles of science and technology in the history of New York. This Museum is a part of the Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

The Museum displays space and galaxy artifacts, old fossils, sound, light, earth, and robotics projects. Science exhibitions live shows about technology inventions, and kid's science workshops are held in these museum halls.

23. Church of St. John the Divine NYC

Church of St. John the Divine

New York City has several monuments and historical heritages. The Great Chapel of St. John the Divine is one of them. The colossal Chapel is a national monument with vast halls and passages, giant walls, great doorways, unique glass paintings portraying the religious culture and art history, and giant marble statues.

The Chapel conducts musical, arts, and informative workshops. The church has many other activities, like church school, community forums, and activities, plant conservancy, club, etc. So many events and festivals are organized in this Chapel by the community for music, arts, and religion.

24. Little Italy Food Street NYC

Little Italy Food Street

Little Italy is the home of Italian Immigrants in New York City. The specialty of this place is the Italian food and its delicious fragrance bursting into the air.

The delicious Italian cakes, brownies, pastries in the bakeries, yummy Italian pasta, pizza, Lazania and garlic bread, espresso, and cappuccino Coffee, and many excellent Italian restaurants in this Little Italy food street are famous in the City. Tourists will love visiting this bright, colorful place with lovely Italian cuisine.

25. 9/11 Memorial Museum NYC

9 11 Memorial Museum NYC

9/11 Memorial Museum is the memorial of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, at the famous World Trade Center in NYC. However, this Museum presents the story of the attack and lives lost in this incident, honoring the great people who died for their nation. It's been declared a national monument of the United States.

26. The Hispanic Museum NYC

Hispanic Museum

The Hispanic Museum in New York City represents the great Latin and Hispanic arts, culture, and society in the United States. The great literature and art collectibles of Spain, Portugal, and Latin America are remerged into this impressive Museum and library to portray the Latin and Hispanic Cultural arts and history in New York City.

27. Jewish Museum New York

Jewish Museum

The Jewish arts, cultural and social artifacts, and historical heritage are displayed in the Jewish Museum of New York. Tourists must see exciting facts and stories about how the Jewish people lived in New York City in their old age, their lifestyle, food, colors of life, literature, paintings, sculptures, and much more.

28. New York Hall of Ocean Life

New York Hall of Ocean Life

New York Hall of Ocean Life displays the 750 ocean creatures and their artifacts in the exhibition hall. A giant Blue whale model 94 ft long and 21000 pounds weight is hanging in this exhibition hall.

Many more animals of marine life and their artifacts, fossils, and sculptures display in this hall of ocean life. There are 14 dioramas, including an Androse Coral Reef Diorama, Resources for educators for ocean life, Dolphin and Tuna Diorama, Whale Shark, Walrus, Sperm Whale, and giant squid.

29. Transit Museum NYC

Transit Museum

The Transit Museum New York is, in fact, a subway station and historical heritage of the City known as Court Street. This underground railroad displays the old transportation buses, vintage cars, railways, and the story of transport evolution in New York history. The transit museum is the place tourists must see in New York for how the Big apple transit was in the old ages.

30. The MET Museum of Art NYC

The MET Museum of Art

The MET Museum of Art in the heart of New York City is the most buzzing place for tourists and visitors to learn more about the historical legends of the great ancient City of the United States. The Museum has the treasures of African art collectibles, American artifacts, Ancient American artifacts, Ancient Eastern Artsifacts, old arms and armors, Asian antiques, old costumes, Egyptian arts, drawings and paintings, European arts, sculptures and paintings, Greek and Roman Artifacts, Islamic Arts, Robert Lehman Arts collections, Medieval arts, crafts and cloisters, Modern and contemporary arts, Musical equipment, marine arts, and pictures. The Museum has a conservation and research center and library for research and studies on the history of arts and crafts in New York City.


New York is the most highly dense populated, well-organized, and advanced City in the world. It has plenty of attractions for tourists and visitors to learn about ancient history, heritage, monuments, arts and crafts, society, culture, and financial, economic, and political norms. The tourists might be interested in staying for a long to explore the journey of must-see places in New York, the world's leader great City. The City has many colors from several nations of the world. They have come over to live here as immigrants, build their towns, markets, food streets, theaters, and buildings, and preserve their culture merged with the dynamic society of New York City.

We have discussed above the top tourist destinations and fun attractions, fascinating insights from New Yorker's aspects, and you may include these fantastic sightseeing spots in your travel itinerary. Don't worry; you're traveling to the most fascinating grand metropolis in the world, and you will get great insights and local views for the best travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Transits for tourists traveling in NYC?

New York City is very expensive for tourists and travelers. There are so many transit options to get around the city. Uber is a fast and reliable luxury cab service but a bit expensive. Hailing is also a cab service but it’s also costly. The most affordable and convenient transit to get around the city is the subway stations downtown. Tourists can travel through the subway railroads at a small price securely and conveniently.

