45 Best Things to Do in New York City Splendid Attractions


Best Things to do in New York
45 Best Things to Do in New York City Splendid Attractions

New York has various places to visit, and tourists and visitors have many attractions in this great city of the United States. There are ancient historical sites, monuments, and artifacts for tourists engaging in the history of New York.

The city has many things to do, entertainment, drama, theater, live shows, music, clubs, bars, food streets, restaurants, shopping arenas, sports and games stadiums, and arts and cultural sites. Tourists love to see the art collectibles and cultural landmarks in New York.

No one can visit all the places simultaneously in the great city because New York is a colossal metropolis and densely populated city, and tourists will find a long list of things to do in this fantastic city of the US. Here's a wide range of tourist attractions in New York, so they must sort out the best things to do regarding their preferences.

Tourists planning a tour to New York City can get help from a local guide and write down the things to do and the best places to visit in New York.

List of Best Things to Do in New York

Here is a quick overview of the best things to do in New York. Travelers can choose things to do that are worthy for them.

1. The Central Public Park, Manhattan, New York City

The Central Public Park, Manhattan, New York City

Central Public Park in Manhattan is the first and largest public park in NYC. It has a massive area covered with lush green trees, floral blooms, shrubs, and an enormous lake over twenty acres with a bow bridge. It's a famous point for visitors and great photo ops. The park has a free entry open-air Theater, two ice skating rinks, a small zoo, a historical monument, an old Castle, strawberry fields, and more. You can enjoy fun activities like yoga classes, horse riding, bike tours, carousels, a museum, a water fountain, boating at the lake, and more.

You can enjoy various exciting summer and winter festivals and events, sports, picnics, music concerts, and fun activities at the park in summer and spring. The summer stage for free musical concerts in Central Public Park is famous for everyone. It's an ideal place to view New York City’s fall foliage and one of the most fascinating things to do in New York in October.

2. The National Nine/Eleven Memorial & Museum, New York City

The National Nine/Eleven Memorial & Museum, New York City

The National Nine/Eleven Memorial & Museum is located in the World Trade Center on the ground floor, the memorial of the incident of terrorist attack and massive killing on Eleven September. It presents the monuments and artifacts and portrays the story of life and death, misery and pain, for the heartbreaking memories of a dreadful incident. Still, everyone should visit this museum once to give tribute to the innocent people who died in this attack.

3. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the MET, is at three prominent locations MET Fifth Avenue, MET Breuer, & MET Cloisters in NYC. The museum holds ancient artifacts, sculptures, and paintings from over five thousand years of history worldwide. It has various exhibitions on display. More famous are African Origin of Civilization, Death and the Maid, Before Yesterday, we could fly, Tree and Serpent ancient Buddhist art, Roof Garden Commission, and Dutch Masterpieces in Praise of Painting.

4. The Empire State Building, New York City

The Empire State Building, New York City

Empire State Building is the first skyscraper in NYC. It's a one-hundred-and-two-story building with iconic architecture. It has two observation decks on the eighty-sixth and one-hundred and second floor to represent the breathtaking views of NYC's skyline from standing sky-high observatory decks. The building has a shopping arena, stores, offices, dine-in spots, commercial spaces, and fabulous art collections at the galleries on the second and eightieth floors. It's the most renowned tourist destination and a National Historic Landmark of NYC.

5. The High Line, New York City

The High Line, New York City

The High Line was a railway track transformed into a lush green public park and a walkway for pedestrians. The beautiful greenery and floral blooms around with vibrant, colorful art, murals installations, and sparkling lights present the iconic view of the Hudson River and Manhattan skyline. You can enjoy a morning walk in the refreshing air or stay and relax with a fabulous view of the Hudson River at High Line Park.

6. The Top of the Rock Observatory Deck, New York City

The Top of the Rock Observatory Deck, New York City

Top of the Rock is the famous observation deck at the great Rockefeller Center in Manhattan. It's a famous tourist attraction that provides 360-degree iconic views of NYC's skyline. The observation deck is on the seventieth floor, and its 850 feet sky-high terrace presents panoramic views of the tall skyscrapers of NYC. It's a remarkable spot for fabulous photo ops of the breathtaking views of NYC.

