NYC on a Budget - The Top 16 Affordable Restaurants That Still Deliver on Flavor


Cheap Restaurants in NYC
NYC on a Budget - The Top 16 Affordable Restaurants That Still Deliver on Flavor

Are you one of those people Getting around New York and constantly looking for the best places to dine at low prices? When you're in a city with such a diverse and delicious food scene, it's easy to find yourself facing the dreaded tab at the conclusion of an enjoyable lunch where you may have gone a bit carried away with your ordering.

However, one does not necessarily need to spend an arm and a leg in order to have a satisfying lunch. The city of New York is home to many restaurants that provide a wide selection of cuisines at affordable accommodations in new york for most budgets. It's really simply a matter of knowing where to look.

And here is when all of our hard work comes into play, including Budget tips for visiting New York!

Also, when we say dollar food, we don't always mean hot dogs and pizza. We don't want to imply that there is something inherently wrong with these best restaurants in NYC; rather, we want our list of the top cheap meals in New York City to include restaurants that provide delicious cuisine at affordable costs.

1. Xi’an Famous Foods

Xi�an Famous Foods

Location: Multiple locations in NYC

Description: Xi'an, China, is one of the easternmost towns in China (and the final stop on the Silk Road!). Xi'an Famous Foods, located in New York City, serves some of the city's most delicious and cheap restaurants in NYC. Traditional dishes, including noodles, are prepared according to family traditions, that’s why it makes it the best kid friendly restaurants in NYC, and the guiding principle is that "if it's not spicy, it's not as delicious."

Now, the food won't make you jump out of your seat (unless you want it to), but most of the dishes have a spice level that can be adjusted, giving you complete control over the experience. Just keep in mind that the homemade chili oil gives the dish its heat, but it also gives it its taste. So, keep that in mind.

There are a few alternatives available for less than ten dollars. Some of the greatest grab-and-go options in New York City, including the popular B1 pig burger and B2 spicy cumin lamb burger, can be found for less than $7.

We recommend the $9.75 A2 Liang-Pi to New Yorkers interested in having a more sit-down lunch. This dish is a stir-fried noodle dish that includes the best veggies It's the "chef's kiss," baby!

2. 7th St Burger

7th St Burger

Location: Multiple locations in NYC

Description: In recent years, there has been a noticeable rise in the demand for burgers prepared in the "Smash" manner. Although no one can tell where the notion originated initially, it is often connected with burger places on the west coast, such as In-N-Out.

On the other hand, many New Yorkers believe that the finest smash burger in the city can be found at 7th Street Burger. It just so happens that 7th Street Burger is also one of the most reasonably priced restaurants in all of New York City.

The distinctive taste is accomplished by slamming the patty down as soon as it is placed on the grill in order to ensure that as much of the burger as possible gets browned by the grill. Because of this, it has a crisp and caramelized flavor, which is in striking contrast to the dense and meaty patties that many other restaurants utilize.

The menu consists of just a few basic items. A cheeseburger, a double cheeseburger, an impossible burger, plus some fries, are included in this meal. Each burger is served with cheese, pickles, grilled onions, and the restaurant's unique sauce by default. It is not unusual for there to be a queue since it is one of the restaurants in New York City that serves some of the finest inexpensive food, but the line moves pretty fast because there is no inside seating available.

Nearly every item on the menu can be had for less than ten dollars, with the most expensive being a cheeseburger with fries for a total of just over ten and a half dollars. It is possible to find reasonably priced restaurants that provide delicious food in New York City; you only need to search in the right places.

3. Scarr’s Pizza

Scarr�s Pizza

Location: 22 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002

Description: We are not going to be the sort of people who declare that a pizza that used to cost a dollar (but now costs $1.50 due to inflation) is the greatest inexpensive food in New York City. In no way, especially in New York Simply said, we enjoy our meal together with a... $6 slice!

Now, before you rush after us with pitchforks and yell that you can purchase a full pizza for $6 in various cities in the United States, let me explain that after a taste, you will see that this is not true. Both the Sicilian grandmother slice and the pepperoni slice are available for less than $6, and both are really gratifying. However, the pepperoni slice takes the cake.

The huge slices beg to be folded, and the dough that has been stretched to a thin layer provides the perfect canvas for the delectable marinara sauce and toppings of the highest quality. The cheese and marinara sauce come together in a complementary and not overpowering way. In point of fact, this pizza exemplifies all that a pizza ought to be: it's simple, and it tastes great yet it’s a best pizza in Brooklyn new york!

In addition, bonus points are awarded to the outstanding people who work here. On both occasions, the gentleman who took our order was quite kind and fun to interact with. Scarr's is head and shoulders above the competition in a city where excellent service is frequently sacrificed for the sake of excellent cuisine. In addition, the unpretentious shop brings back distinct memories of days gone by.

