How Big is Staten Island- Adventurous Facts to Visit

how big is staten island
How Big is Staten Island- Adventurous Facts to Visit

Staten Island, New York is a borough of NYC that offering its inhabitants incredible landscapes, entertainment and culture. From beach strolls to treks on the greenbelts, outdoor lovers can discover plenty of activities on the island. Art devotees will explore ingenuity and inspiration at the St. George Theatre or at several museums in the area. Staten Island has somewhat for everybody - amusement parks, zoos, sports complexes and beaches are just a few details to visit this vivacious borough. Staten Island has an expected population of 475,000 that makes it the smallest populated of the 5 boroughs, notwithstanding being the third-largest with 59 square miles of land. In fact, it is from time to time mentioned to as "the elapsed borough" by populaces who feel ignored. How big is Staten Island? It has a population density of 8,112 people per square mile, or 3,132 per square kilometer. Before moving to this Island, you would know some significant things about living here. In this blog we will explore the complete information regarding the Staten Island.

Living in Staten Island, NY

Living in Staten Island, NY

Are you going to Staten Island, NY? Must ensure you distinguish these seven things before determining to live on Staten Island!

Acknowledged as the elapsed borough, people often oversee this prodigious place to live and visit in NYC. Analyzing beautiful green spaces, beaches, museums, and historical buildings although being only a 25-minute travel into Manhattan, Staten Island is a great place to live.

Staten Island is the smallest populated New York City borough, with a population of 475,596, and is deliberated quiet and more conformist than the others. But, the people here are welcoming, and there are many things to do in Staten Island.

Is it expensive to live in Staten Island, New York City

Wherever you live in NYC, it will be costly. But that also means you will need to live where you catch your money's worth. Staten Island homes normally have the square footage, more oversize lots, and driveways in front of their homes, different other boroughs making them more appreciated.

The present median home value on the Island is everywhere $650k compared to Manhattan's crazy median home value of $1.5 million and Brooklyn's $842k. This area is much inexpensive but still higher than the national average of $428k.

Even though Staten Island is low-priced than several other boroughs, it is New York Cities' second wealthiest. The median household income is around $82,783, meaning several people here are making more but paying less!

If you need to live in luxury, Todt hill is for you. The classiest area to live with the median house value being around $1.1 million, this area is recognized for its spectacular homes and retiree community. This neighborhood is the highest natural point on the Eastern Seabord south of Maine and is 390ft above sea level. You also may identify a few striking homes here, such as Don Corleone's home from The Godfather.

Not everybody living on Staten Island is considering for the classiest place. If you are considering for something a bit more cost-effective, the most inexpensive place to live is going to be Arlington. The middle home value here is $330k, and people who live here relish a nice urban-suburban mix with several restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and more.

With the cost of homes fluctuating a reasonable amount contingent upon where you live here, it is easy to catch the best neighborhood for what you are considering for in Staten Island, NY.

Island Weather

When you consider of an island, people normally think of the sun-soaked beaches year-round with plush flowers and a cocktail with an umbrella in it cooling your hand. Awkwardly, not all islands are like this, and Staten Island is an area that experiences all four seasons.

Year-round Staten Island stays partially cloudy and sees around 47 inches of rain a year. But, during the spring and summer, this rain turns the parks and green spaces into attractive arrays of color from plants, trees, and flowers growing or changing.

The summer months here are warm, humid, and wet, long-lasting from June to September, with highs at around 77 degrees. Startlingly, not many travelers visit this borough during these months because some of New York's best seashores are on Staten Island and are available to the public! One of the best beaches for Staten Island locals is Midland beach, with its striking waters and 2.5mi boardwalks.

The winter months on the Island are December to March and are acknowledged to be cold, snowy, and windy. Temperature highs stay under 49 degrees, and it snows at least 25 inches a year. Even though you can't relish the beach during these months as much, there are still tons of other indoor deeds to enjoy around the Island.

Even though it's not heaven weather all year round, you get to relish the beach, parks, and attractions all over every sort of weather that the seasons bring.

