For Gorgeous Looks and Perfect Trim, Visit the Best Barber Shops in NYC


best barber shops in NYC
For Gorgeous Looks and Perfect Trim, Visit the Best Barber Shops in NYC

Glamorous looks, good trims, and perfect style is part of an appealing personality. Everyone wants to look fabulous and spend money on professional services and high-end products. Finding the best barber shops in NYC is a relatively easy target, but finding a professional service according to your taste and preferences is tough.

 You may find many of the best places in NYC and great options for fabulous haircuts, facials, cleansing, and trimming, but you may want more than their style, products, or prices.

You can search various barber shops on the maps, put your location and zip code and check for the nearest best options on the map. You may also get ratings and reviews about the best barber shops nearby. Here we go with all the high-end salon services for stylish haircuts, trimming, and grooming, but we put all the information based on research and collect the most probably essential details so that you can select the best choices.

List of 10 Top Notch Best Barber Shops in NYC

Here are the top-notch barber shops in NYC where you will find elegant interiors and super cool atmospheres with high-end services and premium products.

The Land of Barbers in New York City

 Land of Barbers

146 Franklin Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC
+1 (347) 689-4804
Prices: Starting from 25.00 $

It’s one of the best barber shops in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The high-end professional barbers give you a fabulous look and perfect styles suitable for your personality. They blend traditional and modern techniques with premium products and innovative styles.

The salon has a lovely interior and a relaxing atmosphere. The professional team will provide authentic services for hair care and styling, hair coloring, hair cutting, barbering, bleach, highlights, and keratin hair treatments.

The Owner of the Salon has 40 years of experience in hair styling, trimming, and grooming renowned celebrities, actors, and actresses. So, you can get these magnificent hair styling and trimming services at the best prices in NYC. The Barber Shop is open from Monday to Saturday except Sundays.

Man-Made Barber Shop in New York City

Man-Made Barber Shop

38 West, 1400 Broadway, NYC
+1 (212) 997-4247
Prices: Starting from 22.00 $

Man-Made Barber Shop has different locations in NYC, and the most famous spot is Broadway. They offer the best haircuts, hair styling, and trimming services at affordable prices. The trained barbers and staff will give you a stunning look suitable for your personality. You can also purchase premium hair styling and grooming products from the barber shop at reasonable prices.

They offer stress relief head massage; the professional staff will give you a soothing head massage on your scalp and wash off your anxiety and distress. It will make you feel relaxed and soothe your mind. Especially when you have a headache and depression, this stress relief treatment is the best way to release your worries and headaches. They offer free Wi-Fi and fantastic Gift Cards with great discounts on their services, which you can give your friends, or you may use for your cut-price on barbering charges.

Paul Mole Barber Shop in New York City

Paul Mole Barber Shop

1034 Lexington Avenue, NYC
+1 (212) 535-8461
Prices: Starting from 38.00 $

Paul Mole Barber Shop offers high-end haircuts and trimming services with classic, luxurious, and modern styling. It’s a 105-year-old barber shop in New York City that provides premium and sophisticated barbering services. They offer master barbering services from highly skilled professionals.

There’s a Gentleman’s Haircut package with all services, including haircut with shampoo, conditioner, head massage, trimming, and shaving with post-shaving oils and creams. It’s the ideal barber shop for men for excellent hair care and grooming services.

Trim & Proper Barber Shop in New York City

Trim & Proper Barber Shop

227 Waverly Place, West Village, NYC
+1 (929) 531-7186
Prices: Starting from 35.00 $

Trim & Proper Barber Shop offers reliable, sophisticated, high-end hair care services for the best membership plans at monthly payments for unlimited access with lower prices than unsubscribed members. A monthly membership subscription starts from 12$ with special discounts on specific barbering, trimming, and cutting services.

The ultimate high-end bartering services include hair cutting, trimming, shaving, Skin fading, and neck shaving, and also offer complimentary tea or beverages during the sessions. You can buy premium grooming products from the barbershop at the best costs.

Premium Barber Shop in New York City

Premium Barber Shop

1012 2nd Avenue, Midtown, Manhattan, NYC
+1 (646) 861-0110
Prices: Starting from 11.95 $

Premium Barbers is one of the excellent barber shops in Midtown NYC. Suppose you’re looking for premium barber services for a haircut, trimming, shaving, hair coloring, skin fading, and clean-up. They are at five locations in NYC, and you can visit the nearest to your area for premium barber services at the best affordable cost. All the shops have the same standard of service with quality products and highly skilled professionals with the latest equipment for barbering services.

Blind Barber Shop in New York City

Blind Barber Shop

339 E 10th Street, East Village, NYC
+1 (212) 228-2123
Prices: Starting from 40.00 $

Blind Barber Shop has been serving for ten years in NYC. They offer high-quality and well-equipped barbering services with exclusive products. You can purchase premium skincare and haircare products from the shop. You will get elegant, stylish haircuts, beard trimming, and shaving services with a complimentary cocktail during the sessions.

The most shocking point is that the Blind Barber Shop is a barbering service in the daytime and a cocktail bar at night. The stunning interiors and fantastic establishment of the barbershop cum cocktails bar is the ultimate experience of the best haircare services in NYC.

