Discovering the Ultimate Shopping Destinations in New York City - A Guide to NYC's Top Malls


Shopping in New York
Discovering the Ultimate Shopping Destinations in New York City - A Guide to NYC's Top Malls

New York has countless shopping spots in the city. The city has exclusive shopping malls, department stores, shops, open-air, and small markets. All of them are different, depending on your requirements, budget, and consumption power.

NYC is the most expensive city in the world, and shopping in the grand metropolis is worth your bank account. But here, so many low-budget shopping spots and markets are also available in the city to explore the best shopping places in NYC.

Whether looking for fashion boutiques or footwear, electronic items or home appliances, carpets, and rugs or furniture, you will find the best products in the world in NYC. In this digital age, people shop online with one click on their smartphones, but the shopping malls and markets are still buzzing with crowds in New York City because it's all fun to go shopping and explore the great shopping spots in the grand city of the world.

Here’s a guide for shopping sprees to Shopping in New York at the best shopping places in the world.

Explore the Best Shopping Spots in NYC

1. Blooming dales NYC

Blooming dales NYC

Location: 504 Broadway, New York City.

The Blooming dales is an exclusive department store in various locations in NYC. The store has a designer boutique and extensive collections of trendy and top-rated American brands for Women, kids, and men. The store has big name-designer labels and a variety of exclusive products like Women's fashion apparel, jewelry, handbags, footwear, kitchen appliances, home decor, bath, bedding, and more.

2. Barneys NYC

Barneys NYC

Location: 660 Madison Avenue, New York City.

Barneys is a luxury brand in NYC. The store has exclusive collections of clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags, beauty products and fashion accessories, bedding and furniture, household items, kitchen items, and home decor items. Barneys is famous for its designer collections, and some of the popular designers are Helmut Lang, Prada, Marc Jacobs, and Juicy.

3. Bergdorf Goodman NYC

Bergdorf Goodman NYC

Location: 754 Fifth Ave, 58th Street, New York City.

Bergdorf Goodman is a luxury store on Fifth Avenue near Central Park. The store has an extensive designer collection and exclusive products on display. You can check out the fantastic show for the stylized and modern category in the store. The products are expensive, but the premium quality does not compromise the price.

4. Henri Bendel NYC

Henri Bendel NYC

Location: 712 5th Ave, New York City.

Henri Bendel is an over 100 years old shopping spot for women in NYC. The store has all the women's shopping accessories, fashion outfits, beauty and skincare products, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and other accessories—out-class fashion and luxury products with designer labels. The store introduces many famous designers to NYC.

5. FAO Schwarz NYC

FAO Schwarz NYC

Location: 767 Fifth Ave, New York City.

FAO Schwarz is a famous toy store in NYC. The store has the most fascinating and fun games and toys for the new generation of kids. The bright colors and innovative toys can raise your inner child to play with fun and excitement. Visit your kids at the store to have fun and excitement.

6. ILORI Eyewear Boutique, NYC

ILORI Eyewear Boutique, NYC

Location: 138 Spring Street, Soho, New York City.

ILORI Eyewear Boutique is in Soho, NYC. The store has an extensive collection of eyewear displays like a boutique, exclusive sunglasses, and goggles. Explore the premier showcase of unique designer sunglasses at ILORI, NYC. You can get prescribed sunglasses and custom-order glasses at the best price at this store.

7. Kirna Zabete NYC

Kirna Zabete NYC

Location: 477 Broome Street, New York City.

Kirna Zabete is an out-class luxury boutique in Soho, NYC. The store has an exclusive fashion collection of famous designers and ultimate brands' accessories. An extensive range of classy handbags, jewelry, beauty products, shoes, and other accessories are available at the store.

8. Macy's NYC

Macy's NYC

Location: 151 W 34th St, Herald Square, New York City.

Macy's is the largest American retailer in Herald Square, NYC. The store has a variety of goods and exclusive products from leading American brands. The store location in Herald Square is a landmark in the history of the United States. You will find almost everything here, and it’s expensive, but the best quality products in NYC.

9. Reed Krakoff NYC

Reed Krakoff NYC

Location: 831 Madison Avenue, New York City.

The Reed Krakoff Collection is on Madison Avenue, NYC. The store has an extensive collection of designer luxury handbags, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets—a particular product category for unique style and exclusive lifestyle.

