8 Best Travel Pillow Brands – The Right Options for Comfortable Journey

Best Travel Pillow Brands
8 Best Travel Pillow Brands – The Right Options for Comfortable Journey

While packing all your travel essentials, don’t forget to take comfort along! A travel filled with discomfort is only going to pinch you in the memory for a long time no matter how many scenic routes or view you discovered. Being said that, comfortable travel is also crucial to enjoy the most of an experience without getting overtired or risking yourself to fall sick. So while you are planning the next trip, it is wise to wonder how you can make the trip most fun and COMFORTABLE at the same time. 

Our two word answer is Travel Pillow. A travel pillow is something we overlook in the aisles as filling our carts with travel essentials. But let us tell you that no snacks are good enough to cover the pain when your neck and shoulders are constantly aching. God forbid, it might even hurt to turn your neck towards a scenery if your neck is the most tired during a long journey. According to stats 80% of Americans use travel pillow on their journey, now there might be something right about these pillows that has convinced 80% of the crowd! 

Hence our article is all about rooting for the travel pillow and its importance during a journey. Whether it is a car ride, a train journey or a long flight (even shorter ones too), travel pillow must be your go-to accessory when packing up for the next trip. But not just ordinary one, we have our favorites picked out for a reason. Personally tested or recommended by our most trusted customers, this list will help you outright before the next journey. 

List of Best 8 Travel Pillow Brands

We know you have to pack and don’t worry there is nobody judging you even if you packing or shopping at the last minute. So without further ado, let’s find out the best comfort candidates for your next journey. 

  1. Cabeau 
  2. Cushion Lab Ergonomic
  3. Cloudz Microbead
  4. Ostrich Pillow
  5. J-Pillow
  6. Aeris
  7. Bcozzy
  8. Travelrest Nest

1. Cabeau 

Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow

Known to the mankind as the best travel pillow for car trips, this one provides exceptional neck support during those long car rides. It is vehicle friendly but that doesn’t mean you cannot use it for a flight or so. The pillow has a cooling design that is suitable for travel in the summer months keeping you from sweating in the neck (a reason why many people don’t choose a travel pillow). But apart from that our favorite feature of this pillow is a strap that can help you attach the pillow to the headrest. No need to worry about crashing side to side on a curvy road. For improved head and neck support, this pillow has an angled side design in the shape of a U. But what makes it unique is its customizable comfort adjustment capability.  Just tighten or loosen the clasps on each side of the "U" to get the desired fit around your neck.

This pillow's vented memory foam filling and moisture-wicking combination of polyester and spandex ensured that overheated sleepers would not find any of its components uncomfortable. It is indeed the best travel pillow for long haul flights. 


  • Prevents heat from trapping
  • Supportive design
  • Strap attaches to car headrest                                                                                                                                                                              


  • Takes time to adjust
  • Fabric could be softer                                                                                                                                                                                                  

2. Cushion Lab Ergonomic

Cushion Lab Ergonomic

This one boasts a different design than regular travel neck pillows and it’s for all the right reasons. The cushion lab pillow is a fully ergonomic product aimed to make your life much easier and more comfortable. This pillow has a firm comfort which is just what you need if you are up for a long journey. The design provides a firm and gentle neck brace and fits to each individual as if it was made for them. The high density foam coupled with the memory feature doesn’t deform nor lose its firmness over the time. Intended for travel mainly but the pillow can be used for regular office work to correct the sitting posture as well. 

This travel cushion comes with a convenient carrying bag with a carabiner clip and a machine-washable cover. The clip is a touch too tiny to connect to baggage, but it should latch onto a purse or backpack. It rolls up neatly within the bag.


  • Completely adjustable and ergonomic
  • Suitable for long hours
  • Supports the chin and neck                                                                                                                                                                                  


  • Buckle is too small to attach to luggage                                                                                                                                                               

3. Cloudz Microbead

Cloudz Microbead

A good option is the Cloudz Original Travel Pillow. This one works nicely, particularly if you're searching for the ideal fit for lengthy trips.  The very soft cloth appears to be both breathable and tear-resistant. It's loaded with lightweight microbeads that mould to the contours of your head and neck, but it's not made of memory foam. 

Though the pillow isn't the best suited for a backpack in terms of mobility, we like how the clasp holds it in place when strolling. It may also be fastened to your backpack or baggage. The shell of this travel cushion is easily spot-cleanable even if it lacks a detachable cover. Aside from its reasonable cost, we would suggest this product to anyone on a lengthy train or aero plane trip. 