4. Los Tacos No. 1

Los Tacos No. 1

Location: Multiple locations in NYC

Description: Los Tacos No. 1, which is widely considered to be the most well-known taqueria in the city of New York, has garnered a great deal of publicity that is well warranted. The company's founders, originally from Tijuana and California, saw a need in the market for genuine tacos in New York City and decided to fill it by bringing a taste of Mexico to Manhattan.

They aren't the cheapest tacos you'll find in New York City at $5 each, but they are the best, and you can still buy 2 for $10 and enjoy some of the greatest cheap eats New York city. Despite their higher price, these tacos are still among the best in NYC.

The traditional tastes of our neighbors to the south are honored with a cuisine that is deceptively straightforward. Things like corn tortillas prepared in-house (you should always buy corn), as well as pineapple slivers in their best-selling adobada tacos, have helped drive them above and beyond their competitors.

Even the atmosphere has a genuine feel. There is music from Mexico playing in the background, jugs of aguas frescas (a kind of drink popular in Mexico), and standing countertops rather than tables are used for eating. They are not only among the greatest inexpensive food in New York City but also among the best tacos in New York City, period, and the price of each taco is just five dollars.

A mulita is similar to a quesadilla sandwich, and we'd like to tell you about cheap dining in New York City and a Mexican restaurant recommendation. You get to choose the kind of meat you want in the middle of two corn tortillas packed with cheese. They are a touch fuller than a taco and just a few dollars more expensive, both of which come in at around $7.

5. Tiki Chick

Tiki Chick

Location: 517 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024

Description: John Pickle Hospitality, also known as the people who are responsible for Maison & Jacob Pickle, is the company that is behind Tiki Chick. People dressed for the beach work at the tropical restaurant and bar, where they serve up colorful and delicious cocktails.

Their sandwiches, priced at $5 each, make them a contender for the title of the best cheap eats NYC. Apart from beverages, the only food item they provide is sandwiches, which means that the price of a meal at this establishment won't break the bank.

Customers may have doughnut breakfast sandwiches on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The other times of the week, they provide chicken sandwiches that are superior to those offered by the major fast-food restaurants. Fried chicken is the one thing that John Pickle Hospitality has mastered more than everything else they provide.

6. Two Hands

Two Hands

Location: Multiple locations in NYC

Description: The web presence of Two Hands contributed significantly to the band's meteoric rise to fame. They took the traditional corndog and gave it a creative new spin, creating a portion of food that both adults and children of all ages would love eating. The most exciting part? You have a voice in the development of the ideal canine companion for you.

When you place your purchase, you can choose between a full beef hot dog, a full cheese stick, or a half-and-half. After being covered with cornbread, the corndog is cooked in oil until golden brown. Now we get to the exciting part, which is the toppings.

You can have your corndog covered with potatoes (yep, potatoes!), crispy rice, or any of a number of additional spices they have available. The cheese corndog topped with spicy Cheetos is a dish that has achieved cult status.

One of the greatest places to have a good meal for a low price in New York City is Two Hands, which sells corndogs for around $5 each. If you choose cheese for your filling, be sure to record the moment before you take your first bite since the cheese pull is out of this world.

7. Veselka


Location: 144 Second Ave, New York, NY 10003

Description: Since it first opened in 1954, this Ukrainian Diner has been a mainstay in the East Village. Veselka remained a popular destination even as the population of "Little Ukraine" decreased. It has served as a reminder of the previous numerous Ukrainian people who called that region home.

The restaurant has been instrumental in introducing New Yorkers of all generations to the food of Eastern Europe. And the affection for Veselka can be felt all around, whether it's a businessman grabbing a snack before work or college students coming by for a sobering dinner after a night out on the town. Veselka is popular with both groups, offering a comforting and delicious option for things to do in NYC at night.

The restaurant is well-known among those looking for cheap restaurants in NYC due to the abundance of reasonably priced foods that are served there. There are handmade soups available, and the price varies from $6 for a cup to $11 for a large one. Borscht is a classic dish from Ukraine, and those searching for a traditional lunch should order it. The maybe most well-known meal to come from Slavic cuisine is a beet soup. Their Special Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is very famous amongst Youngster and it consider as one of the top Ice Cream in New York and the price of this Ice Cream is just 7 Dollars.

Pierogis are another well-liked and traditionally prepared meal. They are dumplings made in the Ukrainian manner that may be boiled or fried, and they are served with onions that have been sautéed in butter and sour cream.

8. Ess-A-Bagel


Location: Midtown East, 831 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10022

Description: This is undoubtedly one of the greatest bagels you can get anywhere in New York City.

