18 Fun and Unique Things to do in Green point Brooklyn

Things to do in Green point Brooklyn
18 Fun and Unique Things to do in Green point Brooklyn

Being a tourist in a new place is overwhelming in many ways. Especially if you are an introvert, it is hard to find the inspiration to be all daring when traveling. Thus our aim of providing you with a complete guide beforehand comes in handy. And when it comes to famous New York Spots for traveling, for many reasons, Brooklyn's northernmost neighbourhood, Greenpoint, is one of our favourites. To begin with, it has a tonne of delicious cuisine, and everyone knows that the stomach is the door to someone's heart! 

Beyond that, though, it's also a really inventive neighbourhood with plenty of quirky stores and places to hang out. We're not gatekeepers, which is fantastic news. In order to make sure you know precisely where to go, what to do, and how to take advantage of everything Greenpoint has to offer, we put up a guide to the neighbourhood. These are the top activities in Brooklyn's Greenpoint.

1. Try A Pizza Place

Try A Pizza Place

Pizza is more than simply cuisine in New York City; it's ingrained in the city's culture. There's no denying the appeal of this comfort meal, whether you go for a traditional cheese slice or something a little more adventurous. And the name that comes to mind for the best of the best is Brooklyn. As you come here you can find several spots for best pizza in Brooklyn New York, as a part of common chatter in the city.

2. Find a Great Hotel

Find a Great Hotel

A great night’s sleep is what induces a great day ahead. And if you wish to achieve the most of your travel itinerary, you need to be well rested. So our first instinct is to find where to stay in Brooklyn. Thankfully there are many great places to stay with all the facilities one would enjoy and because of tourist dense region the prices aren’t that high either.

3. Get a Good Book

Get a Good Book

If there is anything better than a good book then it is reading a good book alongside a great view. And fortunately Brooklyn is a rich place with tons of mesmerizing views one would find. Also, reading a book alongside the Brooklyn Bridge or any other place is basically one of the free things to do in Brooklyn NY.

4. Greenpoint Coffee Shops

Greenpoint Coffee Shops

While everyone is out looking for best restaurants in Brooklyn, don’t forget about the aura of coffee shops. These cute places not only serve coffee but brings a tone of memories for you and your loved ones. And there isn’t just one but many coffee places which will make you too happy about your visit to Brooklyn. They can be known as best brunch spots in Brooklyn too, thanks to the gentle and calming vibe offered along with delicious delicacies that speak of culture more than anything else.

5. Famous Greenpoint Restaurants

Famous Greenpoint Restaurants

One of the weird things to do in NYC, could be not visiting the famous restaurants here. Known for foods such as the Paris to France, Brooklyn is a hub of delicious restaurants for all kinds of cuisine. Here you can find top vegan restaurants in Brooklyn to pretty rooftop restaurants in Brooklyn as well as top steak places serving delish options too! Greenpoint is known for its Polish cuisine, but there are other food options available as well! There are many delectable dishes you shouldn't miss, ranging from Korean, French, and yes, Polish cuisine, to Mexican, American comfort food, and more.

6. Live Music at Warsaw

Live Music at Warsaw

Visitors are free to lounge at the bar or take in musical performances in the ballroom. The laid-back location at the Polish National House, Warsaw, has a dive bar and vintage feel to it. If this event makes you want to check out another alternative Brooklyn music venue, add a trip to House of Vans, where you can also rent a skateboard.

7. WNYC Transmitter Park

WNYC Transmitter Park

While surfing through several lists of the best parks in Brooklyn it is not a coincidence that you will come across the transmitter park several times. There is a particular reason behind the popularity of this park amongst the others. This park with a great view and a historic attachment has lots to offer. Especially if you have seen WNYC tote bags on the arms of multiple tourists around the city then you probably know why that park is a famous place to be.

8. Archestratus


Didn’t we warn you about taste delights from one of the deliciously rich parts of the country? Brooklyn being heavy on taste, home cooks and foodies will be regretful about not visiting this place when they so could. And the best part of this food-book joint is the rich ambiance coupled with unforgettable taste inspiration. All that Archestratus sells are cookbooks, both new and old.

Owner Paige Lipari, a Brooklyn native with experience working at cafés and bookshops all across the city, personally selects each item. Her skill and passion for cooking have come together to produce what is now a Brooklyn mainstay. It's so comfortable that you want to lose yourself in the varied book collection and indulge in Sicilian pastries for the whole afternoon.

9. Pinball Laundromat

Pinball Laundromat

You might not find this weird but amazingly perfect combination of a laundry area with a pinball machine center anywhere else. But there is a reason why Brooklyn is so famous among the tourists. A must visit place for the tourists, more than 20 pinball machines and a bar can be found in this hipster-friendly laundry, which is the preferred spot for pinball wizards to wash their clothes. These vintage machines and beers make cleaning your clothes enjoyable, so there's no need to pass the time while waiting for the last spin by fiddling with your thumbs or using iPhone applications. Sunshine Laundromat hosts many events and refers to itself as an art museum.

