Neighborhood Cities in The Bronx

Breaking Down the Bronx
Neighborhood Cities in The Bronx

The Bronx is flourishing in culture and rapidly becoming a redeveloped borough within New York City. The borough has seen an outpour of freshly built housing complexes, refining parks and recreation in the area. It is also a host of local businesses. Sundry are repositioning from the outer boroughs and moving to the Bronx to eliminate themselves from the increasing real estate costs in and around the NYC areas. Newly settled Bronx inhabitants are buying new and renovated homes and condos for themselves and their families. If you're considering to move to the Bronx, or near the Bronx and don't want to have to challenge the daily commute into the city for employment, here are some great neighborhood cities in the Bronx where you can work and travel simply to and fro. 

West Bronx

West Bronx

Established first, the West Bronx was seized to NYC in 1874, is distinctly more urban, and has hillier terrain. It can be separated into the Northwest Bronx and Southwest Bronx, as divided by Fordham Road. Those who would like to live in Manhattan but are rated out normally settle in the West Bronx, and those with a travel to Manhattan.

East Bronx

East Bronx

The East Bronx is commonly suburban and has a more coastal vibe. It was commandeered to NYC in 1895 and can be further separated into the Northeast Bronx and Southeast Bronx, as splitting by Pelham Parkway. Even though West Bronx is earlier to Manhattan, travels are still wieldy from some parts of East Bronx, predominantly with the adding of ferry service from Soundview to Manhattan, which released some travels from nearly two hours to about 45 minutes.

Cities in the Bronx - The Neighborhood Guide

If you are looking at Bronx map, you’ll notice it’s not small. In fact, there are more than 50 neighborhoods in the Bronx that’s a lot to cover. In its place of overloading you with information, we are going to highlight a few of the most popular, up-and-coming, and “safest” parts of the Bronx to aid you better recognize which areas to mark in your search. 



Bedford Park is recognized as “a peaceful enclave in the Bronx.” Located in the northwest corner of the borough, it was initially a farming community, but the adding of a thoroughbred horse racetrack began attracting the wealthy in the late 1800s. As such, the neighborhood comprises a combination of delicate three-story Victorian homes and 5\6-story apartment buildings, the latter of which is simple to get into. The neighborhood is moderately diverse, that makes it simple for anyone to feel at home. On the other hand, peoples say many schools are presently overcrowded and underachieving, subsequently parents have a tendency to to send their kids to local parochial schools when they can pay for to do so.



Notwithstanding being home to Arthur Avenue, often mentioned to as the Bronx’s “Little Italy,” Belmont also has robust Puerto Rican and Albanian influences. Although numerous populaces quiet agree it has a small-town feeling, the area come to be a massive influx when Fordham University begins session. Every weekend when invitees from as far as Connecticut and New Jersey rush in to do their shopping on Arthur Avenue. Belmont is maybe finest recognized for its rainbow of rowhouses but covers a mix of four, five, and six-story tenements and low-rise apartments too. Touching to Belmont is an outstanding decision for those considering for Best things to do in New York



Fordham is proficient much change over the years. It was primarily a farming area but then drew in middle-class families from Manhattan that bring about in the appearance of mass transit. All over the 1930s to 1970s, it established a large Jewish populace, though many relocated away soon after. This was also a problematic time for the neighborhood due to a wave of burning, which spoiled many of the housing buildings, predominantly in low-income areas. 

On the other hand, the area has been reconstructed, and police forces have been functioning actively to clean it up, resulting in major crime decreases over the past numerous decades. If you need to be close to famous destinations like The Bronx Zoo and The New York Botanical Garden, consider moving to Fordham. There are numerous things to do in the Bronx.



It is an exclusive neighborhood positioned on a ridge in the Southwest Bronx. When you look at a map of Bronx, you’ll understand the Harlem River and Upper Manhattan to the east and Yankee Stadium in the valley. Owing to this, Highbridge has been isolated for the most portion and run-away gentrification for years. Quite a bit of this comes down to unreachability; the terrain made it thought-provoking to shape. Ergo, frequently low-rise apartments sprung up where designers could avoid the rocks, although single-family homes were balanced on hills, often only available via staircases. 

Therefore, with Highbridge being all but detached from most of the Bronx neighborhoods because of land, it became an attractive enclave mostly served by local businesses and full of community pride. Simultaneously, it boasted some of the lowermost rents in the area (and still does), but it also expanded a bit of a standing for being part of the “South Bronx,” a low-income region with a corruption problem. Now, Highbridge has come a long way. Although you’re still more possible to discover a bodega than a bank, redevelopment is tiptoeing in, carrying a slew of services and higher-end living choices with it. Besides, here are the several best things to do in New York for first-timers.



This urban peninsula is considered to be the part of the Southwest Bronx and juts out into the East River. Not amazingly, the area was once an estivating destination for the elite, but it turn out to be more industrial in the mid-1900s. Most of the area remains commercial and industrial spaces nowadays, but as you move to the northern end, you’ll discover a combination of low-rise apartments and some townhouses. Current data demonstrates the median household income in this neighborhood at $31,171 annually, and nearly everybody rents. On the other hand, the schools do above the national average, and a worthy cup of coffee or green space is not ever far away.



