The Centric is a very rigid suitcase which is just perfect for anyone who’s on a tight budget. You will be able to get that Samsonite’s outstanding quality but without spending hundreds of dollars. You will get all three suitcases for less than $300 how amazing is that sound?

Here’s the review you’ve been looking for

If you're searching for the best Samsonite luggage that is strong and long-lasting, you have come to the right review at NYC Advisor the Samsonite Centric 2 is quite reasonable and very effective but you must know about your luggage quite well before you make your purchase. 

So, here are some pros and cons to get you started:


  • Strong
  • Expandable
  • Wheels Easily
  • Scratch-Resistant
  • Outstanding Price for The Quality                                                                                                                                                                         


  • When it’s fully extended, the handle wiggles.
  • A little heavier than other options available                                                                                                                                                           

What is the best thing about Samsonite Centric 2?

The amazing value is one of the reasons why Samsonite Centric 2 stands out. The amazing materials are such good quality and its highly durable which will help you in the long run. While many of the expensive pieces of luggage are mostly above $300, the best luggage for European travel. Since, Samsonite Centric 2 is that the prices start around $150 and are on sale all the time under $100 which is an excellent value and it is one of the best luggage brands. This luggage might not have frills, but it has all of the basic things you usually look for in a piece of luggage and is amazingly fairly priced.

What’s Inside the Samsonite Centric 2?

Here is a little Samsonite Centric 2 overview to make your decision easier for you:

  • The Centric luggage has two lined sections with additional fabric lining that does not fit neatly along the curves of the suitcase.
  • The bottom section has a spacious zipped pocket for smaller goods as well as elastic straps for secure storage.
  • The top compartment lacks pockets but has a lightweight zipped mesh partition that allows a glimpse of what's within.
  • The Centric is a durable, well-made piece of luggage with features such as spinning wheels, a polycarbonate hard shell, and a TSA-friendly lock. 
  • It is very reasonable, with the smallest version selling for less than $100 on Amazon.
  • It comes with a 20" Carry On and two 24"/28" Spinners, making it great for extended travels.

There are many points we will be discussing in detail further in this blog. Keep on reading.

Materials and Design

It is one of the greatest materials for luggage, and the Centric suitcase is made totally of polycarbonate, which is one of the materials. It has a single drawback, even though it is sturdy, long-lasting, and lightweight. To put it another way, it is prone to scuffs and scratches even after the first journey. But Samsonite is aware of this, and they have made every effort to ease the negative effects of this.

How do you think they got this idea from? You simply just need to take a good look at the material of the suitcase. Scuffs will not be as noticeable on this luggage since it is not smooth, in contrast to a bag that is fully smooth, which would be the case. There are the different types of luggage Samsonite Centric has made but the general design of the hardshell is such that it will safeguard some components of the luggage from the thought love of the people who handle the baggage. 

Plus, the airlines prefer hard or soft luggage. When you are traveling on a long-distance journey, airlines will always prefer hard baggage since it is better able to bear rough handling and it will keep all your belongings secure from the damage. But when you are going on a short trip it is advised to have the best lightweight luggage. So, you can easily carry it around.

In terms of diversity, the Centric is available in a total of six different hues. It is only natural that the color also has a significant role in the degree to which such scuffs are visible. However, the color of the suitcase is also a factor in determining its cost; the Centric in a teal hue is the costliest variant, while the lighter grey shades are the most affordable. 

Best 4 Features & Uses:

1. Expandable Capacity

How many times have you had to pack for a return trip and realized that you had no idea how you managed to fit everything in the suitcase initially so it is important to measure luggage size? That's how our team at NYC Advisor felt. Afterward, you would likely remove certain items, rearrange them, and transfer them to your other bag. You would deeply regret going shopping while on your vacation.

