Explore the Hudson Valley and Enjoy Remarkable Things to Do in Beacon NY


what to do in beacon ny
Explore the Hudson Valley and Enjoy Remarkable Things to Do in Beacon NY



Beacon City is in Hudson Valley at the foot of Beacon Mountain, New York. Beacon is only sixty miles from NYC and connected to Manhattan by Metro North train, which can quickly reach Beacon City within two hours. It's the perfect spot to get away from the crowded NYC. However, this small town has all the fun and attractions. You can visit great restaurants and cafes, theater, shopping, art galleries, and lovely things to do in Beacon, NY.

Beacon City is famous for its natural scenes, prime location in Hudson Valley, the stunning beauty of Beacon Mountain, and Hudson Highlands. It has various tourist attractions for fascinating sites and scenes, ancient ruins, lush green spaces, hiking trails in Beacon Mountain, and fresh farmer's markets. You can understand what to do in Beacon, NY.

The city has various art and creativity, including a historical museum. Beacon City nowadays is quite expensive to stay in hotels, but don't worry; you can spend all day here and get back to NYC by train quickly. For those seeking fun places to go in NYC with friends, Beacon City offers a tranquil escape. People who love to live in quiet places can reside here but still work in New York City, easily accessing NYC via commuter trains within only two hours.

List of Exciting Things to Do in Beacon, NY, This Weekend

Here you can check out the attractions in Beacon City, how to spend your time on a holiday trip, where to go, what to see, and where to eat while visiting the stunning natural site scenes and enjoying the fantastic things to do in Beacon, NY, this Weekend.

Dia Beacon Museum, Beacon City, NY

Dia Beacon Museum

The Dia Beacon Museum in Beacon City is the 3,00,000 square foot, ample space ancient museum in an abandoned box printing factory. It's a Dia Art Foundation's contemporary artwork collections and a historical venue for art exhibitions. It's a precious gem in Beacon City and the most stunning attraction for tourists and new visitors for the first time in New York. The large museum has various art galleries, a BAU gallery, a fine art gallery, a project space for new talent and emerging artists, a mother gallery, and a sister gallery to Chelsea art space for more innovations in art collections.

Hudson Beach Glass Gallery, Beacon City, NY

Hudson Beach Glass Gallery

Hudson Beach Glass Gallery is a thirty years old gem in Beacon City. It's a famous gallery and glass-blowing studio. Locals loved to explore the stunning handmade glass sculptures and the glass-blowing demonstrations. The gallery and studio are restored in an old firehouse nearby the Dia Museum and easily accessible from the Metro North commuter train station in Beacon City.

The Clutter Gallery, Beacon City, NY

Clutter Gallery

Clutter Gallery in Beacon City displays an excellent exhibition of designer toys and unique playing stuff. The Clutter has a toy studio that presents premium quality resin-made toys and vinyl-made special toy collections. For those seeking unique things to do in NYC, the gallery celebrates various events for toy lovers, such as the Five Points Toy Festival and Designer Toy Awards at the space.

The Bannerman Castle Ruins, Beacon City, NY

Bannerman Castle Ruins

The Scottish Bannerman family built the Bannerman Castle in the 20th century on Pollepel Island, at the Hudson River, down the Beacon's train station in Beacon City. The island is about 6 acres covered with beautiful green space and great woodland.

The Bannerman Castle has beautiful Scottish architecture and design, and it's a fascinating historical monument and ancient heritage in Beacon City. Visitors can get there via kayaks and canoes for the sightseeing tours. However, the guides are available for the island and castle tours. For those seeking things to do in NYC at night, the island authorities host outdoor movie nights in the castle ruins. Notable night shows include Nunsense Musical on Bannerman Island, The Anastasia File, and Dracula.

