How to Measure Luggage Size and Dimensions - Best 10 Steps to Measure Accurate Size of Luggage

How to Measure Luggage Size and Dimensions - Best 10 Steps to Measure Accurate Size of Luggage
How to Measure Luggage Size and Dimensions - Best 10 Steps to Measure Accurate Size of Luggage

It's crucial to find the accurate luggage size because most of the best luggage brands display imperfect measurements of luggage size. You can measure the dimensions easily using a measurement tape. You must confirm the accurate weight and check-in baggage size after expansion, check according to your airline rules for the travel bag's weight and size instructions, and follow the guidelines for standard suitcase size for airlines.

The plane has limited space for luggage on the flight, which can cause hazards during air travel due to extra heavy baggage, so the airlines charge a hefty amount or may refuse to load the luggage on the flight. Travelers can pack the bags on the air cargo shipment and send them to the required destinations. In that case, it will cost a hefty amount and may spoil their trip. They must comply with the airline's regulations and get the best lightweight luggage for a convenient travel experience.

Here, we discuss how to measure luggage size and the best size of luggage for international travel. You will learn all the best techniques to check the right size and avoid any hazards for check-in on the flight.  

10 Steps to Measure Luggage Size 

These are ten easy steps about how to measure suitcase size before buying new luggage for the next trip;

1. Choose the perfect luggage:

Choosing the best luggage is the first step. You must consider the airline's rules and regulations for the luggage size according to your travel package. Checking the rules before purchasing is better to avoid further issues and penalties on oversized luggage.

2. Check the Expandable Size:

If your luggage has expandable capacity, you must check the size after expansion. It’s wise to pack the baggage and measure its expanded size fully if the luggage size is acceptable for the airline after luggage expansion, or you may need to replace the luggage for its oversize. 

3. Recheck the Exact Dimensions:

Luggage brands often post the suitcase dimensions in ads, but they do not match your airline's luggage rules. Before making a purchase, you need to recheck the actual size and measure it to check the accurate dimensions allowed from your airline package.

4. Check the Luggage after Jam-Packed:

Check the luggage dimensions after jam-packed before check-in because the luggage dimensions may change after packing, and it can cause trouble at the check-in counter.

5. Check the Luggage Weight:

Check the luggage weight after fully packed before check-in because if the weight exceeds, it will cause more extra charges for overweight luggage.  

6. Measure the Linear Inches:

You must measure the luggage's linear inches before buying it. First, you need to take luggage measurements for the length, width, and height and add all the dimensions. The sum of these luggage dimensions is linear inches.

7. Include the Handles and Wheels:

When measuring the luggage, you must include all the luggage handles and wheels to obtain the accurate size.  

8. Measure the Depth:

When measuring the depth of the luggage you need to start measuring from the backside of the baggage to the front side.  

9. Measure the Width:

When measuring the width of the luggage you need to measure from one edge to another and ensure that you measure all the side handles including the width of the baggage.

10. Check Luggage Weight on the Scale:

After fully packed you must check the weight of your luggage at the weight scale before arrive at the check-in counter to confirm the exact weight and to avoid overweight luggage charges at the check-in counter.

How are Suitcases Measured?  8 Types of Luggage Measurement  

The two types of luggage measurements effectively get accurate sizes and dimensions of suitcases. Linear and Volumetric Measurements are the most effective methods for perfect measurement of the travel bags.  

1. Linear Measurement for Luggage

Linear measurement is the method to obtain the total sum by adding the width, height, and depth of the luggage is known as the Linear Measurement method. These measurements are denoted by inches or centimeters. Most airlines apply this method to set up luggage weight and size limits for hand carries, duffle bags, backpacks, checked bags, and cabin bags. It's the most effective way of measuring the largest luggage size for check-in and adhering to the airline's baggage weight and size restrictions.  

2. Volumetric Measurement for Luggage  

The Volumetric measurement method is multiplying the luggage's width, height, and depth to obtain the total value of the accurate baggage size. These measurements can be denoted by cubic inches or cubic centimeters.    

3. The Effective Methods and Tools for Measuring the Travel Bags  

The four practical ways for measuring the luggage are tape measurements, digital measurement scales, analog measurement scales, and simple straight rulers. Choosing the best possible measurements depends on the circumstances and the luggage size.  

