Explore the 5 Best Locations and Neighborhoods of New York City to Stay in

Explore the 5 Best Locations and Neighborhoods of New York City to Stay in
Explore the 5 Best Locations and Neighborhoods of New York City to Stay in

Are you planning a trip to New York City? Whether you’re planning a vacation or a tourism trip, you need to plan an itinerary and find out the best location to stay in NYC. The Big Apple has several stunning places to visit and explore historical heritages. However, New York City is the most expensive place to live in the world. It has all the fun, activities, and entertainment with exciting thrills and the most spacious hotels, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. But you need to find out the best area to stay in NYC according to your preferences that is accessible to the locations you are going to visit on your trip.

Choosing where to stay in New York City, here we have a comprehensive guide about all the best areas and locations in the neighborhoods of NYC that are easily accessible to the famous spots, and you can choose the best for the next trip.

Explore the 5 Boroughs of New York City

New York City is divided into five boroughs, and these five boroughs have all the activities, tourist attractions, entertainment, thrills, and chills to enjoy and save unforgettable moments on the trip.

1. Manhattan:


It’s the most busy and crowded place full of excitement, tallest towers, shimmering lights, and stunning nightlife, and the most expensive place of all other boroughs. Its most famous spot is the Manhattan Bridge which is the best touristy place in Manhattan. However, you can find the best affordable places here, but if you’re looking for luxurious hotels, bars, restaurants, spacious parties, clubs, stunning NYC nightlife, festivals, illuminated skyscrapers, bustling crowds, and fast-paced life, then this is the best place for you.

The famous neighborhoods of Manhattan are the Upper East Side, Greenwich Village or West Village, Upper West Side, and East Village.

2. Brooklyn:


Brooklyn is full of art, culture, entertainment, and music. It has all the attractions for tourists whether it’s food or fun and the best things to do for the new visitors in NYC. The Brooklyn Bridge and the stunning waterfront park scene is a famous spot in this borough. Its main neighborhoods are Williamsburg, Park Slope (Prospect Heights), Bushwick, and Brooklyn Heights. Williamsburg is the best area to stay in New York City.

3. Bronx:


It’s the best affordable place to live for new visitors, budget travelers, and students. This borough is more accessible to all areas in the city with public transport. It’s easy to get an affordable apartment to live in and comfortably commute to other boroughs and nearby Manhattan. The main neighborhoods are Fordham, Riverdale, and South Bronx.

4. Queens:


It’s the largest borough of NYC and it has all the luxuries and perks of the big city. If you want to get the best variety of food, cafes, restaurants, cultural events, festivals, live performances, music, and dance, it’s the right place for you. You can get the best affordable things and accommodations in Manhattan and Brooklyn in this borough with all commuting and transportation facilities and great access to all the spacious spots in NYC. The famous neighborhoods are Astoria and Sunnyside in Queens.

5. Staten Island:

Staten Island

It’s known as the forgotten borough of NYC. If you’re looking for a peaceful lifestyle without any crowds and no hustle or bustle on the streets, a slow-paced and calm life with massive space and living areas at an affordable price in NYC, this is the place for you. This place has a superb family lifestyle, affordable houses, and big space for you. It’s the most affordable place to live in a house with a backyard at affordable prices. Its famous neighborhoods are Great Kills and Saint George.

You can choose to stay in Manhattan if you’re looking for luxurious hotels, lavish bars, restaurants, superb fun and entertainment, dance clubs, public parks, living in a small apartment, or a fast-paced and busy lifestyle than Manhattan is for you. But if you’re looking for a slow-paced and calm lifestyle with more space and peaceful and quiet vibes. You can choose Staten Island or Queens. However, the only transport to travel to other boroughs from Staten Island is the Free Staten Island Ferry ride, which is available for 24 hours and seven days a week.

Best 5 Areas to Stay in New York City

NYC has everything: fun, joy, arts and crafts, history and cultural landmarks, education, technology, business, food, and various colors of lifestyles. All four boroughs have some specific perspectives, special vibes, and lifestyle and you can choose what is suitable for you the best.

1. Midtown Manhattan

Midtown Manhattan

Midtown Manhattan is the central area of Manhattan, with hustle and bustle in the streets, rush hours on roads, and noisy traffic. You will find the most famous things in this area, like Times Square, Broadway Theaters, Central Park, Morgan Library, Bryant Park, Museum of Modern Art, Madison Square, Grand Central, and Radio City Hall at Rockefeller Center.

New Visitors in NYC can get several affordable and best accommodations for everyone. Budget travelers can find the subways easily and explore all the iconic landmarks within a short distance and even explore them on a walking tour.

