Compression Cubes Vs Packing Cubes: Which One Is the Most Convenient Packing System

Compression Cubes vs Packing Cubes
Compression Cubes Vs Packing Cubes: Which One Is the Most Convenient Packing System

What are the packing cubes and travel organizers? Who should need these organizers and how packing cubes work to organize your packing accessories and clothes in the luggage. These packing cubes can increase the packing space in your luggage, and you can make categories of your clothes and accessories according to their size and weight.

Which one is better to organize packing items, compression cubes vs packing cubes? Regular packing cubes are fine but compression and expandable packing cubes are more convenient packing ways for extra space and adding more items in luggage. You can maximize your packing limits and add a heavy travel packing list to your luggage using packing cubes for travel.

Expandable and Compression Packing Cubes

Expandable and Compression Packing Cubes

The packing cubes have not only more varieties but a few of them for more storage in minimum space to increase packing capacity in a well-organized packing way. What compression packing cubes are and expandable cubes? And what is the difference between packing cubes and compression cubes?

The expandable cubes are pouches that extend their capacity for maximum storage. However, the compression cubes have an extra feature. The compression cubes have a zipper compression to remove extra air and compress it after packing, reducing its original size and making it a slim and thin cube to extend your luggage capacity and storage.

The compression cube has two zippers; one is for closure, and the other is for compression. When you pack completely, close the first zipper closure, then close the second zipper to compress the cube, reduce the thickness of the pouch, and make it slim and adjustable in little space.

Are Packing Cubes Useful for Convenient Packing System

All travelers may not need packing cubes but it’s useful to arrange all things separately and access them quickly on the trip. However, it’s a common concern that packing cubes really helps with travel. The answer is yes, it is. Let’s see how packing cubes are helpful for travel.

Packing Cubes helps organize your travel gear. Make categories for casual and formal wear by their sizes, like large cubes for outfits and formal suits, medium cubes for shirts, pants, and tops, and extra-large cubes for heavy coats, sweaters, and jeans.

Your clothes will remain clean, dry, and wrinkle-free in packing cubes. When you dig into luggage searching for a specific piece of clothing, the other clothes get creases and wrinkles. So, it’s better to fold or roll your clothes and keep them in packing cubes to avoid wrinkles and creases during travel.

Packing cubes and pouches are helpful to keep tiny things safe on the trip. For example, small jewelry pieces, makeup items, bathroom accessories, and personal stuff can vanish into the other clothes. You may need to turn over the whole pile of clothes to search for a small piece or tiny item. Keep tiny things and personal stuff in a small cube separately to avoid inconvenience on the trip.

You can easily sort out all the packed items and grab the one instantly, whatever you want. You don’t need to search for all the accessories; easily pack and unpack the required items in the specific cubes in your luggage.

How to Use Packing Cubes and Travel Organizers

How to Use Packing Cubes and Travel Organizers

It’s easy to extend your packing limits and add lots of accessories to your luggage within a specific capacity. You can use packing cubes easily and there’s nothing technical to learn how to use packing cubes for travel. Packing cubes are usually recommended for clean and ironed clothes, casual and formal wear, suits, and outfits. But you can use them for other accessories, gadgets, laptops, tablets, shoes, cosmetics, bathroom accessories, and tiny things to keep them safe and accessible on travel.

You can make categories for the clothes, like heavy clothes in large cubes and light and short clothes in medium cubes. You may assign categories for different colors or label them on tags, if available, with cubes. It’s easy to identify the packing items category-wise in cubes and divide them into various other compartments in luggage. Please avoid overfilling the packing cubes and use compressible cubes if you’re a heavy packer.

Now you can fill your luggage with different sizes and make a layer of cubes in one compartment. You can also fill the hollow space with long cubes and small cubes or pouches to use maximum space in luggage.

