Samsonite Under Seat Spinner Carry-on - The Best Cabin Bag for Short Trips

Samsonite Underseat Spinner
Samsonite Under Seat Spinner Carry-on - The Best Cabin Bag for Short Trips

Samsonite under-seat spinner carry-on is an ideal personal handbag for a weekend or overnight trip or a one or two-day short trip. Samsonite brand offers different types of luggage with excellent quality and great features. However, its luggage options are slightly pricey, but its performance and durability may be worth the price. Other brand under-seater carry-ons are too pricey with few features, but Samsonite cabin bags have extended smart features, durability, and warranty that give you a comfortable travel experience with security.

The Samsonite spinner under seater with a USB port is a great piece of luggage for business and professional travelers. It can fit easily under a seat, overhead cabin, or any small space. Businesspeople often use their laptops while on the go, and this under-seater cabin bag has a front laptop pocket to access your laptop quickly during the travel and it’s the perfect personal item handbag.

Samsonite Under-Seat Carry-on Spinner Personal Item Luggage

Samsonite under-seat carry-on spinner is a soft-side personal item handbag. It has enough capacity for a weekend or two-day short trip. It has two front compartments, one with a laptop front pocket and a wide front compartment with another mesh zippered pocket. The other front compartment has various small pockets for passports, tickets, visas, and other valuables.

The inner compartment has two mesh pockets in the corners to organize items perfectly. It’s a premium quality material soft-side cabin bag with spinner wheels to roll on the bag quickly, and it’s the ideal lightweight bag for seniors.


  • It has several pockets and sleeves to organize items well. It has two front compartments: one compartment with a laptop pocket and a mesh zippered pocket, and the other has several small pockets for valuables.
  • It has two side pockets in the inner compartment to organize items separately.
  • It has strong spinner wheels for smooth and fast rolling of the cabin bag with a retractable locking handle for the spinner wheels trolley to control it easily.
  • It has the latest smart feature: a USB charging port with a separate side pocket for charging your smartphones while on the go.
  • It has a three-year manufacturing warranty.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Product Specifications:

Bag Type Under-seater Cabin Bag
Bag Dimensions 9.0 x 13.75 x 16.5 inches
Bag Capacity 2.8 liters
Bag Weight 5 pounds
Bag Colors Black, Dark Purple, and Dark Blue.

Pros and Cons


  • It has various pockets and three compartments to organize items well within a small space.
  • It’s a compact cabin bag and easily fits into small spaces.
  • It has the latest feature, a USB charging port with a separate pocket for charging the phone during travel.
  • It’s an excellent personal item cabin bag to handle and carry on for short trips easily.


  • It has no more enhanced protection with a TSA lock.
  • It has a limited three-year warranty.
  • It’s a pricey under-seater cabin bag.
  • It has only three color options.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
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Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a roomy but compact cabin bag, then it’s the ideal bag for you. It’s the best personal item bag to carry tiny things and valuables. It has several pockets, two front compartments with a laptop sleeve, a mesh zippered pocket, and two side pockets inside the main compartment. It has solid and durable zippers and you may not need to fix the stuck zippers during the trip. It’s perfect for weekends, overnight, or short stays to carry various tiny essentials and small items.

Weight and Size Features

Samsonite under-seater compact cabin bag is the lightest carry-on soft-side bag with the perfect size and weight acceptable for all airlines. It’s 39.25 linear inches and five pounds weight with its spinner wheels and handles. The cabin bag is the best lighter luggage for short trips, personal item carry-on, and easy access to tiny items, essentials, valuables, and laptops while traveling.

Usually, under-seaters are soft-sided bags and are out of size after packing essentials due to expandability and may not fit under a seat, but this compact cabin bag perfectly fits under a seat and small cabins and easily moves with or without wheels. You need to measure the luggage size after it's fully packed to get the exact dimensions before loading.

Suppose you are looking for medium or large-size luggage. You must check the right size and dimensions. The 62 linear inches is the perfect size for the largest luggage size for check-in. However, you need to confirm the exact luggage size allowed for your travel package from the airline to prevent any penalties on luggage.

