Explore 27 Best Family Restaurants In New York - Detailed Review for Foodies and Tourist

Looking for the best family restaurants in New York? Find out what's good to eat, from kid-friendly salads to adventurous traditional foods.

Family Restaurants In New York
Explore 27 Best Family Restaurants In New York - Detailed Review for Foodies and Tourist

Are you looking to dine-in in the best restaurants in New York City with a classy environment and delicious menus? The grand city has various cafes, bars, food markets, and restaurants to enjoy the most delicious cuisines at average prices, the most expensive and classy restaurants, and the most affordable or even cheap cafes and food markets. New Yorkers are food lovers and enjoy dining at open-air bars, small cafes, luxury restaurants, and buzzing food streets. But new tourists and visitors in the city must find the best restaurants or cafes in NYC while exploring the city. How are the food, the cost, and the environment, for their family, friends, and pets?

The city has several stunning places to visit and countless food points to enjoy lovely meals at superb venues. The global melting pot has fantastic top restaurants in NYC and has diverse cuisines and food variations with dynamic cultures and atmospheres. However, it is a hotdog from the food cart, a delicious pizza slice from Little Italy's Italian restaurant, espresso coffee with chocolate brownies at a coffee shop or superb Mexican or French meals at a luxury restaurant, chicken dumplings at the famous food street at China Town or lovely black and white cookies from the favorite bakeries. They will love the tasty treats and yummy food at super cool New York City venues.

Let’s Explore The 27 Best Family Restaurants in NYC

1. HomeTown BarBQue Brooklyn, NYC

Home Town BarBQue Brooklyn NYC

BBQ Restaurant is Suitable for Big families, Parties, Birthdays, and Events.
Location: 454 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NYC.

There are various out-class and affordable restaurants to dine in and the best hotels to stay in New York City, HomeTown BBQ is one of the finest BBQ restaurants in Brooklyn, NYC.

Enjoy the delicious smoked or grilled beef briskets and Beef Ribs with lovely live music and handmade cocktails and wines. With the yummy flavors of smoked bbq on oakwood and a pleasant atmosphere like a real barn space, you can enjoy dinner with your whole family or a big circle of colleagues or friends at one large table. The Menu has veggies and tacos with sides and desserts, so if you want something other than bbq, try the side menu and desserts. Celebrate the events or birthday parties and enjoy the best BBQ in the city.

2. Chamma Mamma Georgian Restaurant, NYC

Chamma Mamma Georgian Restaurant - NYC

Georgian Restaurant is Suitable for Big Families, Birthdays, and Delivery
Location: 28 Mott St A, Chinatown, NYC.

Try out the tasty Georgian Khachapuri, the delicious Georgian Cuisine, and premium wines at the lovely Georgian restaurant Chamma Mamma. Take out your whole family or a group of friends for a lovely Georgian dinner at this exclusive restaurant. Enjoy Georgian dumplings, salads, soups, wraps, and burgers. The restaurant is well known for its flavorsome Georgian Khachapuri.

3. Peking Duck House Restaurant, NYC

Peking Duck House Restaurant, NYC

Chinese Restaurant is Suitable for Big Families, and Weekend Dinners
Location: 149 W 14th St, Chelsea, New York City.

How about delicious Chinese Cuisine in famous China Town, the home of several Chinese Americans? The Pecking Duck House is in the heart of China Town in NYC. Enjoy savory meals with Chinese Cuisine with its tasty aroma of dumplings, hot and sour soup, pecking Duck with noodles or fried rice, or shrimp in garlic sauce. Enjoy the best Chinese food and drinks in New York City in Chinatown with a circle of friends and family, and reserve a superb spot for birthdays or events.

4. Pasty's Pizzeria Restaurant, NYC

Pasty's Pizzeria Restaurant, NYC

Pizza Parlor is Suitable for Kids, Families, and Weekend Dinners.
Location: 801 2nd Ave, Turtle Bay, New York City.

Pasty's Pizzeria is a lovely Italian restaurant famous for its original taste for coal oven pizzas. Dine with your kids, family, and friends for super-hot coal oven-baked yummy pizzas, creamy, cheesy Pasta, chicken and veggie salads, appetizers, and top wines. Reserve the table for a delicious pizza treat and enjoy the evening with a lovely Italian menu and music at Pasty's Pizzeria.

5. BCD Tofu House, NYC

BCD Tofu House, NYC

Tofu House is suitable for Friends and Families and Late Night Dinners.
Location: 5W. 32nd Street, Manhattan, New York City.