Similar Functionality of Packing Cubes and Compression Cubes

Packing cubes and compression cubes have similar functionality. These cubes give you a well-organized packing system to keep the luggage contents clean and secure and give you easy access on travel. These cubes have similar functionality and the same features for both types:

  • Compression cubes and packing cubes are travel organizers and give you well-organized packing items in the luggage.
  • Both of these types are made of lightweight and ultra-light material, durable, and long-lasting quality, colors, prints, and designs.
  • Both of these cubes give you maximum packing capacity to eliminate the hollow space in your luggage and save capacity to add more items.
  • Both of these cubes give you smooth zipper closures and drawstring closures to open and close the cubes easily for packing and unpacking on the trip.
  • Both cubes are available in small, mini, medium, large, and extra-large sizes.
  • Both cubes are good for better organization packing items in luggage and giving you a secure and easy traveling experience.                        

Comparison of Packing Cubes and Compression Cubes

However, there are a few distinctions between regular packing cubes and compression cubes. Let’s see the comparison of compression cubes and standard packing cubes:

  • Packing cubes are regular cubes but Compression cubes have an extra feature with a zipper compression that allows it to reduce its thickness and make it a slim and thin cube. It’s ideal for heavy winter clothes to adjust in a small space.
  • The regular Packing cubes have a drawstring, or a zipper closure and the Compression cubes have double zipper closures. One zipper is for closing the cube and the other is for compression feature.                                                                                                                              

Top 4 Benefits of Packing and Compression Cubes

The Benefits of Packing and Compression Cubes

All the packing cubes and compression cubes have similar benefits and only one difference. The material quality and price may vary due to its features. These are the benefits of packing cubes and compression cubes;

1. Well-Organizes All Contents

Packing cubes and compression cubes both help to organize all luggage contents more conveniently. All of your clothes, formal dresses, outfits, shoes, socks, electronic gadgets, and more fragile items can be smartly fit into the packing cubes and compression cubes. These cubes will eliminate small empty spaces in luggage, fill out tiny items and souvenirs in small cubes, and save capacity in luggage.

2. Keep Neat and Clean Contents in Luggage

The main benefit of both packing and compression cubes is to keep all contents in the luggage neat and clean. You don’t need to turn out the accessories and clothes upside down and make a mess to find out anything. You can easily grab the cube for the specific item and unpack it using zipper closures, take the accessories, and later pack it as quickly as it was. All the clothes stay clean, dry, and protected from stains, wrinkles, spills, and leakages in the cubes.

3. Keep Separate All Contents

Packing and Compression cubes keep all items separate in luggage. Dirty and stinking clothes are stored in laundry bags to separate them from clean clothes to remove odors and bacteria in luggage. You can separate tiny things into small cubes and liquid items in small plastic pouches to avoid leakage and spills in other items.  

4. Packing and Compression Cubes Can Be Additional Travel Bags

Packing and Compression cubes can be used as additional travel bags when required. If you shop for more souvenirs and gifts on the trip and you need additional space, you can use a large or medium-sized cube as another travel bag. These cubes have easy handles to hold onto so you can hold them outside the luggage when required.

Top 6 Drawbacks of Packing and Compression Cubes

The Drawbacks of Packing and Compression Cubes

Packing and Compression cubes are not recommended for all travelers. It may not suit your travel gear, and it depends on your trip, its destination, and packing list. If you are not a heavy packer, grab jeans, a shirt, and a jacket for a weekend stay, and then you may not need packing cubes in your luggage. If you have some heavy electronics or other gadgets to pack, then a packing cube is not recommended for you.

1. Packing Cubes Can Add More Weight

Packing cubes and compression cubes are lightweight and ultra-light material pouches for packing essentials in luggage. But still, it can add extra weight to luggage. You need to measure the luggage size and weight before purchasing the packing cubes. If you are weight conscious, then you must check the luggage weight with and without packing cubes and if the difference is acceptable then you may keep these cubes or you may remove them.

2. Packing Cubes Can Waste The Space in Luggage

Packing and Compression Cubes are the saviors and save more space in luggage, but sometimes they waste the space in your luggage. Yes, your cubes may require maximum space and leave some space on the sides of the compartment. In that case, you can use long and small cubes or put some other tiny stuff to fill up that space.