4. Tape Luggage Measurements  

Tape measurements are easy, quick, and portable to find the accurate size by measuring the luggage height, width, and depth. It's a simple and efficient method to get the perfect size and dimensions of hard-side and soft-side luggage.

5. Digital Measurement Scales for Luggage  

Digital measurement scales are multi-functional scales used to accurately measure all dimensions and the perfect size of any luggage. It's the best option for medium and checked baggage and large-size suitcases.  

6. Analog Measurement Scales for Luggage  

Analog measurement scales are an excellent option for measuring dimensions for the perfect size of suitcases. It's easy to use and portable, and batteries are not required. It can measure heavy luggage and weight and dimensions easily.   

7. Simple Straight Rulers for Luggage  

Simple straight rulers are the best option for small sizes, flat surfaces, and short luggage dimensions. It's a simple method to measure the luggage size. However, you can get other scales for medium and large-size luggage dimensions.   

8. Measuring the Wheeled Travel Bags  

When you measure wheeled luggage, whether 2-wheel luggage or four-wheeled travel bags, the wheels attached to the luggage frame must be included for the size, weight, and luggage dimensions. Two-wheeled luggage is called rollaboard, and four-wheeled luggage is called spinner luggage. Both have specific weights and measures according to the travel bag size, design, and model.  

The rollaboard and spinner luggage exceeded weight and size due to the wheels and the frame attached to the suitcase. Travelers must check, measure, and confirm the accurate weight and size, including wheels and their trolley for the luggage dimensions, to avoid any hefty charges or penalties at the check-in on flights.  

Choosing the Right Luggage Piece

Confirm Your Airline’s Luggage Rules 

You need to confirm your airline’s luggage rules for size and dimensions because different airlines have various distinctions for luggage sizes according to the aircraft and your travel packages. You can check and confirm the luggage rules and regulations on the airline’s official website. 

Consider and Recheck the Luggage Dimensions on the Store Website 

The luggage size dimensions are available at the store websites that look according to your airline’s regulations for luggage size. However, you must consider and recheck the luggage dimensions with a measuring tape before purchase to confirm the accurate size to avoid any hazards. Typically, retailers’ luggage dimensions seem regular but slightly different for different airlines. 

Measuring the Luggage After Fully Packed 

Travelers usually measure the empty luggage dimensions, but it can be changed after packing due to expandability and may cause hazards at the check-in counter. It’s wise to measure the luggage after it's fully loaded before check-in. You can check how to measure a bag in further detail in the above article. 

What you should know about Luggage Sizes and Dimensions 

You should get various types and sizes of luggage measured according to your travel package.

Carry-ons from 19 to 22 inches:

The carry-ons are compact-sized and convenient travel bags that can safely be carried on flights. Usually, these carry-ons are free of charge from travel baggage fees and quickly brought into the overhead cabins on flights and trains. They are perfect luggage for weekends, overnight stays, or short trips.

Medium Checked luggage from 23 to 26 inches:

Medium checked luggage is suitable for one, or two-week trips and must be checked in at the airport.

Large Checked luggage from 27 to 30 inches:

Large, checked luggage is recommended for a long journey or a family trip. The over-packers might need large, checked luggage for regular trips because it has massive storage capacity. According to standard checked luggage rules for almost all airlines, these large-checked travel bags must not exceed 62 linear inches of luggage size.

Luggage Capacity and Volume:

The luggage capacity and volume are based on the overall luggage storage space, including all mesh pockets, extra side pockets, and front and inner compartment space. This luggage capacity is measured in liters. You can check the luggage capacity on the retailer’s website before purchasing the luggage.

Let's See Our 8 Top-Rated Picks for the Best Travel Bags  

Here are the top ten picks for the best travel bags with accurate weight and sizes according to almost all airline regulations and restrictions and meet the requirements for secure air travel.

1. Samsonite

1. Samsonite
Check Latest Price

Samsonite Winfield 2 Spinner is the perfect hard-side luggage for all aspects according to sizes, ultra-light material shell, and excellent features with the best prices. It has long-lasting quality, durability, elegant style, fascinating color collection, and modern features. It's an ideal travel bag for long and short business, occasional, and vocational traveling. 