7. The Broadway, New York City

The Broadway, New York City

Broadway is a diagonal street in the famous area of Times Square, Manhattan, NYC. It's the home of several excellent theaters that perform live entertainment shows, and it's renowned as the entertainment hub and fun street. It has several outstanding live performances, dining spots, bars and cafes, and perfect nightlife for locals and visitors in New York.

Famous spots on Broadway, Times Square, are Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Theater Fandom at the Museum of Broadway, Shopping at Shubert Alley, and enjoy Spy games at Spy Escape Museum. You can get various famous bars and eateries on Broadway and Times Square, like Barcelona Bar, Russian Vodka Room, K Reco Steak house, Marea, Kochi, The Smith, Dolly Varden, Toloache, Five Napkin Burger, West Bank Cafe, and more. Broadway has the best theaters for live entertainment performances, like Broadway Theater, August Wilson Theater, Booth Theater, Gershwin Theater, Lyric Theater, Lyceum Theater, Winter Garden Theater, Circle in the Square Theater, Imperial Theater, Studio Fifty-Four Theater, Majestic Theater, and Barrymore Theater.

8. The Lady Liberty, New York

The Lady Liberty, New York

The Lady Liberty Statue symbolizes a Roman Goddess of Freedom, Libertas. It's a giant statue standing above, holding the torch in her hand as an icon of illumination for freedom for the world at Liberty Island, New York Harbor. It was fixed at the New York Harbor to welcome the people who migrated to New York. There's a Liberty Museum on the island, a vast library, and three massive galleries that portray the historical stories of the Statue of Liberty. A virtual experience theater that displays the statue's history and gives you a real-time experience of hanging around it and learning its story. You can also get through the roof terrace of the Liberty Museum and get fascinating views of New York Harbor and NYC's skyline.

9. The Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

The Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

Brooklyn Bridge is the first structure with steel-wire suspension, and it was opened to the public after thirteen years of construction. This bridge connects Manhattan to Brooklyn, crossing the East River, NYC.

This iconic architecture was displayed in movies like Godzilla, Manhattan, and Saturday Night Fever. Locals and tourists walk through or drive through the bridge while getting panoramic views of East River and NYC's illuminating sky towers, and it's a perfect photo scene for everyone.

10. The Manhattan Skyline, New York City

The Manhattan Skyline, New York City

Manhattan Skyline can be accessible from various spots like the Top of the Rock Observation Deck at the Rockefeller Center, Bar sixty-five at the Rainbow Room that is on the sixty-fifth floor of Rockefeller Center, Summit One Vanderbilt Observation Deck, Edge Observation Deck, Liberty Island at the New York Harbor, Staten Island Ferry Tour, Walk through the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge, Washington and Water Street, Empire Estate Building, The Vessel, The High Line, One World Observatory Deck at the World Trade Center, Helicopter Tour, Cruise Tours, Rosevelt Island Tram, NYC Rooftop Bars and Lounges.

Manhattan Skyline has iconic skyscrapers with fascinating architecture and design and fantastic illuminations at night. The fascinating sky towers of the Manhattan skyline are Thirty Hudson Yards, Four-Thirty-Two Park Avenue, One World Trade Center, Fifty-Six Leonard Street, Steinway Tower, Empire Estate Building, Met Life Building, Chrysler Building, Forty Wall Street, Central Park Tower, Rockefeller Plaza, and Brooklyn Tower.

11. The Grand Central, Manhattan, New York City

The Grand Central, Manhattan, New York City

Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan is a famous NYC attraction and historical landmark. It's a vast transport station with a fascinating structure, design, and other facilities like shopping stores, dine-in spots, cafes, bars, and events. There's a substantial golden clock that never stops with a fabulous structure and great photo ops. Locals and tourists can stay, relax, eat, drink, and shop while waiting for the trains and getting beautiful clicks for wonderful memories at the Grand Central Terminal.

12. The Times Square Location, New York

The Times Square Location, New York

Times Square is a famous location of commercial lanes where you can find the best bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs, pubs, shopping, hotels, and more. The renowned Theater District, Broadway, is part of Times Square, Manhattan, where you enjoy fantastic live shows, Comedy, Drama, Musicals, and Dance performances. Times Square is famous for its sparkling electronic billboards and LED display ads. It's a remarkable spot for visitors and tourists. However, it's considered a tourist trap in NYC. New visitors and tourists must be aware of scams and fraud in this crowded place in Manhattan.