3. Packing and Compression Cubes Can Be Additional Expenses

Packing Cubes are affordable items, but quality materials and compression cubes are slightly pricey options. If you are purchasing premium luggage and compression cubes, then it will cost you more on travel. It will be a problem if you’re on a budget travel. So, you don’t need a compression or packing cube set for short stays or a fixed schedule for travel. It completely depends on your choice and travel gear to buy packing cubes and compression bags.

4. Overpacking in Luggage

Packing and Compression cubes are the additional bags in your luggage. These cubes give you extensive space and you can add more accessories and clothes in compression cubes within a small space. But still, it’s overpacking, and it can be trouble when you keep extra accessories and clothes that you may not need in your luggage. You need to be careful and avoid overpacking just because you have extra space. Try to concise your packing list, keep what is essential on the trip, and avoid the inconvenience of carrying overpacking items on travel.

5. Packing Cubes Can Be a Hassle in Luggage

Packing cubes and compression cubes looks like a hassle in luggage and sometimes it’s hard to organize the small bags in the travel bags especially when you have exterior compartments or pockets. Travelers may be concerned about extra packing systems like a time-consuming effort to pack small bags in a travel bag. These cubes are recommended for travelers for long stays, and they might not need to pack and unpack these cubes several times on the trip.

6. Compression Can Cause Damage To Fabrics and Items

Compression is not suitable for all fabrics and items. Winter clothes and thermal clothes may be damaged in compression if they are packed for a long time in these compression cubes. Some fragile items may also be damaged in compression, and these items can be packed safely in other boxes.

The down jackets and winter coats can’t be compressed for a long time and their fabric can be damaged and may not work properly. Other fabrics like silk can’t be compressed or have creases and wrinkles in compression cubes. Woolen sweaters are also not suitable for keeping in compression. If you’re using compression cubes for winter clothes, you need to take these clothes out after arrival at the destination. These clothes take some time to decompress, and then they can be used again. However, jeans, denim, and cotton clothes can be compressed easily for enough time in luggage.

Best 4 Styles and Types of Compression Cubes

These are a few types or styles of compression packing cubes;

1. Zippered Compression Cubes

Zippered Compression Cubes with a zipper compression. You can close the cube with the zipper closure and then close the zipper compression to compress it.

2. Sack Compression Cubes

Sack Compression Cubes with drawstring are best for laundry and dirty clothes or can be used as a shoe bag.

3. Plastic Compression Cubes

Plastic Compression Cubes are best for liquid items, toiletries, cosmetics, and makeup items. It’s useful to keep other items in luggage secure from leakage.

4. Vacuum Compression Cubes

Vacuum Compression Cubes are useful to pack several clothes in cubes, but they require a vacuum cleaner to suck extra air from the bag. 

The Best Packing and Compression Cubes for the Perfect Fit in Luggage

The Best Packing and Compression Cubes for the Perfect Fit in Luggage

You can choose the packing and compression cubes depending on your requirements, luggage weight, sizes, style, and travel gear. It can also depend on your trip duration. If you’re on a long trip or traveling with your family, then it can be helpful to organize lots of accessories in your luggage.

Here we have the best packing cubes and compression cubes that can be a perfect fit for you, and you may check here which one is the best option for you.

1. Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression Packing Cubes

2Eagle Creek Pack It Compression Sac Cubes

3. Amazon Basics Packing Cubes

4. Osprey Packing Cubes

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Compression and Packing Cubes worth it in luggage?

Yes, it is useful when you are packing several clothes and accessories and need to organize them cleanly and securely for travel. You may need it for business trips and long-term family trips.

How much does it cost to buy packing cubes for travel?

It may cost from 25 dollars to 50 dollars or more. The cost depends on material quality, features, and styles of travel organizers.

Compression Cubes or Standard Packing Cubes, which one is right for travel?

Compression cubes and Standard packing cubes both have the same functionality but a slightly different feature. Compression cubes give compression to reduce the thickness of the cube and allow it to occupy minimum space in luggage. Whether you are using compression or standard packing cubes, both of these cubes can help organize your travel gear, minimizing the capacity and saving you time on the trip looking for contents in your luggage. It all depends on traveler’s needs and what type of travel organizers they need according to their needs.
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