13 Most Popular Dog-Friendly Parks in Brooklyn

13 Most Popular Dog-Friendly Parks in Brooklyn
13 Most Popular Dog-Friendly Parks in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is an effervescent area full of big exposed spaces for both dogs and their humans. It means that there are some outstanding Dog-friendly parks in Brooklyn. Several dog runs were made by populaces in the area, and they cares the parks like their own backyard. So do be thoughtful and not ever overlook the doggie bag! All set to get outside with your hairy best friend? But are you crazy to know about the best dog-friendly spaces in Brooklyn, NY? No uncertainties, in this blog we have prepared a list of all the best outdoor spots for you and your dog to acquire some workout together.

We have listed only the 13 most popular Dog-friendly parks in Brooklyn but once you move beyond your neighborhood, you’ll find out that the borough has numerous of dog parks to offer.

13 Most Popular Dog-friendly Parks in Brooklyn

1. Hillside Dog Park

Brooklyn dog owners love the Hillside Dog Park for many good reason. It’s positioned at Columbia Heights & Vine Street, and with a double-gated entry for controlled dog coming and going, enjoyable benches, and water, it’s got all of the relaxations.

A miscellaneous blend of dogs and their owners come here every day. Of all the Dog-friendly parks in Brooklyn, this may be the best one for de-sensitizing your dog to large crowds, but you will have a difficult time discover parking. It’s far stress-free for owners of small dogs to get here on the subway—just pleat your pal in a preferred carrier and go.

Hillside Dog Park started its life as an undesignated patch of land left after the construction of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway throughout the late 1940s. Nowadays, this region east of Columbia Heights is an enormous dog park that greets all breeds.

The detail that this is the major dog park in Brooklyn isn’t such a good thing, as dirt paths turn into sludge roads after heavy baths. Even dirt can be the of source skin problems once it gets into the dog’s fur.

On an optimistic note, the park has a lot of seating choices in the form of benches and picnic tables. Also, keep in mind that minor breeds can simply eat out through the front gate.

Generally, this well-loved dog park would make for a fun day. With dirt and wood chip paths, the park is stress-free on the paws, but be careful: you will get murky. Nearby this, you can find the best thrift stores in Brooklyn as well.

2. Shore Road Park

It is a located within the quick walk from the Bay Ridge – 95 Street subway station. An approximately 5-mile area that is also home to an outstanding walking path. This scenic park has a broad dog run, unlike some of the best dog parks in Brooklyn. Rendering to the city site, the chosen off-leash area is along Shore Road from 4th Avenue to 69th Street. With hills and meandering paths, it creates for a boundless endurance course. The Belt Parkway runs parallel to this space, thus do suppose some noise. Nonetheless, there are also spectacular views of the Verrazano Bridge.

3. McCarren Park Dog Run

The park is situated at the corner of Driggs Avenue and North 12th Street is the entry to the McCarren Park Dog Run. This little park is adored and fun. Perfect for large and small pooches, there are 2 areas distributed by size, subsequently no fear that your little Pomeranian will catch spooked.

Be cautioned that the pee smell, particularly in the summer time, is strong. While there is not a lot of space or many services, the area offering various walkable destinations and there’s a bathroom in the park.

Accessibly to be found in the Greenpoint area, McCarren Park spans 35 acres, that means dogs have quite of room for a solid runout. The dog friendly-area at this park features separate areas for small and large dogs, as well as a shaded area for animals to cool off in summertime.

The dog run area is open daily from 9 AM to 9 PM. If you move your dog outside of this area, it must be on a leash no more than 6 feet long. Keep in mind that McCarren Park has a problem with waste disposal, thus there is a whiff in summer that neither canines nor humans enjoy.

4. Dyker Beach Park

At the intersection of 86 Street and 7th Avenue, you can discover a large fenced dog area with mature trees and lots of space for your dog to catch their perfect playmate. The park offers water and great places to sit. There’s a mix of grass and gravel, and there can be some dusty patches.

The park itself is quite beautiful. Parts are intimate thanks to plantings that create smaller spaces. Over the past forty years the community has bought parcels of land in phases to assemble this space for public use. Also, a stellar dog park, there are areas for athletes and families, even a golf center for the local youth league.

5. Monsignor McGoldrick Park

Best dog parks in Brooklyn would be complete without a nod to this common area of Greenpoint. The entrance of this park is at Nassau Avenue and Russell Street.

A hasty walk from Nassau Ave (G train), you can simply take a small dog here via subway. Or else, you can drive here by McGuinness Blvd or the BQE.

New gardens have freshened the space, and with striking sunset views of the Chrysler Building, it is a lesser gem in the borough. Mostly spend time at by nannies and parents, it is a great park for children and dogs providing you the best things to do in Brooklyn.

6. Bay Ridge Owls Head Park

At 68th Street and Shore Road, or on the similar side as Colonial Road, Owls Head Park in Bay Ridge is a family favorite.  You can let your dog off-leash on a long and narrow strip near the road, but don’t worry: the area is completely fenced in. It’s a minor space with a dirt ground.

The park is prodigious place to go jogging with your furry friend. The space is grassy, creating laps easy on the knees. The park has WiFi hotspots, bathrooms, a splashpad for children, and many more services.

7. Seth Low Playground

Although not technically an off-leash dog park, Seth Low Playground at West 12th Street and Avenue P is a little acknowledged place for dog owners in the neighborhood. A triangle bordered by Foster Avenue and East 89th Street, this space is like several small parks prepared from intersections of the original grid plan for the city.

