Get the Perfect Baggage for Comfortable Traveling - What is the Best Size Luggage for International Travel?

What is the best size luggage for international travel
Get the Perfect Baggage for Comfortable Traveling - What is the Best Size Luggage for International Travel?

Planning a trip for vacation or a professional trip needs to check more over passport, visa, and tickets. You need to check on various things; the most important is the luggage. Traveling for holidays or on a business trip will be an exciting experience, and you need to be relaxed with your luggage while traveling abroad. You must know What is the best size luggage for international travel. Excess weight luggage or extra big suitcases make you uncomfortable and cost you more on board. Handy and lightweight baggage can be quick and comfortable to hold onto while traveling, and you can save more on custom-duty charges.

You can get an itinerary, a tour plan, and a travel packing list to pack your baggage according to your requirements for the trip. You can select the best luggage size for international travel depending on your trip duration, packing list, and interest in what you need to pack in your backpacks.

Why Travel with a Suitcase for International Trips?

Travelers can choose duffle bags, backpacks, suitcases, and tote bags or handbags for travel. It depends on their travel duration, how long they will stay, and how many packing items they need to pack. It also depends on their travel destination; where are they heading to? And the purpose of their travel, why are they traveling? Like if they are going to a camping site then a duffle bag or a backpack is recommended but if they are heading on an international trip for a month then a good quality suitcase is recommended for the travel. Because international trips need more secure and solid luggage, it may be damaged during check-in at customs counters or loading the luggage on carriers.

Let’s see the 11 reasons why travel with a suitcase instead of a duffle bag or a backpack.

  1. Duffle bags and backpacks usually can’t hold the maximum number of packing items as compared to suitcases. Large-sized backpacks and duffle bags are available but it’s not easy to hold all types of packing items in a backpack or duffle bag.
  2. Duffle bags and backpacks can be wear and tear resistant but not solid enough than a suitcase. A hard-side suitcase has a strong body frame and solid shell that is more safe for travel. Even a soft-side suitcase is stronger than a duffle bag due to its body frame, wheels, and handles.
  3. Suitcases are available with 2-spin wheels or four-spinner wheels, and you can roll on the luggage easily anywhere using durable trolly wheels. Duffle bags and backpacks rarely have two inline wheels in extra large sizes, but it’s still not easy to roll on these bags due to their body frame.
  4. All types of clothes and accessories can’t fit in a backpack or a duffle bag. You can arrange all essentials, clothes, shoes, and other accessories in a suitcase in a well-organized and secure way for travel.
  5. Backpacks and duffle bags are more lightweight than a suitcase. Modern-style suitcases are lightweight and ultra-light material-made shells. But still, duffle bags and backpacks are lighter than suitcases. These bags are recommended for outdoor and adventure trips where heavy and bulky suitcases should not held everywhere.
  6. Your clothes and outfits stay secure, wrinkle-free, and clean in a suitcase. You can’t fold or roll your clothes easily in backpacks and duffle bags without wrinkles and creases.
  7. All the packing accessories and other items can be safer and more secure in a suitcase due to its solid frame. It has strong materials around the edges of the frame and solid corner guards for extra protection. Duffle bags and backpacks do not ensure this type of protection during travel.
  8. Suitcases have two-wheel or four-wheel trolleys to easily roll over the luggage without putting any weight pressure and stress on your back and shoulders. But you need to hold the backpack on your back and the duffle bag in your hands and you have to take all the weight and pressure on your back, shoulders, and arms during the travel.
  9. Suitcases never cause an injury or pain but backpacks are hard to carry on back with weight. It normally causes back pain and stress in the shoulders and arms or may cause injury in case of an accident when you are holding the backpack on your back.
  10. Suitcases and carry-ons are secure and convenient to hold on air travel, easily adjust in overhead compartments, and you don’t need to adjust the straps.
  11. Suitcases are recommended for business and frequent traveling to arrange and keep all things secure and hold them sophisticatedly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

7 Exclusive Tips for Choosing Your Luggage

Here are a few tips for choosing luggage. It will help you to get the most suitable one. It’s not necessary to get the most luxurious and exclusive travel bags. You can get affordable options but cheap and low-cost travel bags may cause problems on the trip. It has low-quality materials that can be damaged. Its wheels and handles can wobble during the rolling of the luggage, and these handles and wheels can break off suddenly on the trip. You must check the zippers because low-quality zippers can get stuck on the track and may break off, and your luggage contents will burst out from the open mouth. So, you need to choose the luggage carefully to avoid these hassles on the trip.

