Best 25 Vibrant Places to Have Fun at Night in Brooklyn, New York

things to do in brooklyn at night
Best 25 Vibrant Places to Have Fun at Night in Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn's nightlife is very famous among tourists, as the city gets lively at night. There are cool rooftop bars where you can see amazing views of the skyline, and cozy secret bars tucked away in quiet places. There are several crazy things to do in brooklyn at night.

For people who love staying up late and having fun, Brooklyn’s nightlife is waiting for them. When the sun goes down, the city becomes even more energetic, attracting both locals and visitors to check out its many places to go and fun things to do in brooklyn. Whether you want to dance all night, relax in a chill bar, or explore cool cultural spots, Brooklyn's nightlife has something special for everyone to enjoy.

In this blog, you will get an overview of some of the best spots in brooklyn, where you will enjoy the time at night. Here is a list of some of the amazing places.

Best 25 Vibrant Places to Have Fun at Night in Brooklyn

1. The West

The West

The West is a lively neighborhood in the middle of Brooklyn. It's famous for its interesting history, different cultures, and lots of art. You can walk along streets with lots of trees, check out unique stores, and try tasty vegan food. The West is a friendly place where you can feel special and if you are looking for some vegan restaurants in brooklyn, then do visit this place. At night, you will experience a different atmosphere over there so visit The West and enjoy the amazing nightlife.

2. Bohemien Bar

Bohemien Bar

Bohemien Bar has a fantastic music system in a lovely and cozy place. They have a carefully chosen list of cocktails, organic and special wines, and craft beers. The food they serve is meant to go well with the drinks and make everyone happy.

3. Brooklyn Winery

Brooklyn Winery

Brooklyn Winery is a small wine factory located in Greenpoint & Williamsburg. They offer tours to see how they make wine, tasting sessions, a lively bar where you can enjoy wine, and a beautiful place for private events. The bar also serves food that goes well with the wines. Brooklyn Winery is also a popular place for weddings and private events. If you're interested in hosting a special event here, you can find more details on its official website.

4. Indigo Murphy's

Indigo Murphy's

Indigo Murphy's is a cozy spot located in Brooklyn. It's a place where people can gather, relax, and enjoy good food and drinks. It offers a laid-back environment where everyone feels welcome. With a menu featuring a variety of dishes and a selection of beverages to choose from, there's something for everyone to enjoy at this cozy place.

5. Bean Post Pub

Bean Post Pub

Bean Post Pub is a popular spot located in Brooklyn where people come together to socialize, relax, and enjoy good food and drinks. The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, making it a great place to unwind after a busy day. Their menu features a variety of delicious dishes, and they also have a selection of beverages to choose from, including beers, cocktails, and non-alcoholic options.

6. Three Jolly Pigeons

Three Jolly Pigeons

This place is a mix of a pub and an old-style bar. It has classic features like colored glass, dark wood, and fancy decorations. They have fun things to do like singing karaoke on Fridays and sometimes having live bands on Saturdays, playing music from the 1970s. The bar has many types of beer you can choose from, making it a fun place in brooklyn for all kinds of people to hang out.

7. Bar Bayeux

Bar Bayeux

Bar Bayeux presents a warm and inviting ambiance, making it an ideal spot for enjoying crafted drinks and live jazz performances in the vibrant neighborhood of Prospect Lefferts Gardens. It is like a hidden gem for top-fight cocktails and Jazz. If you are looking for some coolest things to do in brooklyn, then do visit this place for sure.

8. Lavender Lake

Lavender Lake

Lavender Lake is a cozy bar inside with a beautiful and open backyard. It offers a unique experience in a spacious and airy setting, formerly a carriage house, decorated with minimalist decor of exposed brick and wooden beams. The bar features a rotating cocktail menu, house-made sodas, and a full-service kitchen offering tasty dishes such as fried Brussels sprouts, mignonette pickled oysters, and hanger steak with fries.

9. Brooklyn Dancesport Club

Brooklyn Dancesport Club

It is a prominent dance studio in Brooklyn, offering a wide range of dance classes for both children and adults. With an emphasis on personalized instruction, BDSC provides group classes for children, introducing them to the art of dancing and organizing annual showcases for them to exhibit their skills. So, if you are looking for things to do in nyc with kids, then this premier place is best for ballroom dancing.

10. The Richardson

The Richardson

It is a highly praised bar known for its exceptional cocktails, inviting ambiance, and delicious food offerings. Boasting a classic vibe without seeming unnatural, this venue features a spacious outdoor seating area and a playlist that consistently sets the mood for a great evening. It has a menu that includes both classic and innovative cocktails, along with tasty snacks.

11. Red Karaoke Lounge

Red Karaoke Lounge

This lounge offers an extensive selection of over 40,000 songs, including English, Russian, and Ukrainian songs. Notably, ladies in red attire receive one free drink every night. The venue also features a happy hour with half-price drinks. The space is known for its inviting ambiance and caters to groups, serving alcohol.

12. Berry Park

Berry Park

If you are searching for a rooftop restaurant in brooklyn, then this place will be your go-to destination. It is a renowned beer garden, soccer bar, and restaurant with a spacious rooftop offering stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. This vibrant rooftop destination provides a relaxed and lively atmosphere, where customers can get a variety of German and Belgian beers, signature cocktails, and American pub classics such as bratwurst and fries.

13. Rocka Rolla

Rocka Rolla

This place is a popular bar in Brooklyn known for its laid-back atmosphere and robust rock music scene. The establishment offers an extensive selection of drinks, including giant goblets of beer and a variety of craft beers at reasonable prices. Rocka Rolla offers a nostalgic experience that takes you back to a more relaxed Williamsburg.