The Jerome Park neighborhood that is in the Northwest Bronx drew consideration for hosting the Jerome Park Racetrack in the 1800s. There’s a worthy combination of pre-war courtyard buildings that ensemble those who require more square footage without disbursing outmoded NYC rates. Alongside the six-story apartments, you’ll also discover a small collection of duplexes and single-family homes. With numerous Bronx attractions, beautiful parks, tree-lined streets, and spectacular historic homes, Jerome Park offering a passive and peaceful setting seamless for families and individuals alike. The neighborhood is also suitably positioned near several major transportation hubs, offering easy access to the rest of NYC.



One of the best Bronx neighborhoods, Kingsbridge encompasses Kingsbridge Heights and Van Cortlandt Village. It have a tendency to to entice those who choose Manhattan living but discover the charges too high. The median household revenue is just $56,690 per year, but the affordability of Kingsbridge makes it available. The neighborhood is positioned in the Northwest Bronx and hosts a few single-family homes but is frequently well-built and spacious apartments. Hence, you can consider the several things to do in nyc at night.



If Belmont’s Arthur Avenue enlivens you, you’ll perhaps like Morris Park too. The Italian populace is so strong in this neighborhood that more than 30,000 people gathered to it for an all-day party ensuing the 2006 World Cup. It’s also extensively known for its Columbus Day Parade and for having some fantastic bakeries and best Italian restaurants in the Bronx. Furthermore, there’s a crowd of parks, and is often measured one of the freshest parts of the Bronx.



It is now recognized as the Manor of Morrisania. The estate possessed by the Morris family, who once owned most of the Bronx. Nowadays, Morrisania is mostly low-income housing with a few brownstones. Morrisania sits in the emotion of the Southwest Bronx, and inhabitants say it’s a neighborly place and account that it’s slowly redeveloping, like much of NYC. There are many NYC Housing Authority developments in the neighborhood, with the city proclaiming extra constructions to be utilized for low-income seniors.



The Southeast Bronx’s Park Chester is one of the few deliberate communities in NYC and was one of the first ever constructed in the USA. Done in 1942, it was designed by Metropolitan Life to fulfill the needs of more than 10,000 middle-class families picking up their primary rentals, though there’s also a fair combination of single-family homes in the range too. 

The name is an amalgamation of the two neighborhoods that came together: Park Versailles and Westchester Heights. The creators were tremendously alert about mixing retail and recreational space all over and also prepared a point of leaving certain parts undamaged. There’s involved brickwork, several statuettes, and artistic plaques associated around the area, offering it a very inventive sense. 

Unluckily, ownership changed hands, and care fell by the wayside. About one-third of the apartments were reformed to condos, but many unsuccessful to sell. Throughout the 1990s, the Parkchester Preservation Company (PPC) was recognized. The group accepted the unsold condos and commercial space. Because of this, Parkchester is additional time working precisely as intended, and it can be a bit challenging to hook into now. It can be one of the best Bronx neighborhoods indeed.



It’s difficult to be much closer to Manhattan without essentially being in Manhattan when living in Mott Haven. Positioned in the Southwest Bronx, the neighborhood was once mainly industrial and preserved more like a place to pass through on the way to midtown. On the other hand, makers began working on some high-end buildings fronting the Harlem River, that kicked the area up a notch, and there are quiet a fair amount of more discreetly priced choices as you move inland. Enjoy unique things to do in nyc.

There are also moderately a few green spaces, and $10 million of the Downtown Revitalization Initiative was reserved for the area, too, therefore it’s got relatively a bit going on and more to come soon. Because of this exclusive mix, Mott Haven is a miscellaneous place that attracts everyone from professionals to families. It’s also worth noting that although Mott Haven once had a reputation for being a bit lumpy around the boundaries, it’s currently one of the best places in the Bronx neighborhoods with great schools!


The neighborhoods cities in the Bronx have a lot to offer. There’s a lot to love about the borough, from the culture to its green spaces and reasonably reasonable NYC housing. Of course, each Bronx neighborhood has its own features too, so if you’re thinking about a move, you’ll obviously need to discover the well-matched to your lifestyle and likings. Hopefully, after reading our blog, you can learn more about the different parts of the Bronx, containing the borough’s top neighborhoods, therefore it’s simple to get a feel for which area will touch most like home to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What city is the Bronx in?

Bronx, one of the 5 boroughs of NYC, southeastern New York, U.S., corresponding with Bronx County, formed in 1912. It is the northernmost of the city's boroughs.

How many neighborhoods are in Bronx?

There are 50 neighborhoods in The Bronx! You can visit them and make your vacations unforgettable.

Why is the Bronx famous?

The Bronx is the complete blend of history and culture. It's where Babe Ruth became a baseball legend, hip-hop was born and an old-world Little Italy still booms.

Why do people love the Bronx?

There are quite of secure and reasonable neighborhoods in the Bronx, containing great neighborhoods for retirees like Woodlawn, the student and single-populated University Heights, and family-friendly Riverdale.

What is good about the Bronx?

The Bronx have a tendency to to fly under the radar because it's as popular compared to Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. There are various fun things to do in the Bronx!
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