It's a dream to live in the grand city of the United States, the city that never sleeps; New York City. It's the concrete jungle of sparkling skyscrapers and massive towers, enlightened streets, bars and restaurants, and several fun and thrilling activities to do in NYC.

Everyone would like to stay and enjoy the fun and excitement of the great city of the world. To migrate to NYC for work or business, you must learn the fundamental aspects and reality of living in New York City. Major troubles usually arise for new people, and the great benefits of living in NYC are both considerable and essential for everyone living in the grand city.

What are the significant benefits of living in New York City? And what is the Inconvenience for The New Immigrants in the City?

As you know many more interesting fun facts about amusement and great attractions for tourists in NYC, but it's not only entertainment and festivals in the city. When living somewhere, you have to learn about the living standards, laws and regulations, cost of living, and many more things about the place. Whether you're a businessperson or an employee, you must look for the most convenient and probable stuff in daily life and avoid the troubles for the inconvenience.

Here we discuss what are the real benefits of living in NYC. You will learn the critical pros and cons of living in New York.

Benefits of Living in NYC

1. The Best Transportation in NYC

Best Transportation

The locals have an excellent transportation system in New York City. The best and most comfortable transportation system has public buses, ferries, boats, trains, and subways. You can purchase a MetroCard from the subway stations for a month and take the rides by swapping the cards on the turnstiles at the entry. The single ride will cost you 2.75$ for buses, ferries, and subways whether you're going anywhere, regardless of the distance of destination and duration of the ride. The trains will cost according to the destination and distance. These transits are available 24 hours and seven days a week.

The subway is the most reliable and quick transit compared to the local buses and ferries due to the road's rush traffic. It's the best mode of transportation in New York City for daily travel. However, you can travel via taxis and cabs, which are comfier and more luxurious but slightly more expensive.

2. Walk through the New York City

Walk through

New Yorkers love walking on the streets and sidewalks because it's quick and easy to move around on foot with comfy shoes. You can quickly walk through the city on the sidewalks to save more traveling expenses while exploring the city's street views, shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants and enjoying the sightseeing all around.

3. New York City is Secure to Live

Secure to Live

NYC is a better place to live securely and safely than other suburbs. The city is too busy, and the streets are bursting with the hustle and bustle and crowds on the roads, looking so noisy, but it's a fact that you will feel safe due to this rush and crowds. The electricity never gets off, and the always-enlightened city's skyline makes you feel safe and secure instead of walking through the dark sidewalks at night, a gloomy way to home with a fear of being robbed or kidnapped instantly. The tallest towers and skyscrapers have luxurious residencies and stylish apartments. The apartments are safer than living in a more dangerous house, where anyone can trespass easily without notice.

4. Delivery at the Doorstep

Delivery at the Doorstep

Home delivery services are available in most cities worldwide, but the most exciting thing is that you will get quick home delivery on the same day and sometimes within half an hour for everything in New York City. Whether you're looking for groceries or hungry for lunch at work, whatever you want can get to your doorstep with speedy deliveries within less time and low cost.

5. Free Things to Do in NYC

Free Things to Do

New York City is the most expensive and luxurious city in the world, but there are several low-cost and free things to do in NYC. Low-cost street markets for groceries, food, clothing, household essentials, accessories, discount packages in stores, deals on food or happy hour meals are open in different seasons for limited-time offers, and shop at the big sales gala in the holiday season at the dropped price options in NYC.

Several spots and activities are accessible to the public, like free open theaters and cinemas, free entry at the museums and art galleries, free music concerts, free public parks with various activities, free boating and kayaking at the riverside, and free festivals and events in the city. Living in NYC is not always costly, but you can enjoy many things for free according to your choices and interests.

6. Food and Dining in NYC

Food and Dining

You will get plenty of exclusive and luxurious bars and restaurants in NYC. If you have a family and kids, you can find the best family restaurants in New York City for dine-in.

For affordable food, there're various food carts at the corner of the streets, food stalls at the food markets, happy hour and discount deals at the restaurants and cafes, low-cost grocery markets, and food festivals available for reasonable food options in NYC.

7. Dynamic Society in NYC

Dynamic Society

Living in NYC is the most adorable thing for its dynamic culture and society. You will feel at home when you find some people who belong to your culture and language. It is the most stunning cultural effect of living in New York City. The city is the home of millions of immigrants from several other nations. They developed their societies in the great city, where you can find diverse cultures and social norms, languages, food, fashion, interiors, architecture, and vibrant colors of life.

Chinatown and Little Italy are fantastic examples of diversified cultural societies in NYC. Chinatown is the home of Chinese American residents, where you will get tasty Chinese cuisines at cafes and restaurants, shop for Chinese clothes and antique jewelry, and Chinese art and craft items and explore the colorful structures and buildings of Chinese cultural effects in little China at New York City.

