Cool Waters and Natural Beauty - 21 Best Swimming Holes in NY now Revealed.


Best Swimming Holes in NY
Cool Waters and Natural Beauty - 21 Best Swimming Holes in NY now Revealed.

Summer is scorching and humid. However, enjoying outdoor adventures, picnics in hot weather, and exploring Nature to chill out is amusing. Several free outdoor pools for the public and various luxurious swimming pools are available to take a dip in hot weather to chill out and reduce the heat. However, diving into natural waters and enjoying the swimming holes in the woods and mountains is fabulous.

New York has glorious natural scenes, deep forests, woodlands, wildlife, waterfalls, rivers, and great mountains to explore the outdoors and adventures. You can explore the best lakes in New York for swimming in summer vacations. Summer is an excellent time to go to New York to enjoy the fresh waters and the Best Swimming Holes in NY.

Mother nature has given plenty of fresh water and woodlands to enjoy the beautiful things in New York, so why not take a deep dive into swimming holes near NYC instead of swimming in artificial pools in the city?

List of 21 Stunning Swimming Holes, New York

Here's a list of stunning swimming holes in New York. You can explore the magic of beautiful roaring waterfalls, freshwater streams, and lakes and enjoy diving into natural pools and the best summer picnic in NY. It’s one of the best things to do with kids to enjoy the scenic views and explore natural landscapes.

1. Fawns Leap in Kaaterskill Wild Forest

Fawns Leap in Kaaterskill Wild Forest

Fawns Leap of Haines Falls is in Kaaterskill wild forest, New York. It's a public swimming hole for swimming and diving and the perfect place for summer fun. It has a 30-foot-high cliff over the crystal-clear blue waters. It's a stunning natural beauty and the ideal spot for freshwater swimming on sunny days and a great tourist attraction in New York outdoors. So, if you love to jump and dive into natural waters, it's more fun here, but if you're scared of jumping high from the cliff, you can go through the rocky shore of the waterfall and take a dip into cool fresh blue water at this beautiful gem in Catskills Mountains.

Some people have accidents when jumping from the cliff above the deep water because it's about 30 feet high, and deep water is almost 15 feet. So, beware of jumping and diving at this spot. Check the water depth, and confirm that no rocks are inside. Always respect nature hikes and woodlands, and learn the Leave No Trace rules for visiting natural spots for outdoor camping and picnics.

2. Kaaterskill Falls, Hunter

Kaaterskill Falls, Hunter, NY

Kaaterskills Falls is in Hunter, Catskills Mountains, NY. The hiking trail is about 1.4 miles from the waterfall swimming hole. The huge double-story waterfall is approx. Two hundred sixty feet high and surrounded by rocky decks, the swimming hole is the clear shimmering fresh water ideal for swimming. You must beware of slippery and pointed rocks around and at the waterfall's edge, and wear comfortable shoes to walk on the rocky mountain hiking trails easily. You can get the breathtaking views of the waterfall from the top and then walk along the hiking trail to the swimming hole. You can also get fascinating clicks at the photo ops, the rocky edges around the roaring waterfalls, and the green woodlands around the spot.

  • If you're an adventure geek, it's the perfect spot to visit in New York. However, you must consider some tips to enjoy the picnic safely at this stunning natural beauty;
  • The Laurel House Road is the better spot for parking, and the hiking trail from the road is easier and more secure to walk over the swimming hole.
  • It's essential to check the water level and depth before swimming at the waterfall and beware that there are sharp rocks or no rocky beds under the water.
  • Wear specific water shoes to walk on the rocky surface and prevent injuries from the sharp stones at the waterfalls.
  • Parking is free, but you must arrive early to reserve a spot for a picnic because this place is always crowded.                                                 

3. Enfield Water Falls, Ithaca

Enfield Water Falls, Ithaca, NY

Enfield Waterfalls is the best swimming hole and a must-see spot in New York in Robert H. Treman State Park in Ithaca, Finger Lakes region. The swimming holes have different depths and are divided into distinctive water spaces according to their depth, and it has 2 feet to 20 feet deep waters in the swimming hole. It has a rocky shore with deep shallow steps going through under the water, and you can sit at the edge to get some rest.

