Taste the Diverse Cuisines and Explore the 18 Best Brunch Spots in Brooklyn

Best Brunch Spots in Brooklyn
Taste the Diverse Cuisines and Explore the 18 Best Brunch Spots in Brooklyn

Brooklyn has a rich culinary scene and various lunch and dinner spots, restaurants, and cafes. If you are looking for breakfast and brunch restaurants and cafes, you will get the best brunch spots in Brooklyn. It’s a great idea to have a sandwich and coffee at a café brunch after a morning walk on the Brooklyn bridge. This borough has exclusive and casual breakfast and brunch restaurants, and you can choose a wide variety of diverse cuisines and flavorsome meals from several international cultures around the world. 
Brooklyn is a cool borough that offers stunning waterfront views and the coolest things to do. Each neighborhood offers a vast variety of food options with a spacious flare of dynamic cuisines. The restaurants offer brunch for weekends usually and daily lunch and dinner. You can enjoy brunch at cruises, restaurants, cafés, and bakeries with friends and family.   

Top 18 Rated Brunch Spots in Brooklyn

 You will find the top rated and the best brunch spots in Brooklyn in this guide. We have selected the brunch and breakfast cafes and restaurants that offer great ambiance, cool vibes, and comfortable seating with delicious savories, snacks, sweet treats, baked goodies, juices, tea, and coffee. Various coffee shops in Brooklyn offer tasty brunch and breakfast in the morning and evenings. You can also check small bakeries that have outdoor and indoor seating for coffee with brownies and pastries in the neighborhoods.

1. Le Land Eating and Drinking House Brunch Spot

Le Land Eating and Drinking House Brunch Spot

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NYC 

Le Land Eating and Drinking House is a casual dining and brunch spot in the neighborhood of Prospect Heights in Brooklyn. Its modern and stylish interiors, fantastic lights, vibrant, colorful murals on the wall, and cozy ambiance give you soothing vibes. 

They serve dinner and brunch with drinks. The brunch menu includes delicious zucchini bread, banana oat mini loaf, smoked trout, granola, sausages, sandwiches, and drinks. Their cinnamon buns and sandwiches are delicious, and you will love to taste them with drinks. Enjoy brunch with your friends at this lovely spot and it’s one of the great things to do in Brooklyn this weekend.

2. Tom’s Restaurant, A Great Brunch Spot in Brooklyn 

Tom’s Restaurant, A Great Brunch Spot in Brooklyn 

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NYC 

Tom’s Restaurant is an old traditional dining spot that has served breakfast, lunch, and dinner since 1936. This restaurant offers a relaxing atmosphere, cozy ambiance, elegant interiors, comfy seating, and the best food. They also offer some complimentary stuff with brunch and dinner big platters like some cookies, fruits, or coffee.  
Their delicious menu includes beef sausages with lemon, harvest pancakes with cranberries and sweet corn, lemon ricotta pancakes, French toast, cherry lime, crab cakes, and vanilla egg cream.

3. Kokomo Restaurant, A Caribbean Brunch Spot 

Kokomo Restaurant, A Caribbean Brunch Spot 

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC

Kokomo Caribbean Restaurant offers the best live DJ music on weekends, lively and cherished Caribbean vibes, stylish, colorful interiors, exclusive art on the walls, and great indoor and outdoor dining spaces. Their bottomless brunch special is available on Sundays all day.  
Their delicious brunch menu includes stuffed plantains, rasta balls, crab cakes sliders, truffle flatbread, chicken and waffle, tropical bowl, Caribbean spiced lamb, mac n cheese, lobster soup, salads, truffle fries, rum raisin pudding, cheesecake, passion fruit sorbet, and ice cream.  

4. Sisters American Restaurant and the Best Brunch Spot 

Sisters American Restaurant and the Best Brunch Spot

Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, NYC

Sisters American Restaurant is the best brunch spot in Brooklyn. They offer local organic food and delightful brunch only on the weekends. They use farm fresh organic veggies, meats, fruits, and dairy products for meals. They only offer seasonal dishes for fresh produce. 
Their soothing ambiance with soft lights, relaxing vibes, and classy interiors with delicious meals and drinks give you a remarkable culinary experience in this borough. They also offer live music and entertainment for guests to enjoy with brunch and dinner. 
This American restaurant has an indoor dining lounge and patio dining space with comfortable seating. Their brunch menu includes egg sandwiches, smoked salmon, French toast, fried chicken sandwiches, burgers, veggie burgers, granola, orange juice, and drinks.

5. Oxalis American Restaurant, Remarkable Brunch Spot 

Oxalis American Restaurant, Remarkable Brunch Spot

Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NYC 

Oxalis American Restaurant offers delicious brunch on Sundays in Crown Heights. Enjoy a unique culinary experience on the weekends with your loved ones at this stylish American brunch spot. This dining spot has a stylish and minimalistic setting decorated with green pot plants. They have an indoor dining area and outdoor space with cool vibes. 
The family-style restaurant offers various delicious meals and tasty options. Their menu includes egg yolk and cabbage, smoked trout, grilled beef, pork and carrot, green asparagus, le kebab, burrata, chicories, monkfish, caviar, squid, and drinks. Whether you choose to sit inside the cozy dining lounge or at the cool breezy outdoor area, you will definitely enjoy the delicious brunch and experience the remarkable food and unforgettable moments at this American brunch spot in Brooklyn.