  1. Choose your luggage for the best quality material. Low-quality material can be torn off or damaged during the trip. You may be exhausted and it will spoil your mood on the trip.
  2. Choose the wheeled luggage for better moveability and easy rolling of the luggage.
  3. Check and confirm the luggage weight including its wheels, trolley, and handles.
  4. Measure the luggage size properly with all handles and wheels. Check that it’s according to the airline rules and guidelines for luggage.
  5. Choose the luggage with extra pockets and compartments for better organization.
  6. Select the luggage with advanced features like a TSA combination lock, USB charging port and pocket, and a luggage tracker, whether it’s pricey but worth it.
  7. Always choose lightweight and durable material luggage to prevent excess weight issues and for secure and long-term traveling.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Why do you need to select the exact size of luggage?

The right international luggage size is essential for a comfortable traveling experience and quick mobility. Excess weights and extra items can bother you to hang over heavy bags and pay more for excess luggage weights on custom duty, so you must check on a few things for luggage size for a trip.

Luggage Care and Security

Luggage Care and Security

Luggage care and security are essential. However, big suitcases have enough space to keep more items than small hand carry. But you need to care for the baggage and keep it safe, so medium or small hand carry can be easy to hold, but big and heavy luggage can be hard to care for.

You can choose your luggage size  for international travel from where you are going for the trip, how long you will stay, what items you need to pack, and how much you can afford to pay for weights.

Luggage Weight and Size Limit

Various airlines have limits for luggage weights and sizes. The sixty-two linear-inches luggage is acceptable for all airlines and is the best large size for international travel. You must check the limits for luggage weights and measures before choosing the correct size.

Luggage Sizes List


Sizes and Requirement


Personal Item luggage

It's almost eighteen inches in size and is used for personal items and essentials. Perfect for two- or three-day trips

Free of cost on custom duty

 Small Hand Carry

Almost twenty to twenty-two inches in size and perfect for a five to fourteen days trip

Maximum fifty dollars

Small Checked Baggage

Almost twenty-four inches in size and perfect for two weeks trip

From twenty to hundred dollars

Medium Checked Baggage

Almost twenty-seven inches in size and perfect for three to four weeks trip

From twenty to hundred dollars

Large Checked Baggage

Almost thirty inches in size and perfect for a four-week trip

maximum hundred dollars

Luggage Sizes

  • International Hand Carry is the best option for everyone if you’re on a short trip. It’s usually eighteen to twenty inches in size, durable, easy to hold, and the best lightweight luggage for international travel. It can weigh approximately six lbs. Hard-side hand carry has slightly more weight than fabric layered, but hard sides are more durable if handled carefully.
  • Domestic Hand Carry is the most famous luggage size for everyone. It’s usually twenty-one to twenty-two inches, more prominent than international hand carry. Fabric and hard side are both perfect for domestic travel. These comfortable hand carry with spin wheels are easy to hold and move around. It can weigh six and a half lbs. and has enough space for essentials and items for a short trip.
  • Medium Checked Suitcases are better for two people, specifically if you need extra space to keep more things on the trip. It’s travel-perfect sizes, usually twenty-three to twenty-four inches, and has expansive room for additional accessories, clothes, and shoes.
  • Large Checked Suitcases are ideal for families and people with more than two. It’s the best size checked luggage for a family trip. If you need more clothes, shoes, electronic gadgets, books, and some heavy luggage, then it’s good for you. It’s twenty-five to twenty-seven inches in size and has ample vast space inside for heavy items. This oversized luggage is the best for long trips and a family, but hard to handle and protect. It can’t move quickly, even on spin wheels, and must be handled carefully.
  • Extra Large Checked Suitcases are not suitable for everyone, even for families. It’s about twenty-eight to thirty-two inches in size. It’s very tough to handle them and move around. You will pay extra high for customs duties to pay for excess large checked-size luggage. If you want to get heavy-duty electronic items, gadgets, or equipment or a massive shopping on traveling, you can get these luggage sizes to carry on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

