Delsey Luggage vs. Samsonite: Choose the Most Reliable and Stylish Luggage for Convenient Traveling

Delsey Luggage vs. Samsonite: Choose the Most Reliable and Stylish Luggage for Convenient Traveling
Delsey Luggage vs. Samsonite: Choose the Most Reliable and Stylish Luggage for Convenient Traveling

The Delsey and Samsonite are the top-notch brands for premium, stylish, and durable luggage. Delsey Paris is the French brand for the best European travel bags; Samsonite is the American brand that offers trendy styles and fashionable aesthetics with advanced features and excellent functionality. Samsonite and Delsey travel bags are expensive and affordable pieces, but these brands provide long-lasting quality, durability, and fashionable luggage for secure and convenient traveling. However, the best performance depends on the material, design, style, features, and luggage functionality. 
Whether you choose rollaboard or spinner luggage you must check the size and durability of the wheels and the overall dimensions of luggage including wheels. Both brands offer lightweight material, but a few bags gain more weight due to metal or aluminum handles or heavy wheels. In this guide, we have compared Delsey luggage vs. Samsonite brands for material quality, durability, design, style, and price tags. 
Travelers can choose specific models, colors, and dimensions according to their style and price points. They can find various handbags, cabin bags, carry-ons, checked travel bags and the best smart travel bags
Let’s see which luggage is the most suitable for your next journey. We share the complete overview and comparison of leading luggage brands with a few tested and top picks collections of luggage pieces. 

Top Rated Delsey Paris Luggage Pieces Review

Delsey Paris has been operated since 1946 and provides excellent French aesthetics, vintage style, and durable luggage pieces. This brand offers the most trustworthy and reliable pieces with modern features. This brand is slightly different from the Samsonite travel bags in terms of quality, durability, and security. However, it is significant for the luxury, comfort, and long lifespan.
The main difference between the Delsey and Samsonite brand comparison is trendy styles and tech-savvy features. Delsey Paris has French style, exclusive quality materials, and long-lasting, durable travel bags with extended security features. Still, the Samsonite brand has tech-savvy features and mostly fashionable designs in vibrant colors for trendy looks.

Top Rated Samsonite Luggage Pieces Review

Samsonite is well known for its trendy style, fashionable travel bags with the latest tech features, premium material, and remarkable performance. It’s a reliable and trustworthy brand that provides complete customer satisfaction and has gained the highest ratings with maximum customer retention. 
Regarding the premium quality materials, durability, and latest features, you can also compare it with Travel Pro vs. Samsonite brand luggage for a long lifespan and comfortable traveling.

1. Delsey Paris Helium Aero Luggage

1. Delsey Paris Helium Aero Luggage
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The Delsey Paris Helium Aero is the best luxury and secure travel choice. This model has a stylish appearance, premium materials, and the best features for a long lifespan. We share a detailed review for comparison that gives you an authentic overview and helps you choose the best luggage for convenient travel.

Delsey Paris Helium Aero Luggage Features 

The Delsey Paris brand has almost the same features as Samsonite. This model has a TSA combination lock for extra security. You don’t need a padlock to secure the luggage, and there is no need to keep keys in your pockets. It has durable, double spinner wheels for gliding the luggage without any weight stress on the arms and shoulders and a smooth telescopic handle. It has a zipper expansion to give you two inches more expandable space for additional packing accessories during the trip. It will be more flexible and easier to organize for convenient packing in hard-shell luggage. Finally, it’s an affordable piece without extra charges and the best lightweight luggage for convenient travel.

Delsey Paris Helium Aero Luggage Design and Material

The Delsey Paris Helium Aero has a vintage style spacious design with a metallic finish and glossy shades. It’s made of a high-end polycarbonate material hard shell with impact-proof, dent and scuff-proof, sturdy surface. It has a side handle, a top handle, and a multi-level, ergonomic, telescopic handle to move the spinner trolley. The side and top handles are also retractable and flexible to use, and you can easily pull out and pull off as required. The telescopic handle is made of aluminum rods with an unpadded plastic top and has an auto-locking system while not in use.

Delsey Paris Helium Aero Luggage Interior Space

This luggage model has spacious interiors within a roomy compartment, a zippered divider, and solid, elastic straps. It has no interior pockets but a massive space to add more packing items and use packing cubes for good organization. If you want multiple pockets and compartments for easy arrangements, click here for the best travel backpacks.

Product Details

Product Type Hard-Shell Carry-on
Product Material Exclusive Polycarbonate and Nylon
Product Dimensions 19.0 x 13.0 x 9.5 inches
Product Weight 8.0 lbs
Product Specific Features Zipper Expansion up to two inches, Spinner wheels, and TSA combination lock
Product Colors Black, Grey Silver, Teal, Blue, Red, Green, Sharp Pink, and Purple

2. Delsey Paris Cactus Hard-Shell Luggage

2. Delsey Paris Cactus Hard-Shell Luggage
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The Delsey Paris Cactus Hard-Shell luggage is a stylish design combined with durable material and damage proof corner guards, spacious interiors, TSA combination lock, and USB port for recharging devices while traveling. It’s a remarkable travel gear for exclusive French aesthetics, spacious interiors, and outstanding functionality.