13. The Staten Island Ferry, New York

The Staten Island Ferry, New York

Staten Island Ferry is a free water ferry service for the public traveling from Manhattan to Staten Island. It starts to sail from Saint George Terminal to Staten Island and White Hall, Manhattan. The ferry has the vast space to carry five thousand passengers at a time and operates for 24 hours, seven days a week.

14. The Bryant Park, New York City

The Bryant Park, New York City

Bryant Park is a famous lavish green public park in NYC. The park has various great attractions for free, like art and craft, juggling and yoga classes, sports and games, boot camps for kids, knitting classes, free Paramount Pictures movie nights, carrousels and rides, winter village, bumper cars, kids camping, chess checker games, boxing games, Broadway theater, dance party, relaxing igloos, cafes, and bars.

15. The Rockefeller Center, New York

The Rockefeller Center, New York

Rockefeller Center is a massive complex of nineteen commercial towers in Manhattan, NYC. You can explore the famous Top of the Rock observation deck at the Rockefeller Center, The Rockefeller Ice-Skating Rink, a Rainbow room for Private events, Wedding and Events Spaces, Holidays and Activities, Relaxing Channel Gardens, Radio City Music Hall, NBC Studios, and more.

16. Bumper Cars Ride NYC

Bumper Cars Ride

The Standard Hotel at the High Line is one of the excellent hotels in New York City and has exciting new entertainment and fun Bumper Car rides. Kids, women, and men of all ages can enjoy the sparkling bumper cars in the Standard Hotel with delicious food and drinks. The bumper cars are fascinating for kids and a great attraction for adults and senior citizens to ride on. The hotel is quite remarkable for tourists and new visitors to the city. It’s an ideal spot for summer attractions and one of the most fun things to do in New York in June.

17. Good Fork Pub NYC

Good Fork Pub

Good Fork Pub is a bar and restaurant that typically serves Korean food. The pub has drinks and food for Korean style, Korean steaks, chicken and waffles, burgers, duck confit, pork chops and dumplings, Korean BBQ, veggie burgers, and brunch. Its Korean Cheese Steak Sandwich is trendy food in the street. The bar serves beer, wine, and cocktails with chips and snacks. Its Kimchi beer cheese and fried wontons are delicious just for 8$.

18. New Museum of Broadway NYC

New Museum of Broadway

The new Museum of Broadway is in Time Square, NYC. The museum displays the memorable events and history of Broadway, the marvelous costumes, paintings, pictures, videos, and much more. Live entertainment shows, award shows, plays, and musicals are also performed at the museum hall. New York has many museums and historical heritages, but this broadway museum specifically exhibits the theater life, plays, performances, stories, and history of Broadway in New York.

19. The Winter Outdoor Spa NYC

Winter Outdoor Spa

The Winter Outdoor Spa is at William Vale Hotel, New York. Now you can enjoy the exclusive and luxurious lifestyle, private sauna, and spa outdoors while enjoying the breathtaking New York Skyline views. There're five cedar saunas and hot tubs on the outdoor terrace of the William Vale luxury hotel. The guests can enjoy the winter ice rink on the rooftop, the Vale Rink, and the delicious food at Winter Village at West Light. It’s one of the most remarkable luxuries for things to do in New York in January.

20. The Sky Skating NYC

Sky Skating

The highest skating rink introduced in the Hudson Yards, at the sky deck Edge in the western hemisphere, New York City, is one of the most fun things to do in New York in February. Now you can enjoy exciting skating with your buddies at the topmost peaks inside the sky deck edge at the 1,131 feet tallest skyscraper. Enjoy the exciting roller skating in the highest sky and get the city's breathtaking panoramic views from the skyline's edge.

21. Wollman Rink Central Park NYC

Wollman Rink Central Park

Go ice skating at the Winter Wonderland, Central Park's Wollman Rink, New York City. There're music bands performances, ice sculptures, ice performances from famous skating players, ice skating learning classes, workshops for free, and live food stations. There's a Sound Bath Skating event for meditation with ice skating, singing bowls, gongs and chimes, and lovely sounds and music. Entry is free for the Wollman Rink Central Park, one of the most amusing things to do in New York in December.