  • It has roomy space for storage with 1.5-inch expansion and compression and inner mesh zipper divider pockets to organize packing items neatly with smooth zippers. 
  • It has a TSA locking system for security.  
  • It has a wide-color collection. 
  • It has strong spinner wheels that rotate smoothly in all directions fast and steady without any weight pressure on the arms. 
  • It has telescopic interlocking handles for the spinner trolley. 
  • It has a ten-year warranty for manufacturing defects and shipping and delivery damages.                                                                                

Product Specifications:  

Suitcase Type: Large Checked Suitcas
Suitcase Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 28 inches   
Suitcase Capacity:   11 pounds
Suitcase Weight: 15 pounds       
Suitcase Colors: Black, Dark Green, Charcoal Black, Deep Dark Blue, Royal Blue, Pink, White, Burgundy, Ice Light Blue, Navy Blue, Dark Orange, Dark Purple, Brown Rose Gold, Teal, and Deep Black. 

Our Verdict:    

It's a long-lasting quality hard-side luggage with premium material. It has advanced security features, expansion, and compression within the inner space. However, it has a limited warranty. However, it's premium quality luggage and the best option for family travel and extended trips with great features and complete protection.

Reason to Buy

  • It has a durable, long-lasting, lightweight material hard surface. 
  • It has comprehensive and extensive storage with expansion and compression. 
  • It's completely protected with a TSA lock. 
  • It's the best luggage with high-end quality, stylish design, vibrant colors, and great features at a great price. 

Reason to Avoid

  • It has a limited warranty.  
  • It has no USB charging ports. 
  • It has a single spinner wheels trolley

2. Delsey

2. Delsey
Check Latest Price

Delsey Paris Hard-Side Cruise Trunk Luggage has expandable massive storage space and eight spinner wheels for smooth moveability on any surface. It has excellent features, style, vibrant color collection, and the best price.


  • It has extensive storage with wide compartments and a zipper mesh divider with expandable capacity.  
  • It has eight durable spinner wheels for smooth and speedy moveability.  
  • It has a telescopic handle for a spinner trolley.  
  • It has a five-year warranty for built-in defects.  
  • It has bright and shimmering color variations and a stylish design.                                                                                                                      

Product Specifications:

Suitcase Type: Checked Trunk Suitcase       
Suitcase Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 29 inches     
Suitcase Weight: 9 pounds       
Suitcase Colors: Royal Blue, Ivory White, Dark Grey, Platinum Silver, Dark Plum.

Our Verdict:

It's a sturdy and durable material hard surface luggage. It has no advanced features like USB charging on the go but still has extra protection with a TSA locking system. Still, it has a roomy massive storage space with a mesh divider that is expandable for additional items. It's ideal trunk luggage for over-packers, family trips, and long-journey travel.

Reason to Buy

  • It has a lightweight, durable material and a long-lasting hard surface.  
  • It has spinner wheels for fast maneuvering.   
  • It has a vibrant color variety and stylish design. 
  • It has massive storage with expandable capacity. 
  • It has a five-year warranty.

Reason to Avoid

  • It has no USB charging ports.  
  • It has no extra pockets. 
  • It has no exterior compartments. 
  • It has a limited short warranty.

3. Travel Pro

 3. Travel Pro
Check Latest Price

Travel Pro Platinum Elite Checked Hard-Side Luggage is a premium quality, spinner travel bag with massive capacity and durable surface for lifelong traveling.


  • It has an expansion of up to 2 inches with roomy compartments and zipper mesh dividers.  
  • It has eight durable spinner wheels for fast and easy maneuvering.  
  • It has telescopic handles for a spinner trolley with a locking system.  
  • It has a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects and a limited five-year warranty for damage repair from transportation and freight carrier damages.                                                                                                                  

Product Specifications:

Suitcase Type: Large Checked Luggage       
Suitcase Dimensions: 18 x 13 x 30 inches
Suitcase Capacity: 108 liters      
Suitcase Weight: 12 pounds       
Suitcase Colors: Black, Metalic Grey, Deep Sky Blue, Navy Blue, and Dark Grey.

Our Verdict:     

It's a lifespan sturdy checked bag for massive storage, several packing accessories and valuables, and ideal for a long trip with extensive capacity. It's an expensive but reliable, trustworthy, and durable option for extra storage space and extended travel.

Reason to Buy

  • It has a massive storage space with expansion.
  • It's a durable and long-lasting sturdy suitcase.
  • It's completely protected with a TSA locking system.
  • It has a lifetime manufacturing warranty with a five-year transportation damage repair warranty.

Reason to Avoid

  • It has no front compartment and extra pockets.  
  • It has a few colors and a traditional design. 
  • It has no USB charging support.

