If there is one thing that can be said about today’s world, it is that internet rules it! Internet, in any form has the entire grip over who is winning and who is losing in the race of popularity these days. That being said, Top NYC influencers are no longer the big fashion designers of the world but common people who have got an eye for good fashion and an ability to do justice with every outfit they wear or choose.

In the same way, the Alice+Olivia store opening event that took place in Francisco is a living proof of how social media influencers rule the fashion market and how these influencers are star of the party and talk of the town after every event. At this event, a well sung name of fashion world, Blair Eadie made to the highlights and it is safe to say for all the right reasons. But before heading towards the details let’s learn more about Blaire Eddie.

Blair Eadie Bio

Blair Eadie Bio

Blair Eadie, a fashion influencer, is well-known for her passion for pattern and color. One of the most popular and richest blogger, Blair eadie net worth speaks for her contribution to the fashion world. With a net worth of $5 Million, It feels like a couture rainbow come to life on her blog and Instagram account, where she displays her style with her 1.6 million followers.

Blaire Eddie Education

She has inspired tones of young girls and women alike as well as renowned men fashion designers to learn from her style and her creative mind when it comes to colors and patterns in any form. Above all, though, she is incredibly intelligent—a proud University of Florida alumna who can switch topics in a single sentence from fashion trends to business and marketing.

Blaire Eddie Early Career

The 33-year-old Eadie began her blog Atlantic-Pacific in 2010 while working for Gap, Inc. as a merchandiser. She later left the company to take a full-time position as director of merchandising at Tory Burch.

Blaire Eddie Social Media

She gained 3.1 million monthly viewers on Pinterest, more than 1.1 million Instagram followers, 217,000 Facebook followers, and 53,000 Twitter followers along the way. In addition, she has partnerships with a who's who of companies, such as Veuve Cliquot, Nordstrom, Harry Winston, Gucci, Sephora, and Range Rover.

Blaire Eddie’s Personal Life

Although Eadie's permanent home is presently in New York City, she currently lives in Sarasota on a part-time basis. In 2017, she and her fiancé, Andrew Powell, purchased a 1920s Sarasota house, which they’ve renovated like a dream come true!

Among many other famous fashion associated names such as Liz Eswein and Leandra Cohen, Blair Eadie is famous for all the right reasons!

No offence but if you are still wondering who is Blaire Eadie then you probably belong to the Old Navy or Walmart aisles where there is no talk about big and true fashion. Blair Eadie aged 30 something is the new voice of fashion and teller of the dos and don’ts of the fashion world with a sweet personality and a knack for judging the right clothes for the right occasion. Started as someone who dresses up cute, accessorizes herself perfectly and then looks her best self on Instagram, the influencer is now one of the famous people who live in New York.

Her blog Atlantic-Pacific has become the voice of fashion globally with many people taking genuine fashion advice from her or just reading the blog for some light paced fashion humor too. the Alice+Olivia party where there were lots of women wearing high heels, looking pretty in expensive outfits, heighted over 5’6, dyed perfectly in hues of blonde or brown, still Blair Eadie stole the show for many reasons.

This Blonde beacon dressed in a purple plazo and somewhat of a chartreuse blouse, the personality spoke for herself. Blair Eadie, an eye catching blonde is well liked by all the fashion lovers, men and women alike and that is something you enjoy when you have a great taste paired with an ability to portray it.

These are some ways to define the success level of Blair Eadie. Her style is new without being too adventurous or too "edgy," and she is the older sister turned best friend who is always approachable. Eadie has the innocent sparkle of America's sweetheart—the girl who wouldn't steal your spotlight—and isn't interested males who are connected to you! She could easily pass for Lauren Conrad or Blake Lively! She values creativity and diligence above everything else, so let's just say that artificial things are less important to her.

Throughout the occasion, she inspired all of the visitors and received a lot of admiring remarks about not just her wardrobe selections but also how she seemed and lived. We have likely personally witnessed a great deal of praise, ranging from "OMG, she is the best" to "Wow, who chooses her wardrobe and accessories" to "Wish I could be her best friend."

When we asked around about this fixation as someone attempting to further publicize her, we discovered that the affection people have for her is real and not only a staged picture on social media.

Not just her dress up but if you follow Blair eadie on her platform then you must be aware of the wonders she did to her Florida vacation home and the way it highly speaks of fashion aesthetics.

Blair Eadie x Nordstrom

Blair Eadie x Nordstrom

The Nordstrom fashion rack and the impact it has on you and all of your girlfriends, sisters and any woman you know, well it has something to do with Blaire Eadie too! There is a reason why Blaire Eadie chose Nordstrom maybe because she realized that this place could handle her fashion sense and huge creativity she has?

Known as Halogen X Atlantic-Pacific capsule collection, released in the fall season covered 150 fashion inspired piece collection including clothes, footwear and accessories. The Eadie followers were quick to sweep up the entire store immediately after opening and only a few sizes (outliers) remained. The collection, which was available in sizes 00–24, is full of vibrant, printed, feminine items that perfectly capture Eadie's own style.

When Asked what keeps Blair Eadie different from the rest and how would she like to explain her style, she declared her secret of success as staying true to her personal style and doing what she does best (maximizing colors and patterns in a smart way).

Blaire Eadie and Her Work

Blaire Eadie and Her Work

Though a social media influencer, Blaire Eadie has a crowd of designers, advertisers and influencers all after her and that too for the right reasons. This fashion blogger enjoys more credibility than Suzy Menkes (no doubt on her greatness though), and that is because she understands and speaks the language of millennials, efficiently.

Aside from her work at the Gap, Eadie has hosted parties for Fashion's Night Out at Macy's in New York, modelled makeup for Cover Girl, and been highlighted in a slew of blogs from other fashion bloggers, some of whom reluctantly compliment her on her sense of taste.