10. The Shops at The Plaza Hotel, NYC

The Shops at The Plaza Hotel, NYC

Location: 768 5th Ave, The Plaza Hotel, New York City.

The Plaza is a luxurious Hotel in New York City. It has excellent shops for exclusive collections of books, chocolates, jewelry, luxury handbags, and gift items. The Plaza boutique has out-class gifts, fashion apparel, and accessories designed from premium quality materials. It’s a unique way of shopping at the Plaza for premium goods for luxury and style.

11. The Roman and Williams Guild NYC

The Roman and Williams Guild NYC

Location: 53 Howard Street, New York City.

Roman and Williams Guild is a home goods store in NYC. The store has a wide variety of home decor items, furniture goods, lights, lamps, table tops, dinnerware, glassware, candles, candle holders, sculptures, vases, and many more. This store has the best home goods with excellent quality and affordable prices.

12. The E.A.T. Gifts NYC

The E.A.T. Gifts NYC

Location: 1062 Madison Avenue, New York City.

E.A.T. Gifts is a gift store on Madison Avenue. It has excellent gift collections, party supplies, greeting cards, chocolates, cosmetics bags and pouches, mugs, plush pillows, sculptures, statues, figurines, and books. Explore the store to shop for more exclusive gift items at the best price in the E.A.T. Gifts shop.

13. The Dover Street Market, NYC

The Dover Street Market, NYC

Location: 160 Lexington Ave, New York City.

Dover Street Market is more than a luxury boutique in NYC. It’s a fashion exhibition space where new and famous designers display their collections for customers. It’s a unique and fantastic way to buy designer fashion outfits. It’s fascinating that you will get a unique piece unavailable to anyone.

14. The Housing Works Soho Thrift Shop, NYC

The Housing Works Soho Thrift Shop, NYC

Location: 130 Crosby Street, Soho, New York City.

Housing Works Soho Thrift Shop is charitable work for the community where you will find something better at a reasonable price. The shop has thrift apparel, handbags, shoes, household items, etc. There’s plenty of stuff; you must find the best from the entire store.

15. The Uniqlo NYC

The Uniqlo NYC

Location: 666 5th Ave, New York City.

Uniqlo is a clothing store in NYC, and it's a Japanese company. The store has the finest linen and fiber clothing collections for kids, women, and men. It has exclusive quality and expensive clothing for everyday and formal routines. You will find the best variety of shirts and tops at this store with the premium collection and great pricing.

16. The Tiffany & Co NYC

The Tiffany & Co NYC

Location: 610 5th Avenue, New York City.

Tiffany & Co is a luxury jewelry store in Manhattan. The store has the finest designer jewelry collection for formal, casual, and wedding occasions. The brand is famous for its unique high-end jewelry in the United States.

17. The Saks Fifth Avenue NYC

The Saks Fifth Avenue NYC

Location: 611 5th Avenue, New York City.

Saks Fifth Avenue is in a ten-story building near St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The store has a remarkable collection of exclusive products from famous designers. The store has luxury and expensive items of premium quality, and you will be worth the visit to explore the great store in NYC.

18. The Apple Store, NYC

The Apple Store, NYC

Location: 767 5th Ave, New York City.

The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue is a great luxury store for iPods, iPhones, and Apple products. The glass building looks fantastic, and it has an extensive gallery of several apple products of high-end quality.

19. The Adidas Store, NYC

The Adidas Store, NYC

Location: 565 5th Ave, New York City.

The Adidas Store in NYC is the best shopping spot for sports apparel and the largest Adidas store in the world. You will get a vast range of high-quality and exclusive clothing and shoes for sports and athletics at this excellent store. Adidas is a famous brand for sports and athletes' apparel and shoes worldwide.

20. The Nike Store, NYC

The Nike Store, NYC

Location: 650 5th Ave, New York City.

The Nike Store on Fifth Avenue, NYC, is a six-floor building with an exclusive display of premium quality Nike shoes and apparel. You will find extensive high-end categories of footwear and clothing at this store.

21. The Blue Tree Store, NYC

The Blue Tree Store, NYC

Location: 1283 Madison Ave, New York City.

The Blue tree is an exclusive store for women's jewelry, clothing and accessories, and home goods on Madison Avenue. You can shop for quality gift items from this store. The store owner is the famous actress Phoebe Cates.

22. The Rachel Comey boutique, NYC

The Rachel Comey boutique, NYC

Location: 95 Crosby St, New York City.