Are the Five Boroughs of NYC more attractive to visit than Manhattan?

Manhattan is the center and the best place to visit with many more tourist attractions but You can go through the five Boroughs of the City. You can explore stunning and exciting sight scenes historical monuments artifacts and heritages museums parks shopping malls theaters restaurants and clubs in the five boroughs of NYC.

What are the best neighborhood places around NYC to stay?

New York City is broad, and its neighborhood places are great options to visit and stay around. Some are Greenwich Village NYC, Upper West side NYC, Park Slope NYC, and Williamsburg NYC. Upper West Side NYC: It's near Central Park, and it's very convenient to reach the subway stations for the city. It's the best place to get fresh air and beautiful scenes. Greenwich Village NYC: It's near the Square Park. This place has beautiful nightlife, bars, clubs, food streets, and restaurants. Williamsburg NYC: Williamsburg is linked to Manhattan with the Williamsburg Bridge, and simple to get into the city. This place has many more things to visit and enjoy a lot. Park Slope NYC: It's near the Brooklyn botanical garden and Prospect Park. It's a terrific residential place in Brooklyn, with many shops, restaurants, bars, and clubs.

Is the New York City Tour cost more for tourists?

New York City is expensive but tourists may find lower cost items in NYC at the open market food streets and free places to visit.

What Kind of Food is available in NYC?

New York has a diverse culture and many international cuisines available in food streets and restaurants to flavor some meals with different prices. Burgers and Sandwiches: New York is famous for its burgers and sandwiches. Pastrami sandwiches are the most famous food in NYC. Tourists can find the minimal price for fast food, burgers, and sandwiches on many food streets in New York City. Hot Dogs: Hot Dogs are the most popular and low-cost food in New York City. Usually found outside the sports stadiums or in the streets for only 2.5$. The yummy trendy food of NYC. Italian Foods: Italian pizza, pasta, Lasagna, and Coffee are famous in NYC. Little Italy is the best place to get delicious Italian meals, a bakery, and Coffee. Chinese Foods: China Town is the best place to get delicious Chinese Cuisine, Chinese dumplings, Chicken Chow Mein, and hot and sour soup; whatever you want from yummy Chinese meals can be in the heart of NYC. Brunch: Brunch is also popular food in New York City. You can find them at a small price on every street corner.

Is there any place to avoid to visit for Tourists in NYC?

New York is too big, so it has the name Big Apple. It has plenty of vibrant attractions, but some places might be tacky and a trap for tourists or new people arriving in New York City. Times Square is one of them. It's an excellent attraction for Tourists and must visit at once, but it's pretty messy and crowded for new people. So, tourists may refrain from roaming through the streets of Times Square to prevent losing their routes on the crowdy roads of busy streets.

Which NYC Airport is the best for Traveling?

There are three best airports in New York City. Both three are easily accessible wherever you stay in the great City. JFK Airport NYC: JFK airport in Jamaica, Queens, NYC. Tourists can travel to JFK airport by yellow cab taxi, Uber Cabs, or subway trains. The airport has a lavish lobby, restaurant, and hotel for tourists and visitors. LGA Airport NYC: LaGuardia (LGA) Airport in Queens, near Manhattan, NYC. Tourists can reach the airport via bus stations, subway stations, taxis, and Uber cabs. EWR Airport NYC: Newark Liberty Airport in Newark, NJ, a few miles from NYC. The Air trains, Amtrack trains, Uber cabs, and taxis reach the EWR airport.

Do I need a travel Visa to NYC if I am not a US resident?

If you are planning a trip or tour to NYC for less than 90 days and are a non-US resident you do not need to get a tourist visa. However, you may need to fill out an Electronic System for Travel Authorization ESTA form a few days before traveling to NYC.

Which is the best Museum to visit in NYC?

New York City has several arts and cultural centers, historical places, and museums. It all depends on your interests. You are looking for an ocean life museum, science and technology Museum, Design Museum, arts and sculptures Museum, cultural centers, kids museum, tenement museum, transit museum, and botanical and plant conservatories. The best Museum in the City is the MET museum of arts and the Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Which is the best season to visit NYC?

New York is the best place to visit in all seasons of the year. Here are no extreme weather conditions in the City for travelers and tourists. Spring is the most beautiful season when colorful blossoms bloom in the city. The New York Botanical garden Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Central Park, Riverside park, Battery Park, and many other gardens and lush green spaces bloom with beautiful flowers and their fragrance flushing into the air. Summer is rushed with sea shores and beaches. Winter is full of ice skating and winter sports around the city. Autumn has lovely open-air markets and an open-air food arena in the city. So tourists and travelers can visit New York City in any season according to their interests and preferences.
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