Material and Durability Features

Material and Durability Features

The best luggage brands’ soft-side travel bags are usually made of Nylon or Polyester material. The high-quality bags have fabric layers for scratch, water, and abrasion resistance. However, Nylon is more expensive than Polyester material, and the bags are costly. Samsonite under-seater cabin bag is made of premium quality polyester, covered with fabricated layers for wear and tear, water and abrasion resistance, and durability.

It’s not necessary that every luggage has long warranties that are durable, and the rest are not enough for long-term use. However, this compact cabin bag has only a three-year warranty, but still, It’s durable and strong enough for long-term traveling. Its strong layered surface is protected from all damage, wear, and tear, and it has long-lasting wheels and handles for secure travel.

Moveability Features

Moveability Features

The Samsonite under-seater compact carry-on has four spinner wheels for easy and fast moveability, which is the best feature at this price point. However, the durability of the spinner wheels looks suspicious due to the limited three-year warranty, but still, its spinner wheels perform great for a long time. However, this compact cabin bag usually doesn’t require rolling on with the spinner wheels and often lifting the bag with top handles without wheels, but the spinner wheels are durable enough, so no worries about breaking off the wheels while on the go. The compact travel bags, whether have 2-wheels or four wheels, are easy to handle, and can be lifted without any help.

Let’s see the difference between the two leading brands of luggage Delsey and Samsonite luggage.

Smart Features

Smart Features

This compact cabin bag has a specific smart feature highlighted in the headlines. The USB charging port has a separate pocket to charge your smartphones while on the go. But here, we’d like to mention that this USB port doesn’t include the battery. So, you can put your battery bank to charge on the go.

However, it’s an easy and accessible way to charge your phone with your luggage during travel and instantly access your phone when you need it.

Design Features

The Samsonite underseat cabin bag has excellent design features. It’s small in size but designed smartly to pack all essentials separately with several pockets and two external compartments. So, you can pack tiny items and valuables in separate pockets and instantly access them during the traveling. Moreover, it seems like a laptop backpack. It has a laptop sleeve in the front compartment for small thirteen-inch laptops. You can put your laptop in a large inner compartment if it’s larger than a thirteen-inch size or not a perfect fit for the front sleeve, and you can adjust your laptop with your clothes in the inner space.

It’s a soft-side cabin bag designed for short stays and one or two-day trips. This under-seater can be the best Samsonite personal item bag. Its smart design looks perfect for professionals and business travelers for conventions and business trips so that they can access laptops and other valuables easily without opening the bag, and everything can be well organized in this small cabin bag.

If you’re looking for soft-side travel bags, click here for more info on Travel Pro and Samsonite travel bags.

Warranty Feature

Samsonite’s under-seater compact personal item bag has a three-year manufacturing and craftsmanship warranty for the durability and quality of the luggage. However, most Samsonite luggage has a five-year or a ten-year warranty period, but this Samsonite under seat luggage spinner has a small warranty for its size. Usually, customers think that it’s not as durable due to the warranty period from the brand. But it’s not a fact, as compact bags usually have small warranties, but their durability and long-lasting life depend on the use and various customers using it for a long time without any damage and wear and tear.

In case of warranty claims, the company will be responsible for return shipping and handling costs. If your luggage is still under warranty, the customer must provide the original receipt to claim the warranty. The company has the right to accept or reject the claims, or in case of rejection, the customer has to pay the return shipping costs and damage repairs costs.

Hard-Side and Soft-Side Under-Seater Luggage

When you’re traveling for a weekend or short two-day trip, you look for a specific small cabin bag that can easily fit into a small space and simply carry everywhere. It all depends on the traveler’s preferences whether they choose hard-side or soft-side bags because usually, travelers usually, use hard-side bags for more durability and longer life.

However, soft-side bags are more lightweight due to their soft material. They have more capacity due to expandability features and extra compartments, but the hard-side bags are more resistible, indestructible, and secure for rough handling and damage during travel. Mostly, under-seater cabin bags are soft-side bags due to their expansion, compression, and lightweight features.