6. Winner Brunch Café in Brooklyn

Winner Brunch Café in Brooklyn

South Slope, Brooklyn, NYC 

Winner Brunch Café is one of the best restaurants in Brooklyn that serves delicious brunch and coffee. Take a stroll in the Park Slope neighborhood and visit this spacious dining spot to have some baked goodies and coffee in the morning. They serve brunch every day from the morning, and their tasty chocolate chip cookies and fried chicken sandwiches are great with mocha or espresso coffee. 
Their brunch menu includes chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, monkey bread, pretzels, egg and cheese muffins, chocolate croissants, scones, cakes, cinnamon rolls, yogurt and granola, soups, salads, pastrami sandwiches, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Their coffee variations are Americano, mocha, latte, espresso, cappuccino, lemonade, tea, and iced tea.

7. Sunday in Brooklyn, An American Brunch Spot 

Sunday in Brooklyn, An American Brunch Spot 

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC

Sunday in Brooklyn is a renowned American restaurant. They offer the best breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, coffee, and drinks. The restaurant serves brunch every weekday and weekend from morning till evening. This casual dining spot has an indoor dining space and outdoor dining area with minimalistic decors and a cozy ambiance.  
They offer the best sweet treats, savories, snacks, baked goodies, drinks, and coffee. This restaurant has a rooftop garden and great patio dining space on the third-story building, and you can enjoy brunch with iconic views of the city skyline from the rooftop. It’s one of the best rooftop restaurants in Brooklyn
Their popular brunch menu includes cinnamon rolls, maple cheese biscuits, French onion soup, avocado and berry toast, pancakes, scrambles, omelets, steaks, salads, chicken sandwiches, burgers, sausages, fries, hash browns, chocolate mousse, sundaes, Americano, latte, mocha, espresso coffee, and drinks.

8. Celestine Mediterranean Restaurant in Brooklyn 

Celestine Mediterranean Restaurant in Brooklyn 

John Street, Brooklyn, NYC

Celestine Restaurant is a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Restaurant located under the Brooklyn bridge. It offers sweeping bridge views and a waterfront city skyline from the floor-to-ceiling wide windows. The dining hall is decorated with lavish green plants and plenty of natural light that gives you a soothing ambiance and refreshing vibes.  
Their famous brunch menu includes buttermilk pancakes, smoked white fish, omelets, burgers, sandwiches, breakfast sausages, fries, salads, cakes, ice creams, sorbets, tea, coffee, and drinks. Enjoy the fascinating views with Mediterranean and Eastern flare and delicious food at this waterfront brunch dining spot under the bridge.  

9. Five Leaves American Brunch Spot in Brooklyn 

Five Leaves American Brunch Spot in Brooklyn

Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NYC

The Five Leaves American Restaurant serves brunch daily from the morning till evening. This American brunch spot is located in the famous neighborhood of Greenpoint in Brooklyn. It's a traditional-style American restaurant that has a minimalistic setting, wooden furniture, and soft lights with relaxing vibes.  
It has a charming atmosphere with new American flavors and meals, but you need to reserve your table before arriving at this bustling dining space. It’s one of the best things to do in Brooklyn to dine-in a brunch spot after a morning walk. 
Their famous menu includes Aussie rolls, croissants, oysters, soup, salad, egg sandwiches, Irish oats, grain bowl, granola, mushroom toast, ricotta pancakes, sandwiches, burgers, veggie burgers, pavlova, pudding, tea, and coffee.  

10. Claro Mexican Brunch Spot in Brooklyn 

Claro Mexican Brunch Spot in Brooklyn

Gowanus, Brooklyn, NYC

Claro restaurant has a Mexican flare that has a unique style, western interiors, old cultural vibes, and delicious meals. Their indoor dining area is decorated with weird stuff portraying the traditional Mexican culture. Their outdoor dining space has a fascinating scene and is covered by lush green trees with sparkling string lights that offer refreshing and cool vibes.  
They offer seasonal food, and their menu changes occasionally, including beet toast, tuna toast, pancakes, ribs, cakes, pudding, ice cream, cold brew coffee, French press coffee, and drinks.

11. Peaches Hot House American Brunch Spot in Brooklyn 

Peaches Hot House American Brunch Spot in Brooklyn

Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NYC

Peaches Hot House is an American brunch spot in Bed Stuy. It’s a casual dining spot that has indoor dining space and patio space. This small restaurant has a minimalistic setting but comfortable seating and great food. They offer all-day meals for brunch, lunch, and dinner.  
Their fried chicken is too good and hot and spicy shrimp sandwiches are delicious. There are no reservations, and walk-ins are welcome. So, you can enter anytime, and it is a fun thing to do in Brooklyn to enjoy casual dining with friends at this all-day brunch spot. They serve tasty catfish sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, burgers, fried shrimp, fried catfish, mac n cheese, fries, salads, and drinks.

