Use Packing Cubes to Improve Your Packing Ways for a Better Traveling Experience

Why Use Packing Cubes
Use Packing Cubes to Improve Your Packing Ways for a Better Traveling Experience

What are Packing Cubes and Travel Organizers?

What are Packing Cubes and Travel Organizers

Packing cubes and travel organizers are made of plastic or nylon material, lightweight pouches and small bags with zipper closures safely to keep accessories, valuables, toys, books, clothes, or fragile items in the home, office, and luggage.

These packing cubes and organizers are available for different sizes, colors, and designs. The mesh panel designs are the best for clear visibility and to cross fresh air inside the cube contents. The transparent cubes are also best for clear visibility, and compression cubes are the best for maximum packing capacity and compression features. Small plastic cubes are the best for bathroom accessories, makeup items, jewelry, and personal stuff.

How Do You Use Packing Cubes and Travel Organizers in Luggage? 

How Do You Use Packing Cubes and Travel Organizers in Luggage

Why are packing cubes required for packing accessories in luggage? Most travel bags have various inner and outer pockets. Soft-sided travel bags have front compartments, duffle bags, and backpacks. They also have side pockets and several inner and outer pockets to pack different valuables and tiny items. Why do they need packing cubes in luggage? 

Packing cubes allow the accessories and clothes to be different colors and sizes and help to organize all packing items efficiently to add more items and save more space in luggage. You can pack accessories and clothes in packing cubes in different ways, but here we share the best way to organize your packing items in luggage using packing cubes; 

You can categorize your packing items according to your travel itinerary and activities. Choose colorful cubes to make categories or different sizes and set all items according to your day trips and other travel plans.

Pack your clothes, whether folded or rolled in cubes, and your cloth pieces will be crease-free during the trip. Close the zipper after packing your items in the cubes in the luggage and set all cubes according to their sizes. 

Packing cubes can be arranged efficiently to utilize all the space in your luggage, and you can find each one according to their colors, sizes, and categories. 

When should Travelers require packing cubes? 

When should Travelers require packing cubes

All travelers may not need the packing cubes and travel organizers. They have broad, roomy compartments, inner, outer, and side pockets, and front compartments for packing items in luggage that are enough for their travel plans. 

However, packing cubes and travel organizers are more beneficial for compelling travel needs and the best travel experience. Travelers on long journeys or going to multiple destinations need more organization for heavy packing lists. They can organize accessories according to distinctive destinations. 

Travelers going on vacations with family can arrange family members' packing items easily using packing cubes and mark the categories for each family member through the colors and sizes of the cubes. Heavy packers, travelers on long trips, or travelers on specific business trips should need travel organizers or packing cubes to organize all accessories and for easy and quick access while on the go. They can save more time and escape from searching for a particular item and digging out all the accessories in the luggage.

Frequent travelers often use packing cubes and organizers for smart packing systems. But people ask What is a packing cube and Why use packing cubes for travel? in luggage. Here’s the answer: Packing cubes are pouches and small organizers made of fine, lighter material with zipper closure. These packing cubes store and keep valuables, clothes, toys, accessories, fragile items in the home and office, and packing items in luggage.

Use packing cubes to improve your packing methods for an easy traveling experience. However, in this guide, we will explain why you need travel organizers or packing cubes in your luggage and how to use packing cubes for travel

Packing cubes are not a necessary option for everyone because there are different types of luggage and travel bags available with several interior mesh pockets, mesh dividers, and exterior compartments or pockets for better packing ways. But duffle bags, carry-ons, and checked bags have no exterior pockets and extra interior pockets, so you might need organizers and packing cubes for a smart packing system.
Are packing cubes worth it? Or a waste of money and extraordinary effort. Yes, packing cubes is really worth it when it is required for a smart packing system. Frequent travelers often use travel organizers for efficient packing and to access all things easily on the trip.

Heavy Packers really need a lot more packing options to organize various small accessories and gadgets with clothes in the luggage. They must consider the travel packing list and select items carefully to reduce the excessive luggage weight. Packing cubes are the ultra-light option to maximize the packing items and compress after packing to reduce the weight and save capacity in travel bags. Let’s see how packing cubes work and how you can save capacity in your travel bag to add more essentials without excess weight.