Rachel Comey is a rustic boutique with luxury and style products. It has a high-end trendy fashion wear collection and high-quality footwear display. The store has lush interiors and looks like a party place, and you will enjoy the visit.

23. The Amarcord Vintage Fashion NYC

The Amarcord Vintage Fashion NYC

Location: 223 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, New York City.

Amarcord Vintage Fashion Boutique has Vintage European designer fashion outfits, jewelry, handbags, footwear, and accessories. All the exclusive designer labels products with premium quality and style.

24. The Opening Ceremony, NYC

The Opening Ceremony, NYC

Location: 35 Howard St, Soho, New York City.

The Opening Ceremony store has colorful, vibrant, and funky styles of clothing and accessories. It has a premium collection of trendy outfits, casual wear, shoes, jewelry, and accessories on a fantastic display with exclusive designer labels.

25. The John Derian Company, NYC

The John Derian Company, NYC

Location: 6 E 2nd Street, East Village, New York City.

John Derian Company is a home decor brand. The store has fascinating pleasant home decor products, candles, incense, candleholders, plush velvet cushions, vases, tabletops, books, perfumes, kitchen accessories, furniture, and lighting.

26. The Artists & Fleas Chelsea NYC

The Artists & Fleas Chelsea NYC

Store Location: 88 10th Avenue, Chelsea Market, New York City.

Artists & Fleas Chelsea Market has handmade crafts, antique jewelry, decor, screen-printed t-shirts, soy wax candles, vintage items, thrift accessories, handbags, and dresses. All these items are low-cost, and this open-air market is usually crowded.

27. The ABC Carpet & Home NYC

The ABC Carpet & Home NYC

Location: 888 Broadway, New York City.

ABC Carpet & Home is a furniture and rug store. The store has excellent home decor, the finest jewelry, beauty products, candles, tableware, bedding, pillows, and bath accessories. It has exclusive carpets and rugs and high-end furniture for lavish home decor.

28. The John Fluevog Shoes NYC

The John Fluevog Shoes NYC

Location: 67 Prince Street, New York City.

John Fluevog Shoes is a Canadian brand in NYC. The store has unique, colorful, fascinating footwear designs, high-quality shoes, and sandals. Visiting this store is more fun to explore the fantastic footwear designs at this exclusive spot in NYC.

29. The Love Adorned NYC

The Love Adorned NYC

Location: 269 Elizabeth Street, New York City.

Love Adorned is a vintage jewelry store. It has an exclusive designer collection of jewelry and vintage items for the best quality, unique style, and best price.

30. The Ever lane, NYC

The Ever lane, NYC

Location: 104 N 6th Street, Brooklyn, New York City.

Ever lane Store in Williamsburg has trendy fashion outfits, casual wear, shoes, and accessories for men and women. The store has the finest denim and excellent fabric with premier quality and an exclusive designer collection.

31. The Anine Bing NYC

The Anine Bing NYC

Location: 101 W Worthington Ave, SUITE 240, Charlotte, New York City.

Anine Bing is an exclusive store popular with celebrities in NYC. The famous model opens this store and creates a brand for fashion. The store has unique and alluring styles of outfits, shoes, handbags, and accessories for casual and formal use, but the quality is remarkable.

32. The Love Shack Fancy NYC

The Love Shack Fancy NYC

Location: 390 Bleecker Street, West Village, New York City.

Love Shack Fancy store has vintage design clothing, women's, girls, and baby accessories, home decor products, and vintage items. There’s so much to explore and get excellent accessories from this lovely spot.

33. The Il Bisonte NYC

The Il Bisonte NYC

Location: 381 Bleecker Street, New York City.

Il Bisonte is a high-end leather goods manufacturer in NYC. It has all handmade leather bags, wallets, and purses made in Italy, the supreme quality and exclusive designs that are fascinating and expensive. Leather handbags, cross-body bags, tote bags, small bags, backpacks, wallets, and all types of leather goods are available at the store.

34. The Fishs Eddy NYC

The Fishs Eddy NYC

Location: 889 Broadway, New York City.

Fishs Eddy is a home goods store in Flatiron District, NYC. The store has fascinating, classy dinnerware, plates, glasses, and vintage crockery. If you are looking for something for your kitchen, you can get here to buy all the dishware and pottery for your kitchen.



Location: 112 W 34th Street, New York City.