4. Briggs & Riley

4. Briggs & Riley
Check Latest Price

Briggs and Riley Sympatico Linear inches Checked Hard-Side Suitcase is the most sturdy, premium, lifetime, and high-end luggage for the expansive prices. 


  • It has expansion and compression features with massive storage capacity. 
  • It has complete security with a TSA combination lock system. 
  • It has eight spinner wheels for speedy and easy maneuvering without heavy pressure.  
  • It has a three-layered, sturdy, hard surface for a lifetime and a durable shell. 
  • It has an ID Tag on the backside to hold the personal information. 
  • It has a lifetime warranty. Even if the luggage is damaged or broken for any reason, the company will repair it free of charge.                        

Product Specifications:    

Suitcase Type: Large Checked Luggage       
Suitcase Dimensions: 20.0 x 12.0 x 30.0 inches  
Suitcase Capacity:  138 liters    
Suitcase Weight: 13 pounds       
Suitcase Colors: Black, Matt Navy Blue, and Dark Plum.

Our Verdict:

It's high-end hard surface luggage for lifetime travel with eight durable spinner wheels for speedy and easy moveability, a telescopic handle, and an expansion and compression feature with an extensive capacity for setting all packing items and valuables neatly. It's the best quality luggage for several packing accessories and a long trip.

Reason to Buy

  • It has extensive storage with expansion and compression. 
  • It has a sturdy, hard shell for lifetime travel. 
  • It has a lifetime warranty for any damage during transportation or accidents and will be repaired free of cost. 
  • It's a high-end checked luggage with premium quality and great features.

Reason to Avoid

  • It has a limited color variety. 
  • It has no front compartments.  
  • It has no USB charging ports while on the go.

5. Kenneth Cole

5. Kenneth Cole
Check Latest Price

Kenneth Cole Out of Bounds Checked Hard-Side Suitcases are linear inch study hard surface spinner luggage with great price and excellent features.


  • It has vast storage space with a zipper divider, mesh pockets, and an extra zipper small pocket for tiny valuables. 
  • It has a bright color variety. 
  • It has strong spinner wheels for fast movements and smooth rolling luggage.  
  • It has a telescopic handle to move quickly the spinner trolley. 
  • It has a sturdy, hard shell and corner guards for ultimate protection.                                                                                                                        

Product Specifications:

Suitcase Type: Checked Medium Travel Bag       
Suitcase Dimensions: 18 x 10 x 26 inches 
Suitcase Weight: 7 pounds       
Suitcase Colors: Charcoal Grey, Dark Blue, Parrot Green, Rose Gold Pink, Red, Purple, Navy Blue, Deep Blue, Dark Pink, Black, and Teal.

Our Verdict: 

It's a good-quality, lowest-price checked suitcase with roomy space, spinner wheels for smooth moveability, color variety, and a telescopic handle to control spinner wheels. Its sturdy, hard surface of ABS material is not a lifetime option as other premium hard-shell luggage. Still, it's an affordable travel bag for budget travel.

Reason to Buy

  • It's a very affordable hard-shell luggage with great features.  
  • It has quick and easy maneuvering with a spinner wheels trolley. 
  • It has a variety of bright colors to give a prominent appearance.  
  • It's low-cost and good-quality luggage, best for budget travelers.

Reason to Avoid

  • It's not protected with a TSA lock system.  
  • It has no front pockets.  
  • It has no warranty.  
  • It has no latest features. 

6. Briggs & Riley Wheeled Duffle Bag

6. Briggs & Riley Wheeled Duffle Bag
Check Latest Price

The Briggs and Riley Linear inch Checked-wheeled duffle bag is durable and high-quality with extensive storage compartments and expandability. 


  • It has a durable and water-resistant material surface. 
  • It has two wheels at the backside to pull over the duffle bag smoothly.  
  • It has a push-button handle.  
  • It has an expandable capacity of up to two inches, zipper dividers, mesh pockets to pack all items neatly, and front and side pockets for extra accessories. 
  • It has a full lifetime warranty that covers transportation and accidental damage repairs.                                                                                    

Product Specifications:

Suitcase Type: Checked Duffle Bag       
Suitcase Dimensions: 15.0 x 15.0 x 27.0 inches
Suitcase Capacity:  96 liters
Suitcase Weight: 9 pounds       
Suitcase Colors: Black and Hunter Green.

