20 Best Cool and Unusual Places to Must-Visit in Brooklyn, NYC - 2024

cool spots in brooklyn
20 Best Cool and Unusual Places to Must-Visit in Brooklyn, NYC - 2024

Brooklyn, New York, is a lively area known for its diverse culture, interesting history, and special places to visit. Even though it's not as famous as Manhattan, but there are so many cool spots in brooklyn to explore. 

There are museums with quirky exhibits, neighborhoods that are a bit different, and many hidden treasures. Whether you live here or you're just visiting, Brooklyn has a charm of its own that's worth discovering and you can have so many free things to do in brooklyn ny

Let's check out some of the cool and unusual places that make Brooklyn a cool destination.

20 Best Cool and Unusual Places to Must-Visit in Brooklyn

1. Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store

 Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store

The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store may not be what it seems. It offers a wide range of unique equipment and outfits for heroes and villains alike, from capes and spandex to mind-readers and particle guns. Whether you are a hero in need of a Mylar force field or a villain looking for a bottled black hole, this store has something for everyone. There are so many best thrift stores in brooklyn as well just explore them and get your desired superhero outfit.

2. Le Boudoir

Le Boudoir

Brooklyn created the world's first subway in 1844, with the Atlantic Avenue railroad tunnel. The tunnel had a short active life and a long mythical afterlife like the queen. Initially, people thought it was home to huge rats, but later, it became a famous Brooklyn tour spot. Currently, it's a speakeasy with a Marie Antoinette theme. Bob Diamond, an engineer, rediscovered the tunnel in 1980, but unfortunately, the tunnel was sealed off again. At the speakeasy, visitors can enjoy crispy frog legs, truffle-mushroom croquettes, and unique cocktails like the Rococo with oolong tea and kaffir lime, or the Smoke & Mirrors with blueberry-lavender cordial and bergamot. Le Boudoir is a place for luxurious fun or a hideout underground and considered to be one of the best spots in brooklyn.

3. Sunshine Laundromat

Sunshine Laundromat

If you walk by Sunshine Laundromat, you might think there will be a big laundry place, but that's not true. When you go past some pinball machines and rows of washing machines, you'll notice a unique stack of washing machines at the back. As you get closer, you'll see that behind those washing machine doors is not laundry but a whole different world of pinball. It's like a hidden fun place brooklyn, a world of fun behind the washing machines.

4. House of Wax

House of Wax

If you take the elevators in the regular mall past, you'll find a sign for "House of Wax." This bar is like a step back in time, with a bright sign that looks like something from the Coney Island boardwalk in the 1920s. Inside the bar, which is the newest part of the Alamo Drafthouse, a chain of restaurants and movie theaters from Austin, there's a collection of more than 100 anatomical models, 25 wax death masks, and displays made of wax showing things like birth, syphilis, and lungs affected by tuberculosis. This collection used to be in Castan’s Panopticum, a museum in Berlin that closed in 1922.

5. Robotic Church

Robotic Church

If you are looking for things to do in Red Hook brooklyn, then the Norwegian Seaman's Church in Red Hook, Brooklyn, is waiting for you to get it to explore. It is now home to a collection of 35 moving robots. These robots were created by the Amorphic Robot Works, a mechanical art collective, and multimedia artist Chico MacMurtrie. They look similar to humans but come in different sizes, ranging from just one foot tall to a towering 15 feet. Each robot makes a unique noise by performing specific tasks, such as strumming strings or clanging against the floor. Some robots are programmed to move on their own, while others are controlled live by computer commands.

6. City Reliquary

 City Reliquary

Have you seen the coffee cups in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood?? Your eyes will surely eyes light up as you describe the City Reliquary. The City Reliquary looks almost hidden with its traditional red, yellow, and blue bodega-style canopy. Many visitors come across the museum by chance. Once inside, they are amazed by the varied collection of items that tell the cultural history of New York City.