14. Rooftop Garden and Bar

Rooftop Garden and Bar

The Hotel Brooklyn Bridge boasts a fantastic rooftop garden terrace with a bar, seating areas, a pool, and stunning views of Lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. The rooftop is a popular attraction offering a romantic ambiance, although it can get crowded on weekends.

15. Murmrr Theatre

Murmrr Theatre

The creative junkies who are more into music, art, comedy, literature, and film, this place will be best for them. The theater hosts a diverse range of events at different locations, such as The Opera House in Brooklyn, The Clubhouse in East Hampton, The Montauk Lighthouse in Montauk, Miami Beach Bandshell in Miami, Sixth and I in Washington D.C., and others. The theater's dynamic programming and partnerships with various venues make it a prominent cultural hub in Brooklyn's artistic landscape.

16. South


The bar offers a small yet well-curated selection of craft beer and whiskey and serves up delicious bar food. Renowned drinks writer Rosie Schaap is known to work here on Tuesdays, adding to the bar's appeal. The bar is popular among locals, with a loyal customer base and friendly bartenders. It is Cool, Comfortable & Casual with great staff. They have an outdoor space with a couple of tables and chairs & a fire pit.

17. Pine Box Rock Shop

Pine Box Rock Shop

It is a popular neighborhood bar situated in a former casket factory in East Williamsburg/Bushwick. Known for its plant-based ingredients, the bar offers a unique selection of signature drinks, including the Grim Pickle and the Doornail, alongside an excellent array of draft beers. Moreover, the venue hosts various events, including trivia nights, and offers vegetarian-friendly options, making it a vibrant part of Brooklyn's social scene

18. Greenpoint Heights

Greenpoint Heights

Greenpoint Heights is a popular restaurant and bar known for its inviting atmosphere and diverse menu. The establishment offers a variety of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, catering to different dietary preferences. With its cozy ambiance and excellent service, it has become one of the best restaurants in brooklyn for locals and visitors alike.

19. Bed-Vyne Cocktail

Bed-Vyne Cocktail

This bar has a strong selection of Old-Fashioned cocktails and other drinks. People like it because of its quiet, wooden patio where you can find taco stands in the summer. It's a comfy and relaxed place that locals love for hanging out and chatting while having good drinks. They also have special nights like "Taco Tuesdays" that make it even more popular, especially for those who want a fun but chill nightlife in Brooklyn.

20. Dry Dock Wine & Spirits

Dry Dock Wine & Spirits

This neighborhood liquor and wine store is famous for having a lot of bottles that cost $12 or less. They have a helpful staff who care about the community and sell many spirits and wines from Brooklyn and New York City. They also hold tasting events, play good music, and offer a wide range of local drinks, including affordable choices.

21. Lobo Brooklyn

Lobo Brooklyn

The restaurant provides a range of options such as catfish, chicken dishes, BBQ ribs, and more, at affordable prices. The margarita selection includes unique flavors like sangre de lobo, tropical, and Cadillac margaritas, with regular and grande size options. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, and enjoyable food and drinks, making it a convenient and lively spot for Mexican cuisine in the area.

22. Freddy' Bar & Backroom

Freddy' Bar & Backroom

This place is well-known for being lively and having a lot of different things to enjoy. The bar had to move because of a government decision, but now it's under Prospect Expressway and still draws people's attention in with its typical New York bar vibe, lunch choices, and outdoor seating. They also have a back room where they host music, comedy shows, and movies, adding to the fun and relaxed atmosphere of the place.

23. The Owl Farm Bar

The Owl Farm Bar

With a diverse range of beers, including rare finds and local craft brews, the bar has gathered praise for its beer wine steward and knowledgeable bartenders. The venue offers a cozy setting with ample space at the bar, tables, and pinball machines, making it an ideal spot for beer lovers and those seeking a lively ambiance at night.

24. TBA Brooklyn

It is a popular nightclub renowned for its underground electronic music scene. With a focus on techno and electro-house music, the club offers a small, intimate space with a chill yet lively ambiance. It is popular among customers for its good crowd, strong drinks, and cozy setting with dancing space and couches.

25. Théâtre XIV

Théâtre XIV

The theater features a bar where customers can purchase themed drinks and snacks, and the performers engage with the audience during the shows. Théâtre XIV, making it a prominent destination for unique and captivating burlesque performances in Brooklyn. So, plan your visit to Brooklyn now and if you are planning things to do in brooklyn this weekend, this place will be your go-to place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any family-friendly nighttime activities in Brooklyn?

Yes, Brooklyn offers family-friendly options like evening visits to Prospect Park for concerts or movie nights, exploring Coney Island's Luna Park, and enjoying interactive exhibits at the Brooklyn Children's Museum during special evening hours and so many more activities.

What are some popular nightlife areas in Brooklyn?

Explore vibrant neighborhoods like Williamsburg, DUMBO, and Park Slope for trendy bars, live music venues, and exciting nightlife experiences.

What are some of the best late-night dining options in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is known for its diverse culinary scene. You can go to areas like Bushwick for delicious late-night tacos, Williamsburg for hip eateries, or Prospect Heights for cozy cafes and diners open late hours.

Are there any specific night markets or food events in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn Night Bazaar, Smorgasburg, and Brooklyn Flea are popular destinations for delicious food, unique shopping, and live entertainment. These places are perfect for a night out in Brooklyn.
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