Beyond the Tourist Trail - Discover 22 Hidden Gems and Adventurous Things to do in NYC


Adventurous Things to do in NYC
Beyond the Tourist Trail - Discover 22 Hidden Gems and Adventurous Things to do in NYC

Wondering what could be the adventurous things to do in NYC? Because living in a concrete jungle is pretty challenging for people who enjoy outdoor activities and the great outdoors.

We have compiled a list of some of the most beautiful things to do and around the New York region.  In any case, you'll have a good time while you're in NYC!

Adventurous Things To Do In NYC

Did you know that this beautiful city is home to plenty of exciting activities that you may not be aware of? Check out the following adventurous things to do in NYC.

1. Kayak Polo

Kayak Polo

Indeed, there is such a thing. Kayak polo, sometimes known as canoe polo, is a sport that is gaining popularity in the New York City metropolitan region, and the New York Kayak Polo Club is committed to fostering its growth and spreading awareness of the sport. It is a team sport that is played on placid water using specially built kayaks, and there are five participants on each team. To score goals in a net that is hung two meters above the water serves as the objective of the game. It is a team sport that is quick and lively, and it is comparable to both basketball and water polo. It is an excellent method to enhance boat-handling abilities and rolling. Their website has further information on the game and specifics about their programs (including introductory, new-player, and regular-player sessions), timetables, and other information.

2. New York Media Boats

New York Media Boats

Take a high-speed boat ride along the skyline of New York City. Taking a trip around the Hudson River with New York Media Boats is an excellent opportunity to learn about the history of the city's waterfront, in addition to providing excellent opportunities for sightseeing. The guided trip lasts for around 1.5 hours and points out over 40 attractions along the local waterways. You will get the opportunity to view the city from a variety of fantastic vantage points that have been meticulously selected with the interests of the photographer in mind.

We'll get you within feet of prominent sights while yet giving you enough of space to take in the city skyline from a new vantage point. Our experienced captains are certified by the United States Coast Guard. They will halt the boat at several locations along the route to provide you with the chance to snap photographs of renowned landmarks and point out all sites of interest. During your time in New York City, participating in this activity is not only a great method to get to know the city's topography but also a lot of fun for both visitors and those who live there.

3. Rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders

Rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders

In addition to being a specialized rock-climbing facility, Brooklyn Boulders is also a vibrant and creative community. They can provide a premium training ground for expert climbers thanks to their 22,000 square feet of climbing surface and their devoted and professional route-setting team. Additionally, they are able to provide a range of routes for climbers who are just starting out. In addition, they provide sessions in yoga, acroyoga, capoeira, and a range of other fitness activities.

4. Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving

If you go to iFLY in Westchester, they have a cutting-edge simulated indoor skydiving vertical wind tunnel that you can use to practice your skydiving abilities before you really jump out of an aircraft. Because of this innovation, skydivers now have a reliable and useful method to practice and perfect abilities that would previously have required them to jump out of an airplane.

In addition, the proliferation of wind tunnels has led to the development of a whole new sub-discipline of athletic competition known as body flight. It is one of the sports that is most fascinating to watch and also one of the sports that is developing at the quickest rate. Visit their website at this link to learn more about the world of body flight, including the latest news, upcoming contests, and video demonstrations of flying techniques.

5. Flying Trapeze

Flying Trapeze

Conquer your anxieties and give flying trapeze a try! This blew our minds. Examine the results of our experience here. The performers of Elizabeth Streb's group, STREB (which was formerly known as Streb/Ringside), are known for their dexterity, technical prowess, and warmhearted appeal to the general public. The company was established in New York City in 1985 by the choreographer Elizabeth Streb.

Since its inception, the company has traveled both artistically and geographically, ascending to the pinnacle of the experimental dance world and descending to the forefront of mainstream entertainment. It is possible to take lessons in a wide variety of activities, such as parkour, trampoline, and acrobatics, among others.

6. Trampoline Parks

Trampoline Parks

Spend the day jumping, flipping, and somersaulting your cares away at one of the four trampoline parks located in and around the New York City metropolitan region. For someone who used to compete in gymnastics, discovering that they existed was like a dream come true. Click this link to see our experience and locate the one that is most convenient for you.