22. The Titanic Exhibition NYC

Titanic Exhibition

The Legendary Ship Titanic exhibition is officially introduced at the Atlantic Ocean near Union Square, New York. The show has a historical view of the ship's artifacts, the lives of the travelers on the great ship, and the crew of the Titanic. These historical collections hold 200 objects and artifacts from the Titanic ship and a comprehensive view of the incident in 1912 when the ship hit an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean and was destroyed. It’s one of the most iconic things to do in new york in May.

23. The Guillermo Del Toro Exhibition NYC

Guillermo Del Toro Exhibition

The Guillermo Del Toro; Crafting Pinocchio is an excellent exhibition of modern art and animations at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. The collection displays the crafting story of the famous animated movie Pinocchio, its filmmaking and production process, and the crafting of the animated character. The timelapse video of animations, puppets, pictures and drawings, photo gallery, and clips from the video animations are on display at this exhibition.

24. The Jewish Deli Exhibition NYC

Jewish Deli Exhibition

The Jewish Deli culture exhibition organizes at the New York Historical Society Museum and Library. The collection displays the role and history of the Jewish Deli culture of the Jewish immigrants in the city during World War II. The museums display historical Jewish culture, food and recipes, costumes, and pop culture stories to explore in this remarkable exhibition for the Jewish community.

25. The Exhibition of Virginia Wolf's History NYC

Exhibition of Virginia Wolfs History

The great author Virginia Wolf's history and life events are portrayed in this New York Public Library exhibition. The show holds the most impressive collections of the author's life's work, personal notebooks and diaries, unpublished letters, and her family pictures and photos.

Explore the excellent collection of great memories from the life of the American historical author Virginia Wolf.

26. The Comedy Hub at the Asylum NYC

Comedy Hub at the Asylum

The Asylum NYC has become a comedy hub by the great comedian Alan Kliffer and his team. His comedy blockbusters performance for standup comedy, sketching, roasting, and clowning are great hits for modern comedy performances.

There are many comedy clubs in NYC, but Alan Kliffer's live comedy performances are superb. The Asylum NYC is in Chelsea, New York City. It’s one of the most exciting things to do in New York in September for the fall season to enjoy the most fun comedy performances in NYC.

27. The City Winery Igloos NYC

City Winery Igloos

Tourists must see this wonderful place at the famous Rockefeller Center, the City Winery Igloos. The cozy igloos for individual visitors serve excellent food, wine, cocktails, and a spectacular city view from the famous skyscraper. People enjoy the delicious food and drinks within these igloos and get the panoramic sight scenes of the great city from one of the city's tallest towers. It’s the ideal spot for chilly weather and one of the best things to do in New York in March.

28. The Jackie Robinson Museum NYC

Jackie Robinson Museum

The late African American Baseball Player Jackie Robinson was the first African American player in the major baseball league in the history of New York. The museum exhibits the late Robinson's memories, photos, over 40 000 historical images, and 4000 artifacts and belongings of the great player.

29. The Magentaverse NYC


The Magentaverse is a multi-sensory modern art exhibition at the ArtechHouse, New York. The great purple and magenta universe with all things in magenta shades, in the beginning, a panoramic video film briefly describes the Viva Magenta with fantastic audio and sound effects with the Nasa footage and outer space images. The exhibition explores the pictures of magenta coral reefs, precious magenta gems, balloons in purple and magenta shades, metals and flowers, and all objects in magenta shades. It’s one of the most outstanding experiences and fantastic things to do in New York in August.

30. The Petanque Bar NYC

Petanque Bar

The Petanque Bar is the first indoor bar at the Carriage Club, New York. The Carreaue club is a French boule sports club with a great Petanque bar that serves natural wines, cocktails, and beers and a deli counter that serves French salads, waffles, sandwiches, and excellent drinks. Enjoy the French boule sports on the court with the best bar in the club.

31. The Lower East Side Gallery Nights NYC

Lower East Side Gallery Nights

The Lower East Side Gallery nights in New York City are free for everyone. Tourists and visitors can explore the great arts and sculptures in the gallery for free, making it one of the fantastic and unique things to do on the Lower East Side. Several art galleries and studios participate in this gallery night to display the arts and crafts works to the public, providing a one-of-a-kind and enriching cultural experience.

32. The Loft NYC

The Loft

The Loft at the Japan Village, Industrial City, New York. The Japanese village is an excellent hub for Japanese culture, entertainment, shopping, and Japanese food flavors. The Japan Village is where you can find Japanese groceries, clothes, and accessories. The loft is on the Japan Village's second floor, celebrating the Japanese community's cultural workshops and tea ceremonies.

