15 Top Attractions in Brooklyn, New York

15 Top Attractions in Brooklyn, New York
15 Top Attractions in Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn is the major borough of NYC. There are many amazing attractions here to entice the visitors. You can esteem art in Brooklyn Museum or street art on Troutman Street. Enjoy dine at a restaurant or an outdoor food marketplace. Brooklyn has a reply for every traveler request making it seamless for amusing all sorts of trippers.

Sure, you would still visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and you must create your way to The Top of the Rock and the Empire State Building, but once you’ve look NYC’s classic attractions, ensure to go the Brooklyn Bridge and discover all the finest things to do in Brooklyn as well. So, in this blog we will give you the answer of the query ‘’ what to see in Brooklyn’’?

Brooklyn is a borough of NYC with a population of 2.6 million. It is considered as the fourth largest city in the USA making it its own terminus unto itself. This travel guide will give you plenty of ideas of things to do in Brooklyn.

When staying New York, we highly endorse The New York Go City Explorer Pass. It includes several magnetisms around New York and Brooklyn comprising Brooklyn Bridge Full-Day Bike Rental, Brooklyn Museum and Botanic Garden Combo, Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO Walking Tour, Brooklyn Bridge Bike Tour, plus choices contain the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Ferry. 

Top 15 Attractions in Brooklyn

1. Brooklyn Bridge

Walking along the Brooklyn Bridge. Get your time to stop and relish the views of the East River, and the iconic buildings of NYC: The Empire State Building, Crysler Building, World Trade Centre, the Statue of Liberty, and the other two well-known bridges of New York City e.g., The Williamsburg Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge. It is a bucket of unique things to do in nyc that lets you understand some great views of the NYC skyline.

The bridge is common with cyclists and travelers walking into Lower Manhattan, It is one of the best things to do in lower manhattan. Thus if you need to evade the crowds, walk early in the morning or later in the evening. 

2. Brooklyn Bridge Park

It is the great destination in NY and also one of the best places to see the Manhattan Skyline. The park gives along New York Harbor, with 85 acres of waterside green space to discover.

Dip in the pop-up swimming pool, take photos from DUMBO or soak up the NY Skyline Lookout views. If you need to remain stress-free with bridge and city skyline views, Brooklyn Bridge Park is the finest place to go in Brooklyn.

We would recommend walking the full length of the park. It may comprehensive like a lot of walking, but it is well useful as you’ll pass Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge, Empire Fulton Ferry Park and Jane’s Carousel that are fun stop-offs along the way. For a shopping break, don’t Miss Empire Stores either, it is one of Brooklyn’s biggest best thrift stores in Brooklyn.

3. Empire Fulton Ferry Park

Recall Empire Fulton Ferry Park from Brooklyn Bridge Park? Well, we have an exceptional reason to return for or after sunset. Sunsets from Empire Fulton are elegant, and you can relax in the park however you watch the sun sink over the New York skyline. With a bit of luck, you’ll clasp a thought-provoking sunset. Then, Brooklyn Bridge and the skyscrapers light up after dark, providing you a diverse experience of the cityscape again. Pack a blanket to keep whole-hearted and a hot drink in colder months. You can even carry a picnic to make it an additional unforgettable experience.

4. Brooklyn Heights Promenade

If Brooklyn Bridge Park sounds beautiful but too long a walk, consider the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. The walkway is less than 600 meters long and has unbelievable sights of New York City across the water.

It is well cemented so it is appropriate for wheelchair access. Brooklyn Heights Promenade is also free to enter – providing you with free and imposing views. The esplanade is stunningly lined with trees and can simply be walked in half an hour. To crush some scenic sights into your itinerary, Brooklyn Heights Promenade is one of best things to do in NYC at night.

5. Coney Island

Coney Island is only just a hidden gem in New York. On the other hand, the neighborhood is a seamless day out in Brooklyn, with quite of things to do. Invitees can relax and soak up the sun on Coney Island Beach, a vintage-style strip of the seaside.

Grasp a hot dog at Nathan’s Famous and move the Coney Island Boardwalk to Brighton Beach. Brighton Beach is positioned on the east end of the coast, quicker to Manhattan Beach and more inhabited areas.