Sephora is an excellent cosmetics store in NYC. The store has a vast collection of beauty products, skincare, and cosmetics that you can choose from the exclusive range of products from the world’s largest store in NYC.

36. The Levi’s Store NYC

The Levi�s Store NYC

Location: 1535 Broadway, New York City.

Levi’s Store in Times Square is the world’s largest Levi’s store. It has a two-story building with a vast collection of the latest outfits, jeans, and casual wear. Levi’s is the most popular brand in the world, and everyone wants a pair of Levi’s, whatever the cost is. Explore the great outlet and shop for exclusive brand items from the Big Apple.

37. The Brooklyn Flea Market NYC

The Brooklyn Flea Market NYC

Location: 80 Pearl Street, Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York City.

Brooklyn Flea Market is very popular in NYC. The market has vintage items, antique jewelry, antique home decor, old classic furniture, vintage clothing, and thrift items. The market is famous in NYC for old things, used items, and low-cost products. The flea market is always buzzing with crowds and is a bustling place.

38. The Bedford Avenue NYC

The Bedford Avenue NYC

Location: Brooklyn, New York City.

Bedford Avenue is a shopping street in Brooklyn, NYC. It has small and huge shops, boutiques, and stores for clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories for a reasonable price. You will get almost everything in this shopping spot at very affordable prices. So if you’re looking for low-budget shopping, this place is best for you.

39. The Hudson Valley Mall, NYC

The Hudson Valley Mall, NYC

Location: 1300 Ulster Ave, Kingston, New York City.

The Hudson Valley Mall has all the sporting goods, clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, home goods, home decor, kitchen items, and more. You will find many famous brands stores like Target, Jimmy Jazz, and Claire's at this mall. There’s a restaurant and a cinema to enjoy food and drinks with movies after shopping in the mall.

40. The Woodbury Common Premium Outlets NYC

The Woodbury Common Premium Outlets NYC

Location: 498 Red Apple Court, Route 32, Central Valley, New York City.

The Woodbury Common Premium Outlets is an outlet center in Central Valley. It has many exclusive brand stores like Nike, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Skechers, Crocs, Dior, and Prada. The place has a variety of restaurants, so you can dine in after shopping conveniently.

41. The Kingston Plaza, NYC

The Kingston Plaza, NYC

Location: 151 Plaza Rd, Kingston, New York City.

The Kingston Plaza is a famous shopping spot in NYC. It has many brands stores for almost everything, like Walgreens, Aaron’s, Edible Arrangements, and Catskill Art Supply. There’s the largest grocery store in the plaza, so you can shop for groceries, too.

42. The Water Street Market, NYC

The Water Street Market, NYC

Location: 10 Main Street, New Paltz, New York City.

Water Street Market has many small independent shops for various products, like village markets. You will find antique items, jewelry shops, clothing, and other accessories at a reasonable price in this market. It is one of the low-budget shopping areas in NYC.

43. The Montgomery Row, NYC

The Montgomery Row, NYC

Location: 6422 Montgomery St, Rhine beck, New York City.

Montgomery Row is a shopping spot in Hudson Valley. Its small building has stores, shops, offices, and restaurants. You can bargain here for expensive items and get reasonable prices quickly

44. The Hudson Valley Vintage Shop, NYC

The Hudson Valley Vintage Shop, NYC

Location: 17 E Market St, Red Hook, New York City.

Hudson Valley Vintage Shop and the studio has an antique collection, old restored items, new home decor pieces, and a vintage collection. This place is perfect if you love antiques, old things, arts and crafts, and paintings. You can order custom glass paintings for a small cost at this studio.

45. The Hurley Country Store NYC

The Hurley Country Store NYC

Location: 2 Walmsley Pl, Hurley, New York City.

The Hurley Country Store is an old-style general store and gift shop. It has a variety of almost everything, hot and cold beverages, pastries, and gift items.


New York City is a world leader in the commercial and financial sectors. It has the world’s most prominent brand outlets, shopping malls, and markets that vary in products and pricing. You will find the most elegant and luxurious designer boutiques and outlets, small street markets, and shops for several distinctive brands and products in NYC.

It's worth more to shop in the Big Apple, the exclusive top-rated brands of the world, The finest collections, unique designs, premium quality, and modern style. However, it's more costly to shop in NYC, but it's an unforgettable shopping experience.

You will visit the shopping spots in NYC to explore the latest trends, fashion themes, and exclusive product categories in the world’s great city.

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