The Best 28 Bronx Attractions, New York- 2024

bronx attractions
The Best 28 Bronx Attractions, New York- 2024

The Bronx is located in the NYC's northernmost area. It is considered to be a must-visit city. The city is positioned only a little distance from Manhattan's Midtown, nearby by subway ride. Travelers will discover the implausible culinary scene, with some of the finest Italian, Latin, and soul food. It claims a captivating history and an overabundance of beautiful art galleries.
Separately from being the hip-hop birth place and home to America’s largest zoo, the Bronx has some of the attractive green spaces, comprising the New York Botanical Garden and Pelham Bay Park. So, in this blog we will explore the major Bronx attractions.

The 28 Bronx Attractions

1. Arthur Avenue Retail Market

Arthur Avenue Retail Market

Arthur Avenue Retail Marketplace is a momentous shopping destination in the Bronx. The market unlocked its doors in 1940 and is situated in the Arthur Avenue area near the Bronx Zoo and Crotona Park. The marketplace is included of a diversity of small, family-owned shops that offering an extensive selection of Italian food, spices, deli meats, and other specialty items. The marketplace is also home to a common open-air market where venders offer fresh fruits, vegetables, and other nearby sourced items.

2. Barretto Point Park

Barretto Point Park

Barretto Point Park is a stunning park that offers a variety of leisure activities and picturesque scenery. The park is positioned on the banks of the East River, delivering spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline. It can be the best things to do in lower Manhattan. It characterizes a boat launch, two angling piers, and a playground. The park also boasts a diversity of native plants and wildlife, along with mobile trails, picnic areas, and a beach.

3. Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum

Bartow Pell Mansion Museum

Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum is a striking historic mansion in the Bronx, New York. Constructed in 1836 and formerly owned by Robert Bartow, the mansion is today a National Historic Landmark and works as a museum of American decorative arts from the 19th century. The museum characterize a diversity of historic relics, comprising furniture, paintings, and artifacts from the Bartow family.

4. Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

Bronx botanical garden in the Bronx borough of NYC, is an extensive urban oasis that gives a comprehensive variety of unique things to do in NYC.
Straddling over 700 acres, the park is home to the well-known Bronx Zoo, one of the major metropolitan zoos in the world, where people can marvel at a varied array of animal species.

5. Bronx River Greenway

Bronx River Greenway

The Bronx River Greenway is an indispensable part of the Bronx landscape, linking Bronx inhabitants to the borough’s natural and historical possessions. The 23-mile long greenway tracks along the Bronx River, start at the Kensico Dam in Valhalla and ending at the East River in Hunts Point. The greenway contains a diversity of Best things to do in New York such as biking and walking trails, baseball and soccer fields, playgrounds, picnic areas, and a boat launch.

6. BronxArt Centres

BronxArt Centres

BronxArtSpace is an arts and folk center devoted to endorsing the work of Bronx-based artists. The center features a gallery space, a presentation theater, classrooms and workshops, and a café. The gallery space crowds exhibitions from local and national artists, offering an opportunity for peoples to engross with the work of some of the most thrilling contemporary artists.

7. City Island

City Island

It is an old-fashioned village in the East Bronx. City Island was once an angling village that is now home to a vivacious community. People can discover the many Bronx attractions the island has to offer, e.g., the City Island Nautical Museum, the City Island Historical Society, and the City Island Arts Center. There are also a diversity of best restaurants in the Bronx, specialty shops, and art galleries. Outdoor doings contain swimming, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and biking.

8. Clason Point Park

Clason Point Park

Clason Point Park is a 20-acre waterfront park positioned on the East River. The park claims a variability of entertaining activities comprising basketball courts, a beach, a playground, and a long pier. It also characterize a spectacular natural scenery in the form of plush vegetation and a variability of wildlife species. Clason Point Park is a seamless spot for visitors to find one of the best places in the Bronx and enjoy a variety of recreational activities.

9. Congo Gorilla Forest

Congo Gorilla Forest

The Congo Gorilla Forest is the largest indoor home of its kind in the USA. This fabulous habitat is home to western lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, colobus monkeys, and a diversity of other species. People can discover the lush, green rainforest-like atmosphere, and view the animals in their natural home from the ease of a remark deck.