BCD Tofu House is a traditional Korean restaurant open till midnight for late-night dinners for families. It serves delicious Tofu soup with beef, shrimp, and clam in a bubbling hot stone dish, Kimchi Tofu, Dumpling Tofu, Ham and sausage Tofu, Soybean pastes Tofu, Galbi BBQ short rib, Spicy bbq chicken, Spicy bbq pork Bulgogi, Stir-fried Teriyaki Chicken, Spicy Raw Crab, beverages, drinks, and combo meals—the best place to taste Korean food in NYC.

6. Upland American Restaurant, NYC

Upland American Restaurant, NYC

Upland Restaurant is suitable for families, Lunch, and Dinners
Location: 345 Park Ave South, New York City.

Are you looking for American meals? The Californian recipes merge with Italian cuisines, giving a delicious taste and lovely aroma in the Upland American restaurant. Delicious Margherita, Sausage Kale and Mushroom Pizzas, Gem Salad, Chicory Salad, Beef Tartare, Crispy Duck Wings, lobster cavatelli, Rigatoni, cheese sandwiches, burgers, Stir Steaks, Brussels Sprouts, Salmon benedict, Eggs benedict, Apple Pie sundae, and Upland cookie basket are the delicious Menu from the kitchen of Upland restaurant. Enjoy tasty meals with family and friends at Upland in a relaxed atmosphere with superb wines.

7. Ayada Thai Restaurant, NYC

Ayada Thai Restaurant, NYC

Ayada Thai Restaurant is suitable for Casual Dinners, large families, and walk-ins
Location: 7708 Woodside Ave, Queens, NYC.

Ayada Thai restaurant serves the best Thai Cuisine in the city: a small narrow restaurant but elegant furniture and affordable food. Thai Menu includes Bbq Beef Tender, Satay Chicken Skewers, Crab Rolls, Fried Tofu, Shrimp In Blanket, Thai Sausages, Fish Cakes, Catfish Salad, Sausage Salad, Sour Sausage Fried Rice, Pad Thai Noodles, Soft Shell Crab, Taro Custard, and Steamed Coconut Pudding. Dine in the superb classy Thai restaurant and enjoy your lovely meals in a relaxed environment.

8. Queensboro Restaurant, NYC

Queensboro Restaurant, NYC

Queensboro Restaurant suits Date Night Dinners, Big Friends Circle, and Families.
Location: 80-02 Northern Blvd, Queens, NYC.

Queensboro is an American Cuisine Restaurant near Jackson Heights, Queens, NYC. The restaurant has enough space for parties and big circles, perfect for date night dinners for its classy supreme interiors and soothing atmosphere. Its classic American Menu includes Buffalo Ricotta Bruschetta, Halloumi & Mushroom Skewer, Rigatoni Alla Norma, Shrimp Cocktail, Mushroom Cavatelli, Chips & Dip, Oysters, Pizza, Chocolate Pudding, and Ice creams in new york. Enjoy your evening at a super cool place and perfect meals with friends and family.

9. Kyma Greek Restaurant, NYC

Kyma Greek Restaurant, NYC

Kyma Restaurant suits Family Dinners, Big Friends Circle, and Parties.
Location: 15 W 18th St, Long Island, New York City.

Kyma Restaurant has Greek Traditional Cuisines, a pleasant atmosphere, and elegant interiors, perfect for family dinners, events and parties, and groups of friends. The Greek Menu has Salmon Crudo, Tuna Tartare, Shrimp Santorini, Crab Cakes, Kyma Chips, Lamb Chops, and Free-Range Chicken. Cocktails include Spicy Margaritas, Mango crushes, Lychee Martinis, and Wines. Kyma has two branches. One is at Flatiron, and the second is at Hudson Yards, New York City. So if you want to try traditional Greek flavors, dine in at Kyma restaurant, NYC.

10. Santo Bruklin Restaurant, NYC

Santo Bruklin Restaurant, NYC

Santo Bruklin Restaurant is suitable for Casual Family Dinners and Outdoors.
Location: 548 Court St, Brooklyn, NYC.

Santo Bruklin is a Brazilian American restaurant with a classic environment and a dining hall with an expansive patio. Do you want to try Brazilian American food? You can try their delicious Menu, including Kale Salad, Burgers, Steak, Chicken and Bacon, Chocolate Mousse Cake, Fried Chicken and Yucca Waffles, Steak, and Eggs, Avocado Toast, Santo Benny, Chef Ely's Pudim.

11. Wu's Wonton King Restaurant, NYC

Wus Wonton King Restaurant, NYC

Wu's Wonton King Restaurant suits Big Families, Circle of Friends, Parties, and Business Dinners.
Location: 165 E Broadway, Lower East Side, New York, NYC.