We were completely unaware that we had just entered what would quickly become our go-to bagel store in New York City. When it comes to bagels in New York City, Ess-a-Bagel is the gold standard, yet it is one of the best bagel shops in Brooklyn. And with prices starting at only $2 per bagel, in addition to the spread and toppings of your choice, it is among the best cheap restaurants in NYC.

The center of the bagel is flawlessly airy and chewy, while the outside of the bagel fulfills a bite with a crunchiness that only a select few bagel cafes have managed to this degree of perfection.

However, you should be aware of this! If you want to avoid waiting in line at Ess-a-Bagel, you should be there after 2 p.m., as we did. However, if we had to wait more than thirty minutes for this bagel on a regular basis, we wouldn't mind doing so.

9. Joe’s Steam Rice Roll

Joe�s Steam Rice Roll

Location: Multiple locations in NYC

Description: Steamed rice rolls are a traditional delicacy that is said to have originated in southern China. However, they have garnered something of a cult following in New York City. In point of fact, owing to Joe's Steam Rice Roll, it has become one of the most well-known and well-liked inexpensive foods in New York City.

Along with most other operations in kitchens, preparing this well-known meal has been more mechanized over the past several decades. On the other hand, Joe's Steam Rice Roll has maintained its practice of using foreign grindstones in order to reproduce the genuine, spongy texture and taste.

And for those of you who are perplexed about what exactly a steam rice roll is, allow me to explain. Rice batter is used to make a roll that may be stuffed with pork, shrimp, beef, or other veggies and then covered with soy sauce or any other sauce that the customer like.

Locals may have one of the most delicious and cheap eats New York City at any of their four locations for less than $8. And for those who are looking for something sweet, there is also the option to buy a Chinese crepe, which can be purchased for $5 and is a very memorable dish.

10. Cheeky Sandwiches

Cheeky Sandwiches

Location: 35 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002

Description: We'd want to be the first to announce that we have no interest in spending a small fortune on a sandwich. Since the individual components are usually not very expensive, it may not be the greatest use of our money to have someone else put it together for us.

However, Cheeky Sandwiches has been instrumental in our change of heart. We can verify that their sandwiches are indeed cheeky without breaking the bank. When combined, even the simplest of ingredients may lead to a symphony of taste.

we really recommend their beef sandwich. Braised short rib makes for a moist and flavorful filling without rendering the bread soggy. It's a simple masterpiece that's elevated with the addition of horseradish sauce, arugula, and cherry tomatoes. At under $8, it ranks high among New York's greatest bargain restaurants.

11. Wonton Noodle Garden

Wonton Noodle Garden

Location: 56 Mott St, New York, NY 10013

Description: Some of the most delicious and cheap restaurants in NYC are located in Chinatown. Wonton Noodle Garden is often considered the finest of the bunch. Although it offers a wide variety of traditional Chinese cuisine, the restaurant is most notable for the dishes that bear its moniker.

A bowl of wonton soup topped with pork and shrimp and served with sizeable wontons may be ordered by guests for less than $9. It is a delicious and affordable lunch that more than lives up to its name in terms of its overall quality.

In addition, if you aren't in the mood for soup, you can get an order of Siu Mai for $8.75, which is effectively just the dumplings by themselves. We have a tendency to use a lot of Chile Oil, but the genuine taste is still their thanks to all of the other ingredients.

12. Evelia’s Tamales

Evelia�s Tamales

Location: Roosevelt Ave &, Junction Blvd, Corona, NY 11368

Description: After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Evelia Coyotzi was unable to return to the fast-food business where she had been employed. This is where the narrative of Evelia's Tamales starts. She made the decision to start selling tamales out of a shopping cart instead of a stand. However, as a result of her increasing popularity, she was finally able to get a legal spot for a food cart at the intersection of Junction Boulevard and Roosevelt Avenue in the Queens neighborhood of Corona.

Not only are Evelia's Tamales one of the greatest places to have a meal for a low price in New York City, but they also rank among the best tamales in the city overall. There are green tamales, red tamales, chicken tamales, and cheese tamales. At a price of $1.50 for each, it's hard to justify not buying one of each sort simply to try them out!

Tamales made in the Oaxacan manner are also available, despite their relative rarity. To wrap the tamales that are made in Oaxaca, they use banana peels rather of corn husks, and we highly recommend this food to try in New York for this interesting new twist at least once. It's hard to pass up a meal like this in New York City for just $3 per person.

During the winter months, our only reason for coming here is to partake in the atole and champurrado. They are sweet beverages sold in Mexico that are often served hot, and it might be difficult to find them. To offer a taste of genuine Mexican cuisine to New York City, Evelia is pulling out all the stops and making a real effort.

