Get the Incredible Performance of Samsonite Freeform 21 Spinner - A Comprehensive Review

Samsonite Freeform 21 Spinner
Get the Incredible Performance of Samsonite Freeform 21 Spinner - A Comprehensive Review

Samsonite brand has outstanding customer value, incredible performance, and a remarkable brand image for several years for the best quality and design features at a great price. However, customers may have other buying options for the different types of luggage, less pricey suitcases with great quality and design features of similar brands or the subsidiary brands of this company. But still, Samsonite has won the battle for exclusive features, lifetime performance, durability, exclusive design, and smart features at awesome price options. The other brands may have durability and features but are lacking in colors and designs and compete for the highest prices in the market.

Samsonite freeform 21 spinner travel bags are the lightest carry-on luggage for a secure and comfortable travel experience. It’s the best luggage for international trips and ideal for business and luxury travel. Some customers prefer pricey options for premium quality and long-life performance instead of low-price options. Low-priced luggage may cause issues, and you may need to change your luggage after a short period to avoid troubles due to instant break-offs and damages during the travel.

Samsonite Freeform Hard Side Spinner Travel Bags

Samsonite Freeform hard-side spinner is premium luggage. It has enough storage capacity with a wide main compartment, an upper mesh divider, and two zippered pockets to organize things perfectly. The lower compartment has a small, zippered pocket for tiny valuables and strong straps to fix packing items perfectly. It’s a high-quality polypropylene material hard shell luggage with spinner wheels to smoothly roll the baggage. This carry-on is the best size luggage for international travel.


  • It has enough storage space with zippered mesh divider pockets, zipper expansion, and compression to allow all packing items to be organized and well-packed.
  • It has extended protection with a TSA combination locking system.
  • It has eight durable spinner wheels for smooth and speedy moveability in multiple directions quickly.
  • It has a push-button retractable handle with an auto-locking system to control and move the spinner wheels trolley easily.
  • It has a ten-year warranty for quality, built-in defects, and craftsmanship.
  • Its trendy looks, stylish design, and vibrant color variations make it stand out in the crowd.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Product Specifications:

Suitcase Type Carry-on Travel Bag
Suitcase Dimensions 10.0 x 15.2 x 21.2 inches
Suitcase Capacity 53L
Suitcase Weight 6 pounds
Suitcase Colors Soft Mint Green, Light Grey, Navy Blue, Rose Light Pink, Amethyst Dark Purple, Black, Lilac Light Purple, Maroon, White, Red, Dark Orange, Dark Sage Green, Grey and White, Deep Teal, and Powder Soft Blue.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s lightweight, lifetime, and durable material hard shell.
  • It has enough room to pack and organize all packing items well.
  • It’s secure and protected with a TSA lock.
  • Its trendy style and awesome shades look appealing among the luggage carousels.
  • It’s a remarkable travel bag with a long warranty for the best price point.


  • It has no more USB charging port option.
  • It has no exterior compartment and front pockets.
  • It has no coverage for mishandling and accidental damage repairs.
  • Our Verdict for Samsonite Freeform Hard Side Baggage                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
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Our Verdict

Samsonite freeform hard-side spinner suitcases are the exclusive luggage for luxury and comfort. It’s a trendy-style suitcase with a vibrant color collection, excellent features, and long-lasting performance at an awesome price point. However, the other brands offer similar features with the highest price tags, minimalistic design, and no color variety.

Features Review

Functionality and Durability

Functionality and Durability

Durability is the most authentic aspect of every luggage for a long lifespan and secure traveling experience. Its polypropylene material, sturdy hard shell, and scuff-resistant surface will provide safe travel without any instant break-off and damage while on the go. Samsonite Freeform has the lightest, most abrasion and damage-resistant, and lifetime durable hard surface. Its handles are strong enough, and there's no more wobbling during the movement. Its double-spinner wheels give excellent performance for incredible rolling of the luggage and no worries for sudden break-off of the wheels while rolling the luggage.

Let's check here other brand luggage models for Delsey and Samsonite baggage.

Style and Design

Style and Design

Its modern style and sleek design look appealing, with various stunning color variations and soft and sharp shades. Its stunning color variety makes it prominent and distinctive from other suitcases at the airport. It has a fabulous appearance that helps you to identify your travel bag instantly among the crowd due to its spacious or unique design and colors.

Its roomy compartment with a zippered divider, two mesh pockets, and one small pocket in the lower compartment helps to arrange all essentials easily. It has smart zipper expansion and compression for setting all accessories smoothly in the luggage. Its minimal design looks sophisticated and has everlasting styles for a smart traveling experience. Top-notch brands offer color variety and bright hues for a unique appearance, but it has different price options, and the most appealing shades are slightly expensive!

Security Lock

Its most exclusive feature is the TSA combination lock for extended security. This lock has a digital code for access, and the key is only accessible for the custom check-in department to open and check the luggage without disclosing the digital code. It's enhanced protection to prevent loss or robbery during the trip.

Worth the Price

Samsonite Freeform hard cases have excellent price points with exclusive features, stylish design, stunning color collections, and a ten-year warranty. The prices vary according to the sizes and colors. The carry-ons are around one-fifty dollars, and it's a great price compared to similar brands' hard-shell cases with less color variety, and design features.