The deep water in the swimming hole is where the water falls into the hole, and it's the deepest end of the water. So, you need to be a strong swimmer to swim here without any floating tubes, and if you seek any swimming assistance or device, the guards blow their whistles and take you out of the water. You must be there at your own risk.

The clean and refreshing water has a green shade and looks transparent, but in the rainy season, the water gets cloudy, and the spot is closed to the public. So, call before arriving here to confirm the site is open for the people and check weather conditions before arriving there.

Enfield Waterfalls swimming hole is a natural pool setup that looks like a designed water pool. It has lifeguards, roped-off divided spaces depending on the water depth, and natural rocks that look like the steps going inside the water from the edge to step into the water quickly. The bottomless hole has a spot for diving. There's a diving board and ladder to jump from the height, and the picnic area has clean bathrooms, showers, and changing spaces for the public.

So, enjoy the sunny days in summer at this lovely natural pool and clear crystal water to embrace Nature and its unforgettable attractions. It’s one of the best things to do in New York for first-timers.

4. Split Rock Falls, Essex

Split Rock Falls, Essex, NY

Split Rock Falls is in Essex County in the Adirondack Mountains region. The waterfall is on the Bouquet River, clearly visible from the roadside. There are no official hiking trails, and the natural path is rocky and dangerous. If you're an expert hiker, you can walk over but beware of the rocky edges for hike swim NY. The waterfall is 30-45 feet high above the ground, and the view of the waterfall is stunning, but swimming and diving into the water is highly cautious. Stones and rocks in the water can be dangerous. You can wear sturdy shoes to walk over the Slip cliff and rocky surface. It's a beautiful spot for swimming, and you will find tremendous adventurous things to do here. You can get food and drinks and stay at a campsite near the Adirondack campgrounds.

5. Otter Waterfalls, Esopus Creek

Otter Waterfalls, Esopus Creek, NY

Otter Waterfalls is in Esopus Creek, in the Catskills Mountains region. The waterfall is about 25 feet high above the ground, and the water depth is about 8 feet in the swimming hole at the waterfall's base. Sometimes the water depth increases due to heavy rainfall, and the spot will be close to the public.

The water in the pool sometimes looks muddy due to the waterfalls' vital force, but it's safe to swim here, enjoy the summer and dip into the refreshing natural water. Spring and summer are the best seasons to enjoy a picnic here, but check the weather conditions before arriving there, and it's one of the great things to do in New York in the summertime.

6. Buttermilk Waterfalls, Ithaca

Buttermilk Waterfalls, Ithaca, NY

Buttermilk Waterfalls is in Ithaca, Finger Lakes region. It's another natural gem hidden in New York for outdoor explorers. It has a fascinating natural water pool and a fantastic wild scene around. The waterfall has a good hiking trail to explore the spot and goes down to the swimming hole with the lush green foliage and deep forests around the Buttermilk waterfall, and this place is fantastic for picnics and outdoor adventures. it’s one of the most exciting things to do with teens.

7. Johns Brook, Bushnell Falls

Johns Brook, Bushnell Falls, NY

Johns Brook swimming hole connects to the Bushnell Falls in Adirondack Park, NY. The waterfall is 20 feet high, a roaring waterfall creating a great swimming hole at the surface. It has a long hiking trail of about 3.5 miles, and you must walk over to the swimming hole. Along the parking side, you will find the Johns Brook trail going through the Mountain Marcy to the waterfalls. Enjoy a great picnic at the natural water pool and get some clicks for the natural scenes to share on Instagram.

8. Shanty Brook Waterfalls

Shanty Brook Waterfalls, NY

Shanty Brook is in the Adirondack region at the Sacandaga River. The trail along the parking lot will lead you to the campsite, and after crossing the river and then after a while, you will find the 12 feet high waterfalls of Shanty Brook. It has crystal clear water for swimming at the surface, safe for diving in and swimming. The beautiful fresh waterfalls surrounded by lavish green woodland are a paradise for adventurers. However, the waterfall is not too high and dangerous, and it's perfect for a summer picnic in the wilderness.

