Magnificent Attractions and Exciting Things to Do in New York in March


things to do in new york in march
Magnificent Attractions and Exciting Things to Do in New York in March

New York in March still has the winter chills. However, you don't need the heavy winter coats and gloves, but the cold wind and rainfall keep the chilling weather until the peak spring season. The perfect spring cherry blossoms will bloom at mid-march, and the spring season will rise till the end of the month. Visitors will have several fabulous things to do in New York in March.

They can visit the beautiful botanical gardens, public parks, outdoor patios, and rooftop bars and restaurants to enjoy the lovely spring foliage and refreshing atmosphere in March, the tourists will likely travel to New York in April for spring blossoms, and the weather is perfect for travel. Still, the tourists will have various fun and amusement in NYC in March.

Weather Conditions in NYC in March

The weather conditions in New York in March are ideal for visitors, and it's the best time to visit New York City. It has some winter chills, cold wind, and rainy days but you don't need to wear heavy winter coats and winter boots. Simple denim or leather jackets for the evenings can be better, but you might need raincoats or leather boots on rainy days in March. The weather is pleasant for visitors, although the full spring blooms will be on a swing from mid-March to early April.

List of Splendid Things to Do in New York in March

For first-timers in New York, exploring the winter chills with vibrant, colorful blooms around the city is a perfect experience. If you're looking for things to do in Times Square, the fascinating scene of natural beauty, lush green gardens, beautiful flowers, and giant trees dancing on the sidewalks offer a grateful time to explore New York City. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes for walking along the sidewalks and always carry a raincoat or umbrella, especially for uncertain rainfall in NYC in March.

Here we have some interesting spots to explore and fun things to do in NYC. Let's check out the splendid attraction in March.

Vienna Philharmonic Concert in NYC

Vienna Philharmonic

Vienna Philharmonic Concert is the world's most renowned orchestra, celebrating its roots in European Classical music traditions in this concert at Carnegie Hall. The Vienna Philharmonic presents its outstanding performance of compositions and orchestra, creating a history of classical music in Europe. Check out the legendary orchestra demonstration at Carnegie Hall in March, NYC.

St. Patrick's Day Parade in NYC

St Patricks Day Parade

New York City celebrates the St. Patrick's Day Parade on 17 March to give tribute to an Irish Saint Patrick for the Irish American community. The parade has deep green-clad marchers, Irish dances, drums, traditional music, and colorful float marching along mid-town Manhattan. It's the most popular and largest parade, where 150,000 people march over the holiday parade, and more than 2 million viewers spread over Fifth Avenue.

Flamenco Spanish Festival in NYC

Flamenco Spanish

Flamenco Festival is the Spanish dance festival celebrated at New York Center in March in NYC.

They present Spanish dance moves that blend with traditional flamenco style, musical rhythms, and modest cultural dance performances. It's the spectacular artistic movements, with lavish costumes, great footsteps, and high-level electric energy with lovely live music.

International Women's Day in NYC

International Womens Day

Women constantly face hurdles and injustice in their professional and personal life but always make sacrifices and contribute their role to society. Celebrating the contributions and significant part of women in society is the best time to praise the women around you, give them some chocolates, flowers, books, or a dinner treat.

Macy's Flower Show in NYC

Macys Flower Show

Macy's Flower Show starts on Sunday, 26 March, until 10 April at Macy's Herald Square. The colorful floral blooms and fascinating flower species spread over the Macy's store, the sweet fragrances of the beautiful floral foliage give lively vibes, and it's the perfect spot to visit in New York City in spring. However, the cold weather continues till March and April, but the spring blossom starts in mid-March, and the great cherry blossoms spread around the city.

Free Broadway Show in NYC

Free Broadway Show

Free Broadway Show for Kids on 21 March, kids aged 18 or under 18 can enjoy free Broadway theater popular shows at the 25th annual kids' night at the Broadway Theater in NYC. The kids must get into the theater with any one adult family member or friend purchasing a full ticket. So, the kid can enjoy free shows with them.

New York Peace Film Festival in NYC

New York Peace Film Festival

New York Peace Film Festival celebrates the third weekend in March for two days at All Souls Unitarian Church. The film festival presents the top hit premiers for peaceful movies and documentaries, and no action, violence, or murder films are allowed at the Peace Film Festival.

The festival displays the selected 12 hit movies on the wide LED screen, and movie lovers can watch any or all the movies during the festival and enjoy the world's most popular peaceful cinema in NYC.