Our Verdict:

It is the best duffle bag with extensive storage. It has a roomy compartment and various extra pockets to pack items neatly and smoothly move the duffle bag on two wheels. It's an expensive travel bag with a full lifetime warranty with premium quality. It’s the best luggage for flight attendants and cabin crew.

Reason to Buy

  • It has massive storage and various inner and outer pockets for packing accessories.  
  • It has a two-wheeled trolley to pull over the duffle bag for speedy movement.  
  • It has a lifetime entire warranty for all damage repairs. 
  • It's an ideal option for massive capacity and outdoor trips. 

Reason to Avoid

  • It has no color variety. 
  • It has no extended protection with a TSA lock.

7. Travel Pro

7. Travel Pro
Check Latest Price

Travel Pro Platinum Elite Linear inch rolling cabin bag is an excellent option for small packing items and personal accessories. It's ideal for a personal item handbag, one or two-day trip, and domestic travel.  


  • It has roomy compartments with zippered mesh pockets, small organizers, and packing cubes to pack tiny accessories separately. 
  • It has complete protection with a TSA combination lock. 
  • It has two wheels at the backside for easy and quick-rolling of the luggage. 
  • It has a multi-level adjustable handle for the two-wheel trolley to move quickly. 
  • It has a full lifetime warranty for all accidental and transportation damage repairs.                                                                                             

Product Specifications:

Suitcase Type: Personal item cabin bag       
Suitcase Dimensions: 10 x 24 x 24 inches 
Suitcase Weight: 13 pounds       
Suitcase Colors: Black.

Our Verdict:

It's a premium quality soft-side cabin bag with enough capacity, extra zippered mesh pockets, and packing cubes to arrange accessories smartly. It has a two-wheel trolly for fast and easy moveability. However, it has no more advanced features like USB charging ports. It's an excellent option for short trips and a personal item handbag. It’s the best lightweight luggage for seniors and elders for easy travel experience.

Reason to Buy

  • It has roomy space with small packing cubes and organizers, and it's ideal for a personal item handbag. 
  • It has a full lifetime warranty that covers all accidental and transportation damage.

Reason to Avoid

  • It has no color variation.

8. Samsonite Elevation Plus Luggage

8. Samsonite Elevation Plus Luggage
Check Latest Price

The Samsonite Elevation Plus Linear inch large spinner is a soft-side luggage. It has massive capacity and expansion up to two inches with extra pockets and a roomy front compartment.


  • It has extensive storage capacity, a zippered mesh divider, extra pockets, and a wide exterior compartment.  
  • It has a compression panel to organize packing accessories smoothly.  
  • It has eight durable spinner wheels for speedy and easy rolling luggage without weight pressure.  
  • The multi-level adjustable handle allows the spinner wheels trolley to handle it easily.                                                                                       

Product Specifications:

Suitcase Type: Checked Large Suitcase       
Suitcase Dimensions: 11 width x 20 length x 30 height inches 
Suitcase Weight: 10 pounds       
Suitcase: Midnight Deep Blue, Cypress Light Green, and Grey.

Our Verdict

It's premium soft-sided luggage with massive storage capacity, extra pockets, durable and smooth zippers, and a front compartment. It has eight strong spinner wheels for quick movements. However, it has no protection with a TSA lock system and no more of the latest features. Overall, it's a costly soft-side travel bag with no advanced features.

Reason to Buy

  • It has a roomy storage space with extra zippered mesh pockets, zippered dividers, and a front-wide compartment.  
  • It has eight spinner wheels for fast and smooth rolling over luggage.

Reason to Avoid

  • It has no enhanced security with a TSA lock.  
  • It has no warranty for damage repairs. 
  • It's a costly soft-side luggage.  
  • It has no color variations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do they measure luggage size?

They measure the luggage size by adding the total length width and height including all the handles and wheels of the luggage. 

How do you measure 22 inch carry on luggage?

You can add the carry on length width and height with its side top handle telescopic handle and wheels. 

What are the three main sizes of luggage?

The three main luggage sizes are 21 inch carry on 24 inch medium checked and 28 inch large checked luggage. 

How big is the 28 inch checked suitcase?

The 28 inch checked suitcase is a large size travel bag with a height of 28 x width and 18 x depth 10 inches. 

What is the most common luggage size?

The most common carry on size is 21 to 22 inches and checked luggage size is 25 to 28 inches.

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