However, you travel with a family and more people on a long trip but never get a check-in luggage size of more than twenty-seven inches. It’s costly, very complicated to handle on custom counters, and can be lost easily. You must plan your luggage and packing list according to your destination and activities. Always keep essentials and precisely what you need but never fill your bags with extraordinary items and accessories that can cost you more and cause trouble handling the luggage. Specifically, when you have oversized suitcases over twenty-five inches and extra space to carry items, you must be specific with your packing list to avoid inconvenience on custom clearance counters. Several airlines and terminals have luggage limits of more than thirty kg to fifty kg for large, checked suitcases. You must need a luggage scale to check exact weights and remove extra items and clothes before you arrive at the airport terminal. Always keep light weights and your luggage within the weight limits to prevent additional costs and penalties on customs counters for international traveling.

Top 3 Types of Baggage:

Baggage and suitcases are available in different sizes, styles, and capacities. Personal item luggage, 2-wheel carry-on luggage, and checked baggage are the main types of luggage.

1. Personal Item Luggage

Personal Item Luggage

Personal item luggage is small, easy to carry, and free of charge. It's the best option to pack your essentials and quickly adjust in a small place. It has enough capacity to keep your small items that can't be added to the hand carry or checked suitcases. You can keep makeup items, hairbrushes, deodorant spray, fragrances, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, and other personal accessories in your personal item's luggage.

2. Hand Carries Suitcases

Hand Carries Suitcases

Hand carry or carry-on suitcases are small luggage that has enough space to keep night clothes, slippers or shoes, a dress or a suit, a wallet, a watch, a passport, a visa, currency, a camera, a laptop, plugins, and other accessories according to your requirements. You can carry essentials easily for a short trip. It's suitable for a one-day or max three days trip. Carry-on luggage includes duffle bags, small suitcases, tote bags, and briefcases. These are the best luggage for European travel and international trips.

3. Checked Suitcases

Checked Suitcases

Checked suitcases are large and medium, with deeper spaces for heavy items and many accessories for a long trip. You can carry everything for holiday shopping, souvenirs, and gifts in these checked suitcases. These checked suitcases are available in hard and soft suitcases, wheel duffle bags, and large hiking bags. You can keep outfits and dresses, casual clothes, jackets, coats, jeans, slippers, shoes, boots, umbrellas, laptops, tablets, smartphones, books, binoculars, cameras, documents, and other accessories in checked suitcases. They have a vast capacity for heavy weights and oversized items.

Hand Carry VS Checked Luggage

Hand Carry

Checked Luggage

Easy to carry and no long waiting on check-in customs duty

Long waiting time for custom check-in

Usually free of charges

Custom duty charges are applied according to weights

Safe and secure on hands

Hard to protect from theft and need handling with care


Quick and easy to carry on while moving around

Can't carry easily and quickly while moving around

The best space to keep all valuables and quickly find them whenever required

It’s hard to find everything quickly. Small valuables can't be kept in large space luggage.

Small space for accessories

Large capacity for several things to keep in your luggage

Not suitable for a family, only for personal use, or two people can keep it

Suitable for a family

8 Tips for Purchasing Suitable Luggage

Here are a few tips for purchasing the right luggage size for your trip, suitable for your preferences and destination. Which one can be the best option for you? Let's check here.

  1. Hardcover suitcases are heavy and usually crack on custom clearance rough handling, whether a small hand carry or medium-sized checked bag. Fabric-layered suitcases are lightweight and easy to handle, even unbreakable on a customs clearance counter's rough handling.
  2. Suitcases with spin wheels are easy to move around but a bit heavier and have small space compared to others.
  3. Always get the best and most durable suitcases of the brands, and never rely on low-cost luggage because it can break or crack during traveling and can be the worst experience.
  4. Packing cube sets can help organize items in your luggage and keep them secure in a checked suitcase with deep space and many accessories.
  5. Consider the durability with weight and prices, strong locks, and handles.
  6. Rolling luggage or a backpack is enough for a short trip to carry quickly and safely.
  7. Avoid getting hard plastic checked luggage. It's hard to carry and can crack anytime.
  8. Avoid getting Large checked suitcases with spin wheels because they can break anytime due to weight and shape.                                        

How Do you know the right size of luggage for your trip?

You should know which is the best size of luggage for your trip. It depends on your destination, weather, duration of the journey, how many people are on the trip, and what your preferences are on the traveling journey. Here are a few points to check for the best luggage size for your traveling journey.

