Rollaboard Vs Spinner Luggage - Get the Most Reliable Travel Bags for the Next Trip

Rollaboard Vs. Spinner Luggage
Rollaboard Vs Spinner Luggage - Get the Most Reliable Travel Bags for the Next Trip

Are you planning a trip to NYC? For a holiday or vacation, a small or a long journey, if you’re looking for new and reliable luggage for the next trip, here is the best guide. Wheeled luggage is popular nowadays and is most convenient for domestic and international trips. It’s quick and easy to pull over the luggage without getting stress on shoulders and arms and moving around anywhere. But wheeled luggage is available in two types usually; one is two-wheel, and the other is four-wheel luggage.

The two-wheeled luggage is called Rollaboard, and the four-wheeled luggage is called Spinner. Rollaboard luggage is usually soft-side luggage without spinner wheels, but spinners are usually hard-side suitcases. Both are efficient and useful, but spinners are more expensive and popular than rollaboard luggage. Which luggage is the best option for you depends on your trip and your packing list for travel. Let’s check out which suits your trip Rollaboard vs. spinner luggage.

What is Rollaboard or Inline Travel Bag?

What is Rollaboard or Inline Travel Bag?

The two-wheels luggage, also known as Upright, Inline, or rolling luggage, is called Rollaboard luggage. It’s easy to roll on through a retractable firm-gripped handle on the top of the luggage. Rollaboard two inline skate wheels at the luggage’s backside help to pull over the suitcase from the grip. The wheels are included in the luggage frame, and it’s the weight but is durable and crucial to break off unless rough spin around.

What is the Spinner Luggage or Travel Bag?

What is the Spinner Travel Bag?

The four-wheeled luggage is called a Spinner. Solid four wheels are sticking out at the bottom of the baggage. These wheels are rotational at 360 degrees in all directions, flexible, strong, and for smooth rolling over heavy luggage everywhere. The spinner wheels are strong enough to carry a load of heavy baggage, but they can break off during rush drives or rough handling at the airport.

The double-spinner wheels are more reliable and durable than regular spinner wheels. Some are magnetic and spherical spin wheels that can pull over a straight position and are more secure and stable on rugged surfaces and rough handling. Nowadays, spinners are very popular for international traveling due to quick and easy rolling over luggage with hard side durable surface looks more reliable than ever.

Let’s check out the difference between Rollaboard vs. Spinner luggage and what are the pros and cons of each one.

Comfort in Rolling on Luggage

Comfort in Rolling on Luggage

Rollaboard luggage is easily pulled over behind you, but your hands and your back have the stress of pulling over the baggage at the downside.

Spinner vs rollaboard don’t need to be pulled over while putting pressure on the back and shoulders. It’s pushover from the front side and roll over more smoothly and quickly. It’s a comfortable experience: hence all of the weight of the luggage relies on the spin wheels at the bottom line, and you will roll over your baggage safely.

The Rollaboard bag has large wheels that move more on the speed in the straight-forward position. Two-wheeled bags are the best option if you need fast mobility to move around the luggage. It’s rapidly rolling over everywhere, airport terminals, cobble streets, rocky sidewalks, transport, and rough parking areas.

Spinners are great for quick, flexible 360-degree rolling on the luggage with rapid wheels at each side of the baggage for more significant motion in all directions. Just push a little with a firm grip and solid handles and watch the zig-zag mobility of spinners rolling around.

Mobility of the Luggage:

Mobility of the Luggage:

The Spinner vs. roller luggage is quick and conveniently moves everywhere on smooth floors, carpets, sidewalks, and streets. But can’t smoothly roll on the rugged surface, rocky sidewalks, and cobbled streets. These wheels get stuck into the rough surface and can pull off from the bottom of the luggage.

The spinners can move in any direction quickly at 360 degrees, but on an uneven surface, it can be dangerous to move it fast. You can carry the luggage through the handles but not on wheels to prevent damage to the spun wheels.

Spinners will be fine if you’re using an airport car service in New York, but it’s hard to hold them on public transport.

Why do we like Rollaboard vs Spinner luggage? 