The Armory Art Show in NYC

Armory Art Show

The great Armory Art Exhibition presents fantastic art collectibles for a five-day exhibition in Javits Center, March, NYC. The Armory Festival has continued for a century in NYC, offering modest art collections and contemporary collectibles at the show. It's the most popular exhibition for art and celebrity talent worldwide and one of the must-see places in New York City.

Easter Holiday in NYC

Easter Holiday

Easter Holiday falls during March and April. There are no exclusive celebrations for Easter in NYC, but there's some fun and entertainment for you, like;

  • Children's Museum in Manhattan celebrates the Easter Eggs Events during Easter Holiday.
  • Easter Parade starts from Fifth Avenue with participants who march at the parade simply wearing fashionable costumes without any float or bands,
  • Take a Gospel Tour in the Churches of NYC on Easter Day, and
  • Enjoy the Easter Sunday Brunch on Cruises in NYC, and get the iconic views of the Manhattan skyline, Brooklyn Bridge, and Statue of Liberty around NYC.

East Men Basket Ball Tournament in NYC

East Men Basket Ball Tournament

The East Men Basket Ball Tournament organizes for schools and collegiate sports championships in New York City, and the crowds have gathered at the Madison Square Garden to watch the live sports tournament in March for almost forty years. It's one of the most incredible things to do in NYC in March. Enjoy the collegiate Basket Ball tournament and cheer the young players in the championship.

Wrestle Mania Shows in NYC

Wrestle Mania Shows

The World's Wrestling Entertainment has brought the super wrestlers for the Super Wrestle Mania Show at Madison Square Garden in NYC. The famous wrestlers have an intense fight at the battlegrounds, and you will enjoy the harsh strikes during this adult fight. The winner is the only king at the show, so get ready to meet the superstars of the WWE wrestling show at Wrestle Mania in March NYC.

National Pie Day in NYC

National Pie Day

National Pie Day is on 14 March in NYC. It's a grand celebration for food lovers to enjoy the delicious pies at the city's cafes, restaurants, food trucks, and stalls around the corner of the streets. Peete's Pie Company, Banana Cream Pie, and Little Pie Company are among the best spots to enjoy delicious pies on National Pie Day in NYC.

Seinfeld Comedy Show at the Beacon Theater in NYC

Seinfeld Comedy Show

Jerry Seinfeld is a famous artist of the popular TV show Seinfeld, giving the renowned comedy chills to the audience. Jerry Seinfeld is performing his remarkable comedy acts at the Beacon Theater in March in New York City. He's the comedy king in New York City, and the locals love to watch his laughter show, so grab the tickets for the Seinfeld Show and enjoy the superb comedy in NYC.

Art Fair at Chelsea in NYC

Art Fair at Chelsea

The super art fair is annually organized in March at Metropolitan Pavilion, Chelsea, NYC, where you can get the best price for modern and contemporary art pieces. Take the brilliant colors of life on your wall decorations, and create the stunning interiors of your home and office decor with fine art collectibles.

Miniature Art Universe in NYC

Miniature Art Universe

Miniature Art Universe is a small art collection on Broadway in NYC. Visit the unique art exhibition that displays minor things and beautiful tiny art pieces at the show. The show displays 130 little art pieces from marvelous artists showing the beautiful small world. It's a compilation of 32 famous miniature artists who display their artwork to New Yorkers for their great art pieces. You can buy small art pieces, books, and goodies from the Miniature Art shop, and there's a beautiful small art workshop for kids ages 5 to 12.

The Opus 76 Quartet in NYC

Opus 76 Quartet

The Opus 76 Quartet is a fantastic Show that presents then the great musician Beethoven's life work completed at the last times of his life. The show is only available on 23 March at Carnegie Hall, NYC. Enjoy Beethoven's orchestra music in the lovely atmosphere and reserve your seats at the spot to get the balcony VIP seats over there.

The Drunk Shakespeare Society in NYC

Drunk Shakespeare Society

The Drunk Shakespeare Society is a great event held at the garden space at Selene restaurant, NYC. You can get cocktails and drinks with fantastic literature and storytelling, a hilarious way to listen to Shakespeare with cocktails and beers at the show. The visitors must be aged 21 or above for entry to the show.

The Museum of Digital Experiences in NYC

Museum of Digital Experiences

The Museum of Digital Experiences is the first digital museum in NYC to present complete digital art with technology. The museum has 14 fascinating digital art installations, giving you a unique art experience with technology and the digital world.

The Moon Rise Show in NYC

The Moon Rise Show

Moon Rise Show is a fascinating art space and live entertainment show at the superb cocktail lounge. The purpose of the unique performance is to honor the thirteen moon goddesses. The audience will experience the secret world of art, music, colors, and fragrances with the lounge's superb atmosphere and elegant interiors. The show has glorious dance, music, art, theater, acrobatics performances, and drama with lovely beers and cocktails.