13. Birria Landia

Birria Landia

Location: Multiple locations in NYC

Description: Since it first opened in 2019, Birria Landia has seen its popularity skyrocket because it can produce thousands of tacos every night. Because of the widespread interest in birria on social media, it didn't take long for the trend to make its way to New York City, and when it did, the Moreno brothers were eager to profit from it.

In the end, it's the taste that makes New Yorkers want to keep going back. After being slow-roasted for many hours in the marinade, the meat eventually becomes so soft that it almost falls apart. It's dangerously close to becoming addictive, and the lines are proof that this is one of the greatest places in New York City to have a good meal for a low price.

Each taco costs $3 and is served with onions, cilantro, and your choice of sauce on top. In addition, for the same price, you may get the birria on tostadas, or for an additional $4, you can receive a mulita. A tortilla is used to make a sandwich called a mulita, which is loaded with birria, melted mozzarella, and the other toppings often found on tacos.

The consome, also known as the broth, costs an extra $4 but it is so delicious that you could sip it on its own (maybe do this in the privacy of your own house), even though it is intended to be used for dipping the tacos in order to give them a more robust taste.

14. Banh Mi Saigon

Banh Mi Saigon

Location: 198 Grand St New York, NY 10013

Description: If there is one thing that you are going to take away from this essay, let it be the fact that Chinatown is going to be home to some of the most delicious cheap restaurants in NYC.

The Vietnamese sandwich known as a banh mi, which is served at Banh Mi Saigon and is responsible for the restaurant's inclusion on our list, is traditionally prepared with a crunchy baguette and is stuffed with savory ingredients.

At Banh Mi Saigon, the BBQ pork sandwich is the one that we always have when we place an order. The baguette has the ideal level of crispiness, the pork from the barbecue is moist, and the veggies have a satisfying crunch. You won't have any trouble locating a delectable alternative that costs less than ten dollars!

There is often a queue here since it is recognized as having some of the most delicious and cheap restaurants in NYC. But stay with them and give them a chance; Bang Mi Saigon is incredibly efficient and moves the line along pretty rapidly.

15. Trapizzino


Location: 144 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

Description: The following establishment is an Italian one, and they serve something that some people refer to as the "adult version of a hot pocket."

This well-known snack sold on the streets of Rome is called a Trappizzini, and it's made by cooking pizza dough in the form of a cone before stuffing it with a variety of ingredients. While the bread has a light and airy texture and a chewy texture, the pocket of the filling is savory and has a fresh flavor. Because of the generous serving size and the low price of $9, we have no grounds for complaint.

The restaurant itself is adorable and has reasonable prices, making it an excellent choice for a first date or for getting meals to go. The Lower East Side is fortunate to have some of the most delicious and cheap restaurants in NYC.

16. Mei Lai Wah

Mei Lai Wah

Location: 64 Bayard St, New York, NY 10013

Description: Mei Lai Wah is another establishment that can be found in Chinatown, however this one is famous for the steamed and baked buns that it serves.

Because to the high demand, there will likely be a considerable wait at this location. Although they provide a wide variety of tastes, our personal favorite is either the pork bun with pineapple or the pork bun with barbecue sauce.

The burst of flavor that lies inside is allowed to shine through because of the fluffy buns that break apart easily. The meat is soft and juicy enough to provide a suitable contrast to the delicate sweetness present in the bun's dough.

Because the buns begin at just $1.50 each and are of a respectable size (they are slightly larger than a fist), this establishment is regarded as one of the best cheap restaurants in NYC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it so expensive to eat out in New York City?

Most of the time, prices go up in New York City because of the pressure on suppliers. Some of them had to cut back on operations last year to stay in business, but now that the citys restaurants and bars have returned, demand is higher than it was before the pandemic.

How much does NYC street food cost?

Street vendors sell cheap food like tacos, chicken over rice, hot dogs, gyros, and more. Most items cost between 5 Dollars and 9 Dollars. There are also more expensive food carts that sell unique foods. Most bodegas delis charge between 7 Dollars and 10 Dollars for a pre made burger or panini.

Does food cost a lot in NYC?

People say that New York City is one of the worlds most expensive places to eat. It is easy to forget that you are in a high end restaurant and come away with the idea that eating out in NYC is too expensive.

Why is New York City known for food?

People from all over the world live in New York. And the foods that have come to be associated with it have a lot to do with how people came to live there. It is not surprising that bagels, pastrami, and hot dogs were early versions of some of the most famous foods from New York City.

How long would it take to eat at all of New York Citys restaurants?

To try everything would be a foodies dream, but you never will. Open Table says you could eat at a different place every day for 22.7 years and never return to the same one.
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