30 Captivating and Fun Places to Go in NYC - Memories and Amusement Await


Fun Places To Go In NYC With Friends
30 Captivating and Fun Places to Go in NYC - Memories and Amusement Await

If you want to hoop around the Big Apple with your buddies and friends during your vacations or holidays, we have many things for you. The grand city is full of exciting activities and excellent tourist attractions in New York. Various fun places to go in NYC with friends are rooftop bars, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, bakeries, food streets, and food markets to enjoy delicious international and local food and flavors, several amusement park activities and fun rides, dance and music, theater shows, clubs, and pubs, seashores, beaches, museums, art exhibitions, theater shows, musicals and concert, movies and cinema, books and libraries, shops and shopping malls, public parks, events, and festivals, to enjoy the evenings and fantastic things to do in NYC with a group of friends with your group of friends and make a memoir for the NYC vacation trip.

List of 30 Stunning & Fun Things to Do in NYC and NY

You will get several entertainment and amusement activities and dazzling things to do in New York City with your friends and pals. Check out the list of stunning spots and fun things to do in NYC. It's not only for tourists, but locals can also enjoy the lovely and fun things to do in NYC this weekend.

1. The Madison Square Garden, New York City

The Madison Square Garden, New York City

Madison Square Garden is a multiplex entertainment arena full of fun and amusement in Midtown Manhattan, New York. You can enjoy exciting activities like Billy Joel music concerts, Beacon Theater shows, Radio City shows, and The Theater for music, comedy, arts, sports, and special events in NYC.

2. Aire Ancient Baths Chicago, Spa, and Wellness

Aire Ancient Baths Chicago, Spa, and Wellness

Aire Ancient Baths in Chicago and New York is a great spa and wellness spot that offers exotic bath experiences with salt scrubs, water pools and steam baths, massages, exfoliation, artificial waterfalls, and floats for various packages and offers for its regular clients.

3. City Days Scavenger Hunt, New York City

City Days Scavenger Hunt, New York City

City Days scavenger hunt is an escape room-like urban game, an immersive experience for a great adventure, thrill, and excitement to explore and discover the great mystery and fun.

4. The Queen’s Ball, New York City

The Queen�s Ball, New York City

The Queen’s Ball is an immersive experience for the exclusive event that tells the story of the famous Bridgerton show. You will experience the fantastic ball with great dance performances, music, drinks, exact scenarios with Queen Charlotte, and more fun with the great ambiance of this fascinating event.

5. The Guggenheim Museum, New York City

The Guggenheim Museum, New York City

Guggenheim Museum is on Fifth Avenue, Manhattan. The museum displays sculptures, prints, art, and collectibles from famous artists like the Gego Measuring Infinity exhibition, Sarah Zee Timelapse collection, Picasso of Paris collections, and French artist Thanhauser’s collections.

6. The Botanical Garden, New York City

The Botanical Garden, New York City

The Botanical Garden, NYC, is a beautiful museum and a research center for several plant species. It has a green forest, a home gardening center, a native plant garden, a rock garden, seasonal walk tours, and a library for a research center. You can find several fun things to do at the park with your friends.

7. The Cauldron NYC, New York City

The Cauldron NYC, New York City

The Cauldron is a fantasy-themed based cocktail bar that takes you into an immersive experience with unicorns, cauldrons, magic wands, and potions, and you will get your cocktails by mixing drinks through unicorns and cauldrons.

8. The Yankee Stadium, New York City

The Yankee Stadium, New York City

Yankee Stadium is the sports venue in Bronx, New York City. It’s a significant sports stadium where famous baseball and soccer teams play the most fascinating games at the battleground.

9. The Niagara Falls, New York

The Niagara Falls, New York

Niagara Falls is a famous city in New York at the Niagra Riverbank. Niagra Falls has the most fascinating natural scenes and three huge waterfalls at the Niagra River in the Niagra Falls State Park. It’s a fantastic tourist spot and the most stunning camping and glamping site in New York.

10. The National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC

The National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC

The National Air and Space Museum is in Washington, DC. The museum displays air and space art collectibles and artifacts that tell the stories of the great astronauts of the United States and the history of Air and space evolution.

11. The Admire International Art, Washington DC

The Admire International Art, Washington DC

The Admire International Art is a gallery of exclusive and outstanding collections of modern art and contemporary artists; Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Marc Chagall, Pierre Soulages, and Manolo Valdes.

12. The Ghostbusters Firehouse, New York

The Ghostbusters Firehouse, New York

The Ghostbusters Firehouse is an actual firehouse in New York associated with Hook and Ladder Company Eight. This firehouse is a popular film location and is used for the famous supernatural comedy movie Ghost Busters. Due to the super hit movie and its prime scenes in this firehouse, it has a fantastic popularity, and its fans visit the firehouse to keep the lovely memories of the famous film scenes.

