Leandra Cohen has not taken her privilege of belonging to a rich family as an excuse to do nothing creative in her life. Though the contrary is true because the famous Leandra has come up with several ideas and creatively used the power of social media and her words to draw a sketchy and renowned portrait of herself online. Learn all about her life, career and education.

About Leandra Cohen

About Leandra Cohen

Born in 1988 Leandra Cohen is into her sweet 30s and rocking them like a dream come true. She is a true American (owning the nationality) and her parents are from Turkey and Iran. Her beauty and composure speaks highly about different cultures and genes combined together flawlessly. Her early education included Ramaz Academy and later one she attained a degree in Journalism from the Eugene Lang College.

Married to Abie J. Cohen, Leandra Cohen is one of the famous people who live in New York. Her husband is an employee in the Swiss Investment bank and their lovely family includes two beautiful daughters. The twins live with their parents neat the SoHo.

Leandra Cohen Hobbies

She isn’t the only talented individual in the family but her kins are all about creativity and smartness too. She loves going to the ocean, hiking, trailing and traveling; safe to say that nature and adventures are her obsession. She also has a jewelry chain known as the Laura Medine collection and her brother also runs a jewelry line full of traditional cuts and catchy pieces known as the Khai-Khai.

Leandra Medine Cohen Net Worth

A huge net worth showing the worth of her work and her career. Leandra Cohen is known to have a net worth of around $5 Million as per the online reports. Other than that, it is hard to say all about her investments and other smart ways of earning.

Leandra Cohen Early Education

After completing her studies at The New School for Liberal Arts in New York at Eugene Lang College, Medine worked as a fact-checker for New York Magazine. She started her blogging career with a fun humorous intention to do something out of the blue but now due to her wit, originality and humor she is now known alongside top NYC Influencers. She comes in reach and fan following alongside the famous beauty icon Blair Eadie and the smart Business entrepreneur Liz Eswein as well.

Leandra Cohen Social Media

Leandra Cohen is popular on several social media handles but the biggest fan following she has attained is on the popular photography app. On Instagram she has over 1 million follower with 16k followers number on Twitter as well.

Early Career

Started in 2009, Leandra Medine Cohen’s blog ‘Four Months in Paris’ soon gained the followership she deserved and expected. This unique yet intriguing blog covered many attractive genres such as styles, fashion, feminism, personal stories and all about satire. The blog later was known as Boogers and Bagels but the change of name didn’t change the fame, it is safe to say that.

Later on, her another blog ‘The Man Repeller’ started in May 2010, a fashion blog about trends that men detest and women adore, with an original and amusing premise. What sets Man Repeller apart, though, may be how Medine combines a humorous approach with exquisite high fashion aesthetics. The same blog was also a popular feature of a popular website Refinery 29. Following this blog, Leandra Medine started to work with big names in the publications industry. She has also been associated with the Harper’s Bazar and formally joined the Creative Artists Agency 2 years after starting the latter blog.

It was after her blog that her book on the same topic ‘The Man Repeller’ was also released. She made it to the list of Forbes 30 under 30 and her blog was also rated in the ’25 Best Blogs of 2012’.

About Man Repeller

About Man Repeller

Not just a blog anymore, but the man Repeller has become and identity of its own in many ways. This blog clocks millions and millions of views per week/month and the same concept has already made to the fashion industry. This concept is based on the phrase ‘Arm Party’ owing to the huge number of bracelets Leandra adorns her arms with. She has worked with a vast array of stores and fashion companies, such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Dannijo, Maje, Michael Kors, Gryphon, and Del Toro. And she makes the majority of her money from these partnerships.

In 2016, Man Repeller's footwear collection, MR by Man Repeller, was introduced. Along with her spouse, Abie J. Cohen, and their two kids, Medine resides in New York. Later on the famous ‘Man Repeller’ shut down because of a controversy regarding racism.

Leandra Cohen Cereal Aisle

Leandra Cohen Cereal Aisle

Isn’t she all about unique names and catchy content? Another one of her online creation, is the cereal aisle, a famous website which showcases all about fashion and dress up inspirations. The blog contains insights into dressing up every day with not-so-expensive choice of outfits and turning up in the best possible version of yourself. Some of her topics include “How to Wear Black without Looking Boring” and “Great Sweaters Now”. And then you ask why women and girls love her? She is definitely the solution to everyday fashion problems tones of women face every day!