12. Henry Public Brunch Spot in Brooklyn 

Henry Public Brunch Spot in Brooklyn

Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, NYC

Henry Public Restaurant is a casual dining space and a brunch spot in Cobble Hill. They have a small patio space and a casual indoor dining hall with a minimalistic wooden furniture setting and comfy seating. It has a relaxing ambiance and serves excellent food and drinks. They also offer live music in the outdoor space to welcome their guests in a sweet, melodious style.  
They serve the tasty brunch only on the weekends. Their menu includes hamburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, baked macarons, steaks, oysters, fries, pickles, sausages, and drinks.

13. Miriam Restaurant the Best Brunch Spot in Brooklyn 

Miriam Restaurant the Best Brunch Spot in Brooklyn 

Park Slope, Brooklyn, NYC

Miriam Restaurant is the best brunch spot in Park Slope, Brooklyn. This dining spot has an indoor space with a minimalistic setting, wide windows, and bright lights. They have a stunning outdoor dining area, where each table is inside a wooden cabin, and offers a secure dining experience in any weather conditions and a soothing atmosphere. They serve Jewish cuisine, including delicious bagels and omelets. It’s one of the best bagel spots in Brooklyn
They serve tasty brunch daily and also on weekends. Their menu includes Mediterranean salad, soups, pancakes, large platters, lamb shawarma, croissants, chicken shawarma, egg benedicts, mushroom cheese omelet, French toast, fries, granola, bagels, zucchini cakes, desserts, and drinks.

14. Rana Fifteen Turkish Restaurant in Brooklyn 

Rana Fifteen Turkish Restaurant in Brooklyn 

Park Slope, Brooklyn, NYC

Rana Fifteen Restaurant has a Turkish flare with American flavors, serving seafood and grilled meats on small plates. This family-style restaurant is the casual brunch spot in Park Slope. 
It’s a perfect place for family celebrations and group dinners. Their menu includes savories like beef sausages, poached eggs, pancakes, sweet treats, soda, juice, tea, and coffee.  

15. Ursula Mexican Restaurant in Brooklyn 

Ursula Mexican Restaurant in Brooklyn 

Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NYC

Ursula Mexican Restaurant is another excellent brunch spot in Brooklyn. This small and casual eatery has a patio dining space with a covered shed for weather safety. They are famous in the neighborhood and always bustling with guests as their delicious Mexican cuisine gives you hot and spicy, chili and pepper, and sweet taste for tacos, burritos, and quesadillas.  
They offer brunch on weekends, and their menu includes burritos, chorizo with tortillas and hash browns, vegan beans with tortillas, beans, and red chili, scrambled eggs with tortillas and cheese, corn salad, soup, pancakes, rice pudding with cinnamon and seasonal fruits, tea, coffee, and drinks.

16. French Louie French Restaurant in Brooklyn 

French Louie French Restaurant in Brooklyn

Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, NYC

French Louie Restaurant is an American French dining spot that serves brunch, lunch, and dinner with delicious Mexican cuisine. They offer a fine French dining experience in Brooklyn with an awesome patio dining space decorated with green plants all over and an indoor dining hall with an elegant and stylish setting, bright lights, and a cozy ambiance.  
They offer brunch at weekends only. Their tasty Mexican brunch menu includes oysters, croissants, chicken sausages, fries, burgers, steak tartare, smoked trout, French toast, mushroom scramble, soup, tea, coffee, and drinks.

17. Milk and Honey Café and Brunch Spot in Brooklyn 

Milk and Honey Café and Brunch Spot in Brooklyn 

Flatbush, Brooklyn, NYC

Milk and Honey Café and Coffee Shop is a remarkable brunch spot in Flatbush. They have an outdoor dining area and indoor dining space with minimal setting, wooden furniture, and lush green plants for refreshing vibes. It’s a casual café and coffee house that offers all-day brunch and flexible hours with a cozy ambiance for a relaxing space.  

Their tasty brunch menu includes tacos, croissants, smoked salmon, corn fritters, chipotle omelets, grilled sandwiches, smoked salmon sandwiches, pastrami, grilled steaks, pastries, tarts, scones, cookies, coffee, and beverages.  

18. Brunch Cruises in Brooklyn

Brunch Cruises in Brooklyn

Brunch Cruises are another great attraction for locals and visitors. You can enjoy the delicious croissants, pastries, cookies, and savories with tea, coffee, and drinks while exploring the incredible city skyline views and enjoy the freshwater breeze on the deck and live music performances. You need to book your tables and purchase the tickets online or before arrival. The details and tickets are available online on official websites. 
These NYC cruises offer the brunch special and buffet on special events and occasions like Valentine's Day, Easter Special, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Halloween Special, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Holiday, New Year’s Day, and Bottomless Brunch Cruises.    


Brooklyn is a borough that has a hipster lifestyle and classic vibes. It has several exclusive and casual cafes and dining spots for breakfast and brunch, serving various international flavorsome food in famous neighborhoods. It’s one of the most inspiring things to do in New York to have breakfast or brunch with friends in a cool brunch spot.

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