 These are a few points that why we like rollaboard and spinner luggage:

  • Move on Carpets: Spinners can easily roll on the carpets than roller luggage. The rollaboard 2-wheel travel bags can’t move smoothly on the carpets. 
  • Move on Cobblestone Streets: Roller luggage is better to move easily on cobblestone streets because spinner wheels are usually stuck among the cobblestone surface, and you need to hold the luggage with other handles instead of rolling the luggage on the surface. 
  • Move on Smooth Pathways: Spinner luggage glides better on smooth pathways than on roller luggage. It's hard to pull over the roller luggage from the backside, and Spinner is easy to roll over from the front side on a smooth surface. 
  • Move-on Stairs: Roller luggage is slightly easier to pull over while moving upstairs or downstairs, but spinners can’t move on the stairs. You must hold the luggage with the side and top handles to prevent the spinner wheels from being damaged. 
  • Move on the Mud and Dirt: Spinner wheels can’t move on muddy surfaces and dirt, but it’s better to hold on to the luggage with handles instead of rolling on the dirt. However, roller luggage can move easily on muddy surfaces and dirt due to the large and sturdiest wheels. 
  • Move-in the Subways: Roller luggage is better to move in subways and buses instead of spinner luggage. Spinner wheels often start to roll away automatically and are hard to control. However, some top brands introduced brake wheels for spinners to stop luggage from auto-rolling while stopped anywhere. 
  • Packing Capacity: Spinner wheels can occupy more space with their mechanism and trolley and provide less space inside the luggage while weighing more, including all handles and wheels. However, it has expansion and compression features and more extra pockets to offer wide space and enough room to pack items well in the luggage. Overall, spinner wheel luggage offers less space and more weight due to spinner wheels and trolleys.                                                                                                                                                                              

On the other hand, roller luggage wheels are attached to the bottom of the luggage frame and weigh less for their mechanism and the trolley. But it gives you maximum space inside with wide capacity, a massive packing space, and less weight for its wheels and trolley. 

Both spinners and roller luggage are sturdy, durable, and reliable, but their requirements will depend on the traveler’s choices, trip purpose, destinations, and affordability. Usually, spinners are available for various advanced features, stunning colors, stylish designs, glossy surfaces, and high prices. Roller luggage also has a few of the latest features, like a TSA lock for security telescopic handles with an interlocking system, but available in a few styles and a limited range of products due to the extended demand for spinner luggage in the global market. 

However, travelers still choose roller luggage according to their travel needs, affordability, and stability during the trip.  

What you should know about Rollaboard vs Spinner luggage 

Spinner wheels stick to the trolley, but roller wheels are strongest and attached to the main frame, larger and sturdier than spinner wheels. Roller luggage is better for walking on rocky pathways, rough surfaces, and down sidewalks. Roller luggage is a better option if you are a budget traveler and use public buses or subways for transportation. 

Roller luggage offers more capacity inside its compartments as its wheels are attached to the bottom frame. The spinner wheels occupy most of the space for the wheels, handles, and trolley. Roller luggage can hold heavier things because it has a solid frame attached to the wheels and no broken wheels during movement. 

The only downside of using roller luggage is that it’s less moveable than spinner luggage. It's not easy to pull over the weight from the backside and it will put a pressure on the shoulder and arms while pulling over the luggage. However, you can use lighter weights for roller bags, and they are more affordable and convenient for all types of traveling.  

Purpose of Using Spinner Luggage 

Spinners give you smooth moveability in multiple directions: upwards, backward, forwards, and all sides. It’s the ultimate choice for busy tourists, business and professional visitors, and vacationers. If you’re going to crowded airports, bustling subways, and busy lobbies, Spinners will give you quick movement without any stress and weight pressure on your arms, shoulders, and back. 

If you’re traveling to a village, small town, or a European destination where upside-down pathways and cobblestone streets are everywhere. You may not choose the Spinner because spinner wheels stick to the trolley and may break off on rocky and uneven surfaces. You may need to carry the luggage with side and top handles to avoid any inconvenience on the trip.  

