Queens Night Market and 8 Exciting Things to Do in Queen, New York

queens night market
Queens Night Market and 8 Exciting Things to Do in Queen, New York

Wonderful food to historic museums, must visit parks to trendy food places, culturally rich stalls to hospitable people Check out these Amazing Places to Go in Queens!

How many times have people eyed you when you told them about planning to go to Queens for your New York Visit? And you getting those stares when a part of your Adventurous things to in NYC also included Queens! Only if we had a penny each time then probably our entire NY trip would be funded. Lesser known for its beauty, this New York Borough is often ignored and the truth is, we couldn’t be sadder about that! So while you brush off all the buzz about Best restaurants in Brooklyn, don’t forget Queens which is indeed the home to most culturally diverse food joints in the entire New York!

The largest borough in New York City, Queens is home to a wide variety of ethnic restaurants, distinctive stores, fascinating museums, and distinctive cuisine. Queens, which is 108 square miles in size, is home to some of the greatest sports arenas, amazing museums, and stunning cultural sites. The westernmost point of Long Island encircles it, providing access to even more breathtaking locations for exploration. There are some of the greatest parks, art museums, bars, and other attractions in the borough.

Queens County is the place to go whether you want to spend your day exploring a sizable green space, dining at some of the top restaurants in the city, or having your mind blown by a truly unusual museum display. It has indeed many of the wonderful Things to do in New York for first-timers. Here are the top activities to do in Queens.

Top 8 Activities To Do in Queens

1. Astoria Park

Astoria Park
Sunbathing isn’t just for the beach but we recommend you taking a stroll to the Astoria Park for the best vibe of Queens! Since parks are one of the top things to do in queens, Astoria Park comes much recommended for tourists! Nestled between the Robert F. Kennedy and Hell Gate Bridges, Astoria Park spans an astonishing 60 acres, or nearly 15 city blocks, and is dotted with expansive grass and seats. The half-mile promenade along the East River is the most picturesque place to take a stroll if that's more your style.

2. Museum of Moving Image

Museum of Moving Image
One of the finest things to do in this borough for tourists is visit the Museum of the Moving Image, which is situated in the lovely Astoria neighbourhood.

This museum, which brings the history of cinema and photography to life, has fantastic displays and is a great place for pop culture enthusiasts to explore. Even more, tourists may put their talents in sound and video editing to the test.

3. Queens Botanical Garden

Queens Botanical Garden
Something you will definitely find in Queens only and the Queens Botanical garden is one such of those! With a 39 acres of covering space the garden has 25 distinct gardens giving you a memorable experience of nature life. Enjoy different species of plants and flowers well kept, well grown and as you stroll through come back more informed and educated about all kinds of plants one would find in queens or maybe the entire Brooklyn!

4. Enjoy a Memorable Visit at Rockaways

Enjoy a Memorable Visit at Rockaways
Home to Jacob Riis Park Beach and Rockaway Beach, two of the most well-liked beaches in New York City. Situated on the Rockaway Peninsula, the Rockaways comprise Belle Harbour, Breezy Point, and seven other residential communities. Surfers and sun worshippers both use these beaches.

5. Queens Zoo

Queens Zoo
Still haven’t found something as things to in NYC with Kids? Well here is one! But we bet you are going to be as mesmerized as the kids too. Another popular destination in Flushing Meadows Park, which has full with attractions, is the Queens Zoo & Aquarium. Established in 1968, the 18-acre facility is home to at least 70 kinds of native American animals. The zoo arranges informative events for the public's benefit, and children will love discovering fascinating animal facts and getting to handle farm animals. The whole family will have a great time during this visit.

6. Queens County Farm

Queens County Farm
Something creepy and unforgettable about this farm! In operation since 300+ years the farm has the real queens vibe to it. Over the ages, it has changed ownership several times; however, the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation has owned and run it since 1975. 

There are activities at the farm and museum all year long, so you have many of opportunities to come. The charming farmhouse is accessible for free guided tours every weekend; in the autumn, a pumpkin patch is opened, and in July, there's a powwow including over 40 Native American countries. Because of the farm store that offers vegetables, honey, and fresh eggs, it's also one of the greatest locations to shop in Queens.