8. Brower Park

Best dog parks in Brooklyn abound, but truth be told, Brower Park needs you to leash your dog near playgrounds and other sections. Still, it’s worth comprising here for its lovely, low-key vibe. It is a very quiet area; with minimal traffic noise this is an ideal spot for skittish pets.

When you visit Crown Heights, Brower Park is the place to go. With quite of picnic room on grassy lawns and a skate park, this park is the perfect grounds for fun. Because the park is visited by families with small kids, a leash is requisite during the daytime as the Best things to do in New York.

Furthermore, in the morning and after 9 PM, you can set your canine free. Even though the dog area is not fenced-off, the paved sidewalk helps as a natural barrier that well-behaved dogs will never cross.

Straddling some 180 sq.KM, Brooklyn offering plenty of parks with off-leash areas for dogs. The park is situated at the intersection of Brooklyn and Kingston Avenues. Surrounded by Park and Prospect Places, the park is near to the Nostrand Subway Station.

9. Fort Greene Park

It is positioned at the corner of Cumberland and DeKalb considered as one of the best dog parks in Brooklyn. It’s an attractive, hilly green space with mature trees.

Surrounding over 30 acres, this is the spot where Continental Soldiers built forts, called for Revolutionary War Hero; American-born Major General Nathanael Greene. Adored by Walt Whitman, this spot was originally planned by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux in 1867. Nowadays it is more than a past site, but several neighborhood residents treat the park as their backyard.

10. Dimattina Playground and Dog Run

It is situated at Rape lye and Hicks Streets, with the entrance at this corner intersection. Dogs are welcome to interrelate sans-lease at the corner nearest to Hicks Street. Iron gates and fences keep your pet secure.

The dog run is in view of the handball and tennis courts, which are securely surrounded by simple chain link. Suppose local kids or even tennis pros to be enthusiastic viewers of your dog’s antics. The park is also very well-lit at night. It can be the things to do in NYC at night.

11-Manhattan Beach Dog Run

This park is the place to go for Fido’s runout. Additionally, there are numerous sports venues here, from baseball diamonds to volleyball courts that speaks about the size of the whole place. In the center, there is an informed amphitheater, perfect for lounging during the summertime months. On the other hand, locals have been complaining for some time that big dogs are not unglued from. Small ones, that causes conflicts. Also, carry a water bowl and a baggie, as the hygiene in the park is fairly small.

12-Mount Prospect Park

Talking of location, Mount Prospect Park is questionably the best-positioned dog park, within the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. As the second-highest point in Brooklyn, the park was utilized by the Continental Army in 1776 as a lookout point.

The sight might have altered today but there is quiet of shade and peace & quiet for visiting dogs and their owners. On the downside, there is not that much space as in other Brooklyn parks and the off-leash hours are just as deterring.

13-Prospect Park Dog Field

Located inside Prospect Park, the dog field stretches across numerous acres and it contains a fenced-off area with access to water. The site and other services available at Prospect Park mean that dog owners will difficult ever get bored. It can be the unique things to do in NYC.

Like in other Brooklyn parks, the off-leash hours are either beforehand the park formally opens at 9 AM (the earliest from 5 AM). After the park closes at 9 PM but no later than 1 AM. If you live close, then you can count on local Brooklyn assesses for on-call support if you require it?

Rules of Brooklyn Dog Parks

Dog parks are a lot of fun, but everybody requires to work together to keep it that way. There are some general rules that Brooklyn parks need dog parents to follow:

  • All dogs would be immunized in contradiction of rabies, and you must carry sign of vaccination with you.
  • Keep your dog on their leash (no more than 6 feet long) unless you are precisely at an off-leash dog park or run.
  • Please pick up after your dog, and remove their waste in ampules supplied by the park or in a bag.
  • Avert your dog from following other dogs, birds, squirrels, and wildlife.


There are many great Dog-friendly parks in Brooklyn. If you and your pup are travelling for fun and adventure, the parks we listed above in this blog are great choices! These are the enjoyable parks with wonderful views of Brooklyn unquestionably worth writing home about. They are the seamless place to set up and drink coffee. Furthermore, there are not many people who crowd along the area. Thus, it's a good way to catch a quiet moment of calm and clearness. After reading our blog you can recognize the wonderful and attractive dog parks, off-leash areas, and dog-friendly public parks in Brooklyn. Due to the presence of many parks, you and your dog will never become bored in good old Brooklyn.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Brooklyn has dog parks?

There are almost 60 parks in Brooklyn. Nearly a third of them have an off-leash dog run area as well.

Is Hillside Dog Park Brooklyn dog friendly?

Yes, it is. Hillside Dog Park features an enclosed, off-leash dog park with water bowls and a hose.

Where can people walk with their dog in Brooklyn?

There are several dozen dog-friendly parks, e.g., Hillside Dog Park, Brower Park, Fort Greene Park, Prospect Park, etc.

Where can I play with dogs in Brooklyn?

Primarily, in dog-friendly regions in Brooklyn’s park where dogs are allowable to run free. Furthermore, you can volunteer at a dog shelter, e.g., Animal Haven or Animal Care Centers of NYC.

Can you have a dog in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is pet friendly zone! If you require aid to decide where to stay, play, or eat with Fido, you've come to the accurate place.
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