Purpose of Using Roller Luggage

Roller luggage is the ultimate choice for travelers visiting uneven pathways, cobblestone surfaces, and rocky and muddy terrain. The sturdiest and most robust skate wheels are larger than spinner wheels and more durable to move on uneven surfaces. However, spinners are better at moving on clean and smooth surfaces and carpets. The roller luggage wheels give you more stability even when parked luggage can’t move away like spinners. 

Roller luggage wheels are more durable for rough handling at the airport than spinner wheels. The roller luggage can easily fit into overhead compartments as the two wheels at the back are adjustable, but spinner wheels at each corner are a bit hard to fit in there. 

If you’re an adventurer visiting rocky or muddy terrain and need more robust and stable wheeled luggage, then roller luggage is the best option for you. But if you’re visiting business conventions or luxury hotels and busy lobbies. You may need to glide over the smooth surface faster with spinner wheels in all directions instantly. There is no need to rush or move in lifts, and no weight pressure on your shoulders and arms while gliding smoothly in all directions with spinner luggage.  

Is spinner luggage easy to move everywhere? 

Spinners provide better maneuverability than roller luggage on a smooth surface and in an airport. If you want to glide over the smooth surface without pulling over the weight on the back and relax from back pain and shoulder pain, then Spinner is the best option for you.  

Additional Hardware for your Luggage Wheels

Additional hardware for your travel bag’s wheels is a ball bearing that makes it spin and move faster. The premium luggage wheels are made of high-quality ball bearings to spin quickly and smoothly. Low-quality and low-cost luggage has less performance and can break off anytime during the journey.

Rollaboard Luggage

Spinner Luggage

Rollaboard luggage can smoothly move on a carpet.

Spinner luggage can move smoothly on a rug better than a rollaboard travel bag.

Rollaboard luggage can quickly move on cobblestones streets because you must pull over the baggage from the backside.

Spinners are crucial to carry on the cobblestone streets. Their 360-degree rotational movement gets stuck into the cobblestones and may break off instantly.

You can take the luggage on your shoulders or arms across cobblestone streets.

Rough soil, muddy or full of dirt surfaces, is It is not even affected on rollaboard luggage.

Rough mud, dirt, and messy surfaces can be Harmful for spinners. If the surface is extraordinarily muddy, you can take over the luggage with handles instead of spin wheels.

A smooth surface is excellent for pulling over the baggage from the back of rollaboard luggage.

Spinners can rapidly move on smooth surfaces, and you can push them in front quickly on four wheels instead of pulling over from the backside.

Rollaboard can be pulled over the stairs, but it can damage the wheels instantly, so carrying the luggage on handles instead of wheels.

When you pull over the Spinners on the stairs, they can break off badly, so it’s better to carry the spinner by handles.

Rollaboard luggage is easy to take on subway cars and trains because you can hold the handle firmly for safety and roll over the luggage on wheels quickly when required.

Spinners sometimes cause trouble in subway cars and trains and start to roll on by themselves in moving transport. Some premium quality spinners come with stoppers and locks for the spin wheels to prevent automatic rolling over the luggage, and it can be safe to hold the spinners in moving transports.

The Sturdiness of the Luggage

The Sturdiness of the Luggage

Rollaboards and spinners from the best luggage brands are sturdy and stable luggage, depending on their standard, quality, model, and design. The spin wheels, whether two or four, must have enough space between them to move smoothly. If these wheels are closer to each other, it will make the luggage fall over. If the front compartments are extra-large or supporting sticks on wheels are not enough to keep, the luggage can fall over again and again. If the travel bag constantly falls over, it has some faulty structure.

The Weight of the Luggage

The Weight of the Luggage

Measuring weight for spinner vs rollaboard luggage, you will find rollaboard luggage is always lighter than spinners because spinners have two additional wheels, with their security options and supporting sticks that weigh more than two-wheeled luggage. It also depends on size, and hard-shell luggage has more weight than soft-shell fabricated luggage. However, new hard-shell luggage is available in lighter versions, unlike soft-side suitcases with usually two wheels, which have more capacity and are lightweight.

The Long-Lasting Durability of the Luggage

The Long-Lasting Durability of the Luggage

Rollaboard luggage is more long-lasting and durable than spinners, depending on the quality, design, and structure.

