What to Do in Woodstock NY - Explore the Fascinating Spots in Woodstock


what to do in woodstock ny
What to Do in Woodstock NY - Explore the Fascinating Spots in Woodstock

Woodstock is a beautiful little village, a hill station in the Catskills Mountains region, Ulster County in New York. This beautiful mountain landscape is about 108 miles from New York City. So, if you'd like to spend your vacation at a peaceful hill station near NYC, you can stay in Woodstock, NY. The village has several attractions, boutiques, galleries, outdoor activities, and natural preserves, so there is no need to worry about What to do in Woodstock, NY.

You can quickly get there by bus, train, or car, or you may rent a vehicle for travel. There're plenty of guest houses and hotels in Woodstock. Whether looking for an extravagant lifestyle or affordable accommodation within budget, you will find the best in this small village.

The small spaces, guest houses, and hotels in the little town have everything you need, all amenities, facilities, and delicious food with fascinating scenes to get nature's iconic views.

Some of the famous guest houses and best hotels in Woodstock are;

1. Hotel Woodstock;

It's a 148-year-old place in the center of Woodstock town and near the bus stop, so you can quickly get in there. It's a budget hotel and very reasonable accommodation.

2. Morning Glory BnB Hotel, Woodstock;

It's a mid-priced hotel with some luxuries. It has fabulous rooms and offers continental breakfast daily. It has elegant furniture, stylish room decor, wooden flooring, Wi-Fi, and live music for guests.

3. Woodstock Way Hotel;

It's a little expensive hotel with all luxuries. Pets are allowed, and car parking and Wi-Fi are available for guests. The Natural beauty surrounded the space and attractions in the town. You can enjoy the best scenes from the terrace and the windows of your rooms.

4. Auto Camp Catskills Hotel;

It's also a mid-priced hotel with excellent decor and delicious food. Car parking and Wi-Fi are available for guests.

5. Twin Gables of Woodstock Hotel;

The mid-range luxury hotel with a fire pit, Air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, fishing, boating, skiing, car parking, and complimentary breakfast.

List of Fascinating Things to Do in Woodstock NY

Here we discuss exciting things to do in Woodstock, NY. During your trip, you will have many fun attractions and thrilling adventures for hiking and camping in this Catskills Mountain village.

You will get more amusement than you have ever experienced in another small town in the U.S.

Catskills Forest Preserves in Woodstock, NY

Catskills Forest Preserves

The most beautiful glance at Woodstock is the Catskills Forest Preserves, on 700,000 acres, the New York State Park. It’s lush green woodland with beautiful trees, shrubs, mountains, a waterfall, and outstanding wildlife. The waterfall has several bird species, bears, deer, bobcats, lions, and fish. The primary key point that makes Woodstock a stunning site for vacations and holidays is the Catskills Forest. The mountains have over 35 peaks and trails for quick strolls, hiking, camping, and tracking. It's a great tourist attraction in Woodstock, NY.

Ashokan Reservoir outside Woodstock, NY

Ashokan Reservoir outside

Ashokan Reservoir is the water reservoir surrounded by Catskills mountains, a short drive from Woodstock. The Ashokan Reservoir supplies water to NYC and a beautiful landscape for tourists and visitors. It's one of the best spots to visit near Woodstock in N.Y. People can enjoy swimming in the water, and eagles, bears, and other wildlife around the woods. It's an excellent spot for outdoor activities and camping.

The Ashokan Rail Trail near the water reservoir is a multi-purpose trail for walking, biking, and skiing. It's a beautiful historical site that displays the history of the Catskill Mountains and the water reservoir.

Flea Market in Woodstock, NY

Flea Market

The Flea Market on Maple Lane is famous for its unique outdoor market on Saturdays and Sundays. The small green space is full of hustle and bustle on weekends, with various vendors and several products at affordable prices. People love to get art and craft items, vintage items, jewelry, clothes, accessories, fresh farm fruits and vegetables, and woodfired pizzas. Live music and entertainment for fun. The Flea Market is a fantastic spot for the best souvenirs to buy in Woodstock.

The Flea Markets also held the Farm Festival in Woodstock. Local farm fresh veggies and fruits, homemade bread and jams, other bakery items, fresh farm meat, eggs, and fresh mushrooms are available at the festival.

Bears Ville Theater in Woodstock, NY

Bears Ville Theater

Bears Ville Theater in Woodstock is the best spot for fun and entertainment. The theater has live entertainment performances and the most popular band in the town. Check for the latest shows and enjoy your evenings with fun and amusement at the theater. The space is available for private parties, events, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, rehearsals, and recordings.