13. The Manhattan Rooftop, New York

The Manhattan Rooftop, New York

Several outstanding rooftop bars and restaurants are in Times Square, Manhattan. Enjoy the fantastic cocktails, beers, wines, and delicious international cuisines at these rooftop bars and restaurants while enjoying the breathtaking views of Times Square and the Manhattan skyline.

14. The Iconic Comedy Cellar, New York

The Iconic Comedy Cellar, New York

The Comedy Cellar is in Greenwich Village, New York. It’s famous for its excellent standup comedy shows with live performances, and the renowned comedians perform the show at the comedy cellar in NYC.

15. Fun Skydiving at iFLY Westchester, NYC

So, here's the fun and excitement bursting with Skydiving at iFly Westchester in New York City. Enjoy your great time with pals and buddies and experience the thrill and adventure of skydiving at the indoor wind tunnel. No fear of the worst weather and accidents, no more climbing or jumping, you can skydive in the safe tunnel without any hazel security. It's one of my best activities to do in new york with my buddies.

16. The Escape Rooms Experience, NYC

Escape Rooms Experience

Real-life gaming challenges are over here, and the striking objects at the stunning escape rooms are waiting for you; the games of adventures and the games of escape; an immersive adventure experience gives you thrilling chills and great fun. You will get sixty minutes to solve the puzzles and achieve the challenges in five escape rooms. The Heist, The Prison Break, Special Ops-Mysterious Market, The Playground, and The Gold Rush escape room are fun places to go with friends.

The Escape Rooms Experience is the most remarkable thing to do in NYC for first-timers to enjoy with friends.

17. The Photo Lab Studio, NYC

Photo Lab Studio

The Photo Lab is a self-portrait studio that allows its customers to become photographers and models. You can visit the stunning photo lab with your friends to get cool selfies and snapshots of your choices. They will provide a complete photo studio setup with all high-quality professional cameras, lights, and interiors. You can set up your experience with friends and family pictures and create unique clicks for a reasonable price. You can grab the offer to get the digital copy for free for a specific time. It’s one of the best things to do with friends in NYC.

18. Arcadia Earth AR VR Experience, NYC

18. Arcadia Earth AR VR Experience, NYC

Arcadia Earth is a great immersive experience to learn about the planet Earth with highly advanced AR/VR technology and various fun things to do with friends in NYC. You will know how human actions can affect the planet Earth and the possible outcomes of these actions in the future via VR and AR project mapping Arcadia Earth. Here you will find the best installations of Augmented reality, and multi-sensory projections will expand the new era of the world and see planet Earth differently.

19. Long Island Aquarium, NYC

Long Island Aquarium

Long Island Aquarium is the best marine life experience in real-time and one of the most incredible fun places to visit in NY on Coney Island. It's the Lost City of Atlantis-themed aquarium that allows its visitors to dive underwater and watch the marine life under the ocean live standing beside them. It's a must-see place in NYC with your friends, and you enjoy watching them confront the stunning wild sharks, giant octopuses, and other sea creatures.

20. The Hamptons Beaches, NY

Hamptons Beaches

The Hamptons are on East Long Island, with beautiful farmland, villages, and a seaside community. Its beaches are one of the most incredible fun and entertainment for friends, picnic parties, and fun with friends in NYC. The five famous Hamptons beaches are Egypt Beach, Georgica Beach, Main Beach, Two Mile Hollow Beach, and Wiborg Beach in East Hamptons, NY. It’s one of the best fun places to go on vacation with friends.

21. The Museum of Ice Creams, NYC

Museum of Ice Creams

The Museum of Ice Creams nyc is in Soho, one of the tremendous fun places in NYC. It is the most fantastic experience for fun and chilling sweetness with your friends and family. A huge funky pool of excitement offers a wide enmity to take colorful and vibrant clicks for social media to share your interactive experience with the world!

So, if you'd love to taste the yummy flavors of more ice creams, check out the Sweet Museum of Ice Creams in New York City. You can taste the various delicious flavors of ice cream and make a cone of the flavors of your choice at the end of the experience. It’s one of the outstanding fun things to do in NYC with friends.

22. The Rooftop Cinema Club, NYC

Rooftop Cinema Club

Enjoy the exciting and thrilling movies at the Rooftop Cinema Club of Sky Lawn Embassy Suites, NYC. It’s somewhere fun to go with friends, where you can enjoy watching movies under the stars with your buddies. This rooftop cinema has a giant LED screen and comfy chairs with personal headsets, and you can grab some food and drinks from the Bar on the rooftop. Choose your favorite movie at the cinema and have a great time out in NYC with friends. It's one of the Best Restaurants and bars in New York and offers a rooftop cinema club.

23. The Ladurée Patio Garden, NYC

Ladur�e Patio Garden

Ladurée is a fascinating Garden that serves the best food in Soho, NYC. It's a French restaurant with Parisian vibes and ambiance, elegant style, and decorated with delicious food, cocktails, and beverages. Enjoy a great lunch and tea with your friends and family in this patio garden. It’s one of the most stunning places to go with friends in NYC.