  • Cover cannot be removed for a wash
  • Not easy to pack in a luggage                                                                                                                                                                                       


  • Perfect fit for long trips
  • Microbeads adapt the neck shape
  • Breathable                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

4. Ostrich Pillow

Ostrich Pillow Go Neck Pillow

When you look at this pillow you might not find it suitable for the neck as the curvy design can give a sign of discomfort but the truth is this pillow works in wonderful ways. It is made for people who prefer luxury in everything but we aren’t talking about the price point. Intended for frequent travelers this one will become your favorite travel buddy for all the trips. Especially when you need to look up and fresh for a meeting directly after the flight, this one doesn’t strain your posture in any way. Unlike regular U or C shaped pillows, this one has a full 360 degrees foam support and can be reduced to 60% of its size for east travel too! 


  • Easy travel
  • Full support
  • Very comfortable                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


  • Requires a bit of adjustability curve
  • Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow                                                                                                                                                                                

5. J-Pillow

J-Pillow Chin-Supporting Neck Pillow

Is your neck often sore after a good travel even if you use a ‘regular’ neck pillow? If yes then you need to move one step ahead with the neck support cushions. The J-pillow not only embraces your neck with the right level of support but it is also perfect to keep your chin so you don’t drool nor block the airway to suffer from sleep apnea. The pillow scores perfectly in all regards and the smart design makes this product as humanly as possible. You will find resting on this pillow equal to as resting on someone’s shoulder, probably someone you love!

Made with a soft exterior and comfy inner filling the pillow has a big design making it hard to be kept inside the luggage. Although it can be safely hung on your carry bag as you travel. 


  • Support for chin and ears
  • Easy to sleep
  • Machine washable fully                                                                                                                                                                                                     


  • Not suitable for a walk
  • Cover cannot be removed                                                                                                                                                                                              

6. Aeris

Aeris Memory Foam Travel Pillow

If portability is your main priority, the Aeris Travel Pillow isn't the ideal option because it's not the smallest one.  But it's composed of memory foam that compresses, and it fits into a travelling bag that's half its original size. It was easy to fit inside the bag. However, that wasn't the only feature of this neck pillow that we enjoyed.

The cushion offers just the right amount of support and comfort. You might not want to sleep on memory foam for extended periods of time because it is on the harder side. Nevertheless, it's ideal for on-the-go naps or as a best travel pillow for hotels.  Its ultra-soft velour cover may be removed and washed as needed thanks to its strong zipper and fine stitching. Lastly the price tag isn’t too steep considering the features this product offers. 


  • Compressible to half size
  • Ideal balance between support and softness                                                                                                                                                    


  • Not too soft for long trips                                                                                                                                                                                                

7. Bcozzy

Bcozzy Pillow

For those who like to sleep with their head tucked forward or who wear bulky over-the-ear headphones on flights, we recommend the comfortable Bcozzy, a take on the hemi-doughnut style pillow. The chin supportive design is much better and applauded than other pillows of the same style. The pillow offers plenty of support to the whole neck but doesn’t let you get overtired with constant firmness against your neck and shoulder.  The breathable fabric and good quality filling is what makes this product stand out from the competition. The cushion features a little hook that can be fastened to the outside of most bags, so it doesn't have to take up room inside your luggage, even if it's not as compact as our other choices.


  • Supports neck and chin
  • Perfect for 360 degrees sleep                                                                                                                                                                                 


  • Doesn’t support neck as much as other options                                                                                                                                                     

8. Travelrest Nest

Travelrest Nest Memory Foam Pillow

Saved this beauty for the last for a reason! This travel pillow effortlessly solves the issue of long travels and luggage overloads. Enjoy long hours of travel with the Travelrest inflatable memory foam pillow. The size is small to be carried even in tiniest of your bags or even your purse. This pillow also includes a set of earplugs and a carrying case as a little extra.

The substantial memory foam within the U-shaped construction gives it a highly moldable feel, and it works wonders at perfectly hugging the curves of your jaw, chin, and neck. The firm pillow is comfortable for your extended naps while providing the ideal amount of pressure support for your neck.
To further ensure that your head and neck are properly supported, the pillow's sides are slightly elevated, and its back is slanted to fit your seat. And as for cover, the soft velour fabric is indeed praise worthy. 


  • Inflatable and easy to carry
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Naturally conforms to the individual                                                                                                                                                                        


  • Might be uncomfortable at first                                                                                                                                                                                

Why do You Need a Travel Pillow?

These little buddy that wrap gently around the neck are up for all benefits and no harm. Travel pillows are one of the best investments to make for your frequent travels as NOT having one can put you under a lot of slow arising problems too. Below are some reasons why you should have a travel pillow before your next trip. 

The benefits for Cervical Spine

The seven bones in your neck make up your cervical spine. These bones include cushion-like sponges in the center that are supported by tendons and muscles. If a person sleeps with their neck bent or stretched for a lengthy amount of time, their spine may not revert to its natural form. This can then lead to severe pain and exhaustion as well as possible injury to the spine. And having a travel pillow prevents that from happening. 

