New York's Hottest July Activities - 14 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer


Things to do in New York in July
New York's Hottest July Activities - 14 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer

The weather is too hot and sweaty, and it's mid-summer in New York in July. Walking on the sidewalks and moving around the city quickly in warm weather in the mid-summer season is not convenient. If you're traveling in an AC car or a cab in the summer season, it looks fine, but it is not easy getting around New York City by foot or by public buses and subways. Tourists must be aware of the summer season in the city if they are on budget travel.

Locals are well aware of the summer season in the city, but visitors and tourists must check their trip schedule if they need more time to be ready to welcome the hot weather. Do you love the beautiful sandy beaches and blue waters on a sunny day, patio parties, outdoor camping, boating and cruises, and various colorful festivals? You'd like to visit the city in Summer, as it offers a plethora of exciting things to do in NYC during this vibrant season.

The Summer season has lovely spots to visit and its glory to enjoy the grand metropolis of the world. It has all the most outstanding tourist attractions in New York and several exciting things to do in New York in July.

List of Amazing Things to Do in New York in July

1. New York Summer Restaurant Week in July

New York Summer Restaurant Week in July

New York City has restaurant weeks twice a year. Summer and winter are the average seasons in the city, and restaurants offer discount meals and happy hours for the public. Happy hours are usually offered daily, but restaurant week is a weekly offer for the season. Several Tourists and visitors enjoy the restaurant week on their trips and the dynamic cuisines at the best restaurants at a lower cost. It's one of the most remarkable things to do in New York for first-timers from July to August, the Summer Season.

2. Macy's Fireworks in July

Macy's Fireworks in July

Independence Day in America is the 4th of July. Macy's, the most popular and prominent department store in NYC, celebrates this event by performing fantastic fireworks from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. on the 4th of July. Over 25,000 fireworks projectiles are performed by firework professionals, and the public can watch this fantastic illumination from Hudson River Cruises NYC, In Brooklyn; East River State Park, Bushwick Inlet Park, Marsha Johnson State Park, Transmitter Park, In Queens; Gantry Plaza State Park-Long Island City, and the FDR Drive in Manhattan. Everyone can enjoy watching vibrant colors illuminating skies with fireworks in NYC, and It's one of the best activities to do in New York in July.

3. Nathan's Hotdogs Competition in July

Nathan's Hotdogs Competition in July

New Yorkers lively celebrate their Independence in the month of July. Like many other events, the Hotdogs competition is organized at 'Nathan's Famous,' a renowned restaurant in Coney Island, NYC. The restaurant is famous for its delicious food and drinks in New York and this hotdog contest in Summer. The competition is for the big foodies, who can eat as many Hotdogs as they can, and the winner is the one who eats the most hotdogs in the small-time duration and fastest of all.

4. Museum of Modern Art Warm-Up Party in July

Museum of Modern Art Warm-Up Party in July

MOMA-Museum of Modern Art is in Queens, NYC, and is the most significant museum of contemporary and modern art and culture. The museum, during every mid-summer season, organizes a party or a concert renowned as the 'MOMA Warm Up Party' for free, and everyone can join the show in the backyard of the MOMA without entry tickets. The warmup party displays the art collectibles from the unfold artists of NYC and the great music performances for all genres like Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Jazz, and Blues. It's one of the great things to do in NYC during mid-Summer in July, and all the tourists and visitors may join the party for no cost this season.

5. Summer Stage New York City in July

Summer Stage New York City in July

The Summer Stage is a music event held every summer season from June, July, and August in New York City. All the famous large public parks like Bryant Park, Battery Park, Prospect Park, and Central Park arrange the summer stages for free entry for the public and tourists. The summer Stages perform the best live performances for drama, plays, music, and dance, with more fun and entertainment. Various Food stalls and beverages are available near the festival stage, so people can buy the food and drinks and enjoy more on the spot. It's the fantastic things to do in New York in June, July, and August, the entire summer season in NYC.

6. Lincoln Center Outdoor Event in July

Lincoln Center Outdoor Event in July

Lincoln Center of Arts in NYC is always famous for its festivals and events. At the end of July and August, Lincoln Center organized an Outdoor event for free entry to all public in NYC. The event has live performances for all music and dance genres, and people can enjoy the best entertainment under the stars and cool breeze to enjoy the summer in NYC.

7. Panoramic Music Festival in July

Panoramic Music Festival in July

In the summer, several events and festivals are held in NYC from various locations, many theater shows, live performances for music and dance, art and culture, food and drinks, and much more offered to the public for Summer attractions. Panorama Music Festival is the most extraordinary event for the art of music and advanced technology. The festival has various music genres like opera, classical, Jazz, Blues, Pop, and Rock. Different sorts of people, like any music, can join the festival and enjoy the upbeats of bass and rhythm in this concert. However, this event is not free, and it is a little expensive but more valuable than its price. Panorama Music Festival is held in July on Randall's Island, NYC.

8. Kayak Tours NYC in July

Kayak Tours NYC in July

The Summer season brings lovely attractions to align with Spring. From April to July, the season is a little warm but average weather, so people love to go for Kayak Tours in the Hudson River and The East Riverbanks in NYC. These Kayak Tours are free for the public, and anyone, even tourists, can enjoy exploring the riversides with a cool breeze and water splashing on the small narrow kayaks in the rivers. These free Kayak Tours are the most remarkable things to do in NYC in April, May, June, July, and August in New York City.