Travel Organizers and Packing Cubes 

Travel Organizers and Packing Cubes 

Travel organizers and packing cubes are polyester or nylon material, and rectangular or cube-shaped pouches with zipper closures. These portable bags and pouches are used to organize packing accessories, clothes, shoes, and tiny items in compartments to keep them clean, separate, and accessible easily. 

Do Packing Cubes Really Help? Travelers can pack their accessories without packing cubes. But it will create a mess when you need to search for something and dig in the compartment. Obviously, it will be the worst experience on the trip. Packing cubes and organizers can help you arrange all small things, valuables, and clothes separately and safely.

However, the best luggage brands offer various mesh pockets and front compartments so, that you may not need any more cubes and organizers for the packing system. It all depends on the traveler’s packing requirements and travel destination.

Different Styles of Packing Cubes and Organizers 

Different Styles of Packing Cubes and Organizers 

Travel organizers and packing cubes are available in different styles, and you select the most effective cube set for the smart packing system. You can choose the packing cube style according to your luggage size and capacity. There are five styles of travel organizers and packing cubes;

1. Classic Style Packing Cubes

These are classic style, rectangular-shaped, and ultra-light pouches. Usually, it is made of nylon or polyester material and is suitable for clothes and other packing accessories in luggage.
Toiletries and Bathroom Accessories Packing Cubes: If you’re on a long journey, then you may need to pack all toiletries and bathroom accessories in your luggage. But the liquids and lotions in toiletries may spill or leak out and create a mess in clothes and other accessories. Toiletries bathroom accessories packing cubes and organizers are waterproof and essential to pack these items and protect your clothes from any leakage.

2. Travel Organizers for Shoes

hese packing cubes and organizers are specifically designed for shoes and other footwear. Shoes and socks usually release odors, and it’s unhygienic to keep them with clothes and other items in luggage. You must have a shoe bag or packing cube for shoes to keep them separate in travel bags from other things and protect them from dirt and odors on the trip. 

3. Compression Style Packing Cubes

The compression packing cubes come with a zipper compression to extend their capacity, store more things, and compress after packing smoothly. It’s an ultra-light pouch to save storage capacity in travel bags without increasing its weight.

4. The Packing Cubes and Organizers for Gadgets

Frequent travelers and business professionals use electronic gadgets, laptops, tablets, and other items. They often purchase a travel bag with a laptop front compartment. Don’t worry. If you have no more front compartments, then buy electronic gadget organizers and packing cubes and keep your laptops, tablets, phone chargers, cameras, and other gadgets safely in travel bags.

5. Packing Cube Sets

Travelers using large duffle bags and checked bags with a large compartment can use packing cube sets to organize all things clean and safe in the travel bag. It will protect all items from dirt, moisture, spills, and odors and help them recognize and access anything easily on the trip without turning the items in the bag. These cube sets are available for three pieces, five pieces, and eight pieces organizers. It’s a more convenient way to pack in different size cubes for easy access on the travel.

The Advantages of Using Packing Cubes in Luggage

Let’s see what are packing cubes used for and what are the significant advantages of packing cubes;

1. No Wrinkles and Creases in Clothes

No Wrinkles and Creases in Clothes

When you search for something in your luggage and turn out everything to grab a pair of jeans or a T-shirt, the rest of your clothes get creases and wrinkles and create a mess. The organizers and cubes help you easily access your clothes from the cubes without leaving any creases and wrinkles.

2. Effective and Smart Packing System

Effective and Smart Packing System

When you pack everything in cubes, categorize them with sizes or colors, keep them separate in the bag, or pack them in a mesh design cube for clear visibility. You can quickly access anything you need as you know where it is in the cubes. All the contents in your luggage are safe and smartly packed to unpack easily without hazards.

3. Adaptability for Easy Ways

Adaptability for Easy Ways

You can choose different colors and sizes, materials, and styles for easy packing ways. You can choose small-size cubes for small items, medium-size cubes for books, gadgets, or other valuables, and large-size cubes for clothes.

4. Categorization and Organization

Categorization and Organization

Packing cubes help you to categorize all essentials, personal items, valuables, documents, even casual clothes and formal clothes. Travelers can organize all contents detached from each other, safe from dirt and wetness, and stay clean and dry in the travel bag.

5. Laundry and Dirty Clothes

Laundry and Dirty Clothes

Organizers and packing cubes are very effective in detaching dirty clothes from cleaned articles in travel bags. Dirty clothes leave odors, wetness, and germs in the bag, and all travel bags don’t have laundry bags. It’s wise to keep a laundry bag or packing cube for dirty clothes and keep them detached from clean and dry clothes in luggage.

