Great Travel Experience with the Samsonite S'Cure Hard Side Luggage

samsonite s'cure hardside luggage
Great Travel Experience with the Samsonite S'Cure Hard Side Luggage

Samsonite offers the best hard and soft-side baggage options for international and domestic traveling and tours. Get an incredible traveling experience with Samsonites' Cure hard-side luggage, as it's the core hard-side baggage option from the Samsonite brand. This luggage model has a spacious design, bright colors, and a strong material. This hard shell has a durable, rigid, and lightweight surface.

Samsonites' Cure suitcases have massive storage capacity in compartments to add all the essentials and accessories well-packed. It has no inner lining in compartments, giving you easier packing space. It has no extra pockets but an additional long inner pocket for valuables and a zipper mesh divider in the upper compartment. The lower compartment has strong straps to set all your accessories within the compartment smoothly

What is the Most Unique Feature of Samsonites' Cure Travel Bag?

The Samsonites' Cure hard shell travel bags are made of Polypropylene and Flow lite material surface, and usually, hard shell luggage is made of ABS or Polycarbonate materials for a lightweight surface.

The main unique feature is the zipperless closure in this luggage. It's the latest feature to close the luggage with a seal instead of zippers, and it provides extended life and reliability for the suitcase.

Why Should You Buy Samsonites' Cure Luggage?

Samsonites' Cure Bag has unique features: a lightweight and sturdy hard surface, a long lifespan with a warranty, and a vast capacity for packing items with matte dotted design, zipperless closure, shiny surface, vibrant colors, extended security, fast movability, and a great price.

If you're a heavy packer and you need to pack for a long journey, it's a perfect checked bag for you. You can travel with ease and safety and pack lots of accessories safely with this luggage for a long time. However, it's not a reasonable option and is a little pricey, but it's lower than other brand’s hard-shell checked bags with its sturdy material, fabulous design, and unique features.

Customer Reviews for the Samsonites' Cure Suitcases

Samsonites' Cure hard shell travel bags have excellent customer ratings due to their premium quality, minimalist design, and great features.

However, it has no exterior compartment and extra pockets but has roomy space with a zipper divider and a long inner pocket, and you can pack lots of packing items easily. Its simple and minimalistic design and lightweight material give you great volume and a comfortable travel experience.

Customers are happy with its double-spinner wheels for smooth gliding of the luggage and effortless moveability, specifically for those people who have shoulder or back pain and can't handle the weight, but this checked bag can handle easily with a spinner trolley and smooth rolling on the luggage.

Customers are happy with its simple design, bright shiny shades, and incredibly lightweight and will continue to use it for several years without any issues.

Some customers have problems with forgetting the digital code and don't have a key to open the luggage. You can note down the code in notebooks or smartphones to avoid such troubles. You can ask the company's customer support to access the TSA lock's key and open the luggage.

Features Review

Let's see some details of the luggage's features. It has more than eighty percent five-star customer ratings on the Amazon shopping portal. Most travelers like it for its massive capacity, design, features, and the best price.

Fabulous Style and Elegant Design Luggage

The Samsonites' Cure hard-shell bag has a minimalistic, dotted front design pattern and a fabulous look with its shiny surface and bright shades. It has a long-lasting, lightweight, waterproof, strong Flow lite material surface. Your packed items will remain safe and clean from dust and wetness due to a rubber gasket inside the suitcase frame. This gasket also helps to seal the luggage without zippers. It has a limited color variety, but its vibrant shades make it spacious among the luggage crowd.

Smart Security Feature

Samsonites' Cure luggage has a smart security feature. It has a TSA combination lock system with a digital code to access it safely. However, it has a specific key accessible by the check-in counter authorities to check the luggage without disclosing the code. However, you must save the code somewhere else or in your smartphone memory to avoid any trouble in accessing the code.

Storage and Capacity in Suitcases

It’s an ideal luggage for lots of packing items and more accessories. It has a large storage capacity with a wide compartment and a zipper divider with a long zipper pocket in the lower compartment for valuables. However, it has no exterior pockets or any front compartment for additional items. You can pack all items separately in the large compartments and you can also add some packing cubes for more clean and smooth packing accessories in the wide space.

Strong Luggage Handles

Strong Luggage Handles

It has a strong top handle, a durable side handle for lifting the luggage, and a telescopic push-button handle for rolling over the luggage with spinner wheels. The telescopic handle with an auto-lock. The handles are made of robust material for long-lasting, comfortable, and smooth handling.

Samsonite Cure Luggage Zipperless Closure Feature

Smart Security Feature

We usually have zipper closures in suitcases, which can cause troubles during travel, like broken or stuck zippers in the chain. Samsonite Cure has the latest option to close the luggage with a seal. You can close this suitcase without a zipper and seal it. This technique will secure your belongings more than a zipper closure. It protects your accessories from dust and water, and sealed luggage is better for safety.