Woodstock Playhouse in Woodstock, NY

Woodstock Playhouse

If you're looking for a music scene, it's the best option in Woodstock. It's the place for art and music. You can enjoy musical shows, drama, and live performances in this theater. It's a famous spot on the main road, and popular artists and musical bands perform the best entertainment at this playhouse. However, you will never miss the Broadway theater of NYC while watching the show at Woodstock Playhouse. The playhouse's features are comfortable seating, a relaxed atmosphere, superb performances, classic entertainment, and great professionals.

Sun Frost Farms in Woodstock, NY

Sun Frost Farms

Sun Frost Farms in Woodstock is a lush green farm selling fresh farm veggies, fruits, dairy products, baked goodies, and gourmet items. You can get some fresh juices and salads from the farm's eatery and enjoy your lovely day with fascinating farm scenes in Woodstock. You can order lunch, soups, and meals online at the farm's website.

Woodstock Museum & Art Association in Woodstock, NY

Museum and Art Association

Woodstock Museum and Art Association has a history of culture in Woodstock. The gallery has various art collections and learning workshops for art and culture and supports the local artists in New York. It has five exhibition galleries and great visual art collectibles from over a hundred years. The Artists from the Art Colony in Woodstock exhibit their art and culture at this museum annually.

Byrd Cliffe Guild in Woodstock, NY

Byrd Cliffe Guild

It's an art and cultural center between lush green woods and a natural scene. It's the perfect spot and the best activities for artists to perform to boost their creativity in nature's beauty in the Catskills Mountain region. The center has a great art gallery, theater, studios, exhibitions, learning workshops, music concerts, and live performances. The Byrd Cliffe Theater is a small space with fantastic music, dance, and drama shows and live performances in a perfect setting. It's a fun paradise for artists and their audiences in Woodstock.

Woodstock Waterfall Park in Woodstock, NY

Woodstock Waterfall Park

Woodstock has fascinating spots and sightseeing woods, mountains, lush green trees, and the perfect natural beauty around the village in the Catskills Mountain region. The charming and most stunning site is the Woodstock Waterfall Park. The lush green woods surrounded the small waterfall, natural beauty all around with the sweet chirping of birds and wild animals strolling in the woods. The waterfall is known as Kaaterskill Falls of Woodstock. The peaceful, calm space with fresh air and giggling sounds of splashing waterfalls looks like a wonder in the little town. Local people love to spend their time at lovely natural beauty, and it's a must-see place for visitors to Woodstock.

Thorn Preserve in Woodstock, NY

Thorn Preserve

Thorn Preserve is a Great landscape with magnificent mountain views in Woodstock. The natural green space remains in its raw form for further development. It’s an excellent woodland with a small pond and a beautiful, relaxed environment, perfect for resting and enjoying the natural scenes. The walking trails connecting John Joy Road for visitors are available at the space.

Cucina Restaurant in Woodstock, NY

Cucina Restaurant

Cucina is an Italian Restaurant at the fascinating farmhouse, the perfect setting for dining in an elegant atmosphere. It's the best family restaurant in the little town, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenes and a fireplace for winter chills. The barn beside the restaurant is ideal for events, parties, and celebrations. You can visit the Cucina Restaurant in Woodstock for dinner or lunch at the lush green farmhouse with natural sightseeing, delicious Italian food, and elegant interiors and exteriors.

Spa in Woodstock, NY

Spa in Woodstock

Glo Spa in Woodstock has all the best features of the perfect spa. It has a steam bath, sauna bath, meditation spots, excellent facials, and relaxing massages. The Glo Spa provides all the super luxurious amenities a five-star hotel spa can have, with iconic views of the Catskills mountains around the space. Glo has a gym with all fitness equipment and a small skincare and beauty products shop.

Music Culture in Woodstock, NY

Music Culture

Woodstock is a little town full of fun and entertainment. The small town has a rich music and dance culture; locals are lively and enjoy and play music around the street corners in the daytime or evenings. You can enjoy fun musical performances anywhere in the town with a small crowd hanging over there, someone is beating the drums, and others are playing guitar and instruments, and the locals sing the songs with the drumming beats and show the dance moves.

Tibetan Monastery in Woodstock, NY

Tibetan Monastery

A Tibetan Monastery in Woodstock opened for everyone. Regardless of race, gender, and religion, anyone can visit the monastery. It's a peaceful and relaxing spot for meditation and healing. This spiritual shrine is pure and charged, and it will make you calm down and feel relaxed instantly, soothing your mind and soul. Whatever your beliefs are, you will find relaxation and peace in this place.

Tinker Street in Woodstock, NY

Tinker Street

Tinker Street is a famous place in Woodstock. Every city and town have a shopping street; in Woodstock, it's Tinker Street. You can explore the boutiques and shops, cafes, bakeries, restaurants, and art galleries. Tinker Street has various activities, patio dinners, music, and lighting.

The Christmas season is full of fun, and Tinker Street is enlightened. The shops and stores offer hot chocolates and candies, and the door is open for the kids everywhere.