The Craig House Institute Ruins, Beacon City, NY

Craig House Institute Ruins

The Craig House Institute Ruins are outside Beacon City, an abandoned Victorian ruin priorly, the first privately licensed psychiatric hospital in the United States. The abandoned mansion has everything that looks like it has been since the authorities shut down this site in 1999. The paranormal activities reported over the past years are closed to the public and outsiders. But according to recent news, a new owner of this building has plans to restore the mansion.

The Madam Brett Park Ruins, Beacon City, NY

Madam Brett Park Ruins

Madam Brett Park is the ruins of the abandoned hat works factory where the woodlands and marshlands spread around the abandoned factory. The park has a short pathway to a waterfall on the other side of the ruins. It is associated with the ruins of the mill. A horrible fire in 2017 destroyed the mill.

The Dutch Reform Church Cemetery Ruins, Beacon City, NY

Dutch Reform Church Cemetery

The Dutch Reform Church Cemetery Ruins are at the top of the hill at the riverside, beside the old Victorian Gothic Church. There are hidden graveyard ruins in the deep woods in the mountains. The ancient cemetery ruins are dark abandoned sites, and it's a horrible scene. The destroyed gravestones and the buried skeletons are visible from the crumbling tombstones. However, the church is still open on Sundays, and the crumble and open vaults at the cemetery are the most haunted story in Beacon City.

Hiking Trails on Mount Beacon, Beacon City, NY

Hiking Trails on Mount Beacon

You will love to hike at Mount Beacon. The excellent hiking trail over the peak of the Mountain is well-organized, one of the best hikes in Hudson Valley Parks. The hiking trail starts from the road at the Beacon Incline Railway, and the hiking path continues uphill through the stone staircase right to the first excellent observation deck via a deep hiking route. It's only for the expert hikers to jump over the peak of the Mountain and enjoy the breathtaking views of Beacon City and the Hudson River.

Fish Kills Falls, Beacon City, NY

Fish Kills Falls

Fish Kill Falls, renowned as Beacon Falls, runs to Fish Kill Creek. You can get panoramic views of the great Fish Kill Falls from the Ron & Ronnie Sauers Bridge over Fish Kill Creek. You can walk through the bridge and then continue at the sidewalk, turn left after crossing over the creek, and get the iconic views of the Fish Kill Waterfalls surrounded by steep woodland. It's a terrific must-see place in Beacon, NY.

Beacon Farmers Market, Beacon City, NY

Beacon Farmers Market

Beacon Farmers Market is a primary good resource of fresh veggies and fruits. You can support the local farmers by purchasing the best organic farm products every Sunday at Beacon City. Fill your baskets with farm and dairy items for a lovely picnic at the fantastic natural spots in Beacon City. There's freshly homemade bread, jams, cheese, yogurt, delicious cookies, cheesecakes, salad dressings, and farm-fresh wild cocktails from organic products at reasonable costs. There are other homemade items like handmade soaps and homemade scented candles.

Towne Crier Cafe, Beacon City, NY

Towne Crier Cafe

Towne Crier Cafe is the best jazz music spot and nightclub in Beacon City. You can enjoy the desserts and pastries with cocktails and beers. The founder Phil Ciganer shifted his jazz club from Pawling, NY, to Beacon City in 2013. The best brunch serves on Sundays, with live music, entertainment, and lovely decor inside the cafe.

Denning's Point Distillery, Beacon City, NY

Dennings Point Distillery

Denning's Point Distillery in Beacon City is open for tastings for the public from Fridays to Sundays and Saturdays in the Afternoon. They offer Beacon Bourbon, Viskill Vodka, and Great Nine Gin. The best event, 'Bourbon and Blues,' is held at the beginning of Saturday with live music and entertainment at the Denning's Point Distillery, Beacon, NY.

Long Dock Park, Beacon City, NY

Long Dock Park

Long Dock Park is the waterfront park at the Hudson Riverside in Beacon City, NY. It has a manufactured peninsula covered with freshwater, lush green meadows, and an old ferry terminal. The park has walking trails, sidewalks, fantastic natural scenes, a learning center and workshops, live folk music, and an art display around the park. The George Trakas waterfront installations are for fishing, paddle boarding, boating and kayaking, swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the iconic riverside views.

