How to Use Packing Cubes for Travel - Step-by-Step Guide

How to Use Packing Cubes for Travel
How to Use Packing Cubes for Travel - Step-by-Step Guide

It’s awful when you dig into your travel bag for jeans, but the whole mess spreads over the bag, and you need to rearrange everything again. Packing cubes and travel organizers are the smart way to pack all things in your travel packing list clean and separately and grab anything easily without creating a mess in the suitcase.

However, some travel bags have exterior and interior pockets, mesh dividers, side pockets, and expandable capacity with compression to arrange all packing accessories in the travel bag. But usually, it has a large compartment and a small pocket, and you need to organize everything well. In that case, you can pack efficiently with packing cubes for an easy and smooth travel experience.

Here’s the complete guide for why we use packing cubes and how to use packing cubes for travel. It’s an effective way to pack lots of accessories and save more space in the suitcase.

What are Organizers and Packing Cubes and How Do We Use Packing Cubes 

Travel organizers and packing cubes are effective solutions to maximize your packing capacity in an effective way and save more space in your luggage. Packing cubes are made of fabric or nylon material, soft, compressible, and flexible bags in usually cube shapes to pack essentials, clothes, shoes, and tiny things. Let’s see how packing cubes work and how to use packing cubes in a smart way to save capacity in travel bags.

How to Select the Best Packing Cubes and Organizers 

It’s easy to select the packing cube set or a one-piece cube as it depends on the traveler’s requirements and luggage size. The best luggage brands have extra pockets and mesh dividers to pack effectively and you may not need a packing cube. However, not all are the same, and you must check for extra pockets or packing cube options before purchasing the luggage.

Material and Design of Packing Cubes

Material and Design of Packing Cubes

Packing cubes and organizers are designed like pouches. Some are bright and colorful, some are printed, and some are mesh designs for transparency. Usually, these cubes are polyester and nylon material bags for water resistance and durability. These bags have easy handles and sometimes no handles, solid zipper closures, and a zipper compression feature for effective use of cubes. The compressible packing cubes can easily adjust in luggage and save capacity for storage.

Categories for Accessories in Packing Cubes 

You can smartly categorize packing essentials to identify them easily without digging up the whole compartment and that is how to pack using packing cubes. You can choose colorful cubes and organizers to identify categories like red color cubes for makeup items, blue color cubes for clothes, black color cubes for shoes, and white color cubes for tiny things, medicines, or other valuables.

Sizes for Packing Cubes 

Sizes for Packing Cubes 

You can also categorize your essentials for cube sizes, like small cubes for tiny essentials, bathroom accessories, medicines, and personal items. Medium-size cubes are suitable for shoes, electronic gadgets, books, and other documents. Large-size cubes are recommended for clothes, laundry, or dirty clothes. So, you can easily organize and recognize all the things in your luggage without any trouble on the trip.

Number of Travel Organizers in Luggage 

You can get three to five cube sets easily in your luggage according to your packing requirements. Three cubes are small, medium, and large and are easily adjustable in a medium checked bag or a duffle bag. Carry-on can have small cubes and a five cubes set is better to keep in large, checked bags. You can get more organizers and it depends on your packing capacity and the luggage size. Usually, the packing cubes are easily adjustable in wide compartments, and it also considers the luggage size. So, you must measure the luggage size to get organizers for the duffle bags, carry-on, or checked bags.

Pack Your Clothes in Organizers

Pack Your Clothes in Organizers

Summer clothes are lighter and smaller and are easily adjustable in small spaces, but winter clothes are heavy and large and are not easily adjustable anywhere. The large parkas and overcoats are usually held in hands as they can’t fit into the luggage or occupy a massive space and extend the weight of the luggage. Packing your clothes in travel organizers is not easy and sometimes confusing. How can you fit your clothes in these cubes smoothly?

Whether rolling or folding your clothes, you can smoothly keep them in large-size packing cubes, which will protect your clothes from dirt and moisture and keep them dry and neatly in your travel bags.

Everything Not in a Cube 

Using packing cubes and travel organizers is optional to keep all items in the cubes. You can keep things in mesh dividers and another pocket, if available in the luggage, like smartphones, chargers, keys, passports, tickets, visas, cameras, and cash currency. You can keep them in another small side or front pocket in your travel bag or handbag to access them quickly.

Weight in Luggage for Packing Cubes 

Luggage weight is a more important concern for travelers. Packing cubes are ultra-light and compressible but you must consider the packing limits and avoid overstuffing the packing cubes. Overstuffing can increase the luggage weight and you may remove some items or shift them into another bag to reduce weight. The lightest luggage for international travel is a must to avoid any penalties at the check-in counter. 

Travel Organizers are Really Worth a Smart Packing System 

Travel organizers and packing cubes are really worth a smart packing system. If you have several small things and various accessories to pack in a travel bag and you must keep them separate within one compartment, then you must require various pockets and compartments. Several travel bags are available with exterior compartments, and side and front pockets, and you don’t need any more extra cubes.