Luna Park in Coney Island has excited rides for kids and adults alike – thus everybody can join in all the fun. This segment of Coney Island is also following to Maimonides Park, the home turf of the Brooklyn Cyclones, a slight league baseball team. If you are considering for a bit of non-sporting history, you can rest by at Coney Island Museum.

6. Take the Slice of Brooklyn Tour

If you need to catch a sense of the Brooklyn pizza scene, some insider stories about movies filmed in Brooklyn, and to indulge in this is a great tour. You can hopped on a bus and relished tourism through Brooklyn although stopping at iconic pizza shops like Grimaldi’s in DUMBO and L&B Spumoni Gardens in Bensonhurst. It is the best pizza in Brooklyn New York.  You can reserve this exceedingly rated tour for a walk through Brooklyn while sample, diverse styles of pizzas at 3 pizzerias.

7. New York Transit Museum

Transportation is an outstanding means to measure how NY has changed over the last century, and the New York Transit Museum is the Best things to do in New York. The museum shows vintage subway cars, buses, and demonstrations on transit workers’ lives in a 1936 subway station. Invitees go downstairs from street level into the mothballed station, an atmospheric way to go in the museum.

The Museum permits you to step back in time and familiarity the transformation of NYC. It is one of the best things to do in Brooklyn.

8. Brooklyn Brewery

Are you a crazy about American craft beer? If so, the Brooklyn Brewery is great for you. The microbrewery ships craft beer to more than 30 countries and 5 continents, making it a well-recognized brewery to experience in NY.

From lagers to pilsners to IPAs, you can sample a variety of beers on tours and tastings sessions at Brooklyn Brewery. You can interact the brewery unswervingly to ask about accessibility and get reserved in for an experience before it sells out.

Brooklyn Brewery is accurate next to East River State Park. We’d indorse stopping by the park after your tour to rise the river and cityscape views. There are various best coffee shops in Brooklyn.

This beer tasting bike tour is the eventual beer tour through Queens and Brooklyn. You’ll visit the Brooklyn Brewery and other field brewpubs to relish the best brewing curated by specialists. You’ll also visit Williamsburg, Lock Island City, Bushwic and its road art scene. It’s an amusing way to discover Brooklyn while relishing fine brews.

9. Brooklyn Navy Yard Center

It is the home of urban manufacturing in Brooklyn. You’ll catch a rich assortment of creative and industrial businesses in the yard, from LED technology to high-end furniture. The environment is full go mode, with all enterprises generating products to sell. On the other hand, the Navy Yard is also open to the public.

You can sightsee one of the exhibitions, join a program, or take a tour. Staying the yard is fantastic to learn more about design, novelty, and entrepreneurialism.

10. Brooklyn Museum

Art enthusiasts, this NY attraction is for you. Brooklyn Museum is a devoted art space showcasing an impressive variety of antique and modern art.

You’ll catch artwork by the likes of Judy Chicago – a famous feminist artist. You’ll also discover ancient Egyptian, Asian, and Islamic artwork, with sculptures and covers to esteem.

Don’t overlook to stop by the gift shop. The Brooklyn Museum gift shop is rather of an attraction in itself. You can shop for prints, exceptional home décor, and specialist literature.

Brooklyn Museum is the finest cultural thing to do in Brooklyn for everybody interested in art. It is inexpensive to enter and can easily keep you amused for an afternoon.

11. Take the East River Ferry

So, we’ve covered seeing skyline views from Brooklyn Bridge Park and Brooklyn Heights Promenade. However, the East River ferry is another great way to get incredible skyline views of New York from the water.

Forget an expensive boat tour and hop on the ferry. One-way tickets only cost a few dollars, and you still get to see the downtown Manhattan skyline and some of NYC’s most famous landmarks. You pass under Brooklyn Bridge, past the Statue of Liberty, and acquire views of the Empire State and Chrysler buildings. If you can syndicate transport and sightseeing, why not?