Best 8 Accommodations in Midtown Manhattan:

Best Accommodations Why You Stay at This Hotel
Ritz Carlton Hotel New York The Best hotel with comfortable rooms and stunning views of Central Park in Manhattan.
The Peninsula Hotel New York This spacious hotel with fabulous interiors and all luxuries and is nearest to Fifth Avenue.
The Plaza Hotel New York It is a luxurious hotel with stunning interiors and all comforts for the guests.
Lotte New York Palace  The giant Christmas Tree and remarkable interiors, sophisticated ambiance with comfortable rooms.
The Bryant Park Hotel New York The hotel has all the amenities and fascinating views of the lavish green Bryant Park.
The Pod Fifty-One Hotel New York This hotel has all the comforts with remarkable interiors and comfortable ambiance with the best amenities.
The Whitby Hotel New York It’s a five-star hotel with lush green views of Central Park and all comforts and luxuries with spacious decors and relaxing ambiance.
Belnord Hotel New York It’s a three-star hotel with comfortable rooms and spacious decors and it’s accessible to the best locations and spots in Midtown Manhattan.

Benefits of Living in Midtown Manhattan

  • Midtown Manhattan is the most famous touristy place in the heart of Manhattan.
  • It has luxurious hotels and various affordable places to stay and enjoy.
  • You can access all the main locations by walking easily.
  • It’s a stunning place to stay for new visitors in NYC with all the fun, excitement, and affordable options.
  • It’s nearest to the Penn Station and Grand Central station, and you can access yellow cabs easily in this area.                                                

Drawbacks of Living in Midtown Manhattan:

  • It’s a very busy area with crowded streets and loud, noisy traffic. If you like to stay in a calm and peaceful place, then it’s not for you.
  • It’s simple and no more trendy style, like another neighborhood.                                                                                                                        

2. Upper East Side Manhattan

Upper East Side Manhattan

The Upper East Side is famous for its iconic locations and superb spots, luxurious homes, famous museums and art galleries, lavish boutiques and shopping spots, fabulous dining options, cafes, and bars. It’s a posh area for luxuries and up-scale top-notch spots in Manhattan. If you’re looking for some affordable options to stay in or shop, then you may not choose this place. If you are looking for comforts and luxuries in accommodations, art galleries, exclusive boutiques, and a high lifestyle, then you should go to the Upper East Side with spacious hotels and remarkable luxuries. You can find the best art in the Jewish Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Neue Art Gallery, and Frick art collections. 

6 Luxurious Accommodations and Hotels in Upper East Side Manhattan:

Best Accommodations Why You Stay at This Hotel
The Sherry Netherland Hotel New York The hotel has elegant decors, comfort and luxuries with all amenities for guests.
The Presidential Hotel New York The hotel has spacious interiors and luxuries for guests. If you’re traveling with a family or a group of friends, then this is the most comfortable option for you.
The Lowell Hotel New York The best luxuries and comfort in a historical accommodation with traditional vibes and elegant decors for guests.
Loews Regency Hotel New York The hotel offers all comforts and luxuries and stunning views of Central Park and is the nearest to the Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall.
The Pierre NY Hotel New York This historic hotel has a spacious design, and elegant decors with all luxuries and comfort for the visitors in Manhattan.
The Mark Hotel New York It’s the ultimate choice for new visitors with spacious interiors, luxurious rooms, and all amenities for the guests. This five-star hotel is the best place that is easily accessible to all the famous spots in Manhattan.

Benefits of Living in Upper East Side Manhattan:

  • The Upper East Side is the best place that is accessible to art galleries and popular museums.
  • It has luxurious and trendy shopping spots.
  • It has delicious food options, cafes, and restaurants.
  • It’s nearest to the lavish Central Park.
  • It’s not a messy and noisy place and is best for a relaxing, family-friendly lifestyle.                                                                                            

Drawbacks of Living in Upper East Side Manhattan:

  • The Upper East Side is too expensive and has a high cost of living. If you are looking for a high lifestyle with fashion, trends, luxuries, and exclusive, pricey options, then you may get there.
  • It’s a little bit far from local attractions in Midtown Manhattan.
  • This place has a calm and quiet ambiance and no more nightlife, so you need to access other locations if you’re a night owl!                                               

3. Upper West Side Manhattan

Upper West Side Manhattan

The Upper West Side is an ideal place that has waterfront views of the Hudson River and family-friendly vibes for a great lifestyle. It’s the best place to stay with a family and a relaxing atmosphere. It has various lavish playgrounds and parks, comfortable hotels and accommodations, and easy transportation like quick access to subways and buses.

There are several things to explore, like the Lincoln Center for free entertainment, the American Museum of Natural History to explore the ancient history of nature, remarkable artifacts, and fossils, and to enjoy live performances and shows in Beacon Theater. 

This place has fascinating houses and apartments featured for their stunning design and architecture like Dakota Apartments and San Remo Apartments. These buildings have iconic appearance and display lavish views of Central Park in Upper West Side, Manhattan.