33. The Piano Bar at Fraunces Taverns NYC

Piano Bar at Fraunces Taverns

The Fraunces Taverns is the renowned and oldest bar and restaurant and has its museum in Manhattan, New York. The new Piano bar upstairs at the restaurant serves live piano music, with a small bar serving beer, wine, cocktails, and snacks. People who love to listen to the grand piano live entertainment can get into the Piano bar for live performances of famous piano artists of the city.

34. The Sands of Persia NYC

Sands of Persia

The Sands of Persia is a new dessert bar and Hookah Lounge in Long Island City, New York. The bar portrays the middle eastern and Asian design and flavors of hookah and desserts. The bar serves unique Turkish Sand Coffee. Turkish Java Coffee is brewed on an open flame in a pan covered with golden sand. The yummy coffee does in a traditional long-handled pot made with brass, copper, or silver.

35. The Sushi 35 West NYC

Sushi 35 West

The Sushi 35 West at the New York small sushi restaurant serves the best sushi meals. The salmon and tuna are great with flavorsome sushi meals with beer and wine. You can get here for delicious sushi if you want to try Japanese cuisine.

36. The Coby Club NYC

Coby Club

The Coby Club in New York City is a new lounge, bar, and part of the nightlife in NYC.

The club displays the red and golden shades interior with phoenixes and dragons on the walls, portraying Chinatown and its nightlife. The bar serves beer, wine, cocktails with snacks, and live entertainment with dance performance hits.

37. The Cellar Dog NYC

Cellar Dog

The Cellar dog, formerly Fat Cat, is a gaming arena with food, live shows, and entertainment. The Cellar dog is exploded with live Jazz music performances, food, and drinks for fun.

This gaming arena has ping pong, pool tables, foosball, shuffleboard, Pac-Man, chess, and checkers games. The custom ice creams in nyc are great fun for everyone to enjoy the music and games at Cellar Dog club.

38. The Panorama Room NYC

Panorama Room

The Panorama Room is a rooftop lounge on the 18 floors of Graduate Rosevelt Island Hotel, Rosevelt Island, NYC. You can get delicious food and drinks while getting the panoramic view of the boroughs of NYC, bridges, and the East River with sparkling lights. The luxurious hotel terrace with the super classy environment and decor can be expensive but not worth more for your excitement and fun. Enjoy the most exciting atmosphere on the rooftop lounge and the most luxurious things to do in New York City in April.

39. The Polonsky Exhibition NYC

Polonsky Exhibition

The Polonsky Exhibition at New York Public Library is a unique exhibition with excellent ancient history, artwork, the handwritten declaration of Independence, Manuscripts drafts for the rights of women, Stuffed animals, costumes of Loie Fuller, Desk of Charles Dickens, and much more.

40. The Ugly Baby Thai Food NYC

Ugly Baby Thai Food

The Ugly Baby is a Thai Cuisine restaurant that serves hot and spicy Thai food. The restaurant is on Smith Street, Brooklyn, NYC. If you want to taste some spicy Thai flavors, you can check out here at the Ugly Baby Thai restaurant.

41. The Fan Fan Doughnuts NYC

Fan Fan Doughnuts

Fan-Fan Doughnuts are famous desserts in Brooklyn, New York. If you want to try the chocolate, maple syrup, cinnamon glazed doughnuts, and creamy treats for your favorite NYC dessert, you can have a yummy treat for delicious Fan-Fan Doughnuts.

42. For All Things Good NYC

For All Things Good

Are you looking for yummy and affordable food and drinks in NYC? For all things good is the excellent open-air Mexican cafe in Brooklyn, NYC. The restaurant serves delicious Mexican tortillas, hibiscus, mushrooms, chipotle salsa, tetelas, and quesadillas. If you can taste yummy Mexican meals and tortillas, let's go to the For all things Good Mexican cafe.  It’s a fantastic experience in summer to visit one of the most delicious open-air eateries and yummy things to do in New York in July.

43. White Bear Dumplings NYC

White Bear Dumplings

The White Bear serves the best wontons and dumplings at the Roosevelt Eve, New York City. The restaurant serves pork, chicken wontons, and dumplings dipped with hot chili oil and decorated with veggies and pickles. Let's try the super-hot flavors of chili and pickles with delicious dumplings for a reasonable price at the White Bear restaurant.

