Is New York a good place to live - The Great Benefits and Hazards of Living in New York


Is New York a good place to live
Is New York a good place to live - The Great Benefits and Hazards of Living in New York

Talking about the grand metropolis of the United States is crucial to define every aspect of the city within one article. The Big Apple has a lot of amusement, fun, and attractions, arts and cultural centers, lush green gardens and parks, wild sanctuaries, various international cuisines and drinks, food streets and markets, bars and restaurants, and many more fascinating things to do in NYC. You can't explore the city within a short period. However, you can visit again to explore more attractions in NYC.

How about living in New York City? Is New York a good place to live? You can get some reviews from the locals, but it's a different perspective because the locals are natives of the city and can handle each pro and cons easily compared to the new arrivals in the city. Suppose you're a native of Africa and Asia. In that case, you might feel so much different, like the weather conditions, social and cultural norms, laws and regulations, customs, allegations, transportation, and cost of living. Sometimes, talking to the locals is trickier as a newcomer in NYC.

10 Pros and Cons Must be concerned for Living in New York

Living in New York is impressive, but living costs are higher than in other cities worldwide. NYC is the most expensive city in the United States and around the globe. But there are several affordable options to live on a low budget in NYC. Here are a few benefits and disadvantages of living in New York; Let's check them.

Pros of living in NYC

New York has a lot of mutual benefits and unique things to live in. Here are a few pros of living in NYC:

1. Job & Career Opportunities for Everyone

Job & Career Opportunities

New York City has plenty of jobs and career opportunities for everyone. Whether you're a highly Qualified Professional, a Businessman/Woman, Finance, Advertising and Marketing, Fashionista or Model, Photographer, Cameraman, Fashion Designer, Artist, Musician or Singer, Actor or Actress, or Worker in any field, you can easily adjust here with relative jobs.

2. Affordable Transit System

Affordable Transit System

NYC has a great transit system for all. The expensive and exclusive Uber cabs and yellow taxis are available for regular rides. Still, the NYC buses, hop-on hop-off ferries, commuter trains, and great subways are the most affordable transits in NYC. You can live on a budget using subways and ferries to get around New York City.

3. Historical & Cultural Sites in NYCh you

Historical and Cultural Sites

There're plenty of significant historical and cultural landmarks in New York City. The city has iconic history, monuments, and museums that portray the story of NYC's diverse immigrants and cultural aspects. You can enjoy more sites and scenes every weekend and learn the history and culture of the grand city of the United States.

4. Diverse Culture and Society in NYC

Diverse Culture and Society

The main benefit for the immigrants living in NYC is the diversified cultural and social norms due to the several distinctive immigrants living in the city worldwide. The city has various towns for specific immigrant societies, food streets, shops for cultural and art collectibles, and multiple events to honor every cultural and social aspect of NYC. You will find dynamic international cuisines in the best restaurants in NYC. There are great food markets, fantastic art collectibles from various nations, diversified fashion apparel and clothes, and many other languages spoken in NYC.

It makes you feel comfortable to live in a dynamic society with new variations of your perspectives and the freedom to act upon your will.

5. New York City's Social Scene

New York City Social Scene

New York City has a fascinating social scene with its fantastic pubs and clubs, bars and restaurants, patios, lunch and dinners, lovely events, and many other activities for everyone. You can spend your weekends at the jazz clubs listening to jazz rhythm with a few cocktails and chit-chat with your buddies or spend a little time at the rooftop bars to get some snacks with beers and wines and share your stories with your friends.

You can make new friends at the pubs and clubs or disco bars. Grab the cocktails and snack bites, then show off your dance moves on the dance floor under a giant disco ball.

6. Fun and Amusement in NYC

Fun and Amusement

You will never get bored in the Big Apple and always find better things to do every weekend for more fun and amusement. Whether you have a family or are visiting with friends, there are plenty of amusement parks, museums, art, cultural sites, and several spots to explore for fun. The most popular activities in New York for fun and amusement are boating, kayaking, cruises, rooftop dinners, observation decks for watching the city's skyline, sightseeing tours, musical concerts, events, and festivals, theater and live entertainment shows, patio parties, and movies and cinema in NYC.

7. Dynamic International Foods in NYC

Dynamic International Foods

New York City is renowned for its dynamic international cuisine and food flavors. Chinese, Italian, Mexican, French, Indian, Asian, Spanish, Turkish, German, Jewish, and other European food flavors are available in cafes, bakeries, restaurants, and bars for all categories. From small cafes, food carts, and outdoor spaces to lavish hotel lounges, bars, and restaurants, you will find the best variety of international dishes, meals, and tasty, flavorful foods in NYC.

8. Fashion Standards in NYC

Fashion Standards

The Big Apple is renowned for its fashion industry. The fashion shows are held twice a year in the city in spring and fall to display the latest fashion trends in the New York city. But the most exciting fact is that you don't need to worry about fa1shion if you live in NYC. You can wear whatever you like, and it will be street fashion. Everyone puts on casual or formal apparel for their perspective, and all the clothes are simple and elegant; however, it depends on your style and choices. There are no restrictions and allegations for dressing up. However, some spots have dress codes so that you can dress up according to their dress code for entry.