4 Top Hotels in Upper West Side Manhattan:

Best Accommodations Why You Stay at This Hotel
Trump International Hotel New York This five-star hotel is about a few minutes’ walk from the lavish Central Park. The hotel offers all luxuries and amenities for visitors with stunning views of the lush green park and Manhattan.
The Hotel Beacon New York This hotel has elegant interiors and offers all comforts and spacious amenities for the guests. It’s nearest to the Beacon Theater, Broadway, NYC.
The Empire Hotel New York This luxurious hotel offers lavish decors, and indoor swimming pool, and all comforts to the guests with stunning views of Manhattan.
The Wallace Hotel New York This is a five-star hotel that offers great amenities and luxurious interiors for visitors in the Upper West Side, Manhattan.

Benefits of Living in Upper West Side Manhattan:

  • The Upper West Side has a family-friendly lifestyle and is the best place to stay in NYC.
  • It’s accessible to all the iconic landmarks and spots, within walking distance to Central Park and Riverside Park, where you can find various fun activities for families
  • It has no mess and noise and a quiet and calm ambiance for a comfortable lifestyle.                                                                                        

Drawbacks of Living in Upper West Side Manhattan:

  • The Upper West Side had a calm and peaceful lifestyle and limited bars. It’s not a place for night owls to stay in.
  • The new visitors looking for budget options should not stay in the Upper West Side because it’s a highly pricey neighborhood and luxurious lifestyle.
  • It’s far from local tourist attractions in Manhattan.                                                                                                                                                 

4. Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg is Brooklyn, across the East River. It’s the most popular area in Brooklyn, NYC. This place is the best for night owls and has great nightlife, bars, clubs, cafes, and late-night dinner restaurants. You can visit the best rooftop bars and explore the panoramic views of New York City’s skyscrapers, the waterfront scene of East River, and illuminating nightlife.

The tourists and visitors can stay for the best fun, explore the local art, music, dance, and shopping spots, and also get antique and vintage pieces from the open-markets in Williamsburg. This area is easily accessible to buses and subways for local travel to other neighborhoods.

3 Best Accommodations in Williamsburg, Brooklyn:

Best Accommodations Why You Stay at This Hotel
The William Vale Hotel New York This five-star hotel has spacious luxuries, floor-to-ceiling windows, wide terraces with stunning views of the city’s sky towers.
The McCarren Hotel New York It has a modern design and spacious decors with all amenities, small but comfortable rooms, and a fabulous rooftop bar lounge with panoramic views of NYC’s skyscrapers and illuminations.
The Wythe Hotel New York It’s a waterfront hotel with stunning views of the East River. The hotel is in a historical factory building and offers all facilities for the guests.

Benefits of Living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn:

  • Williamsburg is the best accessible area to other neighborhoods through subways, cabs, and buses. 
  • This neighborhood gives you stunning waterfront views of the East River and NYC skyscrapers.
  • It has remarkable nightlife, rooftop bars, clubs, cafes, and various restaurants.
  • This neighborhood is not a mess and is the best location to stay for tourists in Brooklyn.
  • Williamsburg has various waterfront spots and lavish green parks.                                                                                                                     

Drawbacks of Living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn:

  • Williamsburg is accessible through subways to all other neighborhoods but still a little far from famous tourist attractions in Manhattan.
  • You can find the crowds at night in Williamsburg in rooftop bars and nightclubs.                                                                                                

5. Long Island, Queens

Long Island, Queens

Hey, are you a budget traveler and looking for affordable accommodations? Long Island is a great, affordable area in the borough of Queens. Where you can find the most affordable accommodations with more space to stay in NYC, this neighborhood has great art galleries displaying the local art collections, music and dance, waterfront bars, and cafes. It has a great open-air flea market that offers antique and vintage items, delicious food, and drinks. If you are a food lover, then you must stay in this neighborhood to enjoy dynamic cuisines and flavors in NYC.

Top 2 Accommodations and Hotels in Long Island, Queens:

Best Accommodations Why You Stay at This Hotel
Hyatt Place Hotel Long Island City, New York This hotel is a part of Hyatt Hotels New York. The hotel offers luxurious amenities, comforts, and spacious interiors in rooms and is accessible to Museums of Moving Images at walking distance.
LIC Plaza Hotel, New York It’s a three-star hotel with comfortable rooms and elegant decors, complimentary breakfast and great views of the city.

Benefits of Living in Long Island, Queens:

  • This neighborhood has dynamic food options and various flavors for food lovers.
  • It’s a fabulous place to stay in NYC for budget travelers.
  • It has easy access to all other areas and neighborhoods with various public transportation options.                                                                 

Drawbacks of Living in Long Island, Queens:

  • Tourists need to use public transport to access Long Island. 
  • This neighborhood does not have more nightlife like Manhattan.                                                                                                                        


New York City has several locations for luxurious, spacious, and affordable options. All the boroughs and neighborhoods have fabulous entertainment scenes, although they have different lifestyles and price options. Some are expensive and exclusive, but some are affordable, even so reasonable, places to stay in NYC. It all depends on the tourists, travelers, and visitors to choose the best place to stay in NYC according to their budget and preferences.

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