10. Crotona Park

Crotona Park

Crotona Park is a spectacular park that offers visitors with wonderful views, nonviolent settings, and a wealth of frivolous activities. Spanning 266 acres, the park features a 30-acre lake, a pool, numerous playgrounds, a recreation center, and a diversity of trails and paths. Moreover, the park has a diversity of sports facilities, counting softball and baseball fields, basketball courts, soccer fields, and handball courts.

11. Edgar Allan Poe Cottage

Edgar Allan Poe Cottage

The Edgar Allan Poe Cottage is a National Important Landmark. The cottage was the previous home of the well-known author Edgar Allan Poe. The cottage was constructed in 1812. It is positioned in the Bronx's Poe Park and is enclosed by the picturesque Crotona Park and Barretto Point Park. People to the cottage can discover the small museum situated inside, which comprises memorabilia and artifacts from the author's life.

12. Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, NYBG

Enid A Haupt Conservatory NYBG

The Enid A. Haupt Conservatory is a fabulous glass house that offering visitors the chance to discover a diversity of environments and ecosystems from all around the globe. Covering 12,000 square feet, the conservatory houses over 10,000 plants from tropical rainforests, deserts, and other diverse habitats.

13. Ferry Point Park

Ferry Point Park

Ferry Point Park is a picturesque park that offering people a variety of fun activities and splendid natural features. Situated just south of Crotona Park and east of Williamsbridge Oval, the park offers visitors with awe-inspiring sights of the East River and the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge. The park also features lavish green spaces, walking and running paths, and playgrounds for kids.

14. Henry Hudson Park

Henry Hudson Park

Henry Hudson Park is a public park. This park offering a spectacular views of the East River, and features a huge grassy area for picnics, a play area for children, and a mobile trail for people to enjoy. The park also hosts several proceedings and activities all over the year, such as movie nights, outdoor concerts, and a series of family-friendly programs.

15. Holiday Train Show, NYBG

Holiday Train Show NYBG

The Holiday Train Show is a must-see holiday custom. People are asked to discover a small world of model trains, bridges, and copies of famed New York City landmarks, all made from natural resources e.g., twigs, bark, and leaves. The display is positioned in the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, where people can also sightsee lush gardens and tropical plants.

16. Hunter Island

Hunter Island

Hunter Island is home to a miscellaneous variety of flora and fauna, with marshlands, tidal pools, and a diversity of birds, amphibians, and mammals. It is also homespun to a variability of historical and cultural sites, containing a Revolutionary War encampment and a number of Native American sites. The island is simply available from the mainland by boat, and is a common spot for bird watching, kayaking, and fishing.

17. Macombs Dam Park

Macombs Dam Park

Macombs Dam Park is a picturesque park of the Bronx, NYC. It areas 15 acres of waterfront land and offering people a variability of fun things to do in the Bronx and spectacular natural features, such as a lake, wooded trails, and a long pier overlooking the Harlem River. People can also relish views of the Edgar Allan Poe Cottage, the Wild Asia Monorail, and the Bronx Zoo from the park's pier.

18. Mill Pond Park

Mill Pond Park

Mill Pond Park is an attractive spot for visitors to appreciate. The park is home-grown to a large pond, enclosed by a plush green lawn and a diversity of trees. There are also mobile trails that wander through the park, creating it a great spot for an unhurried stroll. Other frivolous activities like fishing and boating are also common in the park and there is a eat al fresco area where people can enjoy a meal with family and friends.

19. Nathaniel Cole Park

Nathaniel Cole Park

It is a common destination for outdoor fans. Situated along the Susquehanna River, the park offering a diversity of facilities and activities for guests to relish. The park has a picnic area, playground, fishing pier, and more than 7 miles of trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. People can also hire canoes, kayaks, and other watercraft to explore the river.

20. New York Botanical Garden

New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) located in the Bronx area of NYC. Established in 1891, the NYBG distances over 250 acres and is a center for botanical research, education, and conservation. The beautiful garden claims an assorted collection of plant species from everywhere the world, with stunning gardens, lush landscapes, and themed exhibitions.

21. Orchard Beach

Orchard Beach

Orchard Beach is the only public beach in the Bronx and has turn out to be a common destination for tourists. Orchard Beach features a 1.1-mile long boardwalk, making it the major public beach in the city. The beach providing fabulous views of Long Island Sound and the city skyline. There are also a diversity of recreational activities accessible such as volleyball, tennis, and playgrounds.

22. Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden, NYBG

Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden NYBG

The Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden is an exquisite attraction for visitors. It features a magnificent display of over 250 diversities of roses globally, comprising numerous rare and threatened species. The garden is placed out in a way that highlights the beauty of the dissimilar cultivars and inspires guests to discover the striking display.

23. Pelham Bay

Pelham Bay

Pelham Bay Park is the largest park positioned in the Bronx. It comprises of hundreds of acres of land, comprising woodlands, salt marshes, and meadows. It is also homespun to Orchard Beach, which is the only open beach in the area. Monument Park at Yankee Stadium, is positioned within the park, is a homage to the legendary New York Yankees, the most effective team in Major League Baseball.

24. Pelham Bay Park

Pelham Bay Park

Pelham Bay Park is one of the largest park. Spanning 2,772 acres, the park is homespun to a diversity of wildlife and features pristine beaches, wooded hills and trails, and a spectacular marshland. The park is easily accessible from its entrance on the Hutchinson River Parkway, and people can relish a variety of activities all over the year, comprising fishing, boating, biking, hiking, and bird watching.

25. Rat Island

Rat Island

Rat Island is a small island positioned in the Bronx, NYC. It is a nature reserve in the East River and home to a diversity of birds, amphibians, and mammals. Rat Island offering visitors striking views of the Manhattan skyline from Orchard Beach, positioned nearby. The island is a seamless place for kayaking, fishing, and bird watching. It also comprises numerous historical sites, such as a Revolutionary War encampment and Native American sites.

26. Roberto Clemente State Park

Roberto Clemente State Park

Roberto Clemente State Park is a striking state park that is home to a variety of recreational activities. The park distances 25 acres of lavish green space and features two outdoor swimming pools, a soccer field, handball courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, a fully-equipped fitness center, a playground, picnic areas, and a walking/running track. The park also has its own harbor and is a boundless spot for fishing.

27. Seton Falls Park

Seton Falls Park

It is positioned in the Bronx, New York City recognized as a common destination for outdoor deeds. This park offering a variety of fun things to do in the Bronx, containing a playground, tennis courts, a baseball field, and a basketball court. There are also numerous picnic regions, so peoples can relish a meal in the fresh air. Seton Park also has numerous scenic trails that wind over the area, generous visitors a chance to take in the striking surroundings.

28. Soundview Park

Soundview Park

Soundview Park is an attractive park located on the East River. It is a common destination for people regarding to spend time outdoors and take in the wonderful views of the river with the nearby city. The park offering an extensive collection of fun things to do in the Bronx, including fishing, biking, running, and picnicking.


The Bronx. It’s the only area of NYC that is actually attached to the USA mainland. It’s too distant for several visitors and it makes it one of the lesser-known of The Big Apple areas. When considering for the finest places in the Bronx, the city has to be on your list. The Bronx has related too various bad stereotypes cheers to the media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Bronx worth visiting?

Yes: The Bronx is NYC's northernmost area, and is a must-visit. Vacationers will discover the unbelievable culinary scene, with some of the finest Italian, Latin, and soul food. It boasts a captivating history, frequent outdoor activities, and a overabundance of beautiful art galleries.

What is the Bronx famous for?

Not together from being the birthplace of hip-hop and home to America’s largest zoo, the Bronx is acknowledged for some of the attractive green spaces, comprising the New York Botanical Garden and Pelham Bay Park. It is also renowned for being home to Yankee Stadium.

Is the Bronx still rough?

The Bronx has continuously had a standing for being one of the hardest spots in NYC. It's true that there are risks here, but no more than in other major cities in the USA. Even the NYC subway can be secure and pleasurable to ride; it's all about how travelers and inhabitants handle themselves and their atmospheres.

What is Bronx NY famous for?

It's mainly acknowledged for being the hip-hop music birth place and as the home of the well-known expert baseball team, the New York Yankees. Notwithstanding these important features, few invitees to New York make it to the Bronx.

Why is the Bronx special?

From famous attractions e.g., the Bronx Zoo to the rich arts and cultural scene, there's somewhat for everybody to love. The hip hop birth place and salsa, the Bronx is a hub of imaginative expression and social pride.
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