Easy and Fast Moveability

Easy and Fast Moveability

It has eight strong spinner wheels for fast and easy rolling of the luggage. These spinner wheels move in multiple directions quickly, and you can glide over the luggage on the airport track, streets, roads, and sidewalks. However, some customers shared their experiences that spinners can't roll on easily on rocky surfaces, or they produce scratching noises on these surfaces. Still, spinners are great for smooth and quick moveability without weight pressure on arms and shoulders.

ID Tag Feature

The Samsonite Cure suitcase has an ID tag on the backside for the owner's information, i.e., name, email, phone, and address to contact in case of loss or robbery. It's tightly fixed in a strong case and can't break off or be removed easily.

Maximum Lifespan

Samsonite is the top-rated brand that offers the best, sturdy hard shell travel bags with warranties for a long life. It is made of the most sturdy, and water-resistant material to give you a maximum durable hard-shell surface and a long-lasting lifespan with a ten-year warranty.

It has a zipperless closure and is closed with a strong seal that is the most durable and problem-free closure for maximum lifespan. Zippers usually cause trouble while on the go, and travelers face issues like stuck or broken zippers. Overall, the build of this luggage model is robust and ideal for a long life traveling.

Let's see some other features for similar luggage models, like Lucas and Samsonite.

Samsonite Cure Travel Bags

Samsonite Cure Baggage is a premium quality hard-side travel bag with a lifetime, sturdy material, minimalist design, and exclusive features. It has limited but attractive shades with a shiny surface. It's excellent checked medium and large size baggage for long journeys and family trips, and its checked bags are the perfect size baggage according to the airline rules and guidelines.


  • Samsonite Cure hard-shell suitcase has a lightweight, matte dotted texture with a lightweight shell and long-lasting life
  • It has eight durable spinner wheels for effortless moveability, and it can move in multiple directions without any weight pressure on your shoulders and arms.
  • It has a telescopic handle for easy control of the spinner trolley. It has an auto-lock for the spinner wheels when not in use to prevent auto-moving of the spinner wheels.
  • It has a TSA lock for extended protection, and you can travel with complete peace of mind that all your valuables and stuff are safe and protected.
  • It has a ten-year warranty for built-in defective items from the company.
  • It has a roomy compartment with a zipper pocket for valuables and a zippered divider to arrange all packing items clean and safe.
  • It has a Zipperless closure, and you can seal the luggage safely.

Product Specifications:

Suitcase Type Large Checked Bags
Suitcase Dimensions 28 x 18.0 x 11 inches
Suitcase Capacity 28 liters
Suitcase Weight 11 pound
Suitcase Colors Black, Light Blue, Red, Silver, and Deep Blue.

Pros and Cons


  • It's a sturdy hard-shell case with a shiny surface and bright colors.
  • It has enhanced lock protection to give you a secure travel experience
  • It has a wide storage space and is suitable for a long list of packing items, long journeys, and family trips.
  • It has the best price and is lower than other brand's hard-shell checked travel bags.


  • It has no extra side, front pocket, or outer compartment.
  • It has a limited warranty.
  • It has a few color selections.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
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Our Verdict

It's a reliable suitcase with its shiny colors and elegant design. It has a great security feature, roomy space with a zippered pocket and divider, fast and easy maneuverability, and a greater price than other brand luggage.
Let's see the best similar suitcases and other brand luggage. Check here for Samsonite and Delsey suitcases.


Samsonites' Cure hard-side bags are simple and elegant designs with awesome looks and great features. Its spacious features and durability are worth the price, and it's a long-life travel companion for extended trips. Various customers shared their travel experiences using this piece of luggage for six to eight years without any damage or issues. Its sturdiness, bright colors and matte design, security features, and massive capacity give you maximum satisfaction and a comfortable travel experience for a lifetime.

Samsonite has various models, colors, and designs for size, style, and feature variations. You can also check for the best luggage designs and models for American Tourister vs Samsonite travel bags.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are available for Samsonites' Cure Hard shell bag?

Samsonite's Cure hard shell bag is available for carry-on, medium, large, and extra-large checked bags.

What material surface is made of Samsonites' Cure Luggage?

Samsonites' Cure hard shell travel bag is made of Polypropylene and Flow lite material.

Is there any transportation damage warranty during traveling for this luggage?

The brand offers a ten-year manufacturing warranty, shipping, and handling defects warranty from the company. It doesn't cover any transportation or mishandling damage repairs during the travel.

Is it worth the price to buy Samsonites' Cure travel bag?

It's worth the price because it's durable, has a long life, spacious design, has unique features, and has high-quality luggage with a warranty and the best price.

What is the most unique feature of this luggage model?

It has a Zipperless closure and closes with a seal. It gives you a trouble-free traveling experience without stuck zipper issues on the trip.
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