44. The World Spa NYC

World Spa

The World Spa lounge in Brooklyn, New York, is the city's giant spa and bath house. It has Russian steam bathtubs, Saunas, Himalayan salt cleansing therapy, Turkish and Moroccan steam baths, and serves the best food and drinks in the city.

The spa also serves tea, coffee, smoothies, drinks, and beer. The spa's great decors display giant bathtubs and an excellent luxurious lifestyle at the world-class World Spa. It’s a superbly luxurious experience for the chilly season in the Fall and one of the most fascinating things to do in New York in November.

45. The Starbucks Reserve NYC

Starbucks Reserve

The Starbucks Reserve Store is in the Empire State Building, New York. It has a bar and a restaurant with flavorsome meals and drinks.

The best food and beverages include avocado toast, smoked salmon, lasagna Bolognese, tuna salad, espresso, and martini. The bar space also organizes events and occasions for the public.


Tourists and visitors have many things to do in historical New York City. It's only possible, to sum up some of the places and spots described in one article about this great city in the United States. Every year millions of tourists and visitors visit New York City, and the metropolis has new attractions.

Tourists may find the best things to do in New York according to their choices and budget. The city is expensive for some specific out-class spots and places, but also many free things to do in New York.

The most expensive sky tours at the tallest skyscrapers, helicopter tours, luxury hotels, spas and saunas, pubs, bars, restaurants, and clubs are there. Still, at the same time, tourists may find free entry to many more famous historical arts and cultural centers, museums, large lush green public parks, free art galleries, sea shores, and beaches. Tourists may find low-cost food on the food streets, open-air food markets, and shops for lower prices at different open markets in New York City.

Tourists may find cheap hotels and guest houses around the city instead of luxurious hotels in NYC. For an expensive traveling experience, tourists can get Uber cabs or other taxi rides. Still, for a small cost, they can travel via bus stations or subway stations almost free and secure travel for everyone.

New York City is all about your preferences and choices about what you'd like to do and how you would like to move around the city. However, You can only get some things within one tour or trip. You can visit for some seasons to get all the attractions and explore the giant New York City for the whole things to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is New York so famous for?

New York is known for its tallest towers, skyscrapers, illuminating skyline, pizzas, basketball, entertainment, bars, clubs, and nightlife. The other well known icons are the United Nations Head office, Niagra Falls, Finger Lakes, Catskills Forests and Mountains, Adirondack Mountains, Saratoga Springs, Rockefeller State Park, Hudson River Valley, African Burial Ground, Castle Clinton Monument, Sagamore Hill National historical site, and Statue of Liberty.

What are the top attractions to visit in New York City?

The top attractions in New York City for tourists and visitors are NYCs skyline, observation decks, art galleries and museums, historical monuments, cultural landmarks, rooftop bars and lounges, top-rated restaurants and cafes, luxury hotels, spas, clubs, public parks, shopping streets, events, and grand festivals.

What are the most popular things to do in New York City with kids?

The most famous things to do with kids in NYC are visiting Central Park, Bryant Park, Coney Island Park, Prospect Park, Battery Park, Liberty Museum, Statue of Liberty, American Dream Mall, Super Heros of New York Walking Tour, Spy Scape Museum, Color Factory, Madame Tussauds, Museum of Ice Creams, and Childrens Museum of Arts.

What are the best outdoor activities in New York City?

The best outdoor activities in NYC are Movie nights at Bryant Park, Delacorte Theater in Central Park, Summer Concert Festival in Central Park, Kayaking at the Hudson River, strolling in Coney Island or Prospect Park, visiting a botanical garden, going to the sea shore or beach picnic, get a cruise tour or cruise dinner, get a speed boat ride, visit the Governer Island and Long Island Hiking Trails.

How many days in NYC is enough?

You may stay for three days to explore the main highlights of NYC, but if you want to explore sight scenes, you need at least four to five days in NYC to check out the primary sight scenes and quick hits on the trip.

How much money do you need in New York per day?

Tourists and travelers on a budget in NYC should avail themselves of several free offers and discounts, but usually, on average, per day spent on an NYC trip is three hundred and sixteen dollars for transportation, meals, and accommodation rates.
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