3 Types of Packers:

The luggage's size depends on the packer's type. Which type of packer are you? The minimalists are wonderful people who get substitutes and alternatives, pack minimal items, and often have a hand carry and a personal item bag.

The over-packers always bother about daytime casual wear, nighttime dresses, formal wear, sportswear, night suits, slippers, sandals, boots, heels, and much more. They need a checked suitcase of medium or large size and pack many things for large space luggage.

Last-minute packers usually have a backpack or a small hand carry. They just pack their luggage at the last moment, keep some essentials, shirts, jeans, and a few accessories and grab the bags.

The Planners are the perfect people and plan their packing lists according to the trip. They pack their luggage neatly and well-organized each item on the list. They usually require the best medium size luggage for international travel or hand carry for short trips.

1. Duration of the Trip

Duration of the Trip

The luggage's size depends on the trip's duration. How long will you stay on the trip? If you are on a short trip, you just need hand carry and a personal item bag for a few essentials and clothes, but if you're on a long journey, you need a medium or large checked suitcase size for international travel and a private item bag. For one or two weeks, medium size checked baggage is acceptable, but for more than two weeks, you need a large-size checked luggage with a personal item handbag.

2. Number of Persons on the Trip

Number of Persons on the Trip

The luggage size depends on the number of people on the trip. One or two people can have a hand carry with personal item bags, but a family requires a large, checked suitcase, a hand carry, and a private item bag for valuables.

3. Your Activities and Interests

Your Activities and Interests

If you are on a business trip, you need a briefcase or a small hand carry. Still, if you're on vacation, you may need a personal item bag with a medium size checked suitcase for various things and keep some gifts and shopping items in your luggage. Tourists usually have a small hand carry, a personal item bag, or a backpack to keep essentials and clothes for the four days traveling tour.


The luggage size recommendations also depends on the time and season of the destination. If you're visiting NYC in spring and your packing list for March is typical, and you need more space in the luggage to carry jackets, raincoats, boots, and more items for cold winds, rainy season in March. Unlike spring, you may not need several articles for the summer season, so you can get a small hand carry for the trip.

Choosing what size suitcase for international travel depends on the number of people traveling, duration of the trip, destination and its culture, season and atmosphere, activities and interests, and nature of the packers. Let’s see the best of Lucas luggage and Samsonite luggage and choose the best for the next trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of luggage is the best, backpack, Duffle bag, or suitcase?

Backpacks and duffle bags are usually the best for an overnight or two days trip because they are easy to carry for small items, but hand carry is fine for three days or more on a trip, or a suitcase for a more extended journey to have more things with vast space.

Which is the best size luggage for international traveling?

For international traveling, hand carry is not a good idea. You may need a medium-sized checked suitcase with a personal item bag and it’s the best size luggage for the 7-day trip. You may need a lot of accessories, essentials, clothes, and shoes to pack your luggage, and medium-sized suitcases have enough room to carry more things safely. You can have twenty-eight-inch checked bags quickly for international traveling.

Which is the best size luggage for a seven-day international trip?

You can have twenty-two inches small hand carry and a backpack for personal items on a seven-day international trip. It depends on the destination and weather because the winter packing list needs more clothes, boots, and accessories, and you may need medium size checked luggage, but in the spring or fall season, you can get a hand carry and a backpack.

Can Spin Wheel Suitcases move quickly to carry large, checked luggage?

Spin wheel suitcases are quick and easy for small hand carry and medium size checked luggage suitcases, but they are not suitable for heavy and oversized bags. Large, checked suitcases are deeply wide, carry heavy weights, and can't move quickly on spin wheels. It can be broken up at rough handling due to heavy weights.

Which is the largest size of checked suitcases?

The Sixty-two inch linear is the largest size checked suitcase with its height, width, and depth. It's the limit for large-size luggage in mainly airlines and terminals. The fabric-made large-size bag with two spin wheels is a better option and more accessible to carry than the hard cover suitcases.

How do you measure large-size 28-inch luggage?

You need to measure the luggage height, width, and depth, including its handles, wheels, and trolley, to get the exact size. It must not exceed a 62-inch linear luggage size.

How early Do You check your luggage for international flights?

You can check your luggage early before four hours for international flights. Some airlines allow you to check early, before six hours, and some allow you to check before two hours only.
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