Better Travel Experience

Getting a good night's sleep before a trip makes for a more enjoyable travel experience. Travelers might feel more rested and eager to explore when they arrive at their location by getting enough sleep, which helps reduce jet lag and weariness.


Travel pillows are made in a variety of styles that fit a range of transporting methods. For regular travelers, their adaptability as a neck pillow for aero planes, a U-shaped cushion for trains, or a small pillow for autos makes them a wise purchase.

Good for Sleep Apnea

Your airways won't become obstructed with a memory foam neck pillow since it keeps your neck upright. By doing this, your risk of developing sleep apnea is decreased. Hence you and the buddy sitting right beside you troubled from your snoring can greatly benefit with a travel pillow. 

How to Choose a Travel Neck Pillow? 

If it’s   not right it is probably wrong. Are you wondering why something as simple as a travel pillow will require this much thought? Well because it’s about your comfort. One wrong move and bam you are even tired than before. Hence it is important that you choose a product which is designed to serve and not just comes with a fancy design to appeal you at the surface. 


That’s the main purpose behind any pillow let alone a neck pillow. The aim to keep you comfortable while providing adequate amount of support. And when it comes to a neck pillow the support counts the most because we are speaking about one of the most fragile parts of the body the spine and the neck. To ensure optimum level of support provided by a neck pillow look for a product with proper cushioning. Memory foam or beads are a known type of preferred filling for a neck pillow. 

Material Quality

It is of great importance that the material used in the pillow is only of high quality. Not only the cover but the interior of the pillow also needs to be of great quality too. Make sure there is reliable memory foam filling or beads are made up of high quality raw material. For appropriate cover of the pillow some good choices are plush, cotton or breathable mesh. 


The size of the pillow directly affects its portability. The whole purpose of a neck pillow is to be carried everywhere you go. This means the pillow should be easy to carry along. Often times neck pillows can be decompressed or folded to almost half of their size to keep in the luggage. But mostly neck pillows come with features like hook or a clamp so they can be safely attached to your luggage and remain available for use all the time. 

Adjustable Features

Adjustable features in a pillow? That’s new! Well yes some pillows do come with adjustable features making them suitable for different individuals or different applications at once. For neck pillows, adjustable features like drawstrings, toggles, hooks or washable covers can help you enjoy a better experience. 

Customer Reviews

Since it’s a product intended to enhance comfort, no matter how appealing the packaging and look is, comfort should be your top priority. Look for customer reviews for a pillow before placing your money on it. 

How to Make a Neck Pillow for Travel – DIY your Travel Hacks

Maybe you forgot to purchase a pillow or you want to gift someone the comfort of a customized pillow. Anyway, it is simple to make your own neck pillow that will accompany you or your loved one on their next travel. Here is a simple guide to DIY neck pillow. 

Make a Pattern

Before getting to other things, you need to get the shape and pattern of the pillow right. If it doesn’t fit around the neck then what’s the point? Make sure your pillow has a U or a C shape with a proper curvature to go around the neck. 

The Fabric

The next step is to cut two pieces of fabric according to the pattern so that they can be filled with the desired filling. Make sure to leave some extra fabric around the sewing line so the in seam doesn’t shorten the pillow’s dimensions. 


The next step is to sew your pillow pieces together and leaving a proper hole for the filling to go in. 


Lastly fill the pillow with your desired filling such as microbeads, microfiber or a memory foam that you had purchased beforehand. 

How to Wear Travel Neck Pillow?

Are you part of that clan who overthinks everything simple or hard but is ashamed to ask about it? So rather than thinking twice about do travel pillows go in front or back, it is better to take our help. Because we know that no matter how simple a thing seems there definitely are some wrong ways to do it. So is wearing a travel pillow. And image purchasing the best travel neck pillow but not getting the right comfort out of it. Not only you will have a painful travel but the brand will also have a negative review for no reason. Hence here is a brief guide on how to use a travel pillow perfectly. 

  1. The right neck pillow must provide support to your head without bending or stretching the neck uncomfortably. 
  2. If your neck pillow isn’t covered with a plush soft cover, use a cotton t shirt or sew a soft cover to provide the right comfort. 
  3. Gently place the pillow around the neck making sure your neck isn’t bent or elongated than the natural posture. 
  4. If there are strings or hooks, fasten them so the pillow doesn’t fall of as you doze off to sleep. 

Do I Need A Neck Pillow For Travel?

Not necessarily but a neck pillow is a smart pick for your travel. It can help you sleep better on the journey and makes you less prone to get tired. It will also prevent your neck and spine from aching during the travel. 

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