7. Deno's Wonder Wheel

Deno's Wonder Wheel

Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, located in Coney Island, Brooklyn, is a family-owned amusement park featuring a variety of rides for all ages, including the iconic Wonder Wheel. It is the park's main attraction and New York City’s designated landmark.

8. Gowanus Batcave

 Gowanus Batcave

By the polluted shore of the Gowanus Canal, there's this forgotten Central Power Station from the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company. It was built in 1896 and used to power Brooklyn's train system, which was growing fast at that time. Now, people started calling it the "Batcave”. The place was covered in graffiti, and homeless young people from the area started hanging out there. They turned the abandoned building into a sort of community. Punks, travelers, and drifters made their own space, watched over each other, and spray-painted messages on the walls expressing their dissatisfaction with society. If you are looking for some unique things to do in nyc, then this place is ideal for you.

9. Wonderville


Wonderville is a unique arcade that features handcrafted gaming cabinets, pinball machines, and multiplayer games. The arcade stands out for its unusual LED strip games and strobe light-activated games. Mark Kleback, one of the co-founders, started showcasing innovative games through the Death by Audio Arcade.

10. Wyckoff Street Mosaic

Wyckoff Street Mosaic

In 2001, Susan Gardner started putting things on the front of her house to sell stuff, like shells, buttons, broken cups, and old CDs, creating a mosaic that became famous in the neighborhood. Gradually as her mosaic grew, the neighborhood started supporting her a lot. People even brought her new things to add. The mosaic on Gardner's house has a mix of colors and textures when viewed up close. Gardner is a teacher at Yeshiva University, and she's happy to share her work and home with interested people.

11. Brooklyn Townhouse Secret Subway Exit

Brooklyn Townhouse Secret Subway Exit

People in Brooklyn walk past many townhouses every day without paying much attention. However, this particular house is not what it seems—it's not a real house. It's a disguised NYC Subway fan plant and emergency exit. At first glance, it appears normal and is situated on Joralemon Street near the East River in Brooklyn Heights. But if you look closely, you'll notice its windows are blacked out, hinting at its true identity as a hidden subway fan plant and emergency exit.

12. Leroy's Place

Leroy's Place

When you walk into Leroy's Place, you'll feel like you've entered a Tim Burton movie, with giant monster puppets everywhere. The shop is a whimsical wonderland filled with original art, film, puppetry, clothing, and gifts. You can also browse and buy one-of-a-kind artwork featuring all sorts of marvelous monsters. The collection of gifts available for purchase is handmade, pun-filled, and hilarious. In addition, Leroy's Place has a secret courtyard where they host events and workshops. Visiting it seems to be one of the coolest things to do in brooklyn, so hurry up and visit soon.

13. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is a popular ice cream parlor located in a landmark fireboat house on the Fulton Ferry Pier in Brooklyn. It has been praised by the NYTimes for its "creamy, ethereally light and perfectly balanced" ice cream. It has also been rated "the best ice cream in New York" by Frommer's New York City 2011.

The ice cream parlor offers picturesque views of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan skyline, and the East River, adding to the charm of the ice cream experience. It is one of the best things to do near brooklyn bridge, so come and visit this place and enjoy your time with your family and friends.

14. The Old Headquarters of Murder, Inc.

The Old Headquarters of Murder, Inc.

There was a candy store at the corner of Saratoga and Livonia Avenues in Brownsville, Brooklyn. The Midnight Rose Candy Store was open 24 hours and located under the elevated portion of the 3 subway train. The store was owned by Mrs. Rosie Gold. It was the secret headquarters of one of the most notorious and dangerous groups in the history of organized crime, Murder, Inc.

15. Rubulad


This place in Brooklyn throws some cool parties with themes like Hippies or Hedonistic. DJs, puppeteers, and acrobats are just some of the entertainments you can expect. The location is a warehouse decorated in a quirky Alice in Wonderland style, which fits perfectly with the unusual crowd, who often dress wildly. If you're bold enough and looking for fun things to do in brooklyn, consider body paint instead of clothes. This is your go-to party to attend at least once.