Beacon Flea Market, Beacon City, NY

Beacon Flea Market

The Beacon Flea Market is open on Sundays from April to November. Over fifty vendors organize the flea market selling vintage clothes and outfits, footwear, handbags, jewelry, antique pieces, decoration items, house goods, art and craft works, and other vintage collectibles at minimal prices. The flea market organizes at Henry Street near the Beacon post office on Main Street.

Howland Cultural Center, Beacon City, NY

Howland Cultural Center

Howland Cultural Center at Beacon City is priorly Howland Library. The cultural center promotes local artists and their talent in the Northcutt Hall art gallery and music events like Howland Chamber Music Circle for musical concerts and Tioronda Garden Club for farming and gardening progress in Beacon City.

Mount Beacon Park, Beacon City, NY

Mount Beacon Park

Mount Beacon Park is the most stunning natural beauty in Beacon City, NY. The Scenic Hudson organization manages all the parks in Beacon, NY. The Summit of Mount Beacon is a great event held in the park for climbing and hiking at Mount Beacon. The journey starts on the main road from the Incline Railway, and this hiking trail joins the various observation decks at the Mount Beacon and Fish Kill Ridge System.

Story Screen Beacon Theater, Beacon City, NY

Story Screen Beacon Theater,

The historic Story Screen Beacon Theater has been at Wolcott Avenue, Beacon, NY, since the 1920s. The theater has two large screening rooms, and it expanded its vast space with a drive-in theater space. The Story Screen Beacon Theater drive-in space is a fantastic addition to Beacon City, NY. The drive-in theater is at the park. Reservations are mandatory for entry, and it has over fifty vehicles space at the drive-in theater. It's one of the best activities to do in Beacon, NY.

Mount Gulian Ancient Heritage, Beacon City, NY

Mount Gulian Ancient Heritage

Mount Gulian is an ancient heritage site on Sterling Street, Beacon City, NY. It was the home of the Verplanck family for 300 years in Beacon City. The historic site was constructed in 1730, but a horrible fire burnt the building, and a huge fire disaster destroyed the people inside the building. Various furniture items, some valuables, wall-mounted paintings, a few small things, and an old barn are still present at this historical site as before this accident. Mount Gulian was restored in the 1960s and remained a historical heritage in Beacon City.

Cafes and Restaurants, Beacon City, NY

Cafes and Restaurants

Beacon City has famous cafes, restaurants, and bakeries that serve delicious food and meals. Some of the best restaurants in Beacon, New York, are;

Tito Santana Taqueria Mexican Restaurant, Beacon City

Santana Taqueria Mexican Restaurant

It's a Mexican restaurant serving the best guacamole, quesadillas, and various delicious Mexican meals. It's an elegant and sophisticated dining spot where you can enjoy yummy food with friends and family.

Kitchen Sink Restaurant, Beacon City

Kitchen Sink Restaurant

It's a global cuisine mix food restaurant. The perfect place for having a lovely dinner with your friends, and it's the best family restaurant in Beacon City. They have freshly cooked meals with specific recipes and unique spices and flavors.

Chill Wine Bar, Beacon City

Chill Wine Bar

It's a lovely bar for beers, cocktails, and wines at Beacon City. They offer live music and cocktails on Saturdays for late hours, and locals love to spend their weekends at this wine bar to chat with friends and enjoy the music and lovely wines. It's one of the best bars in Beacon, NY.


New York has various small beautiful towns and cities with plenty of natural sight scenes and fascinating spots to explore. Beacon City is one of them. It's about 2 hours from NYC from a commuter train to Beacon City. It's one of the most fantastic places to visit in New York.

You can get the commuter train from NYC for Beacon City or drive to Beacon within two hours. It's a fabulous place to spend the holidays and explore the significant historical monuments of New York.

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