9. Jazz Concert at Hell's Kitchen in NYC in July

Jazz Concert at Hell's Kitchen in NYC in July

If you wish to listen to jazz music for free at a live concert, here is the option—a jazz music concert at Pier 84 in Hell's Kitchen, at Hudson River Park. You can stay at the riverside Hudson River Park and enjoy free jazz music at the live performances. This music event is held by the Jazz Foundation of the United States and Hudson River Park authorities.

10. National Tequila Day NYC in July

National Tequila Day NYC in July

National Tequila Day is celebrated in July in New York City. You can get premium tequila and mezcals to drink at the Mexican tequila bars and rooftops in Manhattan's East Village to celebrate it.

11. Rooftops in NYC in Summer

Rooftops in NYC in Summer

The exclusive restaurants and the best rooftop bars in New York City are famous for enjoying the summer season. People love to get marvelous views of NYC's skyscrapers and massive towers, illuminating billboards, and sparkling windows, under the stars with a cool breeze and soothing environment. You can enjoy the various meals, wines, beer, and cocktails with lovely music and exclusive decors. Outdoor dinners and patio parties are famous for hot weather, July and August, and it's the most festive season in NYC.

12. Whale Watching in New York City in Summer

Whale Watching in New York City in Summer

Whales are flooding into New York Bay, where the bay connects to the Hudson River for Food in Summer and crosses the bay line from Canada to Florida from NYC. You can watch the Largest Mammals in the world in the ocean, along with Dolphins and seals. Take the Whale Watching Cruises from Manhattan Pier 36. These Whale Watching Cruises are available only from May (Spring) to October (Fall) and the entire summer season.

No one can guarantee to watch whales 100% because these animals sometimes don't appear on the ocean surface for a long time, but last summer, Whale watching was at its peak. So, take a chance to enjoy nature and ocean life in NYC. It's one of the most exciting things to do in New York in May, June, July, and August to check out the real ocean creatures in the blue waters of New York City.

13. Public Swimming Pools in New York City in Summer

Public Swimming Pools in New York City in Summer

New York City has many public swimming pools in all five boroughs for entirely free to relax in the hot summer season and chill in the sunbeams. Kids and Adults play with splashing water and enjoy the summer season while some people stay at the poolside to get some drinks and sunbathe. These are a list of clean, fresh, and blue water pools for the public to relax from the hot weather for free. However, many luxurious hotels and rooftop lounges have exclusive pools that allow people to get there for an extra price.

Astoria Pool in NYC:

Astoria Pool in NYC

Astoria Pool is in Astoria Park. It's a large public swimming pool with clean water open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. in Summer. The pool is free for the public or visitors in NYC.

McCarren Park Pool in NYC:

McCarren Park Pool in NYC

McCarren Park Pool is a large swimming pool accessible to everyone without any cost in McCarren Park Brooklyn. Its clean water pool is open from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

John Jay Pool in NYC:

John Jay Pool in NYC

John Jay Park has a vast and clean swimming pool for the public at the Edge of the East River in Upper East Side, Manhattan. Surrounded by lush green trees and a relaxing atmosphere, people can enjoy the summer in the cold-water pool at John Jay Pool.

Lyon's Pool in Staten Island:

Lyon's Pool in Staten Island

Lyons Pool is one of the largest public swimming pools in NYC on Staten Island. The large pool has a separate deep diving section and specific kids' showers. After chilling in Lyon's water pool, people can enjoy yummy food and drinks.

Floating Pool in the Bronx:

Floating Pool in the Bronx

  • The floating pool is on a movable barge in Barretto Point Park in the Bronx. The public pool has locker rooms, waterfront views, a diving section, and more.
  • Red Hook Recreation Area Pool NYC:
  • Red Hook Recreation Area Pool is in Brooklyn's Red Hook Recreation Park. The pool is only for adults, and it's a sports and fitness area best for workouts and swimming. 

14. More Public Pools NYC

More Public Pools NYC



  • Douglass and Degraw Pool in Thomas Green Playground,
  • Betsy Head Pool Boyland and Dumont Avenues,
  • Bushwick Pool, Flushing & Bushwick Avenues,
  • Howard Pool Glenmore and East New York Avenue,
  • Sunset Park Pool Seventh Avenue, 41st and 44th Streets.



  • Abe Lincoln Pool 5th Avenue & 135th Street,
  • Dry Dock Pool 10th Street.
  • Hamilton Fish Pool Pit Street and Houston Street,
  • Jackie Robinson Pool Bradhurst Avenue and 146th Street,
  • Marcus Garvey Pool 124th Street and Fifth Avenue.



  • Claremont Pool 170th Street and Clay Avenue,
  • Haffen Pool Ely and Burke Avenues,
  • Thompson Pool 174th Street & Bronx River Avenue.



  • Liberty Pool 173rd Street and 106th Avenue,
  • Fisher Pool 99th Street and 32nd Avenue,
  • Fort Totten Pool 338 Story Avenue.

Staten Island;

Staten Island

  • Faber Pool Faber Street and Richmond Terrace,
  • Tottenville Pool Hylan Boulevard and Joline Avenue,
  • Maggie Howard Pool Tompkins Avenue, Hill & Broad Streets.


Locals would like to enjoy all the attractions and attend all the events and festivals in the summer. Planning a trip to New York in July, the mid-summer season for tourists and new visitors is crucial due to the humid and hot weather.

Still, there are several historical museums, public parks, and many more worthy places to visit in New York. In Summer, there are various music and dance events, live entertainment shows, festivals, boating and cruises, beaches, pool parties, outdoors, and much more fun in NYC.

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