What Are the Top 17 Queens Attractions?

Queens attractions
What Are the Top 17 Queens Attractions?

Queens is considered to be the home to outstanding museums, great restaurants, adventurous things to do, and famous attractions e.g.,  the giant World's Fair globe in Flushing Meadows, and the USTA National Tennis Center. It is a borough in New York City, NY.

Respect contemporary art at MoMA PS1, walk through the stunning Queens Botanical Garden, and sight beautiful monuments at the Noguchi Museum. Best things to do in Queens, New York with kids include the New York Hall of Science, the Queens Zoo and Hunter’s Point South Park. So, in this blog we are going to discuss top queens attractions in 2024.

Top 17 Attractions in Queens, New York

1. MoMA PS1


It is one of the major art museums in the country completely enthusiastic to modern art, and one of the top Queens attractions. Recognized in 1971 as the Institute for Art and Urban Resources, Inc., the museum is contained in a Romanesque Revival public school building dating from 1892.

The structure was expansively reconditioned in 1997, and the 125,000 square feet facility houses a two-story project space, a big entrance, and an outdoor gallery. Inside the facility, there are 8 spaces enthusiastic to the solo exhibitions of International and National Project artists. Other exhibits syndicate the works of many artists from numerous countries.

2. The Noguchi Museum

The Noguchi Museum

The Noguchi Museum, positioned on 33rd Road near the Socrates Sculpture Park in the Long Island City section of Queens, is a museum that emphases on the works of the Japanese-American sculptor Isamu Noguchi. Unlocked in 1985 in what was initially a gas station and a photogravure plant, the museum shows the artist’s architectural models, drawings, furniture designs, sculptures, and much more.

The structure was renovated in 2004, and today it contains 12 galleries and a gift shop in a 24,000 square foot two story building. 

3. Flushing Meadows

Flushing Meadows

It is the 4th major public park in NYC. Made in 1939 as the website for the 1939 New York World’s Fair, it is an 879-acre park that covers an astonishing array of facilities and venues e.g., Citi Field, the home of the NY Mets baseball squad; the USTA National Tennis Center; the New York Hall of Science; the NY State Pavilion; the Queens Zoo; the Queens Museum of Art; and the Queens Theatre in the Park. Fascinatingly, the park also presented the 1964 New York World’s Fair.

4. Gantry Plaza State Park

Gantry Plaza State Park

Positioned on 47th Road, Gantry Plaza State Park, also recognized just as Gantry Park, sits along the East River in the Hunters Point area of Long Island City. Unlocked in 1998 and long-drawn-out in 2009, it is a 10-acre park with a playground, playing fields, picnic tables, and a riverside walk that offering great, unhindered opinions of the midtown Manhattan skyline and the United Nations Building.

It is one of the best parks queens with photographers who relish apprehending pictures during the day, at sunset, and at night. There are also several bars and restaurants within the park, and people go there to appreciate the views, the food, and the summer hammocks.

5. USTA National Tennis Center

USTA National Tennis Center

It is positioned in the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens. The USTA National Tennis Center is a stadium complex that is the home of the yearly US Open Grand Slam tennis tournament. It has been apprehended here since 1978. Situated on over 45 acres of land, the complex features 22 courts in the key facility and an extra 11 in an adjoining park.

Within the complex there are three tennis stadiums that are some of the chief stadiums in the globe. Of these three, the Arthur Ashe Stadium is the main tennis stadium in the sphere with a seating capability of 23,200 people. 

6. Louis Armstrong House Museum

Louis Armstrong House Museum

It is positioned on 107th Street in Corona, Queens and come to be as a former home of Louis Armstrong and his wife Lucille Wilson. Nowadays, it is a museum enthusiastic to the inordinate musician’s life. Armstrong and his wife lived in the brick house from 1943 until he died in 1971.

His wife contributed the house to the NYC. So, that a museum could be made. The house was chosen as a National Historic Landmark in 1976 and a NYC Landmark in 1988. The museum’s archives contain books, memorabilia, recordings, and writings. The museum also hosts musical performances, and it delivers educational programs.