24. The Barcade Gaming Zone, NYC

Barcade Gaming Zone

The Barcade is a bar and restaurant, but it has a gaming zone and offers exciting games like Street Fighter and Pin Ball video games on the spot. It’s one of the great fun places to go with friends. So, you can enjoy food and drinks with your friends and play thrilling video games at the Barcade in Chelsea, NYC.

25. The Bang-Bang Tattoos, NYC

Bang-Bang Tattoos

The most thrilling activity in the US is engraving a Tattoo, and it’s one of the unique things to do in NYC. Keith Bang-Bang McCurdy is the most popular tattoo artist in NYC. Bang-Bang Tattoos have tattooed renowned celebrities Rihanna and Justin Bieber.

26. The Cotton Club in Harlem, NYC

Cotton Club in Harlem

The fantastic jazz venue in Harlem is the Cotton Club. The fun and entertainment, electric jazz streams with stunning settings, enjoy the evening with music and rhythm with your buddies and make your trip more amazing with Cotton Club music events. You will experience the most new things to do in NYC.

27. The Coffee Shops, NYC

Coffee Shops NYC

Restaurants and bars are one of a kind in NYC to explore the lovely lunch and dinners, but the best coffee in New York City is available at fantastic coffee shops in the city. Toby's Estate Coffee is a popular spot, and it’s one of the best places to go with friends for roasted Australian coffee. They serve delicious snacks, but the coffee beans are amazing to taste the world's flavors. Enjoy your evenings with your friends and loved ones at the lovely Toby's Estate Coffee Spot to taste the Australian roasted coffee and learn various brewing methods for a flavorful cup of coffee.

You can explore the awe-inspiring coffee shops in the Upper West Side, Manhattan, and have a yummy coffee with your buddies.

28. The Spyscape Museum, NYC

The Spyscape Museum, NYC

The Spyscape Museum is a real-time immersive experience with spy film character figures and exciting activities, advanced technology and thrilling games, chilling lasers, spy art collectibles, and fun things to do in New York City. It's a deep dive into the spy world and starting new exciting games like escape rooms experience.

29. The Scavenger Hunts Real-time Games Experience, New York City

Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunting Games is a real-time exciting adventure, with incredible thrills and chills and outstanding things to do in New York with friends. It offers tremendous skills through puzzles, sorting out hidden objects, and resolving mysteries and riddles through brilliant activities and horrible and crucial events. Still, it's a real-time game challenge, fun, and a lot of random activities to do with friends for intelligent people, so enjoy the hunt with a group of friends for fantastic adventures in New York City.

The famous companies that offer scavenger hunts are Midtown Scavenger Hunt Adventures, Central Park Adventures, NYC Midtown Exploration, and thrilling games and adventures for the explorers.

30. The Friends Experience Exhibition, NYC

Friends Experience

The Friend’s Experience is a fun exhibition themed on the popular TV show "The Friends" organized by Warner Bros, Themed Entertainment, and SuperflyX. If you're a show fan or trying to hang out with your buddies, it could be the best spot to check out the exhibition as the same things shown in the TV series and the fun things to do with friends in NYC. Enjoy a real-time experience of the Friends Show, all the things are the same, an orange couch and other things like an actual TV series, and at the end, you can buy the best NYC souvenirs from the Experience Store of the unusual Friends exhibition in NYC.


Tourists and visitors might get some fun attractions to explore the spots and activities in NYC with friends. Still, the locals can also hang out with buddies from several amazing things and activities in the Big Apple and NY. If you’re curious about what to do in NYC with friends. Let’s check here for the best options.

You can enter the food cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, clubs and pubs, patio lunches and dinners, cruise dinner parties, Jet skiing and kayaking, speed boating, and Helicopter tour of NYC's skyline.

Tourists can get help from locals to plan an itinerary for the NYC trip, but here's the best guide on planning a trip to New York. It might be helpful and exciting for you. Now, you can choose the best time to visit the best spots, find fantastic places to hang out with friends in NYC and do fun activities in the grand city of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you have a good day out with friends?

You can explore the best entertainment, fun, and amusing spots, like theaters, cinemas, clubs, coffee shops, disco balls, rooftop bars, and restaurants.

How do you plan a fun day out?

I must check the weather, go shopping, visit the best restaurants and cafes, grab a ticket for a Broadway show, or spend some time for the best movie in the cinema. I had also like to visit for a sightseeing tour in the city.

Where can I hang out with friends?

You can hang out with friends in a rooftop bar, a disco ball, a club, a jazz blue note club, an event, a festival, an open-air cinema, and at the central park or riverside park in NYC.

How to survive with little money?

Try to reduce your expenses to save more and keep within your budget, like using subways for traveling, going to free festivals and entertainment, grabbing some food from street carts or food trucks, shopping from open air and flea markets, checking for free and discount options, and prefer to walk along the sidewalks.

What kind of activities do you do with your friends?

I had like to hang out at the coffee shops, rooftop bars, and central park, or go to a patio dinner.
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