Wu's Wonton King is a Chinese restaurant serving traditional Chinese Cuisine in a pleasant environment. The restaurant has an extensive menu including Shrimp with Spicy Sauce, Short Ribs & Eggplant w. Garlic Sauce, Beef & Green Pepper w. Black Bean Sauce, Chicken w. Garlic Sauce, Roast Duck w. Rice (Lunch), Steamed Dace Fish Ball (Lunch), Chaozhou Dumpling (Lunch), Clam & Fish Cake (4) (Lunch), Singapore Rice Noodle (Lunch), New York No. 1 Wonton, Fish Filet & Tofu Casserole, Lamb & Bean Curd Stick Casserole, Duck Web & Shitake Mushroom Casserole, and Tai Pang Rice Noodles. The restaurant has a remarkable BYOB policy for guests.

12. Negril Restaurant, NYC

Negril Restaurant, NYC

Negril Restaurant suits Big Families and Groups of Friends, Birthday Parties, Weekend Dinners, and Date Night Dinners.
Location: 256 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NYC.

Negril is a Caribbean restaurant in Brooklyn, New York city. The superb and classy style decors and calm environment are soothing and relaxing; enjoy the Caribbean meals with lovely drinks. The delicious Menu has BBQ Ribs, Pepper Shrimp, Caesar Salad, Grilled Chicken, Jerk Salmon, Pizzas, Seafood Stew, Chicken Curry, Island Pasta, Lobsters, and Passion Fruit Cheese Cakes.

You can also enjoy birthday parties or a big group of friends at a large table with perfect Caribbean meals, superb wines, and cocktails.

13. Mama Fina's Restaurant, NYC

Mama Fina's Restaurant, NYC

Mama Fina's Restaurant suits Big Families and Groups of Friends, Weekend Dinners, and Walk-ins.
Location: 167 Avenue A, East Village, New York City.

Mama Fina's is a Filipino restaurant well known as House of Sisig. Its special Filipino Sisig menu has TapsiLog, Spaghetti with Fried Chicken Wings, Kare Kare, Pork Sisig, Crispy Pata, LongSilog, Tenderloin Tips, Tuna Sisig, Chicken Sisig, Tofu Sisig, desserts, sides, and various drinks. The best Walk-in restaurant, and if you love Filipino Sisig food, you must try the food at Mama Fina's House of Sisig in East Village.

14. Sami's Kebab House Restaurant, NYC

Sami's Kebab House Restaurant, NYC

Sami's Kebab House Restaurant suits Big Families and Friends, Weekend Dinners, and Halal Food.
Location: 35-57 Crescent St, Astoria, NYC.

The Sami's Kebab House is a traditional Afghan Kebab restaurant with traditional Eastern-style decors and delicious kebabs, smoked beef, and grilled meat with a plate of rice and sauce. The juicy and spicy kebabs with a lovely aroma and hot spicy flavor are smoked and grilled on a coal fire with a unique, unforgettable taste in NYC.

15. Cafe Altro Paradiso Restaurant, NYC

Cafe Altro Paradiso Restaurant, NYC

Cafe Altro Paradiso is a Bar Restaurant for friends and Weekend Dinners.
Location: 234 Spring St, Soho, New York City.

Cafe Altro Paradiso is an Italian restaurant and bar with delicious traditional Italian meals, classic wines, and beer. The restaurant has specific Italian food, Pasta, and cocktails are the famous Menu on the list. The elegant wooden furniture and marble tops tables, lovely bar with exclusive wines can make you feel super classy at this place.

16. Bamonte's Italian Restaurant, NYC

Bamonte's Italian Restaurant, NYC

Bamonte's Italian Restaurant suits a Big Circle of friends, families, Parties, and Dinners.
Location: 32 Withers St, Brooklyn, NYC.

Bamonte's is an old-style Italian restaurant with simple and elegant decors with delicious Italian Cuisine. If you want to dine in with a big circle of friends at a large table, you can enjoy dinner at Bamonte's. The Menu has a Shrimp cocktail, Clams on half shells, Fried Zucchini, Arugula, Tomato, and Onion Salad, Cavatelli with Bolognese Sauce, Fettuccine Alfredo, Spaghetti with MeatBalls, Broiled Lamb Chops, and Chicken Cacciatore With Mushrooms.

17. Han Dynasty Restaurant, NYC

Han Dynasty Restaurant, NYC

Han Dynasty Restaurant for Big families, Low-Cost Food, and Delivery.
Location: 215 W 85th St, Upper West Side, New York City.

The Han Dynasty is a Chinese but very affordable restaurant. It’s delicious Chinese Menu has famous Dan-Dan Noodles, Hot Chili Wontons, Dry Chicken Chili, Beef and Tripe in Chili Oil, Dumplings in Chili Oil, and Rice Noodles. The restaurant serves big groups of people and is also reasonable for delivery.

18. Ops Pizza Restaurant, NYC

Ops Pizza Restaurant, NYC

Ops Pizza Restaurant for Weekend Dinners, Walk-ins, and Eating at a Bar.
Location: 346 Himrod St, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC.