7. Socrates Sculpture Park

Socrates Sculpture Park
An outdoor museum? Yes indeed! Didn’t we promise unique things you would get to do in Queens? The Socrates Sculpture Park is a picturesque five-acre promenade that serves as an outdoor art gallery and is located along the East River. One of the finest things to do in Queens and Astoria is to visit. The sculpture park features both established and emerging artists, and it often changes its collection. A schedule full of enjoyable community activities is available at Socrates Sculpture Park, which is an additional reason to visit.

Visiting New York City First Time? Don’t be a Worried Tourist, here are the Best Things to Do in New York!

8. Queen’s Night Market

Queen’s Night Market
Sure we let the broth on the stove for too long but we promise all the wait was worthwhile. Now coming to the main point of Queen’s market, for starters we can say that this market is the true depiction of Queen’s culture and traditions. With a majority of local vendors and even some home chefs offering food they grew up with, this much awaited outdoor festival is a genuine celebration of New York City's variety. More than 90 nations' cuisines and cultures are sampled here, many of which are underrepresented even in the gastronomic paradise that is New York City.

Other than food, the market experience is no less when it comes to ambiance. Delish aroma of food and taste smells combined with live music and stalls of handcrafted products make your experience even more versatile and memorable. And the best part, despite its popularity, the market has an affordable pricing rates set for everyone.

If you want to experience the Queen’s heritage and the life in Queen’s then probably one night in this market is enough? But rarely we have seen cases of people who wouldn’t want to come back to enjoy this experience twice or maybe even more. That is the beauty and attractiveness of Queen’s night market. So let’s take a look at all that Queens Market has to offer.

History of Queen’s Market

History of Queen’s Market

Strolling through the market you must feel that the market originated in the 90s but the truth is, the culture and history has been embedded so well into the this modern market that it takes you down the traditional lane of Queens effortlessly.Founded in 2014, John Wang knew exactly what he had to do to make the most perfect depiction of Queens. Indeed, the Queens market is one of unique things to do in NYC with a diverse community visiting offering something attractive and wonderful for everyone. The conception of the Queens market originated from the fondness of the founder for the night markets during his travels to other countries. Since many tourists are up for a night time excursion not letting any time of their tourism go to waste, the Queens market is designed around the same design too.

The Queens Night Market has undoubtedly fulfilled Wang's initial ambition, with over 90 nationalities being represented through merchants and cuisine. The market has assisted in the opening of about 350 new NYC enterprises and serves sellers as much as customers. Every night, the market donates at least 20% of its proceeds to charitable causes. Additionally, the market upholds its commitment to diversity and equality by offering free entry and inexpensive prices.

Dos and Don’ts of Queens market

Located in Flushing Meadows, Corona Park, the Queens market is easy to find as you take the 7th Train to the 111th station. Ask any local and they will be more than happy to guide you to the proud Queen’s tourist spot. As you get off the train the tiny walk to the market is refreshing and excites you as you begin to smell in the aroma of delicious food rising in the air and hear the live music and crowd chanting on wonderful songs. But before you get mesmerized by the market’s fun and liveliness, here is a guide to know about Dos and Don’ts of Queens Market.

Arrive on time.

If you've been organising your trip to the Queens Market for months, it's likely that a number of other individuals are planning similar activities. Thus, you should be aware that during peak dinnertime hours, lines at several of the most well-known tents get ridiculously lengthy. For those who want to sample as many different cuisines as possible, the best recommendation is to be there as soon as the market opens at 5:00 p.m. and get a few meals from the most well-liked establishments before the majority of the throng arrive. Later in the evening, visit the more recent, calmer booths. Additionally, it will guarantee that you sample every dish on your list of must-trys as due to the huge crowd and demand some vendors do run out of food they offer, no matter how much they come prepared.

Don’t Drive into the Market

After all it’s all about strolling through the market, in your traditional comfortable dress and shoes, looking at everything and soaking in the most of the experience. So what does a vehicle has to do with all of this? Moreover you are only going to get frustrated entering into the market with a car only to find yourself wasting all the time finding a perfect parking spot. Particulalry the same reason why the organisers of the Night Market strongly advise against driving because there is very little parking available on site. You may take the Q23 or Q58 bus to Corona Avenue at 108th Street, the Q48 to 111th Street at Roosevelt Avenue, or utilise a ride-sharing service to get to the 111th Street Station from the grounds in only a few blocks by rail.