Usually, in rollaboard bags, two wheels are included in the main frame of the luggage. They are larger than spinners and crucial to breaking off or getting stuck anywhere. However, spinners are more smoothly pulling over than rollaboard luggage, but they are not attached to the main frame of luggage and are only stuck at the bottom surface. So they can break off or get stuck anywhere easily.

Spinners need to handle with care at custom counters and on a flight than rollaboard bags because everyone knows these spinners can instantly break off by rough handling.

Getting rollaboard luggage for long-lasting durability is recommended instead of spinners if you’d like to choose durability over luxury and style. Let’s check Rimowa and Tumi travel bags for long-lasting durability and sturdy hard cases.

The Capacity of the Luggage

The Capacity of the Luggage

Rollaboard travel bags have more capacity in their compartments than spinners. Because spinners occupy more space for their wheels and support and reduced space for their pockets, the rollaboard bags have more outer pockets for small packing items and essentials and vast compartments with lighter weight. Still, spinner handles, wheels, and safety parts are all included in their weight, so their weight is always more than rollaboard luggage.

The Cost of Luggage 

The Cost of Luggage�

A spinner is more expensive than rollaboard luggage with its hard-shell surface. Four wheels, security options, and support costs more than two wheels. Rollaboard wheels are more robust, long-lasting, and durable than spinner wheels, and you may need to replace the spinner wheels after a short time. Even if these spinners are under warranty, you must pay the shipping charges for replacement. 

Where do you need Rollaboard or Spinners on the Trips?

What type of wheeled luggage you require depends on your destination and choice. If you’re traveling to grand cities and advanced locations, then you may better fly with spinners. Still, if you’re flying to rural areas, villages, forests, or cities with rough roads and cobblestones streets, you might be better with rollaboard luggage for long-lasting durability.

Rollaboard Travel Bags

Spinner Travel Bags

Rollaboard luggage can suit business travel when it comes to reliability and durability.

Spinners are the best option for business travel. If you spend most of your time at the hotel or office and traveling on smooth roads.

Regarding fast mobility on smooth surfaces, it’s better to choose spinners.

Rollaboards are excellent for tourism tours.

Spinners are ideal for tourists who visit usual tourist destinations.

Rollaboard is the ultimate choice for frequent travelers for extended carry-on capacity and durability.

Spinners are not recommended for frequent travelers because of less capacity, more weight, and less durability.

Rollaboard is not suitable for children because they need strength to pull over the luggage from the backside.

Spinners are the best option for kids because they are quick and easy to roll over without putting any strength on the shoulders.

Rollaboard luggage is not suitable for people suffering from back pain.

Spinners are the best option for people with back or shoulder pain.

Spinner Luggage Pros and Cons



Four wheels, quickly moving in every direction at 360-degree rotation.

Spinners are excellent on flat surfaces but crucial to roll on rough surfaces.

It requires slight exertion while moving around.

Spinners moving around can instantly crack or break off into bumps, cracks, harsh and uneven surfaces.

Spinners are pushed over from the front side, giving you complete control over the luggage, stability, and mobility.

Spinners can be damaged to roll on even slightly inclined space.

Spinners give you stress-free mobility with fast rotation in all directions.

The spinner wheels take pressure off the arms, shoulders, and back and give relaxation and smooth rolling over the luggage.

Spinners have less capacity to carry accessories while weighing more for the wheels at the bottom line.

Spinners can frequently move in sideways and back positions similarly.

Spinner wheels can stick out or break off instantly during rough handling.

Rollaboard Luggage Pros and Cons:



Rollaboard luggage is more reliable and durable than spinners. It can easily roll over rough terrain, cobblestones, cracks, and rocky surfaces.

Rollaboard can pull over from the backside, putting pressure on shoulders, wrists, and back and causing back pain.

Rollaboard luggage usually does not get stuck or damaged easily anywhere.

It usually comes with a soft side surface.

It has vaster interior and exterior compartments, is expandable, and has extra pockets for essentials than a spinner.

It has inflexible wheels that can roll on in a straightforward same direction as you pull over. It can’t move sideways or back movement.

It’s more affordable than spinners.