However, the premium quality, exclusive performance, and indestructible hard shell with great features are worth the price, and the customers have great value for a lifetime secure traveling experience.

If you're looking for similar features with low price points, you can buy the subsidiary brand luggage.

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Suitcase Maneuverability

Suitcase Maneuverability

Samsonite hard shell cases have mostly spinner wheels. Whether it's a spinner or roller luggage, the wheels are durable for easy moveability. Samsonite Freeform hard cases have indestructible double-spinner wheels for smoothly gliding the luggage on almost all surfaces. Some customers shared their experience that spinner wheels can't move on rocky surfaces. Still, it can move easily everywhere without any stress and pressure. The spinner wheels rotate at 360 degrees in multiple directions instantly and are easily controlled with a push-button retractable handle with an auto-lock system.

Bag Warranty

Samsonite Freeform hard cases have a ten-year warranty for manufacturing defects. However, damage due to mishandling at the customs counters, loading or transportation damage, accidental damage, wear and tear of zippers, handle break-off, and spinner wheel break-offs due to rough handling are not covered in the warranty. Customers can claim manufacturing defects and replacements or repairs within a certain period. Customers are liable to pay the shipping and delivery charges to hand over the suitcases for replacement or repairs.

Firm Grip Handles

Samsonite Freeform hard cases have strong, firm grips and durable handles. It has a side handle and a top handle for lifting luggage without wheels. A telescopic push-button handle with multi-level adjustments and an auto-locking system to prevent auto-rolling of the luggage. The durable handles are an essential feature of any travel bag. It must have more than one handle for a firm grip while on the go. The top handle is essential for lifting the bag, and the side handles help to grip stronger. If the top handle is not working properly, the side handles perform better to hold the bag.

Customers usually have complaints of the wobbling and shaking handles while lifting the luggage for low-cost hard-shell bags. Samsonite Freeform luggage has a firm grip, padded handles, and no worries about unstable handles for lifting the luggage. The retractable handle is easily pulled out with a push-button and retracted again smoothly.

Travel Bag Size and Weight

Travelers must choose the exact size and weight according to their airline rules. The perfect size of luggage helps to reduce excess weight and prevent mishandling and overcharges due to oversized luggage. Domestic and international luggage have different sizes according to their design and capacity. Domestic carry-ons usually have twenty-two to twenty-three inches sizes, but international carry-ons can't exceed twenty-one inches.

Samsonite Freeform international carry-on is twenty-one-inch and is perfect for international carry-on for almost all airlines. It has a zipper expansion with compression, but it can't exceed the size limits. However, the size included all the handles and spinner wheels of the trolley. Samsonite carry-on and checked bags are the best for secure and comfortable trips, but long and family trips require large-size and extra-large-sized checked luggage. The Samsonite Free form's largest luggage size for check-in is twenty-eight inches and is acceptable for international checked bags.

Capacity and Volume

The luggage volume and capacity are the most essential features for all travelers. Customers must check the storage capacity according to their needs. Heavy packers can get medium or large checked bags, but business travelers or frequent travelers for short trips can get a carry-on with maximum space. Usually, carry-on with expandable capacity may exceed the size limits after being fully packed, and travelers may face troubles at the customs counters.

Samsonite Freeform hard cases have enough capacity with zipper expansion and compression feature that allows the addition of more essentials and well-organized packing items and compression after full packing; thus, the size limits will not be exceeded due to expansion.

It has a wide main compartment with a zippered divider, two mesh pockets, and a small, zippered pocket in the lower compartment. Due to the zippered expansion, the user can add all essentials easily. However, it doesn't have any extra front pocket or front compartment, but it has roomy space to pack all accessories and valuables cleanly and safely.


It's clearly visible that customers are happy with their purchases, and the Samsonite Freeform travel bag is one of the most reliable and best luggage brands on demand in the global market. Its excellent performance, high-end quality, long lifespan, exclusive features, elegant design, and attractive colors are not enough to display, but the outstanding price tags as compared to the similar brand luggage is the plus point to gain the highest ratings from the customers.

It's recommended for international travelers due to its indestructible polypropylene material surface. International travelers usually face mishandling or rough-swapping of their luggage at the airport, and strong hard cases are the best option for a secure and damage-resistant traveling experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the largest size of luggage for Samsonite Freeform hard cases?

The largest size of Samsonite Freeform luggage is a twenty-eight-inch large, checked bag.

What is the maximum capacity of a Samsonite Freeform medium checked bag?

The maximum capacity of a Samsonite Freeform medium checked bag is 34 liters.

Is there any damage repair warranty due to accidents for the Samsonite Freeform hard cases?

There's no damage and repair coverage during the travel for accidents, transportation, and mishandling at the airport.

Are there any smart features in this luggage model?

The luggage has a TSA combination lock protection for secure and safe traveling. It can be accessible through digital code.

What sizes are available for Samsonite Free Form hard cases?

It's available for a twenty-one-inch carry-on, a twenty-four-inch medium, and a twenty-eight-inch large, checked travel bag.
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