7. Bubble Ball Soccer

Bubble Ball Soccer

Absolutely, this is out there! We gave it a go. Watch our video by clicking on the link. Bubble soccer NYC is the game of choice for those who are passionate about extreme sports and activities in the area. An intense hour will be spent competing against (and bouncing off of) other thrill-seekers in order to score goals for your side. You've never had this much fun in a pick-up game before, and you never will again!

The game encourages tremendous teamwork and collaboration from all of its participants.  This is the ideal approach for the company, the neighborhood, or any other kind of group or organization to come together outside for a bonding or team-building activity of the highest quality.

8. Fly a Plane/Helicopter

Fly a Plane/Helicopter

You have the ambition to reach the skies. The Academy of Aviation has the ability to bring your idea to life and give it flight. You may gain a feel for flying in a small aircraft by taking an introductory flight lesson in a helicopter or a Cessna first. If you liked it, you may seek a pilot's license!

9. Archery


Master the art of using a bow and arrow as Katniss Everdeen did in The Hunger Games! Another enjoyable activity that we've participated in is this one.  If you are seeking to hire equipment for your first-time archery experience, they offer 2-hour rental packages for $20 per person for adults and $15 per person for youngsters ages 8 to 17 years old. This deal covers everything you need to get started with archery, including equipment rental, range time, and lessons on proper form and how to be safe.

10. Snowboard & Ski

Snowboard & Ski

You will have the benefit of being able to relax and enjoy your vacation, as well as save money by renting equipment and/or booking courses with Sourced Adventures. They provide a selection of excursions to seven of the mountains that are located closest to New York City.

11. Horseback ride in Central Park

Horseback ride in Central Park

Riding horses in Central Park is allowed throughout the park's normal operating hours and throughout the whole year. The bridle route that was just recently restored in Central Park is around six miles long and goes around the Reservoir as well as the North Meadow. Central Park has been home to an equestrian community for the better part of the last century and a half, ever since the park's conception as a public space.

There is some indication that Central Park was initially intended to be seen from a horseback riding perspective. Trails such as the bridle route close to the Reservoir are built of firm, compacted soil and are just as ideal for horseback riding as they had been when the park was opened.

12. Chelsea Piers

Chelsea Piers

This is the best playground in all of New York City. They provide more than 25 different sports for children and adults, some of which include basketball, boxing, figure skating, golf, gymnastics, sand volleyball, and many more. I really like the adult gymnastics lessons that are offered here.

13. Kayak, SUP & Surf Ski

Kayak, SUP & Surf Ski

Paddling a kayak along the skyline of New York City is an experience unlike any other. The last time we did this, we had a great time. Check out the article we have here. Manhattan Kayak is the leading kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) instruction and touring business in New York City. The firm was established in 1995. Eric Stiller returned to new york adventures after paddling a kayak for a portion of the way around Australia and riding a bicycle for the remaining distance so that he might plant the seeds of adventure in the minds of others.

Manhattan Kayak adopts a strategy that is centered on the core, assisting paddlers in kayaks and stand-up paddleboards in discovering New York City in exciting and original ways. Their easy-to-follow daily kayaking and paddle-boarding programs are available from May 1 to November 1 and run for 365 days.

14. A day at the pool

A day at the pool

There's nothing quite like going for a swim to get your blood pumping and your body in shape, whether it's the middle of summer or the dead of winter. The mission of NYC Parks is to get you in the water as often as possible throughout the year. Visit their free outdoor pools throughout the summer, and if you become a member of the recreation center, you may swim in their inside pools as well.

15. Cross-Country Ski

Cross-Country Ski

You may want to give some thought to going cross-country skiing as a means of escaping the icy concrete jungle that is Manhattan. A quick trip on the train or bus will get you to the snow-free slopes and tranquil white noise of open woodlands not far from where you are now. These nearby retreats for cross-country skiing are all close enough to New York City to be reached in a single day, yet just remote enough to make you forget about the city.

16. Skydiving


If jumping out of an airplane is something that's always been on your "to-do" list, then you owe it to yourself to look into tandem skydiving with Skydiving Over New York. Come along with them to witness the thrills and anticipation of completely free-fall skydiving over New York City in the most exhilarating manner possible.

It is one of the most significant and rewarding trips in one's life. The sensation is difficult to put into words, and the high continues for many days after consumption. Discovering skydiving is one of those things that will undoubtedly alter the course of your life.