9. Black Hole, Adirondack

Black Hole, Adirondack, NY

Black Hole is a famous natural swimming hole at the Mill Creek Recreation Area in the Adirondack region. This spot is not so renowned for its evil phenomenon, but it's a lovely swimming site with deep waters and Dunkley Falls on its back. Waterfall has a 20 feet height above the ground and is perfect for cliff jumping and diving into the deep water. It's a great outdoor spot for a summer picnic and lunch in the wilderness.

10. Peekamoose Blue Hole, NY

Peekamoose Blue Hole, Denning, NY

Peekamoose Blue Hole is in Denning, NY. It's the beauty of the Catskills Mountain region, full of natural, fascinating scenes, woodlands, wildlife, deep forests, waterfalls, mountains, and freshwater streams. Peekamoose Blue Hole is in Sundown Wild Forest. The deep blue waters are refreshing and perfect for swimming in the deep forest. It has a long hiking trail of about 4.5 miles to reach the falls and the woods. The site has stunning beauty and is a natural Gem for visitors and locals in the Catskills region. It's one of the best fun places to go in NYC with friends.

11. Vernooy Kill Falls

Vernooy Kill Falls, NY

Vernooy Kill Falls are in Vernooy Kill State Forest, about 3 hours from New York City. It has a long hiking trail of 3.5 miles from Cherry Town Mountain. It's a great photo op while walking through the track. From the great mountains, deep forests, and beautiful waterfalls, you can enjoy the refreshing atmosphere while taking the fantastic journey to the swimming hole at the base.

12. Canopus Lake, Putnam

Canopus Lake, Putnam, NY

Canopus Lake is in Putnam County, NY. The lake water is 1.5 miles spread over the Fahnestock State Park. You can enjoy the sandy shores at the lakeside, the rowboats available for boating and fishing, and the lush woods around the lake water. There're campsites around the lake, shops, and restaurants nearby, and you can grab the food, drinks, and accessories from there.

13. Croton Beach, Croton Point Park

Croton Beach, Croton Point Park, NY

Croton Beach is at the Croton River, Croton Point Park, Westchester County, NY. It's about one-and-a-half-hour distance from New York City. This Croton beach has lovely lush green spaces and great trails, and you can enjoy swimming, boating, and grilling BBQ. It's not accessible to the public for free and charges a small entry fee. You can rent out some kayaks, enjoy kayaking on Croton River, and have a great time on hot sunny days.

14. Boiling Pot

Boiling Pot, NY

Boiling Pot is near Canajoharie Village, Floral Ave, NY. It's not a roaring waterfall nor a lakeside, but it's a natural water round deep hole that looks like a deep round pot filled with crystal green water. This place has a great history of traditions and swimming, and the sad news is that public access is not allowed for swimming at the spot. If anyone tries to swim in this deep green water hole, the villagers consider it trespassing, which can be dangerous. However, it's a fantastic fun attraction in New York.

15. Fillmore Glen, Finger Lakes

Fillmore Glen, Finger Lakes, NY

Fillmore Glen has a great swimming spot at the Fillmore Glen State Park, Finger Lakes, NY. It's one of the most gorgeous natural scenes in the Finger Lake region. The site has an oasis of fascinating green forests, and its hiking trails have splendid views of natural beauty. It is s a short walk to Cowshed Falls, about 37, a high waterfall with a great swimming hole at the base. It's a peaceful and quiet picnic spot and not crowded almost every time. It has fascinating photo ops and refreshing vibes to explore the outdoors in summer. This spot has a great swimming area, clean, clear waters, great hiking trails, and over 60 best family campgrounds nearby.

16. Agers Waterfalls

Agers Waterfalls, NY

Ager Waterfalls is in Ager Falls recreational area at the Moose River, NY. The spot has two locations for swimming, the slow water pool, and the main waterfalls. The slow water pool is precisely down the waterfall and is best for swimming in the natural water. It's safe and perfect for the public and has a small sloping bank. Still, some rocks are inside the water's surface, so carefully check before diving into the deep water for security.