Ops Pizza serves various flavors of pizza at an affordable cost. The famous Menu on the list is the Marinara, Margherita, and Square Pie. The Chilled Red, Rose, Sparkle, and Cider Wines are prominent on the Menu at the bar.

19. Locanda Verde Restaurant, NYC

Locanda Verde Restaurant, NYC

Locanda Verde Restaurant for Celebrity Sightseeing, Private Dinners, and Birthdays.
Location: 377 Greenwich St, Tribeca, New York City.

Locanda Verde is an Italian restaurant with elegant and classy decor and furnishing with Italian Pasta and Fire roasted Garlic Chicken flavors. This spot is an ideal Italian food point to celebrate birthdays and private dinners.

20. Al Di La Restaurant, NYC

Al Di La Restaurant, NYC

Al Di La Restaurant for Walk-ins, Family Dinners, and Weekend Dinners.
Location: 248 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NYC.

Al Di La Trattoria is a traditional Italian Restaurant in Brooklyn. With the lovely interiors and a pleasant environment, you can enjoy Italian Cuisine with your family on weekends. The top of the Menu is famous Pasta, beer, and wines.

21. Yoon Haeundae Galbi Restaurant, NYC

Yoon Haeundae Galbi Restaurant, NYC

Yoon Haeundae Galbi Restaurant for Family Dinners and Business Dinners.
Location: 8 W 36th St., Mid Town, New York City.

The Korean restaurant is a famous spot for families and Korean BBQ dinners. The Beef BBQ Steaks are top on the Menu with Wines and Beers.

The place is perfect for Business Meetings and dinners.

22. J.G. Melon Restaurant, NYC

J.G. Melon Restaurant, NYC

J.G. Melon Restaurant for Solo Dine-in and Quick Eats.
Location: 1291 3rd Ave, Upper East Side, New York City.

J.G. Melon is a casual restaurant for quick eats. The Menu has Burgers, Soups, Sandwiches, Salads, Steaks, Desserts, Wines, Champagne, and Beers. It's affordable and a great place to dine in, with a superb bar in the restaurant.

23. Le Bernardin Restaurant, NYC

Le Bernardin Restaurant, NYC

Le Bernardin Restaurant for Family Dinners, Business Dinners, and Parties.
Location: 155 W 51st St, Radio City Music Hall, New York.

Le Bernardin is a French Restaurant in NYC. The restaurant has classic luxurious interiors and a fantastic atmosphere to dine in with your family and friends. The delicious French Cuisine for dinner, lunch, desserts, and wine is famous in the city. The restaurant has a dining hall, lounge, and wine bar.

24. Haile Restaurant, NYC

Haile Restaurant, NYC

Haile Restaurant for Family Dinners, Weekend Dinners, and Vegetarians.
Location: 182 Avenue B #1, East Village, New York City.

Haile is an Ethiopian restaurant in NYC. The spot has a traditional African ambiance with the specific Cuisine. The main course at the restaurant is Beef, Lamb, Poultry, and Vegetarian meals and Appetizers from Ethiopian Menus.

25. Mission Ceviche Restaurant, NYC

Mission Ceviche Restaurant, NYC

Mission Ceviche Restaurant for Family Dinners, Big Circle, Birthdays, and Patio.
Location: 1400 2nd Ave, Upper East Side, New York City.

Mission Ceviche is a Peruvian restaurant in the Upper East Side, NYC. The restaurant has famous seafood and Rum on top of the Menu, and appetizers, Grills, and desserts are a delicious addition to the dinner. The bar has classic wines and cocktails for servings.

26. Farida Uzbek Restaurant, NYC

Farida Uzbek Restaurant, NYC

Farida Uzbek Restaurant for Weekend Dinners and Family Dinners.
Location: 498 9th Ave, MidTown, New York City.

Farida is a traditional Uzbek Restaurant with Central Asian Food with Asian style decors and Halal meals from Uzbek Cuisine. The top of the Menu is Salad, Appetizers, and Soups. The main dishes have Kebabs and Stew with Desserts and drinks.

27. Ruta Oaxaca Restaurant, NYC

Ruta Oaxaca Restaurant, NYC

Ruta Oaxaca Restaurant for Big Circle of Friends, Birthdays, Weekend Dinners, and Patio.
Location: 35-03 Broadway, Astoria, Queens, NYC.

Ruta Oaxaca is a traditional Mexican restaurant with excellent decor, perfect for big groups of friends and families and patio dine-in. Lovely Mexican food with superb classic wines and cocktails at the restaurant.


You have plenty of options to choose where to visit and where to dine-in in New York City. The city has dynamic Cuisines and food variations with various places to visit and dine in a pleasant atmosphere with delicious meals.

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