10. Visit A Bar

Visit A Bar

A bar experience in Brooklyn compares to nothing else in the city. Hence for a new person visiting this part of the country should not skip on the wonderful bars in the vicinity. With tons of places that boast fun and funky vibe combined with great selection of colors, these bars are equipped with all the entertainment a tourist needs. And to top it off, the local barista offer unique combination of drinks which you might not have tasted before. 

11. Bury the Hatchet Brooklyn

Bury the Hatchet Brooklyn

Dared to look for unique things to do in NYC? Why not in Brooklyn then? One of the tourists’ favorite, this spot is fun and interesting in its own way. This warehouse style entertainment place includes ax-throwing. But don’t worry it isn’t without detailed instructions and safety guides before they let you on the field. And another fun part? You can take part in axe throwing tournament too!

12. Greenpoint Terminal Market

Greenpoint Terminal Market

Did you really come to Brooklyn if you don't respect tradition when visiting? The Greenpoint Terminal Market is a weekend must-see, located on a four-acre waterfront lot in the summer and inside the Brooklyn Expo Centre in the winter. Along with supporting local artists and companies, this shopping paradise has over 100 merchants offering anything from jewellery and vintage clothing to homemade skincare products, plants, and homewares. You can also roller skate, mingle, and indulge in food truck treats here.

13. Brooklyn Thrift Shopping

Brooklyn Thrift Shopping

Woah! Now you can buy something for everyone back home and not even worry about draining your budget. There are many best thrift stores in Brooklyn giving you a chance to purchase all kinds of fashion at affordable prices. Don’t worry, the Brooklyn thrift stores are known internationally and probably there is a reason behind. Especially when it comes to Greenpoint, this place is a dream valley for thrift shoppers. Similar to a large portion of Brooklyn, the area is brimming with well chosen consignment shops and fashionable thrift stores, such Dusty Rose Vintage and Mirth Vintage on Manhattan Avenue, Beacon's Closet on Guernsey Street, and Feng Sway, a gift and plant shop located on Dobbin Street.

14. Museums


One of the exciting things to do in red hook Brooklyn is to take a tour of their well-known selection of museums and galleries. Though these places might be hard to find and reach for a tourist because of the isolated location, once you reach you will be happy you came here. When looking for the greatest things to do in Red Hook, you should definitely consider visiting at least one of these cultural organisations. Though as per our research we have found 15 Art galleries you should visit whether or not you are an art Enthusiast from inside.

15. Visit the Brooklyn Bridge

Visit the Brooklyn Bridge

You definitely have seen this bridge in tones of movies and TV shows and wondered does the bridge look as magnificent in real life as it looks on the screen! Well the simple answer is yes and a bit detailed answer is, Even More! The Brooklyn Bridge, which is regarded as a magnificent example of 19th-century engineering, was a bridge of many firsts. As for the cable wire, it was the first suspension bridge made of steel. It was the first bridge to utilise explosives in a caisson, a hazardous underwater apparatus. With many firsts, there are many other facts about the Brooklyn Bridge we recommend you taking a look at before your visit here!

16. Film Noir Cinema

Film Noir Cinema

Truly vintage, aint it? For a romantic trip to Brooklyn, watching a movie becomes a must and what’s better than watching a romantic show in one of the vintage styled cinemas reminding you of old school vibes. The neighbourhood exudes a nostalgic aura, and nothing screams vintage like renting a movie. and Brooklyn is the ideal location for it! Film Noir is a Greenpoint institution owned by Poles and consisting of a video store and a theatre. The corner theatre has frequent private viewings (for no more than a few dozen people), in addition to renting out ancient, rare, and independent films. Any movie buff would go crazy.

17. North Inuit Art Gallery

North Inuit Art Gallery

Deserving all the praises and appraises, for those who prefer art in different forms. While looking for things to do in Brooklyn this weekend, we recommend you not missing on this fun visit. Look North Inuit Art Gallery is another fascinating gallery and something to do in Red Hook if you have an interest in Inuit art and culture. The goal of this gallery is to promote Inuit and Arctic culture via art. It features a collection of genuine modern sculptures, paintings, etchings, and prints by established and emerging artists from more than 30 Inuit settlements in Canada's Arctic area.

18. Get a Haircut

Get a Haircut

This might seem odd as wouldn’t you have worked on looking your best self before making that much awaited trip? After all who doesn’t want to look their best self in their travel photos? But as a memoir and a new experience for your friends and family back in town, getting a haircut from a new place is much recommended. It is one way of saying New You after a trip! So our recommendation is looking for the best barbershops is Williamsburg Brooklyn and grooming yourself a bit before heading back home.


The best walks in Brooklyn or any other state is when you soak in the culture as much as possible. Thus it is important that you wisely choose the path of walk around this new place. We advise you talking a walk by the famous spots so you can also take part in fun things to do near Brooklyn Bridge or any other well-known touristy spot.

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