It’s rolling over behind your backside, and you can’t monitor its every move, turn, and if anything collides over the luggage.

List of the Premium Quality Rollaboard and Spinner Luggage

1. Delsey Paris Helium Aero Spinner Premium Luggage

Delsey Paris Helium Aero Spinner Premium Luggage

Delsey Paris Helium Aero is a hard-shell premium spinner with twenty-nine inches of large-size luggage. Its lightweight, multidimensional rotation, TSA-approved locks, vast capacity, and expandable up to two inches, with a stopper lock system for spinner wheels.

2. American Tourister Spinner Premium Luggage

American Tourister Spinner Premium Luggage

American Tourister Moonlight Spinner is a twenty-one inches hard shell carry-on, stylish design, modern and luxury travel bag with vast space to keep accessories. It is expandable up to one and a half inches, with a ten-year warranty and push button locks for the spinner and handles. American Tourister vs Samsonite is affordable and a good quality spinner for average traveling.

3. Chester Minima Spinner Premium Carry-on Luggage

Chester Minima Spinner Premium Carry-on Luggage

Chester Minima Spinner Carry-on is lightweight premium luggage of twenty-two inches standard size. It has a TSA-approved size with enough capacity and extra compartments with zippers to keep small items and essentials.

4. Samsonite Aspire Xlite Spinner Luggage

Samsonite Aspire Xlite Spinner Luggage

Samsonite Aspire Xlite is soft shell spinner luggage. It has a ten-year warranty, expandable capacity in all compartments, and a two-piece luggage set. One is twenty inches carry-on, and the other is twenty-nine inches large, checked bag perfect for long trips.

5. Travelpro Skypro Lite Rollaboard Luggage

Travelpro Skypro Lite Rollaboard Luggage

Travelpro Skypro Lite is a fine-quality rollaboard luggage. Its standard size is twenty-two inches with expandable compartments, a vast outer pocket for essentials, and a rugged polyester fabricated surface. It’s the best lightweight and soft-sided two-wheel luggage.


Rollaboard and spinner luggage are both famous for travelers nowadays. Everyone wants to get easy and flexible mobility, quick and fast access, and stability over the luggage with less weight and more space in compartments. Whenever you choose a travel bag, you must be sure what is the largest size suitcase.

Which one is suitable for your trip and regarding your packing items? Always check airline restrictions and rules for luggage sizes. Let’s check here how to measure luggage size to avoid extra luggage costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference between rollaboard and spinner luggage?

The rollaboard is two-wheel luggage, and the spinner has four wheels at every corner of the baggage.

What is the most popular luggage for international travel?

The hard-shell spinner luggage is the most popular luggage for international travel.

What is the most suitable luggage for short trips?

Soft-side rollaboard luggage is the best option for short trips and domestic travel.

Which one is the most expensive travel bag?

Spinner luggage is usually more expensive with a hard-shell surface than soft-side rollaboard suitcases and travel bags.

Which travel bag has more weight and less luggage capacity?

Spinner travel bags have more weight and less space than rollaboard luggage due to the four wheels and their support features.

Which travel bag can move in sideways and back directions?

Spinner luggage can quickly move in all directions at 360-degree rotation, and it can move in sideways and backward movements as well.

Which type of luggage can move on rough surfaces quickly?

Rollaboard luggage can easily roll over harsh surfaces, cobblestone streets, cracks, and rocky pathways.

Why are spinners the most famous luggage across the world?

Spinners can roll over quickly in all directions from the front side with complete control over the luggage and without taking weight pressure on the back and shoulders but on spinner wheels. Everyone can handle the spinners easily; even kids can safely roll over the luggage fast.

What are the different types of luggage?

The different types of luggage are hard-side travel bags, soft-side suitcases, duffel bags, backpacks, personal item handbags, carry-on, and checked baggage.

What is the best wheel type for Travel bags?

It depends on the traveler’s needs. If they tend to glide the luggage in every direction smoothly, the four-wheel Spinner is the best choice. However, if they are looking for more sturdy and large wheels for pulling over rocky surfaces or up and down stairs, it’s better to choose the 2-wheel rollaboard luggage.
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