Why Do We Like It?

We like it for its compact and portable size, enough capacity, lightweight, durability, and its best prices for premium quality.

What you Should know?

Samsonite Under-seater cabin bag is the best soft-side, compact travel bag suitable for overnight or weekend trips and short stays. It’s an excellent personal item travel bag with roomy storage space, a front compartment, and various pockets.

Customer Reviews for the Samsonite Under-Seat Luggage

Samsonite Underseat Spinner cabin bags have excellent customer reviews due to their excellent quality, extended capacity, exclusive design, and great features with the best price point.

Customers like to choose roomy Samsonite cabin bag that has enough space, like this under-seater. It has two front compartments with various extra pockets, and it has a thirteen-inch laptop pocket with a zipper pocket. It has roomy space within the main large compartment and two side inner pockets, and you can pack essentials separately. Its elegant and stylish design and lightweight material give you extra volume and an easy travel experience.

Customers are quite satisfied with its strong spinner wheels for fast rolling of the bag with its retractable handle. However, it’s a compact cabin bag and doesn’t require rolling the bag very often. Travelers are used to lifting the bag easily due to its small size and lightweight.

Customers are happy with its elegant design, compact size, roomy space with various pockets, smart features, bright colors, and ultra-lightweight material. They will continue to use it for a long time without any trouble. 

Some customers have problems with the warranty period and small laptop pockets. They can put the laptop in the main compartment with clothes easily, and the warranty claims are only for three years, but the cabin bag can be used as long as you can, and it all depends on the usage. However, its durable wheels, handles, and abrasion-resistant surface provide a safe travel experience for a long time.



Travelers use under-seater compact travel bags for weekends, one or two-day short trips, or business trips. This small cabin bag is perfect for personal items to access essentials and laptops, smartphones, or other valuables instantly without opening the checked bag or carry-ons during the trip. It’s popular for the price tag with its elegant design, enough capacity with several pockets, and fast movability. It’s the best luggage for European travel and trips

Frequently Asked Questions

What laptop size can fit in the front laptop sleeve in this cabin bag?

The thirteen-inch small laptop can fit in the laptop sleeve in the front compartment of this under-seater bag. However, you can put your laptop in the main compartment with clothes safely if it’s larger than thirteen inches.

How much storage capacity does this under-seater bag have?

It has 2.8 liters capacity approximately. It has two front compartments with several pockets and a main compartment with two side pockets to arrange all essentials well-packed.

Does it have any unique features?

This under-seater bag has the latest feature of a USB charging port with a separate pocket to charge smartphones during travel and access them instantly. However, the charging battery isn’t included in the bag. Travelers need to purchase and install the battery within the charging port to use this feature.

Does it cover other damage repair costs for the warranty?

This under-seater bag has a three-year warranty, but it covers only built-in defects and doesn’t cover any transportation and mishandling damage repair costs.

What is 62 linear inches luggage?

The 62 linear inches of luggage is the total sum of all dimensions like height width and depth of a large size checked luggage. It is a widely acceptable last size for large checked travel bags from almost all airlines.

Why does luggage have wheels?

Luggage has wheels for easy smooth and quick maneuverability without taking weight pressure and stress.

What is the best Samsonite Under seater Cabin Bag?

The Samsonite Under seater cabin bag is a compact carry on lightweight and portable to fit easily under the seat or any small space. It is the best personal item travel bag included in your luggage items and is free from luggage fees.

Is Under seater luggage worth it?

Under seater luggage is worthy due to its lightweight compact and portable size. It is the best personal item luggage without luggage fees and excluded from size and weight charges.

What is the largest luggage size to keep under a plane seat?

The largest luggage size to keep under the airplane seat is a 16 to 18 inches under-seater cabin bag.

Is Samsonite luggage overpriced?

Samsonite luggage is expensive compared to other exclusive brands. It has relatively the best prices that are worth its premium material high end quality best functionality advanced features and excellent performance.
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