6. Maximize Packing Space

Maximize Packing Space

The main advantage of using organizers and packing cubes is the availability of maximum packing space in the travel bags. It will enhance the storage capacity to extend your packing limits and frequently use the storage space in the compartment.

7. Time Management

Time Management

The most effective feature of using packing cubes is time management. It really helps you to save time, specifically when you’re on short notice to attend a business meeting or a conference. You can get clean, ironed clothes, shoes, documents, and everything instantly without searching the contents, turning over a pile of accessories from the luggage, and then rearranging them after a while. So, you can save spacious time and instantly access all contents as you recognize them by categories and quickly access them.

8. Provide Higher Flexibility

Provide Higher Flexibility

 Packing cubes and organizers give more flexibility to pack and unpack contents in travel bags. It’s one of the most efficient benefits of packing cubes. Everyone has different criteria and preferences, and they can get different styles and colors of organizers for their packing needs.

●    Use different color packing cubes for different contents to get quick access. 
●    Use different sizes of cubes for specific items in luggage, like makeup accessories and medicines in small pouches and clothes in large ones. 
●    Use different cubes for specific formal outfits for different events. 
●    Use different color organizers for different family members in one large, checked bag to identify them easily.

The Disadvantages of Using Packing Cubes in Luggage 

Everything has pros and cons, so the travel organizers and packing cubes also have a few drawbacks. Some people criticize that packing cubes may add more weight to your luggage, and it is an additional expense for travelers. Let’s see the drawbacks of using packing cubes in luggage and travel bags.

1. Packing Cubes Can Add More Weight

Travel organizers and packing cubes are lightweight pouches and bags, but various travelers experienced a slight increase in luggage weight using the packing cubes. Now, you can find more ultra-light material and ultra-thin pouches to control the excess weight in luggage, but these organizers are more costly than regular ones.

2. Organizers Add More Cost to Your Trip

Everything has a price. Travel organizers are the most convenient and efficient packing way for an easy traveling experience. However, it will add more cost to your trip. The ultra-light, high-quality, waterproof, compressible, flexible organizers and pouches are slightly pricey when you purchase them with a travel bag. However, various brands offer travel organizers with their luggage, and if you already have a travel bag, then it will be a very low-cost option because these pouches are usually available at affordable prices.

3. Extra-Ordinary Item for Packing

Some travelers hate organizers and packing cubes, and they are obliged to consider these packing cubes to be extraordinary items to add to their luggage. There’s no need to add these pouches in luggage. However, these travelers have exterior front compartments, inner and outer pockets, and mesh dividers to arrange all contents smoothly.

Why are packing cubes helpful? Travel organizers and packing cubes are effective for spacious trips like a family trip, a visit to multiple destinations in the same trip, a wedding or event, a business convention, or a professional trip.

Explore the Features of Travel Organizers and Packing Cubes

Travel organizers come in different styles, sizes, colors, and materials. You can use them effectively as per traveling needs and your destination. Here, we discussed the features of organizers and packing cubes so that you can get the maximum information about these pouches and explore what are the best packing cubes for your trips.

Lightweight Material Pouches and Packing Cubes 

Lightweight Material Pouches and Packing Cubes 

Packing cubes and pouches are made of three types of materials: plastic material, lightweight fabric polyester and nylon material, and ultra-light poly ripstop material.

Plastic material cubes and pouches are usually effective for toiletries, bathroom accessories, and liquid items to prevent leakage and spills in travel bags. These cubes are waterproof and give complete protection to your items. 
The lightweight polyester and nylon material is durable, wear and tear-resistant, and odor-prevention in clothes and other accessories. It’s a lightweight option and does not exceed the weight limits of luggage.
The ultra-lightweight and thin pouches are anti-microbial, water-resistant, and ripstop material that gives complete protection to your contents from wetness, spills, odors, and dirt. It always stays within the weight limits but is a slightly pricey option.

Travel Organizers with a Compression Feature 

Travel Organizers with a Compression Feature 

Travel organizers and cubes have a zipper compression feature that maximizes packing capacity and allows them to compress after packing. This feature gives you maximum storage and safety for the contents. However, all packing cubes may not have this feature, but if you need extra space, then you should use compression packing cubes. Avoid overstuffing in these cubes to facilitate compression features because it might damage the zippers or the organizer, and it can cause excess weight for recommended luggage weight.