But often hard cases and duffle bags have a large compartment and only one or two pockets which isn’t enough for the packing needs. In that case, travel organizers are the best option for you. You can save maximum capacity, and pack several small, and large things separately even recognized items easily. These packing cubes can help you to access your items effortlessly from the luggage and keep them safe from dirt and wetness.

Compression Packing Cubes and Travel Organizers 

What are compression packing cubes and travel organizers? The compression packing cubes have a zipper compression feature that is compressible after packing items. So, you can pack more clothes and compress easily to save capacity and space in the compartment. It’s an ultra-light option to control the luggage weight. 

What’s your Packing Style?

What’s your Packing Style? 

Packing cubes and organizers can be effective but it depends on your packing style and your needs. If you’re traveling to multiple cities, you can set all items in cubes according to your destination vise categories. If you’re traveling with a family, you can pack for individual family members in cubes. If you’re traveling for a wedding or a ceremony, you can pack individual outfits and jewelry sets in packing cubes, and for a simple vacation trip, you can pack items for categories to sort out the accessories easily in luggage.

What are the Various Types of Travel Organizers? 

Here are a few types of travel organizers and you can choose which one is the best for your travel needs.

  • The Classic Cubes are rectangular-shaped and are best for packing all essentials. 
  • The Compression Cubes: these cubes have a zippered compression feature to maximize the packing limits and they will compress after packing to save more capacity in a compartment. 
  • The Shoes Bags: these cubes are specifically for shoes, sandals, and slippers to keep them separate from clothes and avoid odors and dirt. 
  • Toiletry Cubes: these cubes are waterproof and durable enough to prevent spills and leakage of shampoo, lotions, and liquids in cubes. It’s essential to pack bathroom accessories in your luggage. 
  • Electronic Cubes: these cubes are specific for electronic gadgets and laptops, tablets, and other accessories. If you have a laptop sleeve in your luggage, then you may not need the one to purchase it.

It’s better to select the travel organizers according to your capacity and travel needs and keeping different types of cubes in luggage is a wise option for an easy travel experience.

The Best and Effective Travel Organizers for Easy Packing 

What are the best packing cubes and travel organizers for simple and easy packing? Let’s see the best cubes according to your packing style and requirements for the next trip.

  • The Amazon Basics packing cubes are the most reasonable and finest quality material cubes. Its mesh design gives you transparency to sort out the accessories easily and color variety helps you to categorize your packing essentials by its bright colors.
  • The Eagle Creek Organizers are famous for their effective use and quality materials. Its nylon material is waterproof and durable. It will protect your clothes and keep them dry. These cubes are simple compressible and ultra-lightweight.
  • The Osprey packing cubes are also famous for their lightweight and fine-quality material with solid zippered closure and simple handles.

The packing cube sets are ideal for a reasonable price and pack all things smartly for travel. You can find various cub sets of all sizes so that you can pack everything easily.

Packing Cubes Can Help to Organize Home Items

Yes, packing cubes and organizers can help to organize things at home to make your home clean and tidy. These packing cubes are helpful for organizing things in your home anywhere, like drawers to keep things safe.

  • You can pack your art supplies like needles and yarn in a cube to keep them safe.
  • These cubes are very effective for kid’s toys and coloring accessories. You can pack their toys, coloring sets, and tiny things in these cubes to avoid making a mess in the kid’s room. 
  • You can store your off-season clothes in these cubes to keep them safe from dirt and moisture in your wardrobes for a long time.
  • You can pack your hair accessories in these cubes if there are no more drawers in your home. These cubes can help to store things like drawers.
  • You can also pack your cosmetics and makeup items in a medium size cube.
  • You can make a first aid box in a cube and keep your medicines in it safely.
  • You can get these cubes to organize your baby’s diaper bag to set up all small things easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the best packing cubes and organizers?

Travel organizers and packing cubes with travel bags duffle bag carry ons and checked bags are available for luggage brand stores. You can buy online the best cubes and organizers at Amazon stores eBay stores and the brand stores official websites.

Why do we need organizers and packing cubes in luggage?

If your luggage has no extra pockets and compartments and you have a lot of small and large items to pack in the same space then you can use travel organizers to keep things separate safe and clean in the travel bags.

How can I find things in packing cubes quickly?

You can organize things category wise and pick a specific color or a specific size for a category to find out things quickly in travel bags. You can get a mesh design organizer set to see through the cube what is inside and pick it up without making a mess in the luggage.

Is it Expensive to buy Travel Organizers for packing luggage?

Travel organizers and packing cubes are very reasonable items however if you are purchasing luggage then it may cost you more to buy packing cube sets specifically. However it is an effective and smart packing method and it is worth the price for convenient travel.
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