Getting Off the Island

Although Staten Island is a NYC borough, it is geographically a part of New Jersey and positioned just south of Jersey City. Separated from the rest of the city by the New York Bay, this region is the furthest southwest part of NYC and unswervingly across from lower Brooklyn.

Because Staten Island is a definite Island with water on all sides, moving is a little bit dissimilar here. Unlike the other boroughs, there are no subways that run here. Firstly, there were plans to shape a tunnel from Manhattan to Staten Island, but it was not ever finished and is now uncontrolled. Thus, today, most people living here own their cars to catch around, but there are also buses and the Staten Island Railway.

The bus system on Staten Island is the most available form of public transportation if you need to travel nearby by from city to city and other boroughs e.g., Queens. But, the Staten Island Railway runs the perfect Island length with 24hr trains and 21 stations to acquire you further, quicker anywhere on the Island.

How to get to Staten Island ferry? In its place, people must take the ferry to Manhattan or effort over the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge to Brooklyn and hop on subways. The Staten Island Ferry is a reachable method of transport for locals but also a magnetism for visitors. This free public transport offers you a diverse view of the Manhattan skyline while also momentary by Lady Liberty and Ellis Island.

Things to Do and See

Now the next question is ‘’what are the best things to do in Staten Island’’?
Staten Island is acknowledged for its flamboyant outdoor spaces, beaches, parks, and historical museums and buildings. There are several things to do for the whole family, from generous games to learning about history, nearsighted fantastic art and gardens, to staying one of the widest collections of reptiles at the local zoo.

This area was once home to the major landfill globally, but now that litter has been transformed into clean, fresh, and beautiful greenery. With over 9,300 acres of parkland, no miracle this place is nicknamed the greenest borough. People can now relish picnics, playgrounds, gardens, waterfront parks with spectacular views, recreational complexes, and more on this New York City Island.

Not only are there countless places to visit in Staten Island and other large green spaces to love, but there are also voluminous available public parks/beaches. Staten Islands' foremost beaches are South Beach and Midland beach, with South Beach being the most common due to its well-maintained grounds, assessment of the bridge over the water, and a 2.5-mile wooden boardwalk. You can lay out, read a book, play beach games, and dip in the waters at these delightful Staten Island beaches.

Local Favorites:

  • Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden - This is the place to visit on this Island, with 19th-century buildings, gardens, farms, performing art spaces, a ethnic center, and events. You can certainly spend the complete day here roaming through its 83 acres of wonder.
  • Staten Island Museum - Staten Islands' oldest social institution is home to many diverse artifacts from antique times to our existing world.
  • Fort Wadsworth - A former U.S military installation, taking up 226 acres of land on the northeastern part of the Island. Formerly built to help as the prime defensive location for the Revolutionary War, it also helped its purpose in World War I. Now, it stands as a historical monument of the Staten Islands, with spectacular interpretations of the skyline behind it.
  • Staten Island Zoo - This minor but important zoo is open year-round and is home to many exhibits, comprising one of the broadest assortments of reptiles. It considered to be the one of the best Staten Island tourist attractions.

Culinary Paradise

Culinary Paradise

Staten Island has an amusing and diverse culinary act, from Italian to Spanish to Sri Lankan restaurants and foods. 35.7% of the populace on the Island is Italian, making it no wonder that there are various restaurants and shops with an Italian inspiration. You can find some of the best Italian restaurants Staten Island here, making it an authentic NYC experience.

The proficient chefs and cooks here also array from a Ma and Pa style family-owned restaurant to Michelin-star status chefs awarding a 5-star menu each night. From comfort food to heterogeneous fares, there is somewhat for everybody.

Staten Island at Night

Staten Island at Night

Manhattan is the city considered to be the place who never sleeps, on the other hand, Staten Island is acknowledged for its more laid-back nightlife with salons and pubs to enjoy. But, even though Staten Island doesn't have the unique night scene to stay out till the disruption of dawn every night, there are quiet clubs with live DJs and bars full of people to make you awake on the weekends.