Waterproof and Water-Resistant Feature 

Waterproof and Water-Resistant Feature 

Packing cubes are water-resistant and waterproof, which is helpful when you’re heading to a rainy destination and need more security from water for the accessories in your luggage. It will give you complete satisfaction and security for all the contents of the luggage.

However, you need to know that it’s a slight difference between waterproof and water-resistant bags. The waterproof bags give you complete protection from water and liquids, but water-resistant pouches and organizers can give you slightly lower security for moisture, liquids, and water. It may not fully block the water entry in the bag but can hold it for wetness and moisture in the pouch.

Transparency and Ventilation Feature 

Transparency and Ventilation Feature 

Mesh Packing cubes and organizers give you a transparent look that you can identify all contents easily. These cubes also provide clear ventilation and airflow to avoid stinking, wetness, and odors in your clothes and accessories. It’s the best option for long journeys and heavy packing lists in luggage.

Cost of Packing Cubes and Organizers   

Packing cubes and travel organizers are usually affordable options, but some are slightly pricey due to advanced and extra durable features. However, regular packing cubes are budget-friendly options with perfect organization and are simply convenient for easy packing ways with acceptable quality.

Usually, regular packing cubes are available in small, medium, and large sizes. It has cube sets with three, five, and eight cubes varying in size and capacity. It has no extra features like compression or waterproof surface, but it has light and airy material, and it will give you enough flexibility to organize your packing essentials in your luggage. 
You can get premium quality, advanced features, extra durability, compression, more capacity, specific shapes, and sizes for the high-cost and expensive packing cubes of premium brands.

The Best Organizers and Packing Cubes for Easy Traveling 

Various brands introduced the finest quality packing cubes and pouches to organize your travel gear for affordable and high cost with different sizes, colors, and features. The high-quality pouches have durable and waterproof or water-resistant material, wear and tear-resistant surfaces, strong handles, and solid zippers. The best quality zippers won’t get stuck in the chain or break off suddenly while on the trip. To avoid stuck zippers on the track or break-off, buy premium quality cubes with solid zippers from leading brands. Let’s have a look at a few brands that offer quality packing cubes that may suit your next travel gear.

Eagle Creek Organizers and Packing Cubes 

Eagle Creek has various organizers and cube sets with sleek designs, color variety, solid zippers, high-quality materials, and affordable prices. The Reveal Eagle Creek cube sets are mesh designs, lightweight, and flexible pouches. However, the pack-it series has a variety of materials, durability, and water resistance at great prices. 

Amazon Basics Organizers and Packing Cubes 

Amazon Basics gives you great, affordable luggage options and packing cubes. However, it may not have extra durability, premium materials, or advanced features. But it will give you maximum space for storage and organization features with breathable materials, strong zippers, and color variety at budget-friendly prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do travel organizers really save storage space in luggage?

Yes, travel organizers help you save more storage space in your luggage, especially if you’re using compression packing cubes.

Can I use packing cubes for heavy items and extra-shaped equipment in luggage?

Yes, you can get compression packing cubes or specific organizers for extra shapes and heavy items in your luggage. You need to check before purchasing that it may not fit your travel gear, and once it confirms a perfect fit, you can purchase it.

What accessories and items can we keep in travel organizers?

We can keep casual and formal clothes, shoes, medicines, cosmetics, toiletries, tiny items, jewelry, and electronic gadgets in travel organizers on the trip

Do packing cubes really make a difference?

Packing cubes really makes a difference in the perfect organization of packing items in luggage. Travelers can categorize the essentials, clothes, and other accessories using different sizes and colors of cubes. They can easily pack and unpack the cubes to get any specific item without making a mess and save time and space.

What are the drawbacks of packing cubes?

Packing cubes and travel organizers add some weight to your luggage and your luggage weight may exceed the limits. It will be an additional travel expense to your trip.

Do packing cubes save room in your suitcase?

Yes, packing cubes can save some space in your luggage, if you use compression packing cubes. Compression packing cubes give you more space to add accessories and compress easily to reduce thickness and make room for other items in the luggage. You can add more items within the same space and organize them well.

Can you pack more or less with packing cubes?

Yes, you can easily add more packing items and reduce accessories according to your packing list. Compression packing cubes allow you to add several items within a small space and compress them quickly to save space in luggage.
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