16. Kingsland Wildflowers

Kingsland Wildflowers

On the roof of Broadway Stages film studios in Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood lies a green space called Kingsland Wildflowers. It's home to 24,000 square feet of native plants, birds, bats, and insects. The once barren rooftop now flourishes with fertile meadows of Bee Balm, Purple Aster, Meadow Prairie Dropseed, Orange Butterfly Weed, and Wild Strawberry Plants. Kingsland Wildflowers is a collaboration between Alive Structures, New York City Audubon, the Newtown Creek Alliance, and NOoSPHERE Arts.

17. Spectacle Theater

Spectacle Theater

Spectacle is a unique movie theater located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Run entirely by volunteers, it is known for showcasing lesser-known films and hosting a variety of events such as live music performances, interactive theater shows, and tiki-themed slideshows. Unlike traditional chain theaters, Spectacle is a no-frills, BYO snacks and drinks establishment that specializes in midnight screenings but is open seven days a week year-round. So, if you are planning things to do in brooklyn at night, then this theatre is an ideal place for you.

18. Atlantic Avenue Tunnel

Atlantic Avenue Tunnel

Built-in 1844 by Cornelius Vanderbilt, the tunnel aimed to prevent trains from hitting people in Brooklyn. This tunnel has stories of greed, murder, and corruption. People don't know about this hidden gem and travel through downtown Brooklyn daily. It was meant to be the world's first subway, providing an underground transportation system. Irish immigrants mostly did the construction.

In 1980, Bob Diamond rediscovered it by researching at the library and locating an old blueprint in the borough president's office. Like Brooklyn's version of Indiana Jones, Diamond went down a manhole, dug through dirt, and broke through bricks to uncover the forgotten Atlantic Avenue Tunnel.

19. Coney Art Walls

Coney Art Walls

Coney Art Walls is the creation of street art curator and author Jeffrey Deitch and real estate developer Joseph J. Sitt. The pair wanted to expose New York City and the world to some of the newer upcoming artists as well as pay respect to some older masters. The 50,000-square-foot site had been a vacant lot settled amongst the many rides and attractions of Coney Island. Now viewers can take in the art, snap a selfie, and grab some street food while the screams of Thunderbolt riders echo around them.

20. Vinegar Hill

Vinegar Hill

Vinegar Hill, situated close to the York Street subway stop, got its name from a significant battle during the Irish Rebellion. Known for its historic charm and cobblestone streets, Vinegar Hill preserves a unique atmosphere that reflects its rich past. The neighborhood boasts a mix of residential and industrial spaces, with historic buildings showcasing its diverse architectural heritage. Over the years, Vinegar Hill has changed into a community that values its history while embracing new developments, making it a distinctive and dynamic part of Brooklyn. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some best places to explore in Brooklyn for locals?

Locals in Brooklyn often enjoy exploring a variety of neighborhoods and hidden gems. Such as Fort Greene Park, Coney Island, Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn Flea Market, Red Hook, Dyker Heights, Gowanus Canal and Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club, Industry City, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and several Local Cafés and Bars.

What are the best venues for live music in Brooklyn?

The Brooklyn Bowl, Music Hall of Williamsburg, and Rough Trade NYC are popular choices for live music lovers. So, explore them and enjoy the time spent with your family and friends.

Which parks are worth exploring in Brooklyn?

Prospect Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and McCarren Park are some of the best parks in brooklyn great for outdoor activities and relaxation.

What are the coolest rooftop bars in Brooklyn with skyline views?

There are so many popular rooftop restaurants in brooklyn, like Brooklyn Grange in Brooklyn Navy Yard and Westlight in Williamsburg offer stunning views of the Manhattan skyline.
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