Paris Cactus Hard-Shell Luggage Features

This model has a stylish appearance with a premium polycarbonate material hard shell and a TSA combination lock for extended protection to prevent unauthorized access during travel. It has solid eight-spinner wheels for smooth, quick luggage roll and an ergonomic telescopic handle. It has durable corner guards for damage protection during loading and rough swings at the airport terminal. The latest feature is the USB port for recharging devices while traveling. It has spacious interiors with machine washable and detachable lining fabric. It’s available for international carry-on, medium, and large checked travel bags. Click here to get more affordable travel bags and the best backpacks for international travel.

Delsey Paris Cactus Hard-Shell Luggage Design and Material

The Delsey Paris Cactus has a stunning design with a stylish appearance, two vibrant shades, and a metallic finish. It’s made of excellent polycarbonate with a scratch-resistant, scuff-proof, durable hard shell. It has a retractable side and top handle and an adjustable telescopic handle for easy and quick moves. This model has a ten-year warranty and is ideal for smart, luxury traveling with security and comfort. 
Click here for more sturdy and durable travel bags from the best Away and Rimowa brand luggage at the best price points.

Delsey Paris Cactus Hard-Shell Luggage Interior Space 

It has a spacious interior with waterproof pockets and solid zipper closures. You will find a zipper divider and a massive capacity to pack all essentials in a roomy compartment. It has multiple inner pockets to organize items easily. It has a front pocket or extra compartment, but its main compartment has maximum storage space for all packing items for travel. 

Delsey Paris Cactus Hard-Shell Luggage Detail Specs

Product Type Hard-shell Medium Checked Luggage
Product Material Polycarbonate
Product Dimensions 11.7 x 17.0 x 26.0 inches
Product Weight 6.4 lbs
Product Load Capacity 35 liters
Product Colors Navy Blue, and White with Blue

3. Samsonite Hard-Shell Omni PC Luggage

3. Samsonite Hard-Shell Omni PC Luggage
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The Samsonite Omni PC luggage model is the most well-known for its simplicity, durability, and long lifespan for the comfiest travel. This design model gets the highest ratings from customers, and most travelers prefer to choose this model for long-term durability.

Samsonite Hard-Shell Omni PC Luggage Design and Materials

The Samsonite Omni PC is made of high-end polycarbonate material with a scuff and dent-proof, sturdy hard shell. It’s lightweight, damage and impact-resistant, and flexible to use. Its excellent polycarbonate material makes incredible flexibility that if you push or hit the hard case, it flexes, but there will be no dents and scuffs on the hard shell. It’s the best sturdy, hard case for a lifetime of traveling. 

It has an awesome design, glowing colors, and diamond texture for a scratch-resistant surface, giving you a stunning appearance. Frequent travelers can choose this model as other glossy and metallic finish designs may give you a trendy style but after a few trips, it will show the scratches on the surface. The diamond texture is the dents, and the scratch-proof surface will give you everlasting durability, a scratch-resistant shiny surface for long-term traveling. 

Click here for trendy, stylish, and sturdy complex American Tourister and Samsonite luggage cases.

Samsonite Hard-Shell Omni PC Luggage Interior Space

It has exclusive interiors within an extensive main compartment. The lower compartment has solid and elastic straps to keep all packing essentials in one place. It has high-quality Nylon material lining and one zippered pocket for tiny valuables. The upper compartment has a mesh zippered divider with a large pocket to separate other packing items in both compartments. You can use compression packing cubes for easy organization to save maximum space in luggage.

Samsonite Hard-Shell Omni PC Luggage Security

Samsonite Omni cases have TSA combination lock security to prevent theft, robbery, and unauthorized access during the trip. Travelers don’t need to lock it manually or get worried about keeping the keys all the time. However, the three-digit code TSA lock has a drawback: it’s slightly hard to fix the zippers in the lock. But if you do so while traveling with this digital lock, it is pretty safe.

Samsonite Hard-Shell Omni PC Luggage Features

  • This luggage model has a few specific features that we mentioned below; 
  • It has durable spinner wheels for fast and easy moves in all directions at 360 degrees. You don’t need to put weight pressure on your shoulders like a 2-wheel carry-on luggage.  
  • It has a zipper expansion of up to two inches, giving you more flexibility when packing items and souvenirs in luggage during the trip. Now, you don’t need to worry about shopping on the trip. Get more gifts and accessories for your loved ones and no worries for additional space. 

