Best 11 Italian Restaurants in The Bronx, New York

best italian restaurants in the bronx
Best 11 Italian Restaurants in The Bronx, New York

There is no visit worth mentioning to Bronx if you didn’t savour the scrumptious meals and lavish dine-ins at the famous Italian Restaurants. A place known for its unmatched take on Italian food, Bronx is the hub of Italiano, if we had to describe it in a single phrase. After all the adventurous things to do in Bronx, the best parks in queens and famous Manhattan restaurants, Bronx is where you get the perfect closure (food-wise). But to save you some regret of visiting the best Italian Restaurants in Bronx at the end of your trip we would recommend you go a full circle. So, before you discover those yum pizza places in Brooklyn New York, and unique things to do in NYC while sipping in the delicious warm Brooklyn coffee, start your trip from Bronx and end up here again maybe? Not convinced yet? How about diving into the deep pits of Italian taste before you straight up refuse to our idea?

Best Restaurants in Bronx

Staten island might be known for the ferry and all but when it comes to Bronx, no one can refuse the fact that the place is known for delish food places. And if you are worried about getting lost on the way to finding some food, know that Bronx has made a perfectly easy to locate design for food chains. One of the most popular tourist locations in the Bronx is Arthur Avenue, a 12-block stretch that has been home to historic Italian American companies since the early 20th century. 
The place is famous as many of tourists as well as business associates upon their visit to Bronx, come to these A restaurants all the time. Other than just food options, you get a whole lot of fine dining Italian restaurants, a wide assortment of Groceries, bakery items, pastries and all kinds of yummy Bronx snacks too. From the Arthur Avenue and whole lot of other Bronx, here are top pick for the best Bronx Restaurants (rumour has it, these restaurants easily defeat the Top Staten Island Italian restaurants too).

1. The Roberto's

The Roberto's

The chef's delectable daily specials are always worth checking out in addition to the normal menu, which features classic entrées such grilled pork chop as well as unique shapes like pasta al cartoccio; didn’t get it? Well its only Italian who knows what it is but we know for sure, it tastes divine. As demonstrated by the sbriciolata crumb cake with amaretto, chocolate pieces, ricotta, and almonds, you should, of course, save the finest for last.

2. The Williamsbridge Enzo's

The Williamsbridge Enzo's

The cuisine served at Enzo's is centred on lengthy meat sauces and a variety of homemade pasta dishes. They have a wide array of specialty in the Pasta line and that is totally proven by their menu selection too. The creamy and spicy penne alla vodka, however, demonstrates how the kitchen knows when to bend a few culinary conventions. A few more standout dishes are the flawlessly cooked chicken scarpariello, which is produced with dark, meaty chunks of bone-in meat combined with fine olive oil, wine, and a hint of garlic.

3. Dominicks


Located in Little Italy, Dominick's is a classic Italian restaurant that serves family-style pastas and meals at community tables. Considering the large sized meal options, the place is also one of the most affordable food options! Another reason why it is so populated during holidays and other special days. Customers share long tables and savour generous quantities of substantial Italian cuisine in a casual, comfortable setting. Dominick's serves all the traditional Italian fare, including linguine with white clam sauce, chicken parmigiana, and mussels marinara, but it doesn't have a written menu.

4. Zero Otto November

Zero Otto November

The Zero Otto Nove is a breezy storefront Neapolitan restaurant in the Bronx that epitomizes tradition. Serving Italian food like it runs in their bloodline, the restaurant is well-known for its wide variety of cuisine products and delectable menu selection. The menu features pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven in addition to pasta, pork, and seafood entrees.

5. Tra Di Noi

Tra Di Noi

Just as fine as the name is, so the taste and menu selection at Tra Di Noi. Tra Di Noi is an Italian restaurant serving traditional fare in a cozy, uncomplicated setting. Both residents and tourists enjoy the environment, and the food is frequently complimented for its subtle flavour. The veal with lemon and white wine, lasagna alla Bolognese, and other dishes are among the menu's highlights.

6. Tony and Tina’s Pizzeria

Tony and Tina’s Pizzeria

When it comes to original Italian pizza, simplicity is the best thing served. This established pizza joint has been embracing its Albanian roots and marketing itself as a place to get yogurt and burek other than delicious freshly baked pizza too! Try the pumpkin-filled version of the pastry if you're looking for something a little tougher to locate. Both the meat and the spinach and cheese pies are excellent. Avail available here as well.

7. Roberto’s


Its all Italian and there isn’t a place names Roberto? Well, that is impossible. Keeping up with the tradition, Roberto’s is fine dining Italian place with many of the best food options. The taste is divine and incomparable and indeed one of the reasons why Bronx is famous for its Italian food chains. In the Bronx, Roberto's is a local Italian restaurant featuring specialties from Salerno. Salerno native Roberto Paciullo, the restaurant's manager, uses traditional décor and staff. The menu offers items including short ribs with a delicious chili pepper and beer sauce, tinfoil-baked radiatore, and grilled calamari.

8. Antonio’s


Let there be no list of Italian restaurants be complete without a mention of the name Antonio. Living up the tradition perfectly, this Comfortable and authentically Italian, Antonio's Trattoria serves home-style dishes and pies with a thin crust. The ambiance evokes memories of nonna's cuisine, ensuring that guests feel completely at home. The restaurant serves hearty quantities of classic favourites like fried calamari and chicken parmesan that are ideal for sharing. Neil Patrick Harris and Kristin Chenoweth are two celebrities that have been spotted enjoying the food!

9. San Gennaro

San Gennaro

If you only think about pasta or pizza whenever the words Italian cuisine pop up in your mind, then this place will definitely change your mind for good. San Gennaro, one of the leading deliciously rich Italian restaurants in Bronx is known to be the best at Italian dishes. You get special’s directly from the chef which surprise visitors in the best possible way. 

10. Madonia Bakery

Madonia Bakery

It is understandable to be tired ruing your long list of adventurous things to do in NYC. Hence a little sugar refill is what you need throughout the day. While you might be planning all about how to get to Staten Island Ferry, some smart people are planning all the snacks they need to take along on that ferry ride. And what’s better than something with the original taste of the Bronx? Madonia Brothers Bakery, a Sicilian bakery, is well-known for its cannoli and other classic Italian breads and cookies. The bakery is ideal to visit during meal planning hours because it is small and does not have a seating area.

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11. Pugsley Pizza

Pugsley Pizza

Coming to New York and not having a taste of pizza? Its like you haven’t been fair to your trip! After all one of the Best things to do in New York, is to try out pizza from different places, whether it be a famous pizza place in Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bronx Known for?

Before visiting a place, it is common to wonder the reasons behind its popularity. And while many popular boroughs are well known, Bronx might land into the range of lesser popular areas. But some of the features of Bronx include the baseball team New York Yankees, Delicious bakeries and popular Italian restaurants.

How to Spend a Day in Bronx?

It is best to start your day in Bronx full of hunger, ready to eat and strolling to make your appetite bigger. This famous hub of Italian restaurants requires you to be a hard-core foodie if you wish to make the most of your trip.

Is Bronx Worth Visiting?

Yes, considering making the most of fun things to do in Brooklyn and other parts of New York, Bronx is also a place which definitely is worth your visit.

Is Bronx Safe?

Bronx may not be the safest and most popular place to be because of its tumultuous past. The Bronx became an impoverished neighbourhood with a rising crime rate. throughout addition to the crime rate and gang conflicts, there was another problem throughout the 1960s and 1970s. To get the insurance money, a lot of landlords, mostly in the South Bronx, set their buildings on fire.
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