12. Stop by Brooklyn Children’s Museum

The museum aims to stimulate and educate little minds, carrying big concepts down to an age-appropriate and engaging level. From kid-sized shops in modeled streets of Brooklyn to animal meetings, there are many activities and shows to keep kids busy.

Established in 1899, it is quite the beloved attraction amongst locals and travelers alike – so be prepared for your kid to befriend lots of other kids on a visit. This museum is perfect if you need a laidback, sociable, yet educational thing to do with your kids in Brooklyn.

13. Visit the Brooklyn Historical Society (Aka Center for Brooklyn History)

If you are crazy about history, staying the Center for Brooklyn History is one of the finest things to do in Brooklyn. The red brick building is moderately historic itself and was constructed in 1881. Inside the center, you’ll discover information on the whole thing related to Brooklyn’s history – from social history to artwork.

You can look frequently updated exhibitions covering trending issues and topics. There are also regular exhibitions, and collections to determine. Whether you need to skim through books, esteem artifacts, read old newspapers, or look at old maps, you’ll have a massive amount of history at your fingertips.

Some ancient materials are around 160 years old and form valuable parts of Brooklyn’s story. The Brooklyn Historical Society endures to bring together and preserve historical documents and artifacts, making it a significant ongoing protection project.

14. Williamsburg Neighborhood

It is a great neighborhood to visit any time of the day. The district region is full of bars and clubs where you can let your hair down Brooklyn-style. On the other hand, Williamsburg is also the neighborhood to select from if you need to devote a morning somewhere fun. It has a stimulating atmosphere related with artists, college graduates, and hipsters.

Bedford Avenue runs through the neighborhood. It is one of the best Things to do in New York for first-timers for retail therapy, with vintage clothing on sale at self-determining stores along the street. You’ll also discover many cute cafes to try a ‘real’ New York coffee.

If you visit Williamsburg on a Saturday, you would also shop at the Brooklyn flea market in Williamsburg. From preserved succulents to seriously discounted vintage fashion. One more Brooklyn flea marketplace is positioned in Dumbo and both are fun to look alone or with some company.

15. Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Display

If you are going to Brooklyn in winter, one of our favorite activities is to take in the whole thing Christmas. Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Display has some of the finest festive decorations that you’ll find across NY. The inhabitants of Dyker Heights go all out every December, and you can walk the streets approving and posing for images in forward-facing of each house’s brightened decorations. You can stay Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Display for free individually. On the other hand, if you need a more useful experience, there are guided tours that you can reserve. 


In conclusion, now you can get the answer of your query’’ What to see in Brooklyn ‘’. There are many things to do in Brooklyn indeed. Right across the bridge from the busy island of Manhattan sits Brooklyn, a miscellaneous borough home to tons of hip culture! From art under the Brooklyn Bridge to satisfactory dining in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is HubSpot to various hidden gems and attractions that make up the full NYC experience! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most famous thing in Brooklyn?

Although the Brooklyn Bridge is no longer the prime suspension bridge in the globe (as it was when it unlocked in 1883), it's still an iconic NYC landmark.

Is Brooklyn NY value visiting?

With significant neighborhoods, an excellent food scene, and some of the finest sights of the Manhattan skyline, this is a good place to add to your NY itinerary. With one day in Brooklyn, you can walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, visit Dumbo, and explore Williamsburg. Brooklyn is massive.

What are some free things to do in Brooklyn, New York?

You may consider that NY is very costly, and it is. But there are quite of free things in in Brooklyn to help you relish yourself on a budget. Washington Street is the finest place to view Brooklyn Bridge, and Brooklyn Heights Promenade has unbelievable cityscape views.

What is there to do in Brooklyn at night?

Observing for inspiration for Brooklyn at night? You’ll have lots of choices. Skyline Drive-In is a great outdoor cinema choice and has sights of the NYC skyline. There is also a great nightlife scene that you can experience at Park Slope, Bushwick, and Williamsburg.

Why you should stay in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn on the other hand, offering a laid-back “cool” vibe that will make you consider you are much further from Manhattan than a rapid 12 minute subway ride. You won't be shoulder to shoulder with others on the walkways, and the restaurants & shops offering much more space to relish than those across the bridge.
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