Samsonite Hard-Shell Omni PC Luggage Detail Specs:

Product Type Hard-Shell Carry-on Luggage
Product Material Polycarbonate and Nylon
Product Dimensions 9.5 x 15.0 x 22.0 inches
Product Weight 7.0 lbs
Product Load Capacity 92 liters
Product Colors Black, Caribbean, Sharp Pink, Sharp Orange, and Teal

4. Samsonite Winfield Two-Checked Luggage

4. Samsonite Winfield Two-Checked Luggage
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The Samsonite Winfield Two luggage model is renowned for its shiny surface, sharp colors, and durable hard shell. It has a diamond pattern with shiny and vibrant colors. This diamond pattern is scuffed and has a scratch-resistant and sturdy shell. Let’s dive into its features; 

  • It has a lightweight and durable hard shell made of premium polycarbonate material.  
  • It has durable spinner wheels with an adjustable retractable handle. 
  • It has a TSA combination lock to extend protection and prevent theft and robbery. 
  • It has a zipper expansion of up to two inches for luggage with expandable capacity. 
  • It has a retractable side and top handle for luggage handling. 
  • There’s no more significance than other Samsonite hard shell cases rather than a diamond pattern and brushed hard shell with shiny colors that look stunning and fashionable. This brushed diamond pattern provides stunning, stylish looks but is extremely scuff and scratch resistant. Where other shiny hard-shell cases get scratched easily and show scratches on their surface after a few trips, these Samsonite hard shell cases are prone to dents, scuffs, and scratches and give you a long-term secure traveling experience.
  • It has a zipper expansion of up to two inches for expandable capacity and two mesh zippered pockets inside the main compartment for easy packing. However, this model is a little heavier and longer than other designs.

Samsonite Winfield Two Checked Luggage Detail Specs:

Product Type Hard-Shell Checked Luggage
Product Material Polycarbonate and Nylon
Product Dimensions 31.8 x 14.1 x 22.0 inches
Product Weight 11.5 lbs
Product Colors Black Charcoal, Dark Blue, Purple, and Orange

How to Compare and Choose the Best Luggage?

These are a few points to compare and check before purchasing luggage to get the most durable and reliable travel gear. 

Luggage Dimensions:

Hard-shell and soft-shell luggage usually have three types:

  • The Carry-ons, medium, and large checked bags are often used for traveling. The carry-ons are 19-inch and 21-inch for international and 22-inch for domestic travel. Medium checked luggage is 24 or 26 inches, and large checked bags are 28 or 29 inches, but 30 inches is the largest luggage size for check-in
  • Travelers can choose other types of travel bags like cabin or garment bags, under-seaters, Duffle bags, tote bags, handbags, and the best small backpacks for travel. However, carry-ons and checked bags are often used for international traveling. Travelers must manually check the luggage dimensions, including all the handles and wheels with the trolley, for exact weight, size, and expandable capacity to avoid inconvenience at the check-in counter. 

Luggage Weight on Scale

Luggage weight is the most essential aspect for travelers. Nowadays, most top brands like Samsonite and Delsey Paris use polycarbonate lightweight and propylene ultralight materials for hard-shell cases. But you need to check the weight of all handles and wheels. As the handles are made of metal and aluminum materials, a few hard-shell cases have metal corner guards and giant-size wheels that may be durable, but they will be heavier for overall luggage weight. 

The other aspect is expandability. Soft-shell and hard-shell luggage have a two-three-inch expandable capacity, which may increase your luggage weight after fully jammed packed. So be careful when buying expandable luggage and check the weight on the weigh scale after it is fully loaded to confirm its actual weight limit.

Luggage Durability, Price, and Other Features

  • You must check the luggage's durability before purchasing it. Luggage materials must be reliable and of long-lasting quality. Luggage handles start to wobble during the trip; these handles can break off instantly due to excess luggage weight. The one other aspect of luggage durability is the solid and smooth zippers. Usually, luggage zippers are stuck on the chain and may break off instantly, and all your packing stuff will burst out from the bag. It’s the worst condition and may spoil your trip. Learn how to get a zipper back on track during the journey to fix the zipper and save your time instantly. 
  • You may check for other innovative and latest features like TSA combination locks, USB recharging ports, luggage tracking systems, and other advanced features. But you must get the essential features like spinner wheels must not be over-sized and durable, the telescopic handles must be padded and have multi-level adjustments, the inner compartment has zippered pockets and easy organization, and they may have a front compartment, or a laptop padded sleeve. 
  • The last specific point to consider in the luggage comparison is the price points. Affordable luggage may not have low-quality materials, but it will not have premium materials, long-term warranties, lifetime durability, and the latest smart features. You can buy budget-friendly options, but only for a few trips. If you are a frequent traveler, choosing the premium pieces for secure and convenient traveling for a lifetime is better.
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