Hobbit House of Pawling in NYC

Hobbit House of Pawling

You can experience a real Hobbit House only a 2-hour drive from NYC and a five-minute walk away from the village of Pawling. For those exploring things to do in West Village, the avid Lord of the Rings fans created this beautiful Hobbit House of Pawling to enjoy the real Hobbit experience. The unique home has an arched roof and a circular-shaped door, looking beautiful amidst a lush green garden. The small hobbit-style cottage features all the modern facilities and luxuries, including three patios for outdoor dinners and breakfasts, a BBQ grill, a fire pit, and a small waterfall in the garden.

Vintage Train Ride in NYC

Vintage Train Ride

Take a glorious vintage train ride to explore the Hudson Valley to Albany from the Hudson River Railroads, New Jersey. The train ride departs from Penn Station. The United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey organizes this incredible experience to ride the vintage train, get delicious food and drinks in a luxury tavern and restaurant during the ride, and explore the beautiful landmarks on this old historical train.

Metropolitan Opera in NYC

Metropolitan Opera

Metropolitan Opera is one of the great fun things to do in NYC. If you're a music lover, specifically the Opera, you must check out the Metropolitan Opera in March. The venue offers beautiful, soft, and lovely live opera performances with various artists. So, grab the tickets and enjoy the latest Opera shows in NYC.

Topokki Restaurant in NYC

Topokki Restaurant

Topokki Restaurant is a unique Korean restaurant famous for the particular rice cake-based dish Topokki. The new restaurant, located in Flushing, Queens, offers a distinctive and unusual experience – you can make your own Topokki at the restaurant. First, select your favorite broth, pour it into the pot along with your preferred recipe sauce. Then, add your spicy rice cakes and other items to the Topokki pot, allowing it to simmer until the rice cakes and noodles are cooked with the ingredients and ready to eat. The menu is all yours to customize. Select your ingredients, flavors, sauces, and spices, wait for it to simmer, and enjoy the delicious rice cake Topokki.

National Meat Ball Day in NYC

National Meat Ball Day

New Yorkers celebrate National Meatball Day on 9 March, and you will find a delicious variety of meatballs in Little Italy cafes and restaurants. Enjoy brunch, lunch, and dinners at the best cafes and restaurants, and have some delightful meatball dishes with cocktails and beers to celebrate National Meatball Day in NYC.

Escape Virtuality Games in NYC

Escape Virtuality Games

Escape Virtuality is the virtual reality gaming experience and escape rooms in Chelsea, NYC. Where you perceive like you are in an actual situation and have the power to save the world, the battlegrounds in the game put you in a position looking like a real-world experience. You will feel under pressure, and the great VR experience at the escape rooms provides fantastic adventures during all the levels of the games. It's one of the great adventurous things to do in NYC.

National Oreo Day in NYC

National Oreo Day

National Oreo Day is the perfect treat for cookie lovers. Oreo Day is celebrated on 6 March in the former cookie factory in Chelsea Market, in the Meatpacking District, NYC. It's the birthplace of the yummy Oreo cookies, the sandwich biscuits filled with dark chocolate and vanilla.

National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day in NYC

National Mom Pop Business Owners Day

National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day celebrations are in March in NYC by the local community members to honor their family businesses. To mark the family businesses, you can visit the family-run businesses in the city, like bakeries, stores, cafes, restaurants, salons, and other shops. If you have any mom-and-pop companies around the city, please visit to honor them and enjoy some drinks and sweet chit chats.

International Children Film Festival in NYC

International Children Film Festival

In March, the International Children's Film Festival celebrates in New York City, offering a great option for things to do in NYC with kids. The festival positively embraces kids' entertainment, development, growth, and their approach to reliable ways of learning things and new technology through the media and films. The festival has been a part of NYC for 25 years, featuring more than 30,000 children's movies collected from 162 countries around the world to present their phenomena for kids' entertainment. Check out the festival if you have any kids and grab the tickets to watch the most fantastic kids' movies around the globe.


Spring season starts in mid-March, and the winter chills continue throughout the month. You must be aware of wearing leather jackets and raincoats with leather boots while hooping around the city with fantastic fun, attractions, and a fascinating blooming scene.

Spring will rise in April, but the flowers bloom in mid of March. You can watch the colorful foliage in the public parks, botanical gardens, sidewalks, and floral exhibitions held in New York City throughout the month. You can enjoy various unique things to do in NYC.

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