Little Italy is another one, a small Italy in NYC. Here you will get all the lavish Italian restaurants and cafes, rare cappuccino and espresso coffee, delicious pasta, and Italian pizzas all around at Little Italy. Italian-style apparel and accessories at the shops and lovely art and craft embrace the Italian culture and art in the little town in NYC.

8. Universities and Colleges in NYC

Universities and Colleges

New York City has the best schools, colleges, and universities. Your kids will get the best education from the world's most accredited institutions in NYC. If you'd like to get a higher upgrade in higher education, you can join the top-rated universities in NYC. Famous Institutions are New York University, Columbia University, Fordham University, Baruch College, Hunter College, Pace University, Fashion Institute of Technology NYC, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City College of New York, Manhattan College, City University of New York, School of Visual Arts NYC, Weill Medical College and New York City College of Technology.

Drawbacks of Living in NYC

1. Car Parking Issues in NYC

Car Parking Issues

Driving in New York City is crucial, especially for new people. The rush hours and horrifying traffic jams make you feel sick when you can't reach your destination on time. But the most critical thing to consider is the parking problem in NYC. The parking tickets are expensive and free parking is not readily available, so you need to be careful to secure a free parking space nearby your location or buy a parking space ticket for a paid parking space every time!

2. Hidden Long Distances of Locations in NYC

Hidden Long Distances of Locations

The major traveling issue in NYC is the hidden long distances of locations for traveling. Travel distances shown on the map look small, but the real traveling time is too long, and when you reach the destination, you will get a jerk!

3. Always Noisy and Busy

Always Noisy

NYC is a city that never sleeps; it is always busy 24 hours and seven days a week. The enlightened city always has crowds in the streets, markets, clubs, parks, bars, and restaurants. The day is busy with working hours, school, and college for students, but there are various things to do in NYC at night.

NYC's nightlife is renowned worldwide, but if you're looking for some relaxation and a calm atmosphere, you need to move to the suburbs or some quiet, peaceful small towns in New York nearby NYC.

The loud music and traffic noises, never-ending illuminations, always busy roads and crowded streets seem horrible sometimes when you seek some soothing atmosphere. So, if you like a peaceful environment, you can't live in New York City.

4. High Cost of Living in NYC

High Cost of Living

NYC has various free and low-cost options, but the overall cost of living in NYC is very high. Shopping for everything has high sales taxes, higher rates of utility bills plus taxes, and higher rents. The gym and other amenities have also added taxes, so you can only use the free options for the extras.

5. Weather in NYC

Weather in NYC

The weather is not extreme in NYC, but the winter is too cold. It would be best to have windbreaker jackets, winter coats, and winter boats to move around the city in cold weather. Summer is scorching and humid. You will need light clothes to be ready to be sweaty during the day outside.

Mainly walking on sidewalks during the hot weather in NYC is uncomfortable. However, all the seasons have more fun and entertainment, but the crucial weather aspects can't change the real-time experience in the city.

6. Laundry in NYC

Laundry in NYC

Laundry is not available at home, and it's the worst thing in NYC. The apartments and building structures are unsuitable for installing a home washing machine. New Yorkers drag their dirty stuff to the cleaner's point and share their dirty clothes in giant washing machines with others and wait for half an hour. After cleaning the clothes, put them in the dryer and again wait for some time but be careful during the cleaning; anyone can grab your stuff from the washing machines, so you must be cautious. Finally, check and get your things on a large table to share with the other public, so no privacy for the personal stuff!

7. Shabby Attitude for Strangers in NYC

Shabby Attitude for Strangers

New Yorkers welcome new visitors to the city, but the shabby attitude toward strangers is an unlikely massive issue for NYC's fresh and new people. Locals don't like to talk to strangers and especially don't make eye contact at night with unknown people for protection. It sounds crazy, but it's true. Many unusual incidents occurred in the past horrifying attacks by strange people, kidnappings, and killings. So, beware of strangers, avoid talking unnecessarily, and don't make eye contact with the unknown!


Living in New York City can be a wild dream for everyone. The lavish nightlife of NYC is famous around the globe. The dance bars and clubs, luxury hotels, fantastic restaurants and bars, rooftops, patio dinners, cruises, boating and jet skiing, lush green parks, art galleries, museums, beaches, shopping spots, and various events and festivals in NYC are the great thrills and chills for everyone.

When living somewhere, you need to look at every negative and positive aspect of the place for daily life. Consider the people and culture, social norms, laws and regulations, financial regulations, taxes, cost of living, dangers and safety issues, hazards and restrictions, and health problems before deciding to live in a new place. However, we can give you some awe-inspiring tips to live in NYC on a budget, & it might help you to control your expenses and enjoy your incredible life in New York City.