7. Queens Zoo & Aquarium

Queens Zoo & Aquarium

Positioned on 111th Street within the Flushing Meadows Park, the Queens Zoo is an 18-acre zoo that is portion of a system of 4 zoos and one aquarium. Unlocked in 1968 on the site of the 1964 New York World’s Fair, it was intended to be a cageless zoo. Nowadays, the zoo contains more than 75 species of animals native to the Americas.
The zoo offering guided tours and education programs that permit children to learn about animals and how the care they get. The zoo is accessible for catered events e.g., weddings as well as birthday parties in which children can relish close encounters with farm animals.

8. Lockwood, Queens

Lockwood, Queens

It is one of the best stores that you both cannot stay away from and dread going in. They have 4 locations all over Queens crowded to the rafters with home-goods, gifts, decor, toys, and clothes. Their small, eclectic store on Queens’ 37th street has an unbelievable choice of day off gifts that are difficult to resist. There are also new wintertime clothes e.g., vegan-leather Matt Nat bags, delightful sweaters, and hoodies with Astoria and Queens Slogans. Lockwood is a one-stop gift shop for somewhat occasion, irrespective of how problematic the person is to shop for. Just dig in or inquire for aid from one of the accommodating Lockwood staff and you will discover precisely what you required. Lockwood also brings arts and crafts supplies, greeting cards, kids’ clothes and school supplies, jewelry, and wedding gifts.

9. Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach is a region on the Rockaway Peninsula on the South Shore of Long Island in Queens. It is the major urban beach in the U.S. and gives for numerous miles along the peninsula. Rockaway Beach covers the only lawful surfing beach in NYC. Furthermore, to the sand and the sea, there are also playgrounds and other unique things to do in NYC for children and adults. Daring scuba divers can even discover a sunken ship from Pier Five.

10. Park Side Restaurant

Park Side Restaurant 

It appears like there is always some kind of a festivity going on at Park Side, and that’s perhaps because it’s true. Since 1980, people have been impending to this delightful Italian restaurant in the heart of Corona, and it is a preferred place for special events.

Headwaiters in tuxedoes and the crisp white tablecloths generate an environment of stylishness, yet the restaurant is static cheerful and friendly. The Italian food is the best sense of the word. People who have been coming to the Park Side can still discover their preferences like the chef’s fabulous crab cakes shrimp, garlic, and red sauce.

11. Rockaway Beach Surf Club

Rockaway Beach Surf Club

It is a delightful neighborhood restaurant and bar in Rockaway, possessed and functioned by Long Beach sculptor Brandon d'Leo and Coney Island firefighter Brady Walsh. The exclusive restaurant helps as both a surf-style hangout and a community gathering space, holding events all over the year e.g., the Festival of Color and the Women's Surf Film Festival. Delicious taco choices made by executive chef Patrick Quinn are aided up all the way through the day, reaching from outmoded options e.g., papa con chorizo to vegetarian selections such as tofu or black bean and sweet plantain. Classic summer cocktails e.g., pina coladas and bloody marys are completed by a assortment of clever aguas frescas in flavors like pineapple mint, watermelon, and pine.

12. Keuka Kafe

Keuka Kafe

It is one of the eleven Finger Lakes that are narrow, long, and picturesque lakes in central New York. Considered to be as the best places to go in queens for quite some time now, Finger Lakes are now developing as a good wine and cheese region. It is a wine bar and restaurant that familiarizes some of the best Finger Lakes wines from other great world wine areas. Through frequently scheduled events, Keuka offering a tasting of some of their exceptional wines and beers. Check their schedule for the next event. While looking through their wide wine list, taste some delicate cheeses from their cheese board. The cheeses are helped with a baguette, house mustard, chutney made with sun-dried apricots, and candied hazelnuts.

If that is not adequate, their list of appetizers has something for everybody. You may need to try Keuka warm sandwich with grilled Chorizo sausages with cucumber.

13. Finback Brewery

Finback Brewery

Most craft brewers twitch out by experimenting quite a bit and finally settle for their favorites. On the other hand, Kevin Stafford and Basil Lee are having too much fun testing to settle on everything just yet.

These two originators of Finback Brewery are presenting some never-before-seen flavors in their 20-barrel brewhouse on 77th Avenue in Queens with striking ingredients like Szechuan peppercorns, apple cider, roasted coconut, and green tea. All their “witch’s brews” have resulted in some very thought-provoking and tremendously drinkable beers that they individually distribute in kegs around New York bars and bottle shops.

You can stop by their modern, roomy taproom and try a few beers, have a conversation with other craft beer devotees, and play a board game with them although you are at it. All and sundry has their favorite drink, but you may require to try their majestic stout with chocolate and coffee from Native Coffee Roasters and Mast Brothers.