17. Surf at Rockaway Beach

Surf at Rockaway Beach

Locals Surf School was established in 2011 by two Rockaway Beach, New York, natives who have been surfing and skating for their whole lives.  the company's founders recognized an opportunity to fill a hole in the New York City surf lesson market by offering excellent instruction from experienced locals who had a love for the sport and culture of surfing. They did this by delivering surf lessons in New York City. Over the course of the last five years, Locals Surf School has developed into a well-known brand that is renowned for its high-quality customer service as well as its profoundly genuine surfing origins. Now more than ever, they are doing more than ever before by providing a wide variety of surf and skate classes, camps for children, charitable activities, competitions, festivals, parties, and more.

18. Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike

You may not believe that mountain biking is even feasible in the city, yet... Think again! One of the most well-known places in New York City for mountain biking is Cunningham Park. It is smack in the middle of Queens and has some of the most well-maintained trails in the surrounding region. If you're looking for fun places to go in NYC with friends, check out this list of the top places to mountain bike in and around New York City compiled by the NYC Mountain Bike Association if the commute to Queens is too far for you.

19. Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing

Do you want some serious action while fishing?  What do you say we take a trip for some trophy-sized striped bass and gorilla blues? They fish for Stripers and Bluefish EVERY evening on the Marilyn Jean IV, so they always have the most up-to-date knowledge on where to locate the fish, regardless of whether they are fishing in the bay or the ocean. They are able to tailor a fishing trip specifically to meet your requirements in every way.

Whether you are interested in a full-day excursion lasting seven hours or a half-day excursion lasting four hours, those of you who are night owls may take advantage of the fact that they are also accessible for night fishing outings.  Fishing may be a joyful and simple activity throughout the whole night, thanks to her strong lights that are stationed all over the deck.

20. Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing

Daily ice climbing instruction is provided by Alpine Endeavors in their home bases in the Catskills and the Adirondacks, as well as in other regions around the Northeast. You may choose between going on a private trip, going on a group trip, or participating in one of their specialty programs, all of which are geared to provide you with an incredible experience.

21. Bike ride in Central Park or along the Hudson River Greenway

Bike ride in Central Park or along the Hudson River Greenway

Rental bicycles are available via Central Park Sightseeing and guided bicycle tours of the city. What could possibly be more enjoyable than a guided bike ride around Central Park, the first public park in the United States to be landscaped? Your tour guide, who is a city-licensed professional, will ride along with you and show you all the park has to offer, including the Bethesda Fountain, secret waterfalls, cast-iron bridges, movie locations, celebrity mansions, skyscrapers, and other things to do in Central Park, all while passing under many of the park's 26,000 trees. The history of New York City will be explained to you in terms of the growth of the city and its parks, and you will get this knowledge.  You will even be able to cycle straight up to Strawberry Fields, which is a monument dedicated to the life of John Lennon, and you will be able to view the iconic building where he resided.

22. Go Tubing

Go Tubing

It's important to keep in mind that their other activities out there besides skiing, snowboarding, and creating snow angels in the wintertime. Forget the boots, the goggles, and the other equipment, and just sit back and enjoy the simple delights of snow tubing. Sitting is truly all that is required to participate in this "sport." At these three amazing snow tubing locations close to New York City, all you need is some warm clothing and a hunger for some action-packed fun, and you'll be ready to go. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is New York a good place for tourists to go?

New York is known for a lot of things but its artistic skills and the talented people who live there are among them. It is also a great place to find big, interesting museums. If you like quiet places to think and beautiful sights this is a great place to go.

Why is New York City so cool?

The Empire State Building the Statue of Liberty St. Patricks Cathedral Grand Central Station and more. You will find amazing works of architecture and more things to do in New York City than you can count.

Is New York affordable to visit?

New York City is one of the most expensive places in the world so even a cheap trip there costs a lot. Spending less than 1 000 Dollars per week in New York City is possible. But it will be less fancy and have more free things to do like going to Central Park and Washington Square Park.20-Oct-2022

Why does New York cost so much?

Everything is expensive in New York City for many different reasons. Some of the most important ones are the high demand for homes the city standing as a global economic and cultural hub and the high cost of transportation.

What does NYC often call the Big Apple?

John J. Fitz Geralds New York Morning Telegraph column on New York horse races and racecourses started in the 1920s. He called the large awards the big apple signifying the greatest and largest one can attain.
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