There are clubs and bars to relish at night here and many other Staten Island activities once the sun goes down. The Looney Bin Comedy Club is a prodigious place to go for a good laugh and relish a few drinks with a group of friends or even alone. Or are you considering to go back and like arcade games with a bar? Dave and Busters also have a site on Staten Island for you to dare others or take your capacities to the test on numerous sorts of games.

No matter what are you considering about the Staten Island activities, Staten Island has to some degree for you to appreciate at night? Or, if you need to live it up in some of the city's other boroughs of the city, it is just a small travel there and back with the Staten Island Ferry running 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Local Favorites:

  • The Coupe - This amusing cocktail bar is a prodigious place to relish some of the finest drinks in the city or come to one of their fun proceedings, like a parody show!
  • Hot Shotz Sports Bar - The finest sports bar in this borough with large TVs, lots of space, and tons of drinks to select from, a accurate local favorite.
  • Cabo - This fancy catina is a delicious restaurant by day and a Cabo nightclub by night. Enjoy live DJs, musical performances, and lots of dancing.
  • Trackside Bar & Grill - Check out this fun and unplanned bar with live music, great food, a large patio, and 17 TVs for any game.

Pros and Cons of Living in Staten Island, NY


  • Silent neighborhoods
  • Acquire your monies worth
  • Stress-free travel to other boroughs
  • Laid-back nightspots


  • Costly
  • No subways
  • Winters are snow-white and cold
  • Tiniest NYC borough

Moving to Staten Island, NY

Staten Island is a delightful place to live, with beautiful sandy beaches, an easy commute to other boroughs, quiet neighborhoods, and many places to visit in Staten Island. If you are looking for a slower pace of life while having access to some of the biggest cities in the country around you, this is a great place to live.

If you or someone you know is looking to buy a home in Staten Island, make sure to contact us here, and one of our Realty Specialists can help you find your new home no matter your needs. Whether you are looking for single-family homes for sale on Staten Island, townhomes for sale on Staten Island, or luxury homes for sale on Staten Island, there is bound to be a place that fits your lifestyle.


Staten Island is one of the best city NYC and positioned in the southwest area of the city. Staten Island is alienated from New York by the ‘’New York Bay’’ and New Jersey by the Kill Van Kull and Arthur Kill (tidal straits). What are the best Staten Island tourist attractions? The most town part of the island is the North Shore, with the areas of Stapleton, Clifton, Tompkinsville and St. George. The East Shore, in the meantime, has the FDR Boardwalk, that is the 4th longest boardwalk in the world at 2.5 miles. The West Shore is the smallest populated and mostly industrial while the South Shore is mainly suburbs. So, at the end you can find the unique things to do in NYC.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many miles long is Staten Island?

The island is shaped like a triangle and is 13.9 miles long and 7.3 miles wide, 60.9 square miles, and the 3rd largest borough.

Is Staten Island bigger than Manhattan?

By area, Queens is the major at 109 square miles, trailed by Brooklyn (69 square miles), Staten Island (58 square miles), the Bronx (42 square miles) and Manhattan is the smallest at 23 square miles.

Why is Staten Island so famous?

Staten Island is most famous for its green park spaces, museums and historical buildings. It is often measured the “borough of parks” because of its many natural spaces. Notable parks comprise Clove Lakes, High Rock Park, Greenbelt and Lemon Creek Park.

Is Staten Island a small town?

With a populace of 495,747 in the 2020 Census, Staten Island is the least inhabited NYC borough but the third main in land area at 58.5 sq mi (152 km2); it is also the least densely inhabited and most suburban borough in the city.

Is Staten Island NY expensive?

Staten Island's comprehensive cost of living index is 163 that means it is above the national average of 100 but underneath the New York State average of 120. On the other hand, it is strikingly lower than the cost of living in Manhattan (258) and some other boroughs such as Brooklyn (200) and Queens (178).
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