14. Alley Pond Environmental Center

Alley Pond Environmental Center

Alley Pond Park is the second major public park in Queens, and it inhabits more than 650 acres of land. It is positioned on Northern Boulevard. At the northern part of the park on the south side of Northern Boulevard mendacities the Alley Pond Environmental Center. Generated in 1976, the center is enthusiastic to offering conservational education for both kids and adults and to maintaining, protecting, and restoring Alley Pond Park with its water bodies and its open spaces.

The area mainly consists of wetlands and acres of salt mars. It help as a wildlife refuge for several animals, containing 300 species of birds and other animals. 

15. Madera Cuban Grill

Madera Cuban Grill

You can enjoy with warm colors, family photos, and authentic art pieces from where? From old Havana in the dining room at Madera Cuban Grill instantly produce the feeling of being on an exotic tropical Caribbean island. Afterwards, you order one of their outstanding mojitos and some rum-glazed grilled shrimp, you will virtually be capable to hear the breeze in the palm fronds and smell the sea.

Madera is unforgettable place to try trustworthy Cuban grill, but you cannot go erroneous with their stews either. The recipes were inherited from the owners’ family in Havana, and the whole thing is cooked as it was in the old days, with fresh, local constituents. Try traditional Ropa Vieja with braised beef cooked with carrots, onions, green and red peppers, tomatoes, cumin, garlic, and sherry. 

16. Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

It is a wildlife refuge with open water and salt marshes from Jamaica Bay. Positioned on Broad Channel, it lies partially in the borough of Queens and partially in the borough of Brooklyn. It is situated near the JFK International Airport. There is a diversity of animals, both aquatic and terrestrial, live in the wildlife refuge. Bird watching is one of the popular Things to do in New York for first-timers here for both resident birds and migratory species.
Other popular attractions are horseshoe crab mating and egg laying, and diamondback turtle egg laying. Several mammals, comprising Eastern Gray Squirrels and raccoons, sort their homes in the wildlife refuge.

17. Hunter's Point South Park

Hunter's Point South Park

Hunter’s Point South Park is a diverse drive area in Long Island City, the westernmost area of Queens. Positioned on Center Boulevard on about 30 acres of waterfront property that was at one time an abandoned post-industrial area, the development comprises a waterside promenade, a central green, a basketball court, a bikeway and dog run, and a 13,000 square foot pavilion that offering concessions and more.

Other characters of the park contain a 1,100-seat school building that covers 52 classrooms, an auditorium, a cafeteria, a gym, a library, and science labs. From the park, people can take benefit of remarkable views of the Midtown East Manhattan skyline.

Sweetleaf can be addicting, therefore do not be staggered if you discover yourself there every time you crave a cup of coffee or a bit of conversation. There is even karaoke on Thursday night providing you one of the best things to do in NYC at night.


Hopefully, above mentioned queens attractions can make your visit unforgettable. There are lots of fun things to do in queens, which was called the top USA travel journey's end by Lonely Planet. Queens claims one of the most varied demographics in the globe. There are several attractions in Queens! There are scenic waterfront parks, you can walked through a vibrant Indian enclave, visited a public green park with majestic structures, ate authentic food at a bustling Chinatown, and did much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Queens New York expensive?

The living cost in Queens, NY is 10% greater than the national average and 40% higher than the national average. Queens, NY covering is 120% more costly than the U.S average, although efficacies are about 2% costlier.

Which part of New York is most expensive?

Manhattan is the most costly and also densely occupied borough in the Big Apple, and this list only consists of Manhattan areas. Over half of the 50 richest neighborhoods in NYC are situated in Manhattan

Is Queens worth a visit?

Although it's not as much-frequented as its neighbors, like Brooklyn, it is unquestionably one of the most delightful destinations in NY. Covering an area of 108 square miles, Queens vaunts sophisticated cultural attractions, implausible museums, and some of the most imposing sports venues.

What are 3 facts about Queens?

• An entire island off the Rockaway Beach shore missing in a gale. • 5.Many of the premium pianos in the globe are made in Astoria. • If Queens were too detached from the rest of NY, it'd be the fourth major city in the U.S.A. Is Queens a walkable city? Yes: Queens also offering good walkability along with bike paths for cyclists all over the borough.
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