If you are familiar with that concept, you will enjoy the expandable space of the Centric suitcase. When you unzip the zipper, it expands by 2 inches, allowing you to pack all the souvenirs you bought. In case the zipper acts weird you can get a zipper back on track. We think it was impressive of Samsonite to include that feature in this affordable suitcase. It's worth noting that not all of their more expensive ones offer the option to be expanded.

2. TSA Friendly Lock

You must have the ability to lock your luggage because it is quite important, especially when you have a large piece of luggage that needs to be checked. You wouldn't want a stranger to have the ability to unlock it and go through your possessions. TSA agents may need to access your bags, if necessary, particularly if you frequently travel to the United States.

The Centric suitcase is beneficial because it is equipped with a TSA-approved lock. The suitcase has a 3-digit combination lock. You can set the combination yourself by following the instructions given. Once you do that, only you and the TSA agents will have access to everything inside your luggage.

3. Comfortable Handles

Locking the handle of the Centric is easy once you have extended it, thanks to its double barrel design. This Samsonite is likely inexpensive because of it, which is one of the reasons why. It is possible to position the extended handles in a variety of various locations on some of their more costly bags, but this particular bag does not have this capability.

The metal which has been used in order to make these extended handles makes them very light and great for spinning wheels. There are simply just two handles which are on top and one on the side. They look so sleek and strong that you wouldn’t have to worry about your luggage falling or tripping, they are a great value for money.

4. Spinning Wheels

  • The 2-wheel carry-on luggage makes traveling easier by having 4 spinner wheels that roll smoothly, reducing headaches and arm aches.
  • A wheel that can rotate in any direction for a complete 360 degrees is called a spinner wheel. This means that you do not have to rotate the bag in order to move it. You can move it in front of you. If you prefer, you can also roll it up next to you.
  • Moving your bags around will be easy with the wheels and wheel handle. If you want the wheels to stay on your bag, it's best not to drag it down a flight of stairs.                                                                                                                                                                                            

Are there any other brands as good as Samsonite Centric

Usually, the decision between Travel Pro vs. Samsonite is a matter of personal taste. Travelpro may be a better alternative if you like a more traditional and refined style. If you like a greater range of styles and patterns to pick from, Samsonite is likely to be more tempting. As far as American Tourister vs Samsonite, the American Tourister luggage is less expensive, its quality does not match that of Samsonite suitcases. In general, Samsonite produces business-oriented baggage that is sturdy and looks professional, while American Tourister emphasizes bright colors and unique designs.

Final Verdict

Our team NYC Advisor has tested this great Samsonite Centric 2 luggage and they are very impressed. They are just perfect for anyone who’s on a tight budget and the best part is you will be able to get that Samsonite’s outstanding quality without spending lots of money. So, when you are planning your vacation, especially with your kids, you must consider these amazing Samsonite Centric 2 because they are scratch resistant as well as they wheel very easily. We hope our review has helped you understand everything about Samsonite in order to make an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Samsonite still a good brand?

The brand's hardside and softside models performed well in NYC Advisor’s testing. Each size, including carry-ons, checked baggage, and under-seat luggage, has also pleased us.

What material is Samsonite Centric 2 made of?

Centric 2 blends scratch-resistant materials with lightweight 100% polycarbonate construction, guaranteeing that your luggage looks just as good on the hundredth trip as it did on the first.

What makes Samsonite better?

The Centric 2 hard-side expandable is another example of Samsonite's reputation for producing tough, travel-ready bags. The lightweight polycarbonate shell is scratch-resistant and strong, so your contents will be safe and your case will look great for years to come.

How do I identify my Samsonite bag?

If you no longer have your warranty card or there is no QR-code label, you may find the product ID on the interior of your suitcase/bag. The product ID is situated beneath the fabric of the bag, within the pockets, or on the interior lining, depending on the kind of Samsonite you have.

Can Samsonite's luggage be repaired?

If an issue arises with your Samsonite product due to a material or manufacturing flaw, we will either repair or replace it. Any such repair or replacement will be at our responsibility, as will any expenses associated with returning the goods to you.