Be on your Own

Remember that the length of a queue doesn't always indicate how well-liked a vendor is or how good their cuisine is. Lines usually reach their height about 8:00 p.m., especially if you plan to visit at that time. Sometimes, it might only indicate that a particular dish takes longer to prepare or that a vendor is slower at serving (many are independent operators with little expertise in the food service industry). You can't go wrong if you follow your taste buds and your intuition.

Do your Research Well

Regular flyers should aim to visit the market during its initial six-week period of operation, as this is when the majority of new merchants will be present. Planning your visit after the brief U.S. open break in the autumn, when things settle down somewhat, may be the best option if you're a first-time visitor, since the first few weeks may be very hectic and overwhelming. All year long, the market is kid-friendly, but families will especially love its closing night in October, when all of the merchants dress up for Halloween and there are lots of exciting surprises to be discovered.

Don’t Travel in Groups

Not only this might overcrowd a place for others but you are also going to miss so much ordering from the same vendor and waiting for everyone to get their food. Instead we recommend you to Divide and Conquer so you can conquer more in less time. This is the ideal method to sample as many items as you can if you're travelling in a group. Divide into groups, jump between lines, and get enough to distribute. Once again, you and your group may get together to savour your buffet.

Come Fully Prepared

Be careful to bring cash if you only bring one item. because vendors deal in direct cash so your creditor debit card might be of no good use. Although there is an ATM on site, most sellers only take cash, and lines to use it are sometimes longer than those to the booths. You're better off bringing your own picnic blanket if you'd like sit down to eat rather than strolling about. There isn't much sitting available. Also, make sure you have well researched about the market online to know about guides from the locals and tourists who have visited before. Well, if you are reading this then this is probably the only help you need before making to the Queens market.

Try it All

No food is good or bad it only depends on where you are. If you really want to make the most of the Queens culture and traditions then you must try it all well. Be open to different tastes so you don’t end up missing anything. After all it is said that, The Queens Night Market is the New York event that most exemplifies the value of food as a medium of cross-cultural communication. You would probably need to spend the most of the summer eating your way through its tantalising selection, which includes anything from Jamaican jerk chicken to Ukrainian borscht and pirozhiki to Afghan mantu and chapli kabobs.

our advice? In order to save time, conscientious planners might review vendor listings on Fridays and make a note of the booths that most interest them.

And, Don’t Miss Out the Local Shops

What good is your travel if you don’t bring at least one souvenir home with you! And what better place to purchase a souvenir than the most culturally rich part of the Queens. thus, Make sure to visit artist's row, where a colourful display of hand-poured candles, retro clothing, regional artwork, and trinkets may be found, while you're still eating. Bodega Cats of New York is an art group offering prints, stickers, and pins; the Museum of Nostalgia is maintained by two passionate toy collectors selling old board games, plush toys, action figures, and lunch boxes. Don't leave without purchasing one of Ricky Brown's $5 Really Bad Portraits; they are amusing and genuinely awful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Special about Queens?

A home to more than 150 cultures, Queens is undoubtedly one of the most culturally rich boroughs of the New York. It is also one of the fast developing tourist’s spots for people from all over the world. The main attraction of Queens being the diverse food offered.

What is Queens Famous For?

JFK International and LaGuardia, two of the three main airports serving the NYC region, are located in Queens. The Queens night market, Flushing Meadows Park (site of the US Open tennis event and the baseball club New York Mets), Kaufman Astoria Studios, Silvercup Studios and Aqueduct Racetrack are among the attractions.

Is Queens Worth a Visit?

While it won’t make to the most of must visit New York Boroughs, coming to New York and not visiting Queens is indeed one big mistake you could make. With a culturally rich background a perfect heritage and authenticity attached to culture, queens is definitely a place you should have on your visit list.

Is Staying in Queens Cheaper?

Queens offers reasonably priced living when compared to other boroughs such as Manhattan and Brooklyn. Queens has a 3% cheaper cost of living than the state as a whole. Queens has less expensive rent, as well as cheaper food and utilities prices than the other boroughs.
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