Ace of Fades Barber Shop in New York City

Ace of Fades Barber Shop

128 8th Avenue, Chelsea, NYC
+1 (212) 300-9823
Prices: Starting from 20.00 $

Ace of Fades Barber Shop has been working for over 12 years and is the best-known barber shop in Chelsea, NYC. They offer all barbering services with exclusive products and modern equipment. You will get the best contemporary styling, haircuts, hot-towel shaving, facial massages and facial masks, ear, nose, and eyebrows wax, and trimming services.

You will get a comfortable environment with simple but elegant decors and the best prices for barbering services.

Elegant Barber Shop in New York City

Elegant Barber Shop

310 4th Street, Brooklyn, NYC
+1 (718) 758-6000
Prices: Starting from 15.00 $

As its name suggests, Elegant Barber Shop provides sleek, ultra-modern, and stylish barbering services. The highly skilled and trained staff offer the perfect results with modern equipment and premium products. They will give you the best-trending hairstyles and hair care products within a relaxing atmosphere with friendly staff and professionals. You will get free Wi-Fi on the spot as a gift for premium barbering services.

Bone Fade Barbers Shop in New York City

Bone Fade Barbers Shop

115 Avenue A, East Village, NYC
+1 (212) 256-0076
Prices: Starting from 21.00 $

Bone Fade Barbers are super classy barbering services. They offer head, neck, and shoulder massages with machines, hot eucalyptus-soaked towels, royal bone shave, modern haircuts, shampoo and conditioner, trims, and facials at excellent prices. The barbers offer complimentary drinks for the clients during services, and even they can choose whether to get a beer or exclusive wines. They also provide free maintenance for edge-ups and touch-ups of the hairstyle and trims for regular customers.

Fifth Avenue Barber Shop in New York City

Fifth Avenue Barber Shop

1 W 35th Street, Midtown Manhattan, NYC
+1 (212) 837-1250
Prices: Starting from 15.00 $

Fifth Avenue Barber Shop offers exclusive barber services, superb modern hairstyles and haircuts, beard trims, and shaving. They offer high-class services with excellent haircare and skincare products at the most reasonable prices. Walk-ins are welcome, but you can get an appointment as well.

Gotham City Barber Shop in New York City

Gotham City Barber Shop

336 W 57th Street, Columbus Circle, NYC
+1 (646) 964-4411
Prices: Starting from 16.00 $

Gotham City Barber Shop is a ten-year-old barbering service in NYC. All the trained and skilled professionals work at the shop. However, the owner is a great expert, and once you get a haircut or a trim from him, you will be a regular customer here. They offer free Wi-Fi, and if you are a regular customer, enjoy every tenth haircut for free at the Gotham City Salon.

B & H Barber Shop in New York City

B & H Barber Shop

199 East 4th Street, East Village, NYC
+1 (646) 964-4411
Prices: Starting from 16.00 $

B & H Barber Shop is from 12 years in NYC. The old and experienced barbers offer trendy hair styling and haircuts, trims and shaving, hair color change, or facial masks with exclusive haircare and skincare products at a reasonable cost. They offer high-end services like hair relaxation, facial massages, and black face mask facial treatment.

Rafaels Barber Shop in New York City

Rafaels Barber Shop

350 East 9th Street, NYC
+1 (212) 253-8856
Prices: Starting from 15.00 $

Rafaels Barber Shop offers excellent professional services for the best prices. It’s a comfortable place for adults and kids to get haircuts. Kids are uncomfortable everywhere, especially at the barber's shops, but here you will get the best-skilled staff friendly with kids, and they will love to be here every time.

The high-quality haircare and skincare products and exclusive and modern haircuts, styling, trimming, and shaving services at a low cost will lead you here as a regular customer. They offer 5$ off for new clients at the barbering services.

Elite Barber Shop in New York City

Elite Barber Shop

828 Lexington Avenue, NYC
+1 (212) 377-7037
Prices: Starting from 12.95 $

Elite Barber Shop has been a family business for thirty years in NYC. They are skilled and trained professionals who offer excellent haircuts, styling, shaving, and trims at lower costs in NYC. You will get a calm and comfortable atmosphere in the Barber Shop. They offer great discounts for family members and friends if you are a regular customer.

Pall Mall Barber Shop in New York City

Pall Mall Barber Shop

10 Rockefeller Plaza, Lower Concourse, NYC
+1 (212) 586-2220
Prices: Starting from 25.00 $

Pall Mall Barber Shop has been a British flare salon in NYC for 125 years. It’s a little expensive but an excellent salon that offers London styles, haircuts and trimmings, shaving, and grooming services. They sell classic and super luxury haircare products and offer customers gift cards for the best discounts on high-end barbering services in NYC.

Prince Williams of Great Britain often visited this salon for hair styling when he was in the US. If you love British haircuts and styles with luxurious services and exclusive products, visit this must-see place in New York City.


Everyone wants to look perfect, charming, and gorgeous, whether men or women. Hairstyles and haircuts are essential to groom your personality and your appearance. You can buy the most expensive grooming products, but you need a guarantee to make you appealing. You must see a hairstylist or a grooming professional offering an elegant look that fits your personality and appearance. Visit one of the best salons in NYC to get a stylish haircut and a fabulous look for a better grooming service.

There’re various best barbers in Brooklyn and Manhattan on the above list. Check out some of the renowned Webster barber shops in the Bronx, NYC, and you may find better service from here. You can also check online for exclusive and high-end barbers in New York City but always confirm their recent packages and discounts on current barbering services and their availability to get the best services in the city.

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