The other part is the main waterfall, famous for the cliff jumping into the water. Sometimes it's hazardous incidents may happen. The hikers can walk through the forests to reach the top of the falls. You must check the water surface from where you jump and confirm the deep-water level.

The Hydro Power Plant partially took the Agers Falls, and it's closed to the public. If you visit there, you will be at risk, and there are no lifeguards and authorities to protect you. So carefully enter the spot if you can handle the situation for your own risk.

17. Bluff Island, Adirondacks

Bluff Island, Adirondacks, NY

The Bluff Island is at the Lower Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks Region, NY. People can reach the island by boat. It's a rocky area with 60 feet cliff and several rocks around the lakeside. It's a refreshing natural swimming spot for picnics in hot weather. You can stand at the top of the cliff while getting breathtaking views of giant mountains and lake water, but be careful of its hiking trails, which are sharp rocky surfaces. Enjoy swimming at the beach and have fun for the summer holiday.

18. Christine WaterFalls in New York

Christine WaterFalls in New York

Christine Waterfalls is in the Adirondacks, Mountain region, NY. It’s one of the great hidden gems and natural swimming pools in New York. The two clear waterfalls drop down into the natural swimming hole between the lush green woods and the Rocky Mountains. These waterfalls are not as giant as other waterfalls in New York.

However, these small, crystal clear, fresh waterfalls portray the stunning natural scene and fascinating sites to enjoy the picnic and fun swimming at the natural water pools. These natural swimming holes are the most awe-inspiring site for swimmers and nature lovers to swim and enjoy the refreshing water and explore the scenic beauty of nature around it.

19. Millstream Swimming Hole in New York

Millstream Swimming Hole in New York

Millstream Swimming Hole is in the Catskill Mountains Region, Woodstock, New York. This swimming hole is the most famous waterfall, a picnic spot for the locals, and one of the best NY swimming holes. It is only three to four feet in depth and is safe to swim. It’s a fascinating site surrounded by green trees, woods, and stunning scenes.

20. Stony Kill Waterfalls in New York

Stony Kill Waterfalls in New York

The Stony Kill Waterfalls are in the Catskill Mountains Region, New York. Rocky stones surround these waterfalls, and they are part of the Minnewaska State Park. However, these water bodies are less famous, so you will not find more crowds at the swimming hole. It’s one of the fantastic swimming holes in the Catskills region.

21. Highlands Natural Water Pool in New Jersey

Highlands Natural Water Pool in New Jersey

The Highlands Natural Water Pool is in Ringwood, New Jersey, NY. The fresh stream water pool runs down from the high mountains, and the green woods of the Norvin Green State Forest surround this region. Hiking trails are going through the forest offside the water pool. You can explore the lavish green forest, fresh stream water, and fantastic scenic views of the natural beauty around the pool.


New York has plenty of Nature gifted natural swimming holes at beautiful waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and freshwater streams in the mountains, forests, and woods. You can reserve your spot and arrive earlier to avoid any inconvenience.

So many spots have campsites, shops, restaurants nearby, and lifeguards at the site. But still, many places are wild, and no lifeguards can help you. Beware of entering areas closed to the public or people not allowed to swim at the spot. These places can be dangerous and severe injuries, and incidents can happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anywhere to swim in New York?

New York has various beaches streams waterfalls lakes and water bodies for swimming. The Coney Island and Staten Island beaches in NYC Sandy Island Beach State Park Sacandaga Lake Long Lake Lake Superior Sunset Bay Beach Watkins Glen State Park Woodlawn Beach and Ocean Beach on Long Island are the most popular places to swim.

Where can you swim in upstate NY?

You can swim at Green Lake Buttermilk Falls Onteora Lake Seneca Lake Canopus Lake KaaterSkill Falls and Split Rock Hole.

What is the cleanest lake to swim in NY?

Lake George is the cleanest lake to swim in New York and the United States.

What is the cleanest beach in New York?

Long Beach is the cleanest in NY.

Is it safe to swim in New York water?

Yes the Hudson River and East River are safe to swim in with some caution.
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