Historical Society of Woodstock, NY

Historical Society

The Historical Society of Woodstock has been operating since 1929, and it is a collection of local arts and crafts, local authors, artists, and scholars' work. The gallery has vast collectibles of paintings, prints, pictures, books and journals, recordings and clips, antique pieces, and many things that portray the town's history. The unique exhibitions at the Historical Society display the essence of art through locals for Women's rights, natural cycle, mountain stone structures, and the history of the Catskills Mountains. Explore the ancient stories of the Catskills Mountain region and Woodstock town via this art gallery and society.

Esopus Creek Outside of Woodstock, NY

Esopus Creek Outside

Esopus Creek is a waterway outside Woodstock. It's famous for tubing, fishing, and swimming in the water. Let's grab some tubes and fishing gear, get to Esopus Creek to target some tasty trout, and get into the splashing waters. Several tourists and locals visit the waterways for fun and exciting activities.

Bread Alone in Woodstock, NY

Bread Alone

Bread Alone is a cafe and bakery in Woodstock on Tinker Street. It serves the best bakery items, breads, Cupcakes, Pastries, and creamy coffee. If you're looking for freshly baked bread and cupcakes in Woodstock, go to Bread Alone and get some fresh bakery items.

My favorite cafes are Yum-Yum Noodles Bar, Station Bar & Curio Cafe, Tinker Taco Lab Cafe, and Garden Cafe in Woodstock.

Music Shop in Woodstock, NY

Music Shop

Woodstock Music Shop is a one-stop music solution. It has musical instruments, vinyl records, accessories, and everything about music. The music store has many other things for history and music culture for music lovers. The store has new and old music records and new and old music gear on display and sells various distinctive musical items.

Inn on the Millstream in Woodstock, NY

Inn on the Millstream

Natural beauty is bursting into this little Catskill Mountain village, Woodstock. The Woodstock Inn on the Millstream has fascinating natural beauty. The refreshing sounds of the water stream surrounded by lush green woodland give a breathtaking view of nature's beauty in the Catskill Mountain region. The Inn has all the best features and amenities for the guests. Enjoy the fantastic sightseeing, greenery, and lovely views around the Inn with all the facilities and delicious food.

Bluestone Wild Forest in Woodstock, NY

Bluestone Wild Forest

Bluestone Wild Forest is part of Catskill Forest Preserves in Woodstock. The Bluestone Forest has 3000 acres of woodland, full of natural beauty and great green woodland. It has a beautiful lake, trails, hemlock, ponds, and incredible cliffs and hills for hiking, climbing, camping, fishing, and hunting. There's an accessible route to the famous Ontario Lake of the Catskills region.

Opus 40 Museum, Woodstock, NY

Opus 40 Museum

Opus 40 is a sculpture park and outdoor museum outside Woodstock, near Saugerties, New York. It's a national historical site with various handmade sculptures and stone ramps based on Mayan stone works. It has many other attractions, live music, food and drinks, theater, and fun.

Overlook Mountain in Woodstock, NY

Overlook Mountain

Overlook Mountain is the best hiking and camping point in Woodstock. It has one of the five Catskill Mountain fire towers. These historical fire towers are to protect and control the wild forest fires in the region. It has a comfortable hiking trail, and the incredible old hotel ruins at the top are historical monuments. It's the best area for sightseeing and has a breathtaking view of the Catskill Mountain region from the top of the mountain edge.

Levon Helm Studio, Woodstock, NY

Levon Helm Studio

Levon Helm Studio is an art and music cultural center, an institution for the arts and music culture of Woodstock and Catskills region. It's a vast barn venue where visitors and locals join to enjoy live music and entertainment.

Tinker Street Tavern, Woodstock, NY

Tinker Street Tavern

A lovely new cocktail bar opened on Tinker Street, Woodstock. The Tinker Street Tavern is the perfect spot to grab your favorite beers, wines, and cocktails with live music and delicious food. Enjoy drinks with your friends or the perfect date night at this elegant tavern.


Woodstock is the most fascinating hill station in Catskill Mountain, New York. The little town has everything you need, music and dance, theater and shows, Gym and spa, cafe and restaurants, fantastic hotels and Inns, open markets, boutiques and shops, farms and festivals, and the super iconic sightseeing, wild forests, waterfalls, green woodlands, mountains and hills for camping, hiking, climbing and more adventures on the trails. More exciting things are outside the town, like water reservoirs, sculpture parks, museums, and other nature preserves.

If you're getting stuck within a busy schedule in a big city, you want a peaceful atmosphere and relaxing space within the green woods, waterfalls, and mountain trails. Get a perfect trip on vacation at Woodstock in New York, nearly a hundred and eight miles from New York City. Have a good time in natural beauty, a rejuvenating environment, and incredible wildlife!

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