9. Festivals and Events in NYC

Festivals and Events

The Big Apple is famous for its fascinating events and festivals in all seasons around the year. You will get tons of events, paid and accessible for all seasons and almost every month of the year. The grand celebrations of spring, summer, fall, and winter are popular, but other social and cultural festivals, grand celebrations, and parades are renowned in NYC.

10. New York City Nightlife

New York City Nightlife

NYC is 'the city that never sleeps. The great fascinating nightlife of NYC is famous around the world. Millions of tourists and travelers visit NYC every year, almost in all seasons, and explore the fantastic disco and dance clubs, jazz and blues music clubs, pubs and bars, patio dinners and parties, cruise dinners, movies, cinemas, comedy cellars, theaters, concerts, night markets, and fun in the weekend late nights.

Cons of living in NYC

NYC has great things to do all the time. But like other places, the city has a few disadvantages or cons of living in NYC.

1. Expensive Property and Rents in NYC

Expensive Property and Rents

New York City has a significant negative aspect: everyone cannot buy houses and property, and the rents are too high. You can rent a small space/apartment with fewer facilities at higher rents and taxes. You may need a roommate to share the rent and bills to reduce the rental expenses.

2. Higher Cost of Living in NYC

Higher Cost of Living

New York City has plenty of free options and low-budget things, but it is the most expensive city in the world. Food, groceries, utilities, bills, clothes, accessories, rent, taxes, and other services are too costly to live on. We have some valuable tips for a tour of NYC on a budget, and you might consider the advice for a great trip to the city.

3. Hasty Life in NYC

Hasty Life

New York City has an extravagant, luxurious, and remarkable lifestyle, although cheap and accessible options for low cost are also available for people in NYC. However, whatever your class and lifestyle, the primary perspective is that the Big Apple has a fast-paced and hasty life, rush on the roads, crowds in the streets and public places, noisy environment, and always bursting with people. If you need a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, you can live in the best small towns in NY, near New York City.

4. Job Competitions in NYC

Job Competitions

New York City is densely populated, so the job competitions and challenging situations at the workplace are significantly higher. If you're highly qualified, well experienced, have some unique skills, and are ready to face the diverse challenges in professional life, then you can get a successful career in NYC.

5. The Weather in NYC

Weather in NYC

Spring and fall are the best seasons in New York City. However, the winter season is too cold, and you need the windbreaker winter coat due to the icy breeze throughout the season. The summer is scorching and sweaty. The humidity rises to an extent, and it's not a good idea to walk on the sidewalks and streets during the hot weather in summer. Subways, ferries, and buses primarily do not have working ACs, but taxis and cabs have ACs, so it's better to travel in yellow taxis or cabs in summer.

6. The Locals and Attitude in NYC

Locals and Attitude

The New Yorkers are helpful to new visitors, tourists, and guests in NYC. They often like to help sort out the destinations, subways, and landmarks for the visitors in the city. But suppose you try to gossip or talkies while traveling in the subways, chilling in the bars, clubs, or public parks with locals and strangers. In that case, you will face rude and arrogant behavior because New Yorkers don't like talkative people and mainly 'don't talk to strangers.'

7. The Heavy Traffic in NYC

The Heavy Traffic

The heavy and noisy traffic is the worst thing in NYC. You will put your life at risk if you drive at high speed on the city's busy roads. The NYC roads have too many rushing crowds and route blocks due to various events, constructions, and other activities in the city. The subway is the best transit to avoid heavy and rushing traffic on the roads.

8. The Terrorism in NYC

Terrorism in NYC

The Big Apple has a vast history of terrorism; recently, in September 2001—the horrifying terrorist attack on the World Trade Tower in New York City. Several people were injured and died, and the terrorists damaged the building structure during this accident. New York is a grand metropolis and a highly advanced and secure city globally, but still, it's the target of terrorism.

9. Extra Hard-Working Life in NYC

Extra Hard-Working Life

New York temptations are highly exclusive, but you will get an extra hard working life in the grand metropolis to manage your lifestyle and cost of living, whether rich or on a budget. Some people work extra hours to earn more from hourly wages, and primarily people can't spend time with friends and hangouts due to work stress. So, you must become a workaholic to live in NYC and earn more for a better lifestyle, but yes, you can spend some time hanging out at the weekends for late nights at the fantastic bars, clubs, and pubs in NYC!

10. Homeless People in NYC

Homeless People

The US Govt. provides several mutual benefits and support for the citizens in exchange for higher taxes, but the worst issue of homeless people in New York City is still a problem for the citizens. You can notice several homeless people on the sidewalks and streets, and it's the considerable anxiety and depression over this concrete jungle of the United States.


Life in New York City is remarkable for rich and hardworking people, but if you're looking for life on a budget, living in NYC is not recommended because you will face many adverse outcomes for extra expenses, taxes, and other situations.

However, you can plan a trip to New